Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: A Unique Experience

Characters: Aegis , Alpha Trion , Arcane, Dust Devil , Ghost , Incognito , Omen , Ravage , Soundwave , Salvation, Vector Sigma , Vector Trion

Location: Vector Sigma Chamber

Date: September 15, 2021

TP: Liege Maximo TP , Fight the Future TP

Summary: The Salvation team has called an eclectic group of beings together for myriad reasons. The main one, to restore a copy of Alpha Trion as Vector Trion. The purpose of this: To close a time loop from the past. . And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 2 of 2

TFU - Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Vector Sigma Chamber

Dust Devil stares at Ghost's appendages and then looks at the body. A frown appears especially when he hears what Incognito said. He looks up at the ghostly image of Alpha Trion. "So much is gonna happen soon....won't have much time. Guess we'll see if there's gonna be changes yet again or not."

As that data tablet is setup, Ravage would look over at it from the shadows for a moment.. Tempted as he might be, the circumstances don't warrant it. Then he's going to muse lightly to himself. A comment that would go along the telepathic link for just a moment of internally proferred sarcasm, before he would go quiet again and move along the shadows and the peirphery. He's not cloaked.. But his presence is still almost totally silent, flickering in and out of the flashing lights from Vector Sigma.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "The fact he's stating that he's seen the 'future' but is doing this 'again' implies that he's already sent himself back already and is attempting the feat again."

Soundwave continues to record. "Recording. I hope for your sake it goes well."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "So I find his tactical acumen rather lacking unless we are going with the foible 'if at first you don't succeed'.."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "if they destroy her they will be next"

At least one task completed now, Incognito steps back to quietly observe the proceedings.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost sighs, working on collecting herself, trying to settle no small amount of.. nervousness. "In the past, he knows he sent himself back. In the now, he has yet to do it. So the window of time that he can do it is small.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Yes, and since he obviously failed that time and now brings forth knowledge of the 'ill fated' future it implies that it's happening again.."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "No. He's closing the loop. If in the past he landed, int he now he has to go back to the past to close the loop."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Very well, forgive me for my distraction"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm concerned too, Ravage. I'm.. I didn't want to get -this- involved. Knowing about it is one thing. Actively participating.. I'm concerned."

Arcane turns back to help Aegis and Nightshade. He glances up at Ghost. "Are you joining us, then?" He points out ports where Ghost can jack in. "You won't be the conduit - your mind will be in no danger. But you will have access to the transfer stream. To guide, monitor, and witness," he smiles. "It's a... rare opportunity."

There is a quiet moment from the Decepticon sneak before, "Well that's a relief." Ghost notes as she settles on the floor, shifting cables around. she takes a moment to inspect the docking setup before several cables braid together, the ends blooming so those odd internal fibers can twist together before she jacks in. Magnified bandwidth, fewer hard connections. "I didn't want to be responsible for putting the wrong Alpha Trion in the body." some amount of humor attempted. Her archives finish spinning up now, biolights bright-darkening, shifting ultraviolet as she spins up all of her internal defenses. She looks up at Arcane, then Aegis before her gaze tracks to Soundwave. A single brow lift is given. Then she bows her head, settling into herself, reaching outwards through the links so she can 'watch'.

On her back, between her wings comes a grumbled kraa-wark and a softly mumbled, 'Idiot.'

Dust Devil is of course irreverant as usual, he finds a a spot to sit where he can get a decent antage point to see the proceedings. Of course....if there were actually tenders to the great supercomputer, they might have spark failure seeing Dust Devil pretty much sitting now on top of one of the consoles, mindful not to step on anything important. But considering he's lacking the height loaned to him from the Matrix, this will at least make it easier to see. Now as long as Arcane and Aegis don't beat him for his impropriety.

And circling around once more is Ravage. Leaving the proper monitoring of things over to Soundwave that is far more efficiently skilled in it, Ravage is establishing himself over as a mental overflow to handle excess data-load if need be, firmly setting himself up as a mental anchorpoint over to be available and stable for anything that will come. While there is no immediate connection over with Ghost beyond ensuring she is aware of his presence, Ravage is working on the mental equivalent of 'assembly lines' for streaming. Setting up pre-sorted algorithms to act as buffer stacks, making sure to establish mental kickbacks and cycles so that they are ready if static hits. Lines being readied, programs steadied.

He has not the remote data capacity of Ghost, algorithmic capacity of Soundwave.. But he is still a creature of logic. So he uses waht he does have.. Namely encryption protocols. Presuming that the streams will be extremely overwhelming as they have een in the past, Ravage starts to establish his programs to sync up and act as priority sortings for data. The things normally used for decryption and analysis are now put to the point where they can cull data and ready to stream it and sort it, highlighting priority amounts or buffer stacks and to cull unimportant bits.

