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Log Title: A Visit With Calyhex Characters: Starlock, Calyhex, Ghost Location: Calyhex Date: 5/1/2020 TP: Calyhex TP Summary: Starlock visits Calyhex to check on progress after a rough few days, Ghost then appears! As logged by Starlock

Calyhex Asylum

Starlock comes walking over into the area, a chuff coming out from her vents, as she tries to calm herself and lift her mood, things have been rough the past week for her, humming to herself.

Calyhex sees Starlock enter and her projection manifests. She smiles brightly. "Hi Starlock. How are you? " she frowns a bit "You look sad. Are you ok?"

Starlock smiles at Calyhex. "Yeah, just.. a rough day at work, not getting along with an upper rank co-worker." She'd say tiredly. "How you doing? I've been seeing your patient list go down, and the repair list." She'd nod. "You sound a lot better too~"

Calyhex nods "Oh its going good. People are moving to Delphi and some are staying to help." she says. "I hope they are safe there. I hope your coworkers are not too hard. You can always come visit when they are." she sounds much more together and energized. People have been energizing her and she seems more alert. Lockup is nowhere to be seen and she doesn't seem to need to rely on him as much.

Starlock nods. "I'm Glad things are going well! Starting to look a lot better too, much more clean." She'd chuckle. "I'm glad too see you doing so much better, everyone else as well." She'd grin.

"As for my Co-worker?...Ehhh, I'm sure things will be fine.. Pretty sure most just think I'm paranoid at this point." She'd huff.

Calyhex nods "Well Calyhex still needs a speaker but shes doing better. Lockup is working on my cog right now. He has a helper." she says.

"Oh?" Starlock says, tilting her helm, finials perking up. "Who's it?" she asks as she walks beside the projection.

Calyhex smiles. "Hush. Hes helping him with repair works. Hes got long hands and is flexible and can get in all the little places that Lockup can't. All the corroded places and point them out."

"Really?" Starlock asks, clearly a bit surprised. "He's also been doing a lot better I noticed." She'd smile. "Heh.. It's actually really nice too hear that."

Calyhex pauses. "He'll never be right. None of them will be." she says sounding sad. "But when hes given a task and put to work hes not in the vents looking for extra food. Just gotta keep him well fed and distracted from sociopathic tendencies."

"No, they wont be but.. . They can eventually learn to manage it." Starlock nods. "Long as they want to try." She'd smile. "Still really glad things are going well here.. Maybe will be able to move soon." She'd grin.

Calyhex pauses. "It has been so long since Calyhex has transformed she doesn't remember. It will be good to move. to fly so she does not step on things.

"You can fly?" Starlock asks with a quirked ridge, before she shakes the thought off. "I'm glad everyone's treating you well."

Calyhex nods "Well my brother can. Why can't I?" why can't indeed?

"That's... A point, I suppose." Starlock says, blinking, she scratches at her helm, Metroplex can also fly, so.. Maybe it's just a titan thing? They are pretty unique, from all Starlock could puzzle. "So.. What's on todays plans?"

Calyhex pauses. "Never tried but who knows." she shrugs. 'No plans. What about you?"

"None here for the time being.. Mostly just.. kind of wondering what to do at this point.. lotta things to seem to have slowed down." Starlock says as she kicks a rock as she walks.

Calyhex nods "Same here. Want me to tell the others we need something to do?" she asks

"I wouldn't be opposed too such." Starlock smiles tiredly. "It be something better then sulking around." She'd chuckle.

Calyhex chuckles. 'Okay." she sends a signal downstairs. "Starlock is here. Come up?" there's some rustling and skittering. Soon, Lockup comes upstairs, followed by the quadrupedal Hush. "Hey, Guys." Lockup says. "Whats up?" Hush chitters a mostly non-verbal greeting. His vocalizer is working but he is so used to being non verbal he stays that way a lot.

"Alright, hear you guys been doing a lot of work~ I can see it too, Calyhex is starting to look /so/ much better." Starlock chuckles.

Lockup pats Hush's head. "Yeah I've had a good little helper." he says, with a headtilt that might be a smile if he had a mouth. "You doin ok?"

Starlock can't help but grin, it was very much a uplifting to see something going so well, and people getting better, almost brought tears to her optics. "Yeaah, just a rough couple of days on my end, mostly lookin' to see if I can help around here for bit, help get my mind off it."

Lockup nods 'Yeah. Tell me whats happening? Maybe we can help?" Hush skitters over. "Who Hush. Gotta kill."

"Ahh trouble with co-workers, nothing too much to worry about." Starlock smile,s but giving a nod to them in thanks. "Ehh, starting to think our personalities don't mesh well." She'd say, rubbing at the back of her neck.

