Log Title: A Very Large Wrench



Characters: Artemis, Circuit Breaker, Kinetic, Major Bludd, Over Kill, Scarlett, Sci-Fi, Wisp

Location: Southwestern United States

Date: April 20, 2008

TP: Non-TP

Summary: When Over Kill turns up damaged in the desert, Major Bludd sees it as a perfect opportunity to end his troubles with the android ... permanently. Unfortunately for him, he's not the only one coming to the show...

<> <Guest 3869> <connects>

<> <Guest 3869> Anyone home?

<> <Unimate> yes...

<> <Unimate> how are you today?

<> <Guest 3869> Not bad, I suppose. Heard you were a bit nuts today.

<> <Unimate> Me? Oh heavens no. I'm pretty clear headed considering my entrails are hanging out.

<> <Guest 3869> Yeah, that's gotta be rough.

<> <Guest 3869> How'd that happen, anyway?

<> <Unimate> I was kinda mad because I learned things. So.. I went out hunting. Found a weird looking car. shook it up. Turns out it was operated by an enemy of mine. I was going to capture him. but decided I was going to drop him off instead when I grew tired of him. That's when the vector I was flying malfunctioned. She crashed hard. A big fire. In the desert. I can move today. So I went out and got me her and the soldier some food and water. Its a nice place. Maybe we'll live here.

<> <Guest 3869> Wow, that's impressive. How come you're helping your enemy?

<> <Unimate> Because we're both trapped in the middle of nowhere. If either of us survive. Eventually we can get out of it.

<> <Guest 3869> Can't you call somebody for help?

<> <Unimate> I could. Im trying to get my homing beacon to work.

<> <Unimate> When I was after him I was in California. I was heading eastward with him and south a bit. I'm either in Mexico. Or.. maybe the US.

<> <Unimate> Maybe Iraq. Do you think this is Iraq?

<> <Guest 3869> You must have travelled a long way to reach Iraq from California if you were going east.

<> <Unimate> Maybe I did. Over Kill. Is kind and generous. Heeh. Sci-Fi is deluded.

<> <Unimate> He thinks we're in the US. Somewhere. Lemme check something.

<> <Unimate> 200 miles east. Oh. Oh dear. I know where we are.

<> <Guest 3869> Timbuktu?

<> <Unimate> Death Valley.

<> <Guest 3869> Oh lovely. They name it that for a good reason, you know.

<> <Guest 3869> Got any next of kin? No, wait, you're a robot. Never mind.

<> <Unimate> Target or friend. I dont know. Someone in my crashed home.

<> <Unimate> Friend. Won't attack. Code. Birds. Heeh.

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Over Kill. Come in." to Over Kill.

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' Hello!'

<> <Unimate> friends forever. Fix the BAts. Protect the cube.

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "What's your status?" to Over Kill.

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' systems functioning at 15 percent. Fluxuating.'

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' how are you? I think I know where I am. But I don't know. Are you a friend or foe?'

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "I am your commander, Over Kill. What is your presumed location? And are you alone?" to Over Kill.

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' Oh. I think Im in death valley. Sci-Fi is here. The box is here. He watches the box. He is my friend.'

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "What is this box?" to Over Kill.

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' flight box. My sister. she's hurt bad. Hold on a second...'

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Which Vector's box do you have?" to Over Kill.

<> <RioBlast> Hallo!

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' five. Vector five. She crashed in the desert.Oh! Guess what's working. Come on. Guess!'

<> <OOC> Artemis has joined this channel.

<> <Unimate> Hi!

<> <Death-From-Afar> *connects*

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "I know what it isn't. Tell me." to Over Kill.

<> <Unimate> and.. hi to you!

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' you're no fun, Major Tom.'

<> <RioBlast> I am from Snake Mountain. Kobra Kahn is awesome!

<> <Death-From-Afar> hellop unmimatwe

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' well if you /must/ know. My homing beacon's on.'

<> <Unimate> Maybe next time I go outside I'll plant a garden.

<> <Death-From-Afar> whyu?

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "*pauses, then says with what might be construed as malevolent satisfaction* Excellent." to Over Kill.

<> <Unimate> You know. I don't think I need to get this fixed. Im so happy.

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' I think so too. Everything's nice. What do you think is broken?'

<> <Unimate> THis code is making me feel sick. Fuzzy. Maybe I should pass out again. It helped last time the code was fuzzy. I stopped thinking about it.

<> <Death-From-Afar> Unimate... I rarely undretsand ya.

<> <Unimate> Maybe I should try binary. Its easier.

<> <Death-From-Afar> Not likelly

Southwest United States - North America

The Desert Southwest is exactly what it sounds like: Desert.. The arid regions of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico predominate, with their rocky peaks. The major vegetation in these areas consists of desert scrub and cacti. Rainfall in this region is sporadic, limited to annual downpours that lead to flash floods. habitation is sparse and centers around water and/or major highways. Some towns are little more than wider parts in the road with gas stations. A quarter tank of gas can mean the difference between life and death here. Only appropriate in this area that a road listed as 'Route 666' runs through this, from New Mexico into Utah, crossing the corner of Colorado to get there. Utah and Colorado are anomalies in the northern part of this region, with their more forested areas. Along the western section of this region is California with a paradox of climates. The southern half of the state is similar to the more arid areas of Utah and Arizona, while the Northern and coastal regions are more lush and green, like Colorado.

Outside, There's a lot of sand here. Apparantly, the crash site is in Death Valley. A vector lies in a still smoking heap, imbedded into the ground, its smoke giving away its location.

Outside, A-10 Rattler #796 flies in low from the south and approaches the crash site quite openly.

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "I think you have been broken for a long time, Over Kill. Fortunately, I brought a very large wrench to fix you with." to Over Kill.

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' you're going to destroy me then?'

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "I am at least somewhat willing to hear you plead your case. But I am not patient." to Over Kill.

Outside, Over Kill pauses at his radio transmissions. "Sci-Fi." he says quietly. "There might be trouble. Big trouble."