GAME: Ravage PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

When Arcane and Ghost are ready, Arcane steps back. Vector Sigma continues to glow brighter and spin faster, and soon its light is so bright Alpha Trion cannot be seen in comparison, and all physical Transformers must shield or power down their optics not to be temporarily blinded. For once, there are no shadows in which Nightshade and Ravage can hide. A beam of light blasts out of Vector Sigma and bathes the body of Alpha Trion in a multicolored glow.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost's and Omen's links go.. blurry. a sense of -vast- and /immense/ amounts of pure data trickling across.

GAME: Ghost PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Immense difficulty.

GAME: Ghost FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

GAME: Ghost PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.

Dust Devil watches as much as he can, his naturally dark optics shield the worst of the light but even he has to raise an arm to help block some of the light. His focus is more on trying to see if this all is going to work or not. This is similar to calling forth a spark for a new body...except this one is known.

GAME: Ravage FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Above Average difficulty.

Soundwave shields his optics. "Recording. Recording!" He says, making sure to get as much data as he can.

GAME: Ravage PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Ravage FAILS a COURAGE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Ghost doesn't 'see' the sudden brilliance, as cycled into her own systems as she is. She's relying on her linked and docked symbiote for external variances.Optics have gone gold and dark, biolights pulsing in time to an unknown beat, head bowed, finials half cocked back. Cycle air in, pause, cycle air out. Resist -reaching- further into what she's connected too, maintain archive homeostasis, wide-open and recieving, recording. Understanding, what she misses, will come later.

On the other hand, nestled on her back, there is a decided SQUARK of annoyance as Omen's sensories, acting for two, get a bleedover from the brilliance, even shadowed by her creators wings as she is. There is an absolute -litany- of filth in Primal Vernacular that spills forth, condemning gods, demons, deities, creators, including positioning impossible without additional jointing and appendages, using materials that have no reason to be used as such, describing an amalgamation of group positioning options that are either torture or something she watched on the internet, and finishing up with an 'I hate you, buir. hate sooo sooo muuuch..'

What happens over as the shadows are taken from the cat, as Vector Sigma would -boom- and there are things which are tearing away his place of concealment, his presence in the shadows, Ravage is flooded over by the un-Cybertronly light of Vector Sigma and the data-spheres of whatever branch of the multiverse and overflow from whence it came. It's not the data necessarily that comes blasting from it..

It's the light and the theft of the shadows that Ravage would call home and use for concealment and safety. There's a bludgeon of raw pain from him along the network of the others before he goes to slam off his connection to not let his fear overload it. He's able to pull the plug and give along a signal of it to the others that they should not be concerned.. But it's still an abort-fail at the worst possible time..

Arcane doesn't seem to mind Dusty sitting on Vector Sigma's access terminal, although he DOES gape at Omen's prolific and creative foul language spree. When the glow (and cursing) fades, Aegis and Arcane approach the body again. It sits up... wearing a ridiculous petro-rabbit mask. Looking coldly around at the others, Vector Trion frowns. "Soon, the circle will be complete," it intones, looking like Alpha Trion but sounding a lot more like a smaller Vector Sigma. "Return me to base," it orders Aegis, unmindful of the silly mask. It slides off the table and stands, looking down a moment to take in its new physical form.

Dust Devil frowns as he hears the voice and the lack of emotion. He stares at the new frame, mentally comparing it to when he saw something like it before, so many years ago. "Did everything load okay?"

Ghost is somewhat -aware- of the litany and extended cursing Omen's having. But only in a 'she's irritated' distant sort of way. The technologically inundated 'con twitches wings as the stream dies down, then end, plating lifting, wings fanning to maintain her 'cool. A finial twitches, then the other before she works out that it's over, cognitive functions hyper focused on the experience. And the urge-need-desire to sink into her archives and surround herself with it all. She moves to detach herself, one, then the other optic slowly kindling.

<< Jat'ne tome'tayle. Kandosii'la.. >> (Best recording. Amaaaaazing.. ) Voice soft, a slight trill to it, half focused on the here, half focused on the inside.

-SQUARK- from between Ghost's wings followed by an "Idiot is.. data.. druuunk..."

GAME: Ravage FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "are you getting that...ghost..."

[Con-Tapes] Omen warble-kraas, "Buir is.. data.. full. Can detach and investigate?"