Calyhex nods "There are people like that with Calyhex. She doesn't get along with everyone either." she shrugs. "You're still a good person."

Starlock chuckles. "Indeed, their not a bad person though, but.. Yeah, we're butting heads, she's a few ranks above me too which makes it worse." Starlock huffs. "Ah well."

Calyhex nods "Can make it hard on your life, yeah. don't know. Never been in an army." Lockup considers. "Still with them em?" Hush starts to skitter around a bit. "You should. Kill them." the raspy voiced quadruped hisses.

Starlock huffs. "Nooo hush, can't kill everyone you don't agree with." She'd smile though. She then looks to Lockup. "The Autobots? Yeah, I can't leave, noot yet, have a lot going on I need to finish with 'em still and I do need their help, even if I'm being a bit.. neeer." She'd chuff. "...That and I owe Ratchet a lot.. and I.. want to repay that kindness." Her finials droop. "I feel I've not been doing that of late."

Calyhex nods "Ratchet seems nice. He the one mad at you?" she asks in confusion. Lockup sighs at hush. "We're working on that."

Starlock chuckles. "No no, it's not Ratchet, I imagine he's a bit grumbly with me though, but no he's not mad at me." Least she hopes! She'd pat Calyehex's wall. "Maybe I can help in repairing Caly's T-cog?" She asks. "I've worked on a Sixchangers T-cog, and a Duo-cons T-Cog, so a titans shouldn't be too out of my range."

Calyhex nods "I would allow it." Lockup shrugs. "Eh none of us are titan mechanics. We just treat it like basic maintenance."

"Heh, so definitely would know more then most here." Starlock smiles. "Can you show me the way?" She asks the group.

Ghost drifts down from above and outside of Calyhex, coming to a landing at the entry point to the city. Wings give a flick behind her as she pauses, then nods to herself, moving to head inwards, sending the titan a short binary ping of greeting.

Calyhex hears the ping and gets excited. "Ghost!" she opens the gates to let Ghost in. "How is Ghost?" she always likes visits from people she considers friendly.

Starlock glanced over hearing Calyhex's excitement and cannot help but chuckle, it was really cute how she got seeing people she liked show up. She'd give a wave to Ghost.

Ghost walks into Calyhex proper, looking about before pondering where to.. actually go. She pings Caly again 'Where should I go?'

Calyhex pings back "Main entrance. We're in the reception hall. Me, Starlock, Lockup and Hush. Welcome back." she says.

Ghost nods and heads for the main entry, offering Starlock a wave of a hand.

Starlock smiles at Ghost. "How goes? Got here not to long ago myself, seeing if I can't help out with some work around here." She'd grin.

Ghost ahhs, "Thins go.. decently enough." she replies, flicking wings lazily. "I'm here to ask Calyhex how she feels after the assistance I supplied Chromedome with occured."

Starlock nods at that and looks to Calyhex, or, well, her projection and gestures out. "Floors yours, Cal."

Calyhex looks around. "It should be. If it belongs to someone else. Calyhex would worry." she says. "Thank you for your help. Calyhex did not know you helped, but thank you." she says. "My brother is in space." she seems excited about that. More even then secret blue.

Ghost gives a tiny shrug, "Chromedome has excellent coding skills. But he hasn't had as much time with titan level work as I have. So I simply looked over his work and offered suggestions before he applied the nudges here and there." She absently pats a wall, "You're welcome. I may not be a speaker but I know my code." She smiles, the expression lending her a lightness, "And your code is /beautiful/, I could see you dreaming in the depths."

Starlock chuckles at that and shakes her helm. "Huh.. so is that what the internet chatter was about?" She asks herself mainly, tapping her chin... She'd smile at Ghost and Caly though. "...Stil... You and him did great work, and.. Well, I can't help but say thank you, 'cause of that Caly's getting a lot better.. and I'm really happy to see that."

Calyhex nods "You are good with titans. You work close with my brother?" she asks. She puts her head down. If she could blush she would. "Thank you." she says. "You are beautiful too. I didn't see too much of the dreams. Calyhex doesn't have pleasant dreams sometimes." she admits. "Calyhex is feeling better. Once Lockup cleans and repairs the cog. Calyhex may try to transform. Might try to fly. If her brother can. She can."

Ghost ahhs, "Yes, He is watching his belov'd stars now. And.. is happy. I believe Banshee plans on coming to speak to you about it, Calyhex. As she and I are remaining close to him as we are able." She considers the question before, "Yes, I do. He trusts me to remain in his mainframe. I am.. security, defense, among other things. I tend him in such matters and have for some time." Optics shift lavender as she considers, "He also has lovely code, much more.. him. One can see if if one knows how to look, the differences between you, he and Metroplex. Although I only had a short look there."