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' my case..with ..what? if you're going to be nasty leave us then. We're fine where we are. Not letting you reprogram me. Destroy me.'

Outside, Circuit Breaker flies back quickly to the crash site, heading back from a power station where she... caused a small brownout for a little while. She tries to move back to the crash site as soon as possible though, though she isn't terribly fast.

Outside, Over Kill murmurs. "Destroying us. I think the voice in my head may be a target."

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Very well. I'd say it's been nice knowing you, but honestly, it hasn't." to Over Kill.

Outside, Sci-Fi looks at Over Kill, "Is your T.S. still working? I hope so. If your T.S. parts are still available, we might be able to handle this."

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567 enters the desert on a direct line for Sci-Fi's location. The Air Cover that was supposed to comew along seems to not have made it this far.

Outside, Over Kill pauses. "I could get my targeting systems online." He says seriously. "I wish I had access to my BATs." He listens. "I let them know my location. I led us to our deaths." he starts to arm a missile launcher in his arm. "Use my radio. Call your friends. At least one of us can get out of this alive."

<> <Unimate> ....

<> <Unimate> It comes to this, then.

<> <Death-From-Afar> Comes to whaty?

Outside, Sci-Fi gives Over Kill a glance, "Yeah, your hardware will need some adjustments before you can T.S. again." He sighs, "See, if you hadn't attack me, I might have be able to help screw in the hardware."

Major Bludd flips on the Rattler's targetting systems and rolls the weapon selector switch with his thumb. "This won't take long," he mutters to himself. "'Fore I know it I'll be back in me flat watchin' footy." The jet drops even closer to the deck, making a beeline for the downed android.

Outside, Sci-Fi carefully tries to hand Over Kill the Vector's box. "Here, protect your sister."

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Scarlett pilots the unarmed Helicopter towards Sci-Fi's position, when her radar picks up the A-10, "Oh, holy hell.... where's that air support?"

Outside, Over Kill takes the box and puts it in his chest. "Confirmed." he says. "Let's do it. I'll protect you if need be. We're all in this together."

Outside, Sci-Fi frowns and actually looks upset, "What will happen to you when you get back? Will they reformat you?"

Outside, Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 flies in a ways behind the Osprey slowing as it nears the other jet pulling alongside for the mission.

Outside, Over Kill pauses. "I won't be going back. They'll destroy me now or reprogram me later." He hears the jet engines. "American. Maybe they're yours."

<> <Unimate> I'm disposable. Its time to go to the trash. I won't go out easy.

<> <Unimate> and I lead him to destroy me. My commander is taking me out. Because I'm malfunctioning.

<> <Unimate> Kinetic was right. Never trust..non machines. Never trust. None of them.

<> <Death-From-Afar> You are Malfunctioning? Are... Over Kill, surrendewr. Do not leet yuporsaelf be destrowed

<> <Virex> Trust the good doctor!

<> <Unimate> You're right. You're right. Won't let myself be destroyed.

<> <Death-From-Afar> I meant, Surrender..... Let Brainstrowm look yuop pover.

Major Bludd allows his jet's targeting systems time to acquire the android. With a sadistic grin, he presses the trigger. "Alas, poor Over Kill..."

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Scarlett continues to fly in, watching the Rattler to see what it is doing, but she has to get in, and get Sci-Fi out. She makes a radio call, hoping Sci-Fi is still recieiving, even if he can not transmit.

<> <Virex> Let me look you over, Over Kill. Do you still have the iPod I plugged into you? Maybe you can download your core into it.

<> <Unimate> NO!

Outside, Sci-Fi is in his beaten up civies and over with Over Kill. His radio and iPhone are dead from no charge. He's ticked off and pissed. "Over Kill, I think we can help. Pretend to club me down and then run like a BAT out of hell." He hopes that little display will help." He moves to the open side. Sadly, he misses Scarlett's radio.

Outside, Over Kill is inside the crashed vector, trashed pretty bad. He pauses. "You don't think they'd accept surrender do you?" he asks.

Outside, Sci-Fi asks, curiously, "The Joes or your Snakes?"

<> <Virex> Use the iPod. I swear, you have it.

<> <Death-From-Afar> No one ever gives me Ipods... How'd you do it, Unimate?

<> <Virex> He kinda stole it when I plugged it into him.

Outside, Sci-Fi slams his fists on the Vector, "Chirst, you're freaking down. It's not fair. I shall give you a name, Over Kill... Hugh. I shall call you Hugh from now on."

Outside, >> A-10 Rattler #796 misses Vector with Rockets <Medium>. <<

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> "Shit! The Rattler is shooting at something... Sci-FI!" Scarlett than gets annoyed, and calls to her wingman, "Wisp, take him down!"

Outside, Over Kill pauses. "Over-kill." He says. He feels something rock outside. "Get down. I'm going out there." with that he heads to the door and opens it, letting his head stick out. "Destroy my sister will you.." he launches a missile at the rattler.

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp adjusts flight in her JSF, nodding. "Acknowledged, moving in."

Outside, >> Over Kill strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Missile. <<

Outside, Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 starts moving in towards the Rattler after the shot starting to sight it in quickly and push her plane in to get in behind the much slower jet.

Outside, Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 targets A-10 Rattler #796 with its weapons.

Outside, From JSF #639, The computer beeps. "Target acquired."

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp then promptly sights in, pulling back the trigger on the cannons, firing a quick burst to get the jet's attention.

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Machine-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Outside, Sci-Fi is unarmed sadly since he was just going grocery shopping. He listens to Over Kill's words though and lowers himself onto the floors of the Vector as it sounds like a firefight is going on. He notices that Over Kill is firing at the Rattler, "Oh my... You really are a true friend." Not like those Joes who had a party when they heard he was MIA.

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Scarlett sets the Osprey down, near the downed Vector, but not too near. Could be a trap or something. She climbs down from the Osprey, and looks for Sci-Fi, calling his name aloud, hoping to be heard over the aerial battle.

Outside, Over Kill nods "Yes. They're calling for you." he reloads. "Go to them."