GAME: Ravage FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

GAME: Ravage FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

There's another twitch from Ravage. Even as he's going to overflow shutoff of most of his systems. His optics are down, his network connection is down, and he's done everything but pull the cords tethering himself to the others by virtue of slashing them and smashing in the connector points. But he still can SEE. He can still have THINGS going through him. Things that he has no idea of what they are. Things that he cannot comprehend and that are beyond what sorts of things he can sort or identify. Even with his sensors off, fully blind, and disconnected he cannot -separate- himself from the sensations. It's only the solid state disconnection and the complete overload of his systems that his vocalizer is fully fried as his delicate systems would sizzle and sparkle. Hardwiring as sensitive components were overloaded and would seize up from the raw power generating.

It's well for the rest of things now that Ravage is mode locked.

Because he's so frozen up that he can't even -scream-

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed. detach and investigate."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm. theres.. I saw.. things.. so many... things... So many..."

[Con-Tapes] Omen kraas, "Why ravage go offline?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "investigating."

Vector Trion looks up from its self-examination, standing perfectly still as Ghost detaches herself from it physically. "Everything seems to have downloaded successfully," it reports to Dust Devil, emotionlessly. "I am Vector Trion. I am prepared for my mission into Earth's past. Return me to base," he repeats.

As the glow fades, Alpha Trion reappears in the bright room. "Well, this is little disconcerting," he comments with an awkward frown. "Really, I'm beside myself," he insists.

Aegis turns to Ghost. "Thank you for your assistance," she says sincerely. "If all is well, we should head back. I... I can't believe this is finally happening." Her face shows a mix of conflicting emotions.

Soundwave heads over immediately to Ravage, scanning him "Ravage!" He works on trying to repair the components and direct power away from the overload, concentrating on repairing the cassette for the moment.

Dust Devil looks at Aegis and Vector Trion before looking at Alpha trion. "Hard ta believe that is part of what got me back on the right track. I don't understand what's goin on really...what about what has happened it doomed ta repeat or does it change once again?" He looks rather pointedly at Aegis though more speaking to the spectral form that at least is showing some emotion.

Ghost blinks, retracting her cables, tucking them away as Omen detaches, transforming to circle overhead, staring at Vector Trion. And taking up the ever shifting relay of intel operatives recording things. Meanwhile, Ghost gets to her feet, shaking her head, looking like she's half asleep still. "Well... You looked better before that, old mech," she manages, voice soft, frowning as pop-flashes of things cross her cortex. "Don't thank me, all I did was watch this.. well he's certainly personable." snort as she rouses more and more, archives running high level storage operations now, duplexing. "What.. happened to.. Ravage?" attention torn between that and listening. "Yes does this fix the slag-up or should I expect another 'dear Ghost, please come help me out again because you're awesome.' note?" someones 'filters' aren't running.

Ravage is currently frozen completely still even as the flashing lights end. His servos are pretty much seized up over in place. There is the expression on his faceplate of one that is stuck in a moment of existence. Spasmed up and seized, not moving. His tethers to the rest of reality cut, whether out of self-preservation or for the sake of the others. But he's spark-frozen. In a total state of overload and unable to go into forcible shutdown. Locked in a -sensation- and a loop where he cannot break it. Where he cannot move or scream or do much of anything as his dark colors are faded, dark camouflage having been almost skimmed off. Then as if there's a light tuft of air as there's that call of concern and he would simply topple flat out over to his side as if poked by a stick, limbs still locked over in place.

"If we're lucky, this completes the temporal loop, and then we can move on with the future... whatever it brings us." Incognito's optics flicker back on again, given the need to shut them off during Vector Sigma's rather ostentatious display. "If we're not lucky... well, I suppose we'll see."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "This cursed chamber."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "What.. happened now?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "He's overloaded, locked up."

Aegis looks down at Dust Devil. "We've been preparing for quite some time, and Vector Trion is equipped with data about both the original and altered timelines. Sending us back SHOULD close the loop - with only changes made that will create this reality we're in. Those remaining here shouldn't experience any change - although I believe we have something for you, as well, Incognito."

Arcane smiles and says, "Oh, yes!" He reaches beneath his cloak and offers Incognito a dataslug. "Do not access this until we're gone, OK?" he asks with a smile.

Vector Trion stands silently, looking a tad ridiculous in his petro-rabbit mask, and simply waits patiently to return to base.

"Weird as this is, it's certainly nice to only have one of me in here," Alpha Trion mutters quietly to himself.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "..Frag."

Soundwave continues to focus on Ravage, holding him still as he seizes. "Standby. Will try to redirect energy." He shows an uncharacteristic concern for life towards Ravage. Then again, it is one of his. "Will attempt manual transformation and docking."

