Faction: CPL
Species: Human
Function: CPL LEADER

Abd al-Baset

Abd al-Baset

We have done no wrong. Freeing the people of Carbombya is a noble act, no matter what it takes.

ABD AL-BASET is the leader of the Carbombian Protection League in Butnan. The father of four is an ethnic Butnanian, born in Tobruk. He is a skilled bomb-maker and terrorist trainer. After studying in London, he traveled to Afghanistan in the early 1990s to join mujahidin fighting the Soviet occupation. Bringing those skills home, he supported Abdul Fakkadi's regime and joined the CPL after its fall. Besides his explosives knowledge, AL-BASET has become very skilled at kidnapping as well, using ransoms to help fund CPL's activities in Butnan.


Abd al-Baset is a bearded Butnanian man in his late 40s, with short black hair receding at the temples. He wears a light short-sleeve shirt over a dark long-sleeve shirt, black pants, and military combat boots. He is charismatic and passionate, and tends to talk with his hands.


In 2015, Abd al-Baset was captured by G.I. Joe after an attack on his compound in Tobruk. After an attack on the Pit by Cobra, Abd al-Baset was moved to detention in Autobot City. In 2016, he was moved to a secret off-site detention center.

With the destruction of the Coffin, al-Baset briefly escaped, but was quickly recaptured.



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