Major Bludd swears, banging a fist on the instrument panel as his rockets go astray. He banks the craft away from the Vector and its occupants to circle around for another run. As the Rattler shows its belly to Over Kill, it's struck by the android's missile. Bludd barely has time to register the hit when the JSF's bullets bang against his jet's skin. "Christ," he shouts, "whose side are you bloody /on/, anyway?" He performs a mild evasive maneuver, turning the jet in a wide circle. "I don't really have to get that close to hit you, android," he mutters, rolling the selector to the SRMs and depresing the trigger.

Outside, >> A-10 Rattler #796 strikes Vector with Missile. <<

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Come out of there and face your judgement, android!" to Over Kill.

Outside, Sci-Fi smiles and looks at Over Kill, "Don't let them take you alive. Seriously, I mean that." He feels bad knowing that Over Kill is fighting for his data.

Outside, Scarlett moves towards the vector, but is knocked off her feet by the shockwave of the missile strike. She just looks at Sci-Fi, and points slightly to the JSF. Of course, she is not going to admit that Wisp is actually, only firing on the Rattler to give Sci-Fi a chance to escape.

Outside, The vector takes another hit, and Over Kill hides his head, trying to keep from getting pelted with shrapnel." He leaves the vector's ramp. "Go now." he snarls. "Come on down here.."

(Radio) Over Kill sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, ' always knew it would come to this...'

Outside, Over Kill goes after the rattler a second time, aiming his machine guns at the veichle. "You're in over your head.."

Outside, >> Over Kill strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Machinegun <Medium>. <<

Outside, Sci-Fi runs over to Scarlett but stumbles as his right leg goes limp. "Over Kill and I... crashed. His logic board has bene reset and he's been a true friend. I can't leave him here." He turns around to face Over Kill, "Live long and process,"

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp frowns very deeply as she sees the Rattler flying back in for another pass. Especially while Sci-Fi and Scarlett are down there. She pulls back on her stick, moving in her own arc, using her horizontal and vertical thrusters, and moving to get her own missile lock onto the Rattler, pullig it around, and firing an AIM-120 as soon as she gets enough of a track to have a chance for a hit. "Not tonight dearie. Not until we're done."

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 misses A-10 Rattler #796 with AIM-120. <<

Major Bludd winces slightly as more large-caliber lead perforates the Rattler. As he overflies the crash site, the onboard computer shrieks, "Threat! Threat!" Bludd has just enough time to thrown his jet into a hard bank and activate his radar jamming defences. The missile skims by harmlessly, but not so much that the mercenary doesn't break into a bit of a sweat. "Can't get to the candy center 'til I crack open the shell," he laments. Making one more pass over the Vector, he clicks the trigger again, this time unleashing a cluster of three bombs from the jet's belly.

Outside, >> A-10 Rattler #796 strikes Vector with Cluster-Bombs <Medium>. <<

Outside, Scarlett frowns a little, "Sci-Fi, I don't think Over Kill can be a true friend, it's is screwed up programing, most likely. And.... Honestly, I don't care. He is a machine, and you are flesh and blood, with a woman back at the base that will drop a bomb on me, if I do not get you home in one piece."

Outside, Over Kill snarls "She never did anything to you. This is between you and me not.." he ducks as more shrapnel flies from the vector. He holds his chest closely. "Glad I got you out of there, sister. Maybe we should run." with that, he takes off in a run.. away from the vector.

Outside, Scarlett groans a little, "I Hate that damned Movie, and you KNOW it Sci-Fi!"

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Um. I can guess its too late to surrender, yes?"

Outside, Sci-Fi laughs slightly and moves closer to Scarlett, "Oh, wait to you find out the new nicknames I have for people."

Outside, Scarlett just LOOKS at Sci-Fi, and than points to the Osprey, just beyond the area effect of the weapons dropped on the Vector. "Get inside..."

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp frowns as the missile swings wide on her first shot. She pulls back in, trying to get a better angle before she tries to make another pass, arcing her jet around in a very tight circle, to get it back to where she can fire another shot. This time she arms the bigger Sidewinders, letting one fly as she gets around.

Outside, Sci-Fi runs to the Osprey before Scarlett kills him where he stands.

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Sidewinder. <<

Outside, GAME: Over Kill PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

<Cobra (IC)> Kinetic says, "Am on way, Major. What is situation?"

Outside, Scarlett moves after Sci-Fi, and slips into the Osprey, "Strap in, this is going to be a rough ride out of here...."

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "*staticy, with sounds of the onboard computer shrieking in the background* Over Kill's just left the Vector. I've taken a lot of damage, but I want to see this through. Can you get the F-38 off me?" to Kinetic.

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Chopper against fighter jet? Will see what can come up with...'

<> <Virex> Over Kill, I'll repair you myself. I learned a few things.

<> <Unimate> retreat or.. run. Systems hurt. I protected them before. This is how they repay.

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 :cuts through the skies in the form of a tiny black dot one that quickly reforms into the proper shape of one of Cobra's relatively new dual-rotor helicoptors that looks like it's half rotor and half weapon mount. It's coming in fast and hard though when you have to compete against a modern-age jet you kind of have to push these whirlybirds.

Major Bludd ducks his head instinctively as the Sidewinder slams into the Rattler's main fuselage, sending the onboard computer into a litany of damaged systems reports. "TF failed," it says, emotionlessly. "Least of m'worries," Bludd mutters, trying to get control of the heaving and shaking vehicle. He spots Over Kill running across the sands below. "Oh, /now/ he leaves! Great." With the X-35 still too close for comfort, Bludd attempts to put a bit of distance between himself and the crash site.

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Scarlett pulls the Osprey into the air, and it turns for home, as soon as it has enough altitude.

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Just distract it long enough for me to put some ordnance down his damned throat." to Kinetic.

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "This is a complete mess. Should be attacking the Joes."

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Da, -that- is sometink can do.'

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "Major?"

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "It's a bit late for those kind of sentiments, Over Kill."

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "Major, I think Over Kill is ready to surrender...."