[Con-Tapes] Omen echoes, "Fraaaag"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Initiating emergency evacuation plan then. If you can get him docked, I'll phase us out of here."

"Check please. I think my group is.. done with this misadventure." Ghost notes, giving the Salvation team members a look over before watching Soundwave. Finials flick back and forth and she is quiet for a few minutes, calculating. "If anyone has energon, I need to fully refuel before I emergency evacuate Ravage and Soundwave." Tone sliding flat, business-like now. One finial cants backwards, "As much as I'd love to stay and chat, old mech, one of mine is in.. distress. I've questions for the lot of you that I'm going to have to just accept won't be answered as I need tog et them out of here and to medical."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Attempting docking procedures."

Dust Devil pulls out an energon cube, a medical grade energon cube and a flask of highgrade and offers it to Ghost. "Any of this work?":

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Even if you can't. I'll get us out of here. If you transform, I can cable-hold him under wings, Omen can dock and i can carry us all out with minimal mass impact."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed. Transforming."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave seems to be trying /not/ to freak o ut. Odd for him.

There's a twitch from Ravage even as he's being picked up over by Soundwave. There's a little bit of motion over in his frame at the physical contact. Almost like a small tremor as he's still fully seized up. There's the faintest shift in expression over in his exo-body as there's just the littlest change in demeanor over from the contact and maneuvering as he would be hoisted.

[Con-Tapes] Omen warks, "can stay, can watch them, can follow. Take care of bad-kitty."

GAME: Ravage FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Ravage FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

GAME: Ravage FAILS a COURAGE roll of Extreme difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I have him. He's still seized up."

Aegis looks at Ghost with concern. "Go," she says. Turning to Dust Devil, she continues, "Please get them to the surface as quickly as possible. My team will follow. If you wish, I will let you know when we're ready to travel back in time, and allow you to witness it, if you like. But first, get Ravage to safety. I don't wish anyone to suffer because of our actions." She glances back at Alpha Trion, who nods in agreement with her decision.

Ghost looks at Dust Devil, "Yes. To all." Focusing to cycle archives back into passive mode and cycle phase systems online active-active from standby-active. Weapons are left offline, she needs all the fuel she can to do this party trick. She considers, knowing that the chamber 'wanders' a bit, then takes a ring off of her right hand. Someone's going to use that tenuous pull to Trypticon as her compass to get out of here via a straight line shot. Then she reaches for all of the fuel Dust Devil offers as Omen circles, transforming to dock within. "Soundwave, give him to me. I'll carry us out of here as soon as I fill up."

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Trypticon, I need.. a homing beacon from you, to me please."

Soundwave doesn't move for a while. Theres nothing but him and Ravage in the room as far as hes concerned. After a few seconds, his finials jerk as he hears Ghost. "Hmm? Ghost? Hes...hes still seizing." He says, bringing Ravage close to his chest. He extends cables to Ravage, trying to let him siphon energy.

There's tenseness and more twitching coming from Ravage over as he would be picked up and manually shifted over. Things are unlocking over as his body almost seems to erupt even under the care given. What happens is a twisted glitch where parts would seize up mid-transformation, then lock up before being slid back into place for the proper shifting. What happens then is it breaks the spark lockup he has over on him as he can suddenly move again (or could if he was not over in the emergency pickup mode).

What follows from him is just screaming. Screaming. Tremors. Spasms, agony. Everything he had seen/heard/felt is cascading through him again with no real ability to bleed-off anything with him having manually cut off the links to the others and gone off radio. So all of that is just spasming around him as he can only scream. And scream.

And scream.

As Soundwave is syncing up with him, excess energon and sensory-spark level overload is rolling off him in waves and the terror and overload is starting to subside. But now all that bottled in sensation is going off him like explosions and it's something that the small figure has not -felt- since the Fallen laid siege to the planet.

Dust Devil frowns as he doesn't get to talk to either Trion. He takes a deep vent and turns away to head toward the exit, dutifully performing the duty assigned to him. "Yes Aegis...."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "ravage..relax. listen to me. Find my voice. Calm..."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost gently speaks, "Soundwave. I'm going to phase all of us out of here. Get us to the surface as fast as possible. Then you can take him to the closest medical facility. I'll.. follow as I can."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I will attempt to stabilize him. Do what you can."

Incognito eyes the proffered dataslug for a moment, before accepting it. "Given what I asked earlier, I suppose that's fair enough." He looks at Vector Sigma, then Alpha Trion, then Vector Trion. "This should prove interesting."

