A Working Date

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Log Title: A Working Date

Characters: Delusion, Springer

Location: Metal Plains North; The Golden Stopcock Bar - Valvolux

Date: March 20, 2020

TP: non-TP

Summary: Delusion invites Springer out for some combat and drinks after.

As logged by  Delusion


Log session starting at 17:37:05 on Friday, 20 March 2020.

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "Hello, Springer. Are you available at the moment?" to Springer.

(Radio) Springer sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'Just got off duty. You need a hand with something?'

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "One of the traders reported seeing some transorgs along the route between Toraxxis and Valvolux. I thought I'd root them out myself rather than hire mercenaries. Care to join me?" to Springer.

(Radio) Springer sends Delusion a radio transmission, 'Hmm.. I could use a little exercise. Where at?'

(Radio) Delusion transmits, "The northern Metal Plains, just west of Toraxxis. (sends coordinates)" to Springer.

There's a clear track across the plains that's used as a road by some of the ground travelers that go through here. Delusion isn't far from it, hovering a short distance above the ground as she waits. Her optics are on tracks on the ground, and the broken remains of half a petrorabbit.

Springer comes flying into the air at a decent if restrained for him pace, the Wrecker homing in on the coordinates he was given and when he catches sight of Delusion finally, his course alters and brings him closer to her and to a stop finally a small bit away. He turns in the air a bit, scanning over the terrain and the local area before he finally speaks, << Any hints of where they are? Besides the half gone petrorabbit. >>

Delusion gives Springer a quicksilver smile before returning to her focus. She points to the tracks. "I see signs of at least three. No more than six, though." She trails her hand northward. "There's a couple of ridges over there that look good for burrows, and the tracks head that way. If they aren't dug out now, they'll multiply and become a real nuisance."

Springer gets closer to the ground before he twists in the air, reverting back to his robot form and landing lightly. When he stands up he looks off in the direction she points and nods, "They're always a nuisance.." He rolls his shoulders a bit and stretches his arms above his head before looking up at Delusion and chuckling, "Shall we then?"

Delusion smiles again, sharper. "Yes, I believe we shall." She sinks to the ground and stalks alongside the tracks, following them as they turn to go around and behind one of the ridges she'd mentioned before. Her posture is predatory and alert, listening as much as looking for her prey.

Springer waits a moment for Delusion to take the lead, he's a not the best tracker and is a bit large and loud so he lets the more professional one lead.. and the view is better. He flicks his hand, pulling out his sword in one and his rifle in the other as he paces along behind her a few bits, watching her back and the area around them.

Delusion stops abruptly and points, << There, >> she radios, sticking to the more silent method of communication. << A lookout. >>

Not too far away, a slumped form sits amid the folds of the ridge, head swinging back and forth to watch the approach. It doesn't seem to have noticed the two hunters yet, but it might if they get closer.

Springer crouches down to the side of Delusion, hiding most of his bulk as he looks where she looked and nods that he see's it before he starts to look around more, checking for other lookouts before he sends a short message back to her, << Your call.. take it out or check for more first? >>

Delusion 's smile widens. << I'll kill it. If the others come out, I can be bait. >> Her optics glitter with both bloodlust and amusement as she looks at Springer. << I can be a little reckless, since I have such reliable backup. >> And with that, she draws both whip and pistol and kicks up into the air, then darts down towards her target.

GAME: Delusion PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of Average difficulty.

The shot in the back is precise. The transorg screeches, but is cut off by the whip curling around its face and throat. Delusion hangs on as it thrashes about, bleeding into the dirt. While an efficient kill, it's more than noisy enough to draw some attention. Two more hulking forms emerge from nearby.

Springer moves quickly towards the newly emerged forms, setting himself before Delusion and them as she finishes off the lookout, "Two more big boys coming in, Del. And nice clean kill." He raises his rifle and fires off a shot at the feet of the two new arrivals to pull their attention to him instead of the Dominicon.

Delusion nods, retrieving her whip as her first victim finishes dying. "And here I thought I was going to play bait," she purrs. "Shall I harry them to let you get a chance to kill one?"

The two transorgs flinch back from the shot and growl at Springer. One of them makes a yipping noise, which is answered by another voice not far away. Three left, it seems.

Springer rolls his shoulders a bit and grumps, "Only three? Barely a warm-up." He winks at Delusion before he.. well.. springs forward, leaping at the closest one and driving down with his sword to try and pin one in place as well as keep its bulk between him and the other one.

GAME: Springer PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.

Springer's sword shears through the shoulder and chest of his target. It's pinned and probably dead, though it raises clawed hands to swipe at the Autobot feebly.

GAME: Delusion FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of Very High difficulty.

Delusion snaps her whip at the other transorg, distracting it, but not moving fast enough to keep it from swinging at Springer's side. "To your left!" she calls out to Springer in warning.

GAME: Springer PASSES an AGILITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

Springer spins in place, using his sword to flick the corpse at the other one as well as sliding off to one side and trying giving Delusion a shot at its back as it hopefully follows him. "Got it.!"