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "What is it *coughs* that makes you say that?"

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "I am in contact with him, and he said he was ready to surrender."

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "Aren't you, Over Kill?"

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Shoot at the Joes. Show the Major. You are not too far gone."

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Sci-Fi studies his hands. "I really need to get back to the site. As long as the KITT has what I need..." He pauses as he tries to remember things, "Went to the wine store and last then things got weird. I don't remember much of it. I just need to put it all back together."

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "Over Kill. Shoot the Joes!"

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Yes! Shoot at the Joes!"

Outside, Over Kill turns towards the Osprey "Shoot at the Joes. Show them." with that he fires a missile right at the Jet. Friend one moment. Foe the next.

Outside, >> Over Kill strikes V-22 Osprey #1567 with Missile. <<

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 may not have an expert air jockey behind the controls but where she falls short of there she makes up for by having some air to air ordinance at her disposal. Rockets travel faster than rotors after all. Maneuvering the craft around to get a lock on the JSF isn't quite so difficult particularly while not being shot at herself and the first one of those missiles streaks away from the mounting bracket of the left wing screaming through the air after the Joe craft. Heads up!

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Shoot at Joes. That helps. Yes?"

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567 is rocked by the missile that it took near the engine. The pIlot struggles to keep the Osprey under control while calling out to the other occupant "Dammit Sci-Fi your 'FRIEND' Just shot at us and we'd better set down... fire near the Engine." She sets the Osprey down and grabs her combat kit "You get this thing safe I'll handle Over Kill."

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Maybe not?"

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Sci-Fi grabs a tool kit and mutters, 'Ducking A. I'll be a son of a fish if I get to go home tonight. Or this week."

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "This isnt helping is it?"

Outside, Over Kill murmurs as the Osprey lands. "This isn't helping. Is it." He doesn't fire again. He just seems very confused.

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Sir, do not know if can engage jet with dis tink. Should I hit Osprey instead or keep tryink?'

Outside, Sci-Fi mutters and hopes he can go home in one peice. "Today is so not a good day to die."

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "You're going to suddenly decide to behave because you're being threatened? How long will your good behaviour last this time? A week? A month, maybe?"

Outside, Scarlett calls out to Sci-Fi, "Every day is a good day to die...." With that, she draws her Katana and Crossbow, and rushes towards Over Kill. She gets close, and fires a bolt from her crossbow, wishing she had gotten some with the EMP attached.

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes Over Kill with Power Crossbow <Low>. <<

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp gets suddenly shot at frrom a helicopter above, frowning as she is. She moves her jet wide to evade fire, bringing her plane around very suddenly, in order to respond to the attack.

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Who do you think I am. Angela?"

Outside, Sci-Fi mutters even more, "Lug nuts. Screws. Bolts. I never want to do this again!" He is wishing he had a weapon to fight with. "All this for a dinner!"

(Radio) Artemis sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Maybe once he is brought back to the Base, he can be reporogrammed, or something.'

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "Like father, like son."

Outside, Over Kill snarls as the crossbow hits him in the arm. He starts to approach, taking his arm off and replacing it with a machete. "You turn on me, Sci-Fi. And leave me to die. I will destroy your friend. And you."

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "If that's what you believe. Maybe its time I acted that way. I trie dot be loyal. I did. I didn't turn on Cobra. It turned on me."

Outside, >> Over Kill strikes Scarlett with Eviscerate. <<

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "Do you think I don't hear your treasonous chatter? Talk about building a factory and making your own BAT nation? Who else said that? That's right:Angela."

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill hisses.

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "Truth hurts, don't it?"

Major Bludd takes stock of his craft's damage and slowly banks it around. With the F-35 otherwise occupied, he attempts to lock the damaged jet's targeting computer onto the android.

Outside, Scarlett is sliced, and maybe a little diced by the Machete, but she rolls forward, and comes up behind Over Kill, she brings her Katana into the act, at close range, moving with the speed and agility of an almost ninja.

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes Over Kill with Rapid-Strike. <<

<> <Unimate> never followed through. Never did anything. And 5, surely didnt do anything and you attacked her too. Maybe you just don't like BATs eh?

GAME: Major Bludd FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

Outside, Over Kill takes the cut to the arm. "Scarlett. Back down>" he says afte ra while. "I surrender. I do not wish to fight you anymore. I wish to parlay." with that, he starts to back away leaving himself open to attack.

Outside, Sci-Fi says, "Over Kill, I didn't want to leave you. You told me to." He watches as the BAT begins to leave. "Wow, he has lost his logic. Poor guy."

The damaged jet's computer refuses to acquire the android as a target. He notes that Over Kill is in melee combat with Scarlett, and circles the battleground, keeping an eye out for the F-35, as his radar systems are pretty well fried.

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "the factory would have served Cobra. Made new BAT models. You limited us. Its survival."

Outside, Scarlett says softly, "Go to hell! You attacked an unarmed vessel, and now, that I am here to kick the ever living hell out of you, you want to say you don't want to fight?" She shrugs, and brings the Katana up again, slashing it at Over Kill, once again, "I refuse to grant you quarter, Over Kill. For all I know, I'll turn to leave, and you will strike again."

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes Over Kill with Sword. <<

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "Unfortunately for you, it's Cobra's way or the highway. You won't survive without Cobra's support, let alone prosper."

Outside, Over Kill snarls. "Then so be it. You, like Cobra. Have brought it on yourself..." with that he aims his missile launcher on his shoulder at Scarlett "And will go the same way."

Outside, >> Over Kill misses Scarlett with Missile. <<

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 misses Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 with AIM-120. <<

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "I know that. I didnt want to be against cobra... but the time for this is over, yes?"

Outside, Scarlett dives below the Missile, blinking at Over Kill's stupidity, even if the missile had hit her, it might have done some damage to it as well. She rsweeps her legs around, to take out the Robot's Legs, or at least, bring him down to the ground.

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes Over Kill with Sweep. <<

Outside, >> Over Kill temporarily loses motor functions from the attack! <<

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "Damn...."