Dust Devil sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Dust Devil sends Incognito a radio transmission, 'Should Aegis be told that she doesn't make it? Is there anyway to fix that?'

Incognito sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Incognito transmits, "No. That would only introduce a paradox, and we have quite enough on our proverbial plate without adding to it." to Dust Devil.

<<Decepticon>> Trypticon rumbles, "Initiating return beacon."

Ghost blinks, drinking the offerings as wings span. "Thank you Dust Devil. I'd.. stay but.." she winces as Ravage starts to scream, hurrying over, agitated. She re-extends her cables, tilting wings and looks at Soundwave. There's a frown as she finishes drinking all the things she was handed. "The mass, Soundwave, I.." Quieting, "Pick him up, come here, I need to hold onto you tightly. I don't think losing you is a good idea."

As he's hefted up, the spasming of Ravage is slowing, even as he's wobbling over wildly while held up in emergency docking mode. It's slowing a bit, and less like a pendulum about to snap off as the tether becomes loose. The raw terror on him is slowly ebbing away. But now leaving behind a sort of void, an absence. Even if just an emotional one where bits had been shorn away and retracted. Now.. Now where the fear was the emptiness is taking a hold.

GAME: Ravage FAILS a COURAGE roll of Extreme difficulty.

GAME: Soundwave FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Soundwave tries to send Ravage calming thoughts, holding him close, trying to encourage him to dock. However, he gets a large blast of energy from the spasming Ravage, wincing a moment before he heads over slowly. "We'....we're coming." He says barely audibly.

Ghost steps close to Soundwave, parsing out where and how best to do this. A nod and she flexes wings and cables, using them to wrap around herself and Soundwave, keeping Ravage between them. A brow lifts, she tightens her grip down, effectivly tieing Soundwave to herself through those webbed datacables. "Hold on to your afts, this is going to be -weird-."

One: phase system spins up, shadows bleeding out from her frame.

Two: Ghost -pulls- Soundwave and his cargo with her across the event horizon.

Three: She heads -up-, using that beacon from Trypticon as her guide to the surface. Leaving as fast as she possibly can. And burning through all that additional fuel to do so.

And then Ravage is finally at the point where the energon bleed-off and sensation overrun that he's safely within the cables and the embrace of the other parts of the network that he can go into emergency stasis to let the brutal overload start to degauss and for sensation to go back down now that he's unconscious and isn't able to -feel- it anymore.

Soundwave is pulled up as well, most of his concentration is on saving the cat for the time being. He is trying to manually transform Ravage and put him in his chest, so that he may transform himself and be carried easier.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Stop moving.. this is.. hard.. enough.. as it is.."

GAME: Ghost FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Ghost FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Ghost FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Ghost FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Tarn - Southeastern Cybertron

Phasing is second nature to Ghost. Phasing in and through Trypticon, titans, bases, not an issue.Phasing herself through Cybertron - it's doable as well. Phasing herself and another full-sized Decepticon, she's done that too, for short distances.

Phasing herself, and Soundwave, and Ravage takes it's toll. She knew that it would be a power draw but.. Her connection to the other side grows tenuous and yet she perseveres, cycling more and more systems offline to pull power from, drawing from weapons cores, drawing from -everywhere until.. she can see, the surface. A soft sigh, exhausted, she -PUSHES- and lets Soundwave and his precious cargo -go-, dropping them over the event horizon to realspace. There's a reaching out as they are released..

And all is silent.

Soundwave finds his way back to Tarn. He is unsure how he got there, but takes Ravage with him to medical. He moves slow, almost in a trance as he tries to keep Ravage stable.

And Ravage is.. Unmoving. But for the better, in stasis lock now and with the worst of the energon feedback and overload synthed out of his system. He is quiet. Lost in the realm of sillicon dreams.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "gho...are you.."

GAME: Soundwave PASSES a STRENGTH roll of Extreme difficulty.

GAME: Soundwave FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost's link-feel is wispy, echoing, "Initiating stasis. I-we.. need to sleep."

[Con-Tapes] Omen warbles softly, "Stasis lockdown. she-I.. sleep.. need sleep."

Soundwave starts to redirect his systems to power Ravage. Hes doing what he can to help Ravage stabilize and exit stasis when he can. His own systems start to static out, his energy put fully into this.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I... good sleep yes"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "<static> <Disconnect>"

GAME: Ravage FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

There's a bit of a spasm. Ravage has flatlined now. It's not a bad thing. It just means that his system has passed beyond it's processor capacity even in shut down mode. So it means he's going to be asleep for an extended time until his system can sort through -all- of it. However all chaotic it was..