Calyhex nods "Good. I haven't seen her since the last time. NO wonder you seem so good with titans. Thank you for taking care of my brother. We are different. But the same. My brothers and I." Lockup goes over to a wall and starts to work on a rust spot. Hush skitters with him. "See that's one of the bigger spots. Shes distracted with ghost, so we can start working on it.

Starlock hems. "I mean.. I can imagine there are differences.. Depending on when each was made, that and being individuals, i imagine there are lot of uniquities, code and internal wise.." Starlock muses on that thought. "...Actually, Caly, when were you made? Was it after someone?" Part of her wonders if Calyhex was the last titan born, given her younger seeming disposition.

Ghost keeps her hand on the wall, seemingly sliding into how she acts with Trypticon easily and without conscious consideration. "You are welcome. He is.." Wings flick, "He's been a wonderful partner through thick and thin. How could I not take care of him then and then now, the more I learn about your kind." She peers at Starlock, "Just like us smaller beings, they are different from one another. And just like us, they have some similarities." She cocks her head, "I do think it could be wise to have Chromedome take another look, I can be available, to see how the corrections are settling and to insure that they haven't opened up any other breaks in datastreams."

Calyhex considers. "Calyhex doesn't know. As far as Calyhex knows. Calyhex always existed." she might seem younger due to her stunted, broken mind but she is a truly ancient being. "I don't know him well. I'd like to spend time with him I think. I feel very close to my brothers even the ones I don't spend a lot of time with." she says. "I don't mind Chromedome looking. Calyhex is no longer afraid of Ghost or Chromedome in the brain chamber." what she was afraid?

Starlock nods. "I've always figured such, they are after all, giant cybertronians, given with their own unique kind of features." She says with a grin, before looking to Calyhex. "Huh, alright, I was wondering, since I'm unsure how many titans actually exist."

Ghost's optics widen and she pets the wall, "Oh my little one." tone soft, concerned, "I don't want you to be afraid. If I'd known.. I wouldn't have.." She steps back, wings flex-fluttering in agitation, hand going to her mouth, tone stricken, "I'm so so sorry, little one."

Calyhex tilts her head. "Sometimes, Calyhex wishes she wasn't so big. Then could think better maybe. Then could go where the small people go when they leave." she says. "Do not be afraid. There's nothing for Calyhex to be afraid of. You did good."

Starlock smiles. "I think it's reasonable you were scared at first, considering what Syndrome did." Starlock says thoughtfully. "..Was Syndrome your only interaction with someone like that?" She asks curiously.

Ghost makes a shusshshuush, "You're getting better, little one. You've achieved so much so swiftly. You'll become you again, fully, and you'll have your hands to assist." Ghost notes, "I made certain not to dock at all, letting Chromedome handle the data transfers and actual editing. I don't think you are in a state to accept and understand that level of access. It would have been untoward."

Calyhex 's lights flicker and the hologram flickers as well. She shivers, pulling her knees to herself. "Syndrome liked to poke a lot. Poke in there. To record reactions to pain. Check the code. Check it against all sorts of sensations." the holo looks terrified, rocking a bit as she relives some nightmare that happened to her. Lockup sighs. "Oh great now shes started." he pats a wall "Shh.. Shh. its ok hes gone. Hes gone."

Starlock frowns, and moves to sit near her, petting her gently. "Yeah, he's gone now, can't hurt you anymore." She'd smile lightly. Starlock made a mental note to herself, don't bring up Syndrome anymore! "Got those like Ghost, Banshee, Chromedome, Windblade, even Lockup now, around to help you~" She'd smile trying to help in bringing her out of it, glancing up to the other femme.

Ghost blinks, "Oh little one, we will. We will check everything, get anything he's done out, clean you from his touch." She crouches down next to the holo, spreading her wings out as if shielding the image from the world, "Lets see if we can get Chromedome here as soon as possible so he can work with me to insure that it is all bettered."

Calyhex's holo curls up against Ghost, letting her block out things until the lights stop flickering. Hush clicks a bit. "Yeah you too, you little menace." Lockup smirks. "Anyways, I think we probably wore out Caly here. She is usually a bit disoriented when she spooks. I'm gonna go downstairs and play her some music a bit. You guys can roam if you want. Feel free to explore and talk to the remaining patients or something. Thanks for coming by." he looks to the wall "Hey. Caly. You want to listen to Louis with me? I know you love that trumpet."

Calyhex seems disoriented and murmurs. "Trumpet."

Lockup says "Sure, Sweetspark." he says lowly to Starlock and Ghost. "Thanks for taking care of her. She's getting better but she gets triggered sometimes."