Outside, Over Kill is brought to the ground, slamming face first into it. His chest sparks badly and his motor controls go offline temporarily. "Damn.."

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "BATs.....cannot leave you with them can I..."

Outside, Sci-Fi groans as he tries to not watch this, "Scarlett, he could have killed me at will. Instead he took care of me." He watches the battle between Scarlett and Over Kill. "Wraith is so going to kill me for this."

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes Over Kill with Knife. <<

Outside, Scarlett Pulls a knife, and shoves it into the Robot's back, hoping to strike some important wires, or even a processing node.

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 barely avoids getting clobbered by the JSF's attack one lost for one lost. But she still has another missile and doesn't much enjoy having the attacks returned her way. Let's try that one again.

Outside, >> Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 misses Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 with Archer. <<

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "It's far too hot to attempt to retrieve him now. His constant flip-flopping should prove his unworthiness to serve Cobra." to Artemis.

(Radio) Artemis sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Copy Major. I guess... I just... He was almost a friend... I'm sorry I questioned you Major.'

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "If we can't retrieve Over Kill, we must make certain the Joes can't recover any of his tech." to Kinetic.

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp flies around quickly, adjusting and evading the second missile. She holds her stick hard, trying to pull her jet in for a better attack, switching ot the other missile system and trying to sight herself in better, launching a bigger sidewinder towards the helicopter.

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 strikes Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 with Sidewinder.

Outside, V-22 Osprey #1567> Sci-Fi tries to get the Osprey to turn on. He hopes that gets Scarlett's attentio to retreat. "Fudge, fudge... fudge! If I only stayed home and didn't try to plan a dinner, none of this would have happened."

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "I made the mistake of anthropomorphising him once. It only allowed him to be more rebellious." to Artemis.

Outside, Over Kill takes a hit into his thick armoring in his back. He lunges with his leg, trying to kick Scarlett to the ground. There's no words at this point. The cyborgs chest sparks to the point where it's melted. He seems focused on destroying his enemy.

Outside, >> Over Kill strikes Scarlett with Kick. <<

GAME: Major Bludd FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

Outside, Scarlett is kicked, hard, but she is able to retain her feet. "OK, Over Kill..." She pulls a grenade, and tosses it at the Android/Robot... "Have a nice day." The H.E. Grenade explodes....

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes Over Kill with Grenade <Medium>. <<

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'That is affir*PFFT* Pososi moyu konfetku svoloch'! Have taken hit by stupid opesdol!'

Major Bludd receives a radio transmission.

(Radio) Artemis sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'I... Won't let it happen again.'

Major Bludd gives up on the targeting system and decides to simply walk up the android's back with his Vulcan cannon.

Outside, >> A-10 Rattler #796 critically strikes Over Kill with Gatling-Cannon <Low>! <<

Outside, Over Kill is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Outside, Over Kill us suddenly sttruck from behind. The Gatling gun rips into his back, sending him flying. THe android lies still, his systems sparking badly.

Outside, The previously injured from Vector crash Sci-Fi stumbles out of the Osprey that is turned on. He has found some weapon in the tool box; a giant hamer. "You who are wicked evil and mean... I'm the nastiest creep you've ever seen." He watches as Over Kill gets targeted by Bludd and hit by the lovely cannon. He still runs over to Over Kill and is about to strike, but the android is out for a nap. "Crap, now how I am I going to be useful?"

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 can't hit that damned JSF for anything! But she had her updated orders. No Joes may salvage their technology. If they only have one shot at this hit or miss she may as well make sure that the tech is safe and -then- worry about an escape route. Right? Besides Over Kill happened to be a friend of hers when he wasn't short-circuiting like that. Air to air rockets are out which leaves the thirty mil chaingun. And stationary targets are always easier than supersonic ones...

Outside, Scarlett smiles as the grenade hits Over Kill and explodes, than sees the tell tale signs of a Vulcan Cannon being fired at the ground, and she dives to the side, to get away from the path of the Cannon being fired, and not so incidently OUT OF the path of the weapons from the Cottonmouth "Holy hell...." She rolls to the ground, pulls her crossbow around, and by feel, grabs an explosive tipped Bolt, firing at the rattler as it passes over head.

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp frowns hard when she sees the helicopter veering off and going after her fellow Joe on the ground. She swears very softly, adjusts to near-hover, and turns her plane twards it, pulling the trigger back on her own machine gun, trying to vent a few holes into it.

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Power Crossbow <High>. <<

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 strikes Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 with Machine-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Outside, Sci-Fi tries to re-adjust some minor parts on Over Kill. "I can't leave him for dead. I can't!" He exhales and then yells at Scarlett, "Click your heels together three times...There's no place like home!"

Outside, Over Kill 's systems are totally fried. He doesn't move as Sci-Fi tries to adjust his parts. Wires spark, but without jury rigging they won't make a connection.

Major Bludd grunts in satisfaction, grinning like a maniac. He immediately decreases the jet's speed and rotates its engines, converting it to VTOL mode. A very loud -THUNK- startles him, and he looks over the edge of the cockpit at Scarlett. Not wanting to release the controls to gesture at her, he instead turns the jet's nose toward her and depresses the trigger.

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Der'mo, Major! Am takink fire, ground not neutralized!'

Outside, >> A-10 Rattler #796 misses Scarlett with Gatling-Cannon <Medium>. <<

Outside, GAME: Sci-Fi PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Acknowledged. I'm in sad shape meself, but I"ll be damned if I'll let them dash off with that hunk of junk!" to Kinetic.

Outside, Over Kill starts to come online with a groan. He tries to move. "Who.." He sounds distant.

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Who do I attack? One disappeared and another is inspectink remains!'

(Radio) Major Bludd transmits, "Keep Scarlett busy for a second ... I'm going to grab the android." to Kinetic.

Outside, GAME: Over Kill FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

(Radio) Kinetic sends Major Bludd a radio transmission, 'Acknowledged!'

