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Log Title: A Trojan Horse Theory Characters: Starlock, Chromedome, Banshee Location: Calyhex Date: 5/10/2020 TP: Peace In Our Time TP Summary: Chromedome and Starlock talk theories regarding the Project to free the combaticons and come up with a plan. As logged by Starlock'

Calyhex - Modular Room

Starlock has returned to Calyhex and moved her way to the modular room to continue work, now that she's rested, cleaned up, and refueled, after having broken down to Banshee.. She was feeling a bit better, more at ease. "Anyone here?" She calls as se moves through the halls.

Banshee is here, but apparently on recharge, one hand resting on a console and her optics closed.

Chromedome sticks his head out from where he has been working non-stop to fix the damage done by Calyhex's sudden transformation and subsequent freak-out at Ran's visit. "I'm here, Starlock!" he calls from the Brain Room. He unjacks himself from his cyberdeck and stretches, wiping off some of the dust from sitting programming too long in an unmoving state. He grabs a can of oil and opens his face mask long enough to take a long, refreshing slug.

Starlock's finials perk up as she moves in and see's the two, nodding and keeping her voice low not to disturb Banshee. "Hey.. how goes the repairs.. Finally took the rest everyone was saying I needed too." She'd chuckle. "Sorry I wasn't back sooner, crashed out harder than I expected."

Chromedome shakes off the apology. "It's no problem. I was in the zone -- I didn't even realize time had passed 'til I took a break. Once I got on a project, I can be singly focused until I make some headway. He smiles and then closes his faceplate. "I had some ideas on ANOTHER project you'd brought up, although I've been too busy putting out fires to discuss it!" he laughs. He looks around. "Think it's safe to talk in here?" he asks.

Starlock nods. "I understand, and yeah, it's safe." She'd glance to Banshee. "She knows." She'd say simply. Yep.. Starlock has Decepticon allies in this too.

Chromedome chuckles. "You have weird ideas about security, but if everyone present is in on it, no need to be cautious," he says, although he does lower his voice. "Anyway," he says. "I've been thinking about when Omega Supreme was sick, and Fort Max was able to restrain him without hurting him..."

Starlock chuckles. "Hey, we're all allies here and well all agree what happened to them, is wrong." She'd smile. at Chromedome. Starlock thinks about that time before, she remembered she had to be one hook up duty when Inferno suddenly bowed out. "Thinking something similar? I also had a question slash theory I wanted to run by you."

Chromedome nods, opening his faceplate again as well as a canister of energoodies, which he quickly starts feeding into his face. "Oh, sure! Shoot!" he says around a mouthful of snacks.

"Considering it's a program keeping them loyal, would it be possible to make a anti-virus or such to target it and delete it or disable it once their merged? Like get them held, inject it, get off, and let it work, and that way no one gets hurt in the process of trying to remove it?" Starlock asks with a gesture of her hands.

Chromedome hms, nodding. "That's like jet judo - using the strength of the program against it. He nods, gears in his mind whirring. "Since the loyalty programming is a gestalt, maybe the cure could be as well." He shakes his head, though, in frustration. "I'd need scans of the other Combaticons, though, and I can't imagine we're going to get Brawl to sit still for an examination, especially if the program itself fights back."

Banshee shifts slightly while on recharge.

Starlock cringes. "We'd defnittly need to knock 'em all out one at a time to get such.." Starlock sighs. "We have an old one on Vortex before the programming... Will have my name on it." Starlock says, rubbing at her helm. "Will have my name on it, could get other old Scans from Khamsin." She'd say with a scratch of her cheek. "Swindle maybe easy if we bribe him, Onslaught.. thaat may also get ugly."

Chromedome nods again. "I might be able to draw inferences if I can just get most of them, but I have a feeling Onslaught's programming will be key, and he'll be the hardest to fool. I thought about hiring the Combaticons to protect another medical shipment, but they're professionals - they'll probably spot an ambush a klik away." He glances at Banshee. "I don't suppose she'd be willing to give a heads up to where the Combaticons are next deployed?" he asks, with a waggle of his head.

"Maaaybe? Or get current medical files from their systems.. I'm not sure.. Would have to ask her, as it would be asking a lot of her, and putting her in danger." Starlock explains with a frown, scratching her cheek. "Part of why I thought.. Ghost would be able to help us."