GAME: Delusion PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of Above Average difficulty.

Delusion snaps a shot to the back of the creature's leg, causing it to stumble to the ground. She gives Springer a wink and turns, facing the fourth beast as it lumbers into view. This one looks to have bulging sacs of some kind attached to its sides. She narrows her optics. "Not likely to be a disease. Possibly for an attack, then," the Dominicon says quietly.

GAME: Springer PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.

Springer steps forward as the beast falls, his large size-SQUISH foot landing on its head before he shakes his head, "They adapt to their environment." He pauses and shakes his foot around to try to get the mush on it off, "Slaggit." He wipes his foot on the creature before he takes steps forward again to bring himself up besides Delusion, "Still.. doesn't seem to be helping them overally much."

The creature plants its feet and leans forward, blasting corrosive green flame from its mouth.

GAME: Delusion FAILS an AGILITY roll of High difficulty.

Delusion is not quite quick enough to get out of the spray, instead throwing up an arm to protect her optics and catch the worst of it on the armor there.

GAME: Springer PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Springer moves forward quick enough, one hand reaching out to yank Delusion backwards enough he can intercept a chunk of the attack, his heavy armor boiling under the effects of the corrosive liquid but he does not let it stop him as he presses through it and throws the strongest uppercut he can manage at its head while yelling at it, "No one hurt those I care about!"

GAME: Springer PASSES a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

Springer's uppercut shuts off the spray by slamming the creature's jaw firmly shut from the bottom up. The transorg staggers back, shaking its head.

Delusion recovers quickly, flicking her arm to clear it of as much of the spray as she can. Optics gleaming, she puts a hand on Springer's shoulder and launches herself over the top of the large mech, following up his attack by striking at the creature's head with her feet.

GAME: Delusion FAILS a DEXTERITY roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Delusion PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

The blow glances off the armored head, staggering it a bit more but not putting it down yet.

Springer s briefly distracted as a sleek femme uses him as a vaulting post, his optics rising to watch her before he charges in behind her, drifting off to one side a bit and grabbing at it's neck, wrapping it in a headlock as he grins at Delusion, "Ladies get the last hit?"

Delusion grins at Springer and drops her whip, pulling out the laser scalpel instead. As the creature struggles in Springer's grasp, she takes a moment to judge her mark, then drives the scalpel right into its heart, dragging it down to drive the blade deeper.

The last creature staggers, leaks dubiously colored blood that sizzles around the cut, before slumping to the ground.

Springer releases it when it is clear it is dead and flicks his arm a bit to get some of the 'juices' from the creature off, "Ugh.. messy things aren't they?"

Delusion carefully retrieves her scalpel and takes a moment to wipe most of the fluids off. "Very. And I'll need to redo my paint after this." She looks over Springer's chest. "Did it get to anything vulnerable?"

Springer looks down at his chest and brushes at it a bit, "Nah. Thick armor on the chest, easy fix when I get to a medic." He holds his hands out to the side and turns a bit one way then the other, "See?"

Delusion steps over the corpse and runs a hand over Springer's scorched armor. "I do see." She leans forward for a kiss.

Springer chuckles a bit and moves one arm around Delusion and pulls her a bit closer before he accepts the kiss willingly before releasing her, "THAT alone was worth the work."

Delusion chuckles. "Up for a victory drink?"

Springer laughs, "Kinda a requirement to have a drink after a battle, dear Delusion. Wrecker Tradition."

Delusion ahs. "Well, then, I suppose you'll have to pay, since I'm not a Wrecker," she teases.

Springer smirks, "I'd pay for it either way." He bows a bit and waves, "Care to lead the way?"

Delusion leans against Springer for just a moment, then steps away to leap into the air and transform.

Delusion flips, wings reversing as she transforms into a Sukhoi Su-57 fighter jet.

Springer watches.. and gives a whistle at Delusion with his grin before he jumps up and transforms.

==Entertainment District - Valvolux==

Valvolux is a tough town and its labor force work hard. Likewise, they like to play hard when they get paid for their efforts in the factories and warehouses. The entertainment district is set up for just those diversions. The largest attraction, of course, is the Valvolux Arena, where cyberweekly fights entertain eager crowds of energonsport fans. Several bars of various qualities abound, the most famous being the Golden Stopcock, which somehow managed to survive the Decepticon assault on Valvolux intact. The alleys between the buildings also offer other distractions of less savory reputation.

The fighter jet nose folds down and wings flip up, revealing Delusion's robot form.

Delusion radios clearance for herself and Springer before they even breach Valvolux airspace, winding her way over the entertainment district before she transforms to descend by the bars.

Springer can't resist walking past the guards into the city with his hands held up in surrender with a butter-will-melt-in-his-mouth innocent look.

Delusion leads the way to the Golden Stopcock, walking confidently as if she walks through the city every day with acid-pitted armor alongside an Autobot.