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 is in for a major beating. One person shouldn't be so damned hard to take out right? Right?! That jet's gonna shred her little chopper at this rate but she had to do something about the area below! If chainguns won't do it then chainguns be damned there's rocket pods on this thing.

Outside, >> Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 misses Scarlett with Rockets <Medium>. <<

Outside, Over Kill murmurs distantly. "Enemies on all sides. Initating self dest.." He pauses. "Offline." He grumbles.

Outside, Sci-Fi smiles, "Recharge, repair..." He tries get Over Kill's T.S. capabilities online to fire at Bludd's flying circus.

Outside, GAME: Sci-Fi PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Below Average difficulty.

Outside, GAME: Sci-Fi PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of Above Average difficulty.

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp swears very softly once again as she sees the helicopter firing at the ground. She shakes her head very slightly, sighting in once again, this time cuing up an AIM-120 once again, and sending it off.

Outside, Scarlett sees the Rattler turning, and as soon as it points in her direction, she dives to the side again, "Holy shit Red.... You pissed some people off today, didn'tcha?" She runs underneath the Rattler, which also shields her from the rocket pods.... or maybe she is just too matrix-like? She looks up, wondering something. She draws her Knife, and throws it at the Rattler, trying to get it lodged into a fuel line.

Outside, >> Scarlett strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Knife. <<

Outside, Over Kill isn't able to fire, thats for sure. He stays still "Not going to attract them." He whispers. "Not going to fire on Cobra to save the people who were going to kill me first. Get out of here."

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 strikes Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 with AIM-120. <<

Outside, Over Kill murmurs to Sci-Fi. "Your friends. Get them to run. Now. Run. Or surrender. Thsi fight is stupid."

Outside, Sci-Fi whispers to Over Kill, "All fights are stupid, my friend. I will try to honor you. I enjoyed seeing your peaceful side." He wonders about taking a gun from the Osprey and joining on in the fight.

Scarlett's knife must have lodged in something, because the final warning light in the cockpit that hadn't previously lit up now does so. Swearing in multiple languages, Bludd lifts the jet from the ground, forsaking, it seems, his prize below. The engines rotate back into their regular positions and the jet leaps away from the scene, trailing copious amounts of smoke.

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 might not be having the best of targeting luck today. Maybe one of those earlier strikes shifted the calibration on her. But she's still airborne. Smoke is pouring out from the left engine and it's looking a bit worse for wear but that damned piece of Russian hardware is still flying. And every bit as determined to blast something into itty bitty pieces. Rocket pods hold lots of rockets. The pilot of this craft aims to dump all of the blasted things down into the dirt. All at once. Maybe the grand finale will do something useful. Either way she's gonna have this bird inspected tip to tail rotor if she manages to deliver it back home.

Outside, >> Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 strikes Scarlett with Rockets <High>. <<

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp watches the Rattler fly away, smiling as it does, and relaxing just a little. "Good deal... Now just to deal with the helicopter maybe..." She peers over at the chopper and frowns as it starts firing rockets, blinking HARD. She yanks her trigger back, letting it stream until the guns overheat.

Outside, >> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 strikes Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 with Machine-Cannon <High>. <<

Outside, Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Outside, Scarlett is blasted well and truely. She is flung away from where she was standing, and lands hard. She lets out a groan as she tries to sit up, and than, as the machine Cannon fire enters the Cotton Mouth, she just lays down, not moving. Something might be broken...

Outside, Over Kill murmurs to Sci-Fi "Sci. I want you to go to the vector. Set it on Automatic." He says.

Outside, Sci-Fi frowns at Over Kill, "Scarlett's been injured. I can't do much about your Vector. Why set it on Automatic?" He trusts Over Kill to not hurt poor Scarlett. He pulls out the handgun he found from inside the copter and takes an aim at the Rattler. "This is for Over Kill, Scarlett... and Kahn!"

Outside, >> Sci-Fi strikes A-10 Rattler #796 with Handgun <Medium>. <<

Outside, A-10 Rattler #796 is overcome by injuries, losing consciousness.

Outside, Scarlett calls out, "Sci..... Fi.....!?"

Outside, From JSF #639, Wisp switches on the plane's external speakers, frowning as she does. "Sci-Fi, check on Scarlett..."

Major Bludd is already well on his way to contemplating what next to do with Over Kill when something behind the cockpit explodes, sending a gout of flame washing up against the back of his helmet. A quick look at the warning panel gives him the bad news: this crate has had it. Bludd wastes no time in pulling the eject handle and ejecting from the crippled craft, which sails in a lazy arc and impacts the desert floor with an earthshaking thud, bursting into flames.

Sci-Fi watches his bullet fly through the air and take on the Rattler. "Oh smeg. One injured Joe. An unarmed Joe. The nutty tinker toy. And two downed Snakes." He runs over to Scarlett and tries to pick her up.

GAME: Sci-Fi FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.

Cottonmouth Ka-52X #710 nailed that one. There's probably a new crater in the earth bigger than the chopper is with all of the debris that gets sent out into the air peppering the ground as thin streaks of rocket condensation light up one after another from those twin tubes. The feeling is so adrenaline-packed that she completely forgets that there's another craft out there going after her that one final jarring motion causes the cockpit to flare with life red lights and angry whining beeps. The sound of the engines takes a fatal turn and rapidly loses power pitching the craft at a stomach-churning angle as the altitude drops faster than the economy. Moral of the story: Never send a chopper after a jet fighter.

Over Kill murmurs "It will and Scarlett. Trust me. Trust.." he blinks. "Um. Nice shot."

Scarlett looks at Sci-Fi, "Report?"

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Maybe can take down two Joes at once. If can get them to trust."

Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 hovers quietly over the situation the pilot watching for any more issues with the jet and helicopter down.

Sci-Fi looks at Scarlett, "Two down Cobras. And we're gonna die." He tries to carry Scarlett. "And if my hands touch the wrong parts, please tell Wraith to not kill me." He hopes he can get her into the Osprey to at at least take shelter so he can try and pilot.

Sci-Fi would listen to Over Kill but he wants the guns.

Scarlett reaches a hand out to Sci-Fi, "Get me on my feet... if those snakes are still around... We got to get out of here, I'm in no real condition to fight... maybe if I am on my feet when they show, they won't want to fight it out anymore...."

Not seeing any fire directed his way, Bludd maneuvers as close as he dares to the crash site, coming to rest some five hundred yards or so from where the severely damaged android lays. Quickly disengaging from the parachute, he draws his sidearm and hoofs it toward his target.

Kinetic stumbles out of the wreckage with one hand on the back of her head, swearing profusely in Russian under her breath as she both pushes and drags herself away from the burning pile that used to be her beloved chopper. "If dis is not another bl'adki, stupid shalava fighter jet ruinink day like stupid u'ebitsche..." A glance up shows her that JSF is still sitting there. Hovering. Waiting. Arms aching she reaches behind her and yanks out the coilgun, unhinging the two pieces and sliding the bolt pin into place to lock them together. "Try to take down Major Bludd," she growls while hooking up the imagers to the rifle's optics, "Come in here with fancy government-paid military toys and play big bad bully," flicking the power source on to the rib-vibrating thrum of current as she levels the shoulder-held weapon up towards the JSF, "Why not come down here and play for while?!"

>> Kinetic misses Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 with Coilgun Aa <High>. <<

Over Kill murmurs "Biggest guns are over there. Yes. The vector. Better yet. Get me there."

GAME: Over Kill FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Sci-Fi tries to actually carry Scarlett. He's straining himself slightly as he is not the most physically enabled Joe. He mutters, "If I survive this, I might need to work out so I can carry Heather over the thresholds."

GAME: Sci-Fi FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Over Kill doesn't see Major Bludd approaching. He's too busy trying to convince the Joes to move him. "So concerned about your future mate that you can't think right. Typical human. I'll do it from here. Let me try to access the BATnet.."

GAME: Over Kill FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

From JSF #639, Wisp pulls wide and up as she sees someoen coming out of one of the wrecks. When the huge coilgun is fired, she makes a quick noise, flying way up, pushing her engines and rolling back down, offering a quick strafe from the cannons in response.

>> Wisp's XF-35B JSF #639 critically strikes Kinetic with Machine-Cannon <Low>! <<

Scarlett murmers, "Snake-Eyes, now would be a good time to come and save the day.... again." Of course, with no Snake-Eyes around, she will have to do what she can, "OK, Sci-Fi..." She starts, as Kinetic fires on the JSF with a coil gun. She snaps her hand down, to her throwing stars, and almost flings one at Kinetic, but doesn't, seeing that Wisp has that under control. She than spots the Major, and pulls a pistol, and fires, even as she is being 'almost dropped'

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Kinetic. If you can hear me. You're on the BATnet. Vector 5 should be able to be controlled remotely. Command code Alpha. Activate her. Have her get you two out of here."

>> Scarlett misses Major Bludd with M9 <Medium>. <<

As he draws near, Bludd sees the injured Scarlett and a cruel smirk crawls across his face. He hits the deck as she fires at him, rolling with the motion and coming up in a crouch, bringing up his own sidearm to snap off a few shots in return.

>> Major Bludd strikes Scarlett with M9 <Medium>. <<

Kinetic doesn't know exactly what hit her, it seemed more like a small meteor shower than anything she was used to dealing with. All she knows is that before the hailstorm from above is finished pelting the area she's occupying there's a whole world of pain to go with it. Debris, shrapnel, actual bullets, whatever you want to consider it, she's getting bombarded with very unpleasant things. Things that tear the nerve right out of her, outside of a vehicle she'd need time to lay low and hide from enemy scanners before she could take that one miracle shot and deal with that damned JSF. Right now, it's more akin to shooting a snake in a barrel. She has to abandon that wreckage now or she'll wind up just like the poor Cottonmouth.

Sci-Fi is a weakling! He nearly drops poor Scarlett and hence throws her aim off. "Fine, new tactic... you carry me because I am too weak." He smirks, but feels the bullets fly past his body from Bludd! He holds up his hand gun and takes his aim on the snake.

>> Sci-Fi strikes Major Bludd with Handgun <Medium>. <<

Scarlett is struk, in the right shoulder, and her gun slips from her fingers. She winces as more pain races into her mind, trying to cloud her vision, and her judgement. Perhaps it succeeds with clouding her judgement, as she pushes herself to her feet, and runs at the major, drawing a set of Nunchucks as she goes, and donning a fighting claw on her left hand. She swweps the Wooden impliments at the Major, as she passes by him!

>> Scarlett strikes Major Bludd with Nunchucks. <<

Major Bludd attempts to dodge out of Scarlett's way as she charges him, but, distracted by the slugs from Sci-Fi's weapon embedding themselves in his shoulder, only partly succeeds, getting a clout on the side of the jaw for his trouble. He snarls, wheeling to fire another burst at Scarlett.

>> Major Bludd strikes Scarlett with M9 <Medium>. <<

From JSF #639, Wisp brings her Jet down gently, landing it vertically and watching the fight on optical enhancement, scowling slightly as she sees what's going on.

Kinetic doesn't care what's going on behind her anymore. Hell, she'd love to help out the Major, but she's no good to the team dead, and what if the Joes got hold of her own little toy? Unacceptable by every meaning of the word. Nope, she's outta here.

From JSF #639, Wisp then slips out of her cockpit, checking her weapon and making sure it's right for this, strapping a scope on.

<> <Unimate> I've got a really stupid question.

Being kicked out of the Boy Scouts for dangerous rocket building, Sci-Fi has learned one thing alone. Be prepared. He has a small laser on hand that he uses only for emergency repairs or for being mugged. Why didn't he laser Over Kill to death? Because he has a weird curiousity. But now, it's time for Seymour to blink Bludd to death! He takes aim with it and hopes the Durcell batteries last long enough.

>> Sci-Fi strikes Major Bludd with Mini-Laser <Low>. <<

Scarlett winces as she is shot again, this time in the left shoulder, "Major, kiss your ass goodbye...." She drops the Nunchucks, and pulls the pin on her last grenade, tossing it at the Major. Well, she hopes that is all it takes....