Springer puts his hands behind his head as he grins widely, he has zero issue being seen with this particular Femme. He does step forward at open the door when they arrive at the bar though.

They enter the Golden Stopcock...

Golden Stopcock - Valvolux - Northeastern Cybertron

The Golden Stopcock bills itself as the best pub in Valvolux, and it lasted through combat and sieges to prove it. The barkeep, Caliburn, is a retired boxer who pours engex with scarred gauntlets. He doesn't care whom he serves, so long as they have shanix to pay. As the city has recovered, business has returned and the atmosphere here is livelier than it has been in many a vorn. Those picking a fight, however, are encouraged to take it to the Arena instead. 

Delusion shakes her head and mimes swooning as she enters the bar.

Springer laughs and shrugs, "What?" He keeps grinning all the way to the bar.

Delusion chuckles and saunters to the bar to order her usual drink. "So, other than coming along to do some pest control, what have you been up to, lately?"

Springer shakes his head, "Things you know I can't share. Been busy.. first time in awhile managed to ease up enough to get free." He orders a strong drink, the smoke billowing from it in a reddish color.

Delusion gets her own raw enerwhiskey and taps Springer on the chest again. "What, nothing you can share? Has it all be secret missions lately?"

Springer sighs and shakes his head, "No.. I can't. Sorry." He DOES sound regretful as he takes a sip of his drink, "If I thought it was something you needed to hear, I'd be sure to share it."

Delusion shakes her head and sips her drink, settling in one of the booths near the back. "No off duty shenanigans, either?"

Springer smirks, "Mean like hunting down monsters like we just did?" He winks as he takes another pull of his drink, following along behind Delusion to the table before sitting himself, "Nothing major to share... usual Wrecker cooldown traditions and such."

Delusion leans on the table. "Oh? And what's 'usual' for Wreckers?"

Springer winks, "Doll, you'd have to be a Wrecker for me to share that.. or we might get in trouble for a lot of the things we do."

Delusion props her chin on one hand. "Who would you get in trouble -with-? It's not like I report to your superiors."

Springer clasps a hand to his chest, "With the other Wreckers of course! The other Wreckers can be some mean beings if they feel disrespected."

Delusion ahs. "So, your own secret society within the Autobots, then." She leans against Springer. "What sort of terrible things do you hide? Bootleg enerwine? Illegal booking? Cult sacrifices?"

Springer snorts a bit, "Are you telling me you and your.. sisters? Don't have your own traditions for yourselfs?" He chuckles softly, "Come now, I said I won't share.. but alcohol is involved in a few of them."

Delusion chuckles. "Well, of course. I'd imagine some of them might even coincide." She smirks at Springer. "Though the effigies might be different."

Springer looks innocent, "Let's leave it at... we let out our more wild sides more often then not. A tribute to being alive after a mission."

Delusion hmms. "I suppose if you're so busy being heroes, you have to get your villainy in somewhere."

Springer cant help but laugh and shakes his head, his laughter honest but a bit touched with sadness, "We are not heroes, Delusion.. we do things I wish no one had to do."

Delusion leans on her hand, looking Springer over. "For all that we came from a military culture," she muses, "I'm sure you've seen far more combat than most of us have. Illarion or Stiletto, maybe, might be a match. But most of us Dominicons come from less glamorous work."

Springer sighs a bit, "Probably. Your team was on that station for a long time.. I've been on the frontlines from the start." He takes a long pull on his drink before sitting it back down and shakes his head, "More things that I wish I could just forget.. not that I did them, I went in knowing some of the stuff I have to do is not 'pretty' but still.. dont always want to remember them."

Delusion reaches out to capture one of Springer's hands. "How strange, to regret what needed to be done."

Springer takes wraps his own around Delusion in return, "To take lives is a very serious thing. I do not like doing much of what I do but I know it needed done.. and I /think/ it leaves more alive in the long run."

Delusion traces the back of Springer's hand with her other one. "Never out of revenge, then? No dark part of your spark crying out for payback?"

Springer shakes his head, his expression relaxing just a bit at the light touch of her fingers, "I may regret my choices at times but I am not innocent. Revenge does happen from time to time... somewhat goes with the business, you can't just let certain things go. Even in SpecOps.. there are certain rules you dont cross."

Delusion nods, continuing to move her fingers. "Revenge, I know. Protecting yourself and your own, those are things I can do. But running the math and taking action just to try to save a larger number of people..." she shrugs. "I could do the math. I understand that there are people motivated by it. But it's not for me."

Springer shakes his head, "Nothing as deep as that, Del.. I'm not that kind of 'white knight' and I dont always look at the long term."

Delusion smirks. "Good." She leans over against Springer. "You'd be boring if you were."

Springer smiles, "I am who I am, Del. Can't be anything else." He reaches up and wraps a arm lightly over her shoulder and settles in to enjoy a calm evening with a lovely Femme.

Log session ending at 23:34:10 on Friday, 20 March 2020.

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