>> Scarlett strikes Major Bludd with Grenade <Medium>. <<

<> <Unimate> What side am I on?

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "I know this is a dumb question. But.. who am I fighting for today?"

<Cobra (IC)> Artemis says, "Cobra..."

<Cobra (IC)> Kinetic says, "Can tink of one way to answer that... US, you zasranetc!"

Major Bludd feels a hot spot on his back, but ignores it as Scarlett heaves a grenade at him. Shouting in wordless surprise, he leaps for all he's worth, somehow managing to evade the worst of the blast. Lurching to his feet, he throws himself at his opponent, attempting to use his greater weight to bear her into the ground.

>> Major Bludd strikes Scarlett with Bash. <<

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "OK. I'll have the vector join in if you want. I can control it remotely."

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Do you want it to attack or to get people out of here?"

Scarlett is knocked to the ground, and her head is bashed on a rock. Her face sags, the anger drains away, and her eyes close. She lays still... The Major took her down... And she'd almost feel sorry for him, if she could.... Snake-Eyes likes revenge.

Wisp gets herself onto the plane, laying down on the nose once her weapon is set up. She sights down it quickly, trying to get a good bead on the major, making sure the sniper scope is set right for that mode. Then.... she pulls trigger.

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "Get us out of here!"

>> Wisp strikes Major Bludd with XM-8 Sniper Rifle <Medium>. <<

Over Kill murmurs softly. "Vector 5. Activate." the crashed Vector nearby shudders to life. "Emergency backup systems." the Vector starts to hover. "Land by the Major. Take him and anyone who can get in him to saftey." the Vector flies a short distance, arming its gatling guns. It seems almost protective as it lands by Major Bludd.

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "Nnngh... you're coming with us, Over Kill."

With Bludd's attack on Red, Sci-Fi goes into Punisher mode. He quickly grabs the rifle on the ground. He picks it up and stands right behind Bludd. He rests the tip of the rifle into the good Major's neck and says, "You'll pay, you one-eyed monster." He pulls the trigger just as the Vector lands near him!

>> Sci-Fi strikes Major Bludd with Rifle <Medium>. <<

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Can't move..ugh. Five. Open hatch. Anyone who can, get in her."

Major Bludd gets to his feet, turning his back to Scarlett as soon as he's sure she's out. The Vector's movements stir up the sand, and he holds up a hand to keep it out of his face. Wisp's shot tears through his armour and bites into his back, eliciting a roar of pain. The other Joe's voice startles him and he looks round in time to prevent his neck from being well and truly perforated. As it is, the rifle round buries itself in his upper chest. The mercenary has looked death in the face before, and he's learnt when to run. He quickly clambers into the nearby Vector.

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "Come with. Go..."

<Cobra (IC)> Major Bludd says, "*strained* Five, let Kinetic ... on, then ... get ... Over Kill."

Over Kill staggers to his feet. "Getting to vector." He tries to get there, so he can pilot the cobras out of there. He shakes b adly, barely able to stay conscious. "Kinetic. Get out..."

Sci-Fi grabs Scarlett's radio and turns it on, "SNAFU. SNAFU!" He holds the rifle in his hand and looks at Bludd, "Go. Go now before I insert part A into part B." Seymour's veins are showing and his breathing is heavy. Fine's almost always been calm. "This could have been a quicky pick up and go. But instead, you had to open fire. And you hurt my friends..." He tosses down the rifle as he watches Bludd make his way out. "The next time we meet, you'll understand my burden." He then tries to pick up Scarlett while he is in a rage. 'Crud, I need a Red Bull!'

<Cobra (IC)> Over Kill says, "5. Go now. Shoot anyone who follows!"

Scarlett just lays there, like an over sized doll.

GAME: Sci-Fi PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Average difficulty.

Kinetic quickly looks up as the Major enters the Vector, snatching one of her heavy pistols and leveling it at him with a seriously unsteady arm. There's a bit of panic in those eyes. Though when she sees who it is she lets the weight of her sidearm drop her arm back to her side, quietly admitting "Am sure glad to see you here."

Major Bludd has no desire to understand Fine's burden. It's surely the furthest thing from his mind as he straps himself, hands shaking, into the Vector.

Over Kill straps himself into the driver's seat and pilots the Vector remotely. "Home...5.."

Vector starts to lift off the ground. The Vector lunges itself to the skies moving slowly for the creature.

>> Vector retreats from the area, leaving itself open to Sci-Fi. <<

"Death only comes for us once, Bludd. And next time we meet, I can assure you that I will have your head." Seymour's finally venting off some steam in his life. He holds up the same rifle and opens fire at the Vector, making sure that poor Scarlet is not being trampled on. "Only the good die young." He's learned somethings about himself now, thanks to Over Kill.

>> Sci-Fi misses Vector with Rifle <Medium>. <<

Over Kill murmurs "Good..evasion. Number.. five. Base base now.."

Vector turns to Sci-fi "We go now." she says, after she turns to the sky. "Hitting mach four.." with that the vector streaks off like. Well a BAT out of hell.

Major Bludd sits slumped in his seat within the Vector, only remembering to rummage in his pouches for a field bandage after a few minutes.

Cobra Base - Airfield

The main boulevard of this Cobra facility runs up to the north, passing beside a large air traffic control tower and radar station. Numerous large hangar buildings have been constructed to provide shelter and concealment for the myriad of aircraft here, and a vast expanse of tarmac provides both airstrips and helipads.

Over Kill gets the Vector in for a good landing and opens the hatch. "Good girl. Good Vector." He coos softly. "Going to die now." with that he starts to slump over the control panel. Who knows if hes conscious or not.

Major Bludd disengages his safety belt and slowly clambers to his feet. He's thankful the pain he's feeling is blocking out his ability to ponder the situation, and how much trouble he seems to get in when it comes to Over Kill. He staggers out of the Vector, allowing the medical personnel to assist him without even a glare.

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