Chromedome ahs, nodding slowly. "I hate to say it, but she has a natural way with code I could never dream of having in all my vorns of study. Looping her in would be quite the boon, and we wouldn't have to endanger Banshee." He shakes his head. "I can't believe I'm trying to protect other Decepticons in other to help still more Decepticons. You realize I've spent a good chunk of my life dreaming of my revenge against them, right?"

Starlock smiles. "Sometimes the best weapon against war, is friendship." She'd say almost... /knowingly/ and chuckles, before she pauses and blinks. "While I still agree Ghost would be a a big boon in helping with this I... Think I might just be over complicating getting current scans as.. I could just explain and talk with Glit... Who I don't understand /how/ or /why/ he's a decepticon." Starlock muses in thought.

GAME: Chromedome PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

"The cat doctor?" Chromedome asks, optic ridges knitted. "I mean, the doctor who is also a cat?" he needlessly explains. "I'm not sure, either, but apparently it's Sensitive New Age Decepticon lunar cycle here on Cybertron and no one told me."

Starlock nods. "Yeah the white one." Starlock emphasis, and confirming whom Chromedome ment. "...I think.. it's more people are just.. finally being that.. people." She'd smile weakly. "But that is up to opinions." She'd huff. "And everyone's differ." She'd nod. "But yeah.. He'd have the easiest access and no one would bat an optic at him accessing such."

Chromedome nods, stuffing more energoodies into his face. "Isn't he one of Soundwave's, though? Isn't that a risk? Or is it true that you've got Soundwave on a leash... or vice versa?"

Starlock Eeeehs. "He is, but at the same time I'm doing this under Soundwave's nose and I'd.. not say a leesh, but... a respectable friendship." She nods and scratches her helm. "I'm not sure how to go about all this, rather not have to knock 'em out one at a time, but stealing records is also tricky.." Starlock grumbles, tapping her foot in thought.

"Well, if we get the scans, by hook or crook, I could work on the piecemeal gestalt cure, especially if I can get Ghost's help," Chromedome says thoughtfully. "Then we'd just have to deliver it, but it's gotta be easier tagging them individually than wrangling Bruticus."

"How would we do that? and What do you mean another Gestalt could be the answer?" Starlock asks with a raised brow.

Chromedome smiles, popping the last energoodie in his mouth and then sealing his facemask once more. "Oh, by gestalt I just meant the multipart cure, administered to the Combaticons one at a time. There couldn't be too long a lapse between each dose or else one of their medics might catch on, unless we're sure to place someone like Glit in place to overlook any tampering."

Starlock huhs. "I thought we would have to do it while they where merged, you figured out a way around that?" she asks, before hemming. "Well.. Been thinking of getting a rifle, maybe as good a time as any to put in for it.. Maybe Backblast could also help if its not fast enough." She'd muse, rubbing her chin.

"Well, that was my idea, too, until you brought up the notion of a cure in 5 pieces, administered separately and merging together then they combine. At least, that was the inspiration I had after something you said," Chromedome allows. "You may have been talking about someone else!" he laughs. "As for the cure - yeah, if we use a ballistic delivery, someone like Backblast or Sureshot might be the best agent for the job."

"I mean, I'm a good shot, but they are likely /way/ better then me." Starlock chuckled. "Might of been when I first mentioned to you that they may have to be merged to get it out... But if I am following correctly, and do correct me if I am wrong, you're suggesting a sort of cure that is delivered to the five of them and once they merge, it will active and take out the programming?" She asks.

Chromedome nods. "Yeah! I mean, that is the way the loyalty system works. Maybe I can piggyback some Trojan Horse code that looks like part of the allegiance program and uses its access to make the necessary changes when they merge and it activates." He rubs his chnplate. "It'd be tricky, but I can at least sketch out the framework based on what I know already and be ready to go if we get more scans."

"Huh, Sounds like that could work, actually sounds a lot what I was theorizing too." Starlock would chuckle. "I'll see what I can do, need to wait on Banshee to get some information to see if we can trust Ghost, if not, Glits my next option." Starlock nods. "...I can't ask Khamsin or Goth, as.. I think they may have lost access to the medical files." She'd hem. 

"Kham can only give his old-old ones you can look over.." she'd scratch her helm. "All else fails... Could ask Banshee, or see if Des will let me into Polyhex to get what I can off their access..." She'd hem. "...I've still not heard from Incognito, else I'd direct you to work with him on this, that way you had a second opinion but.." She'd sigh, and shake her helm.

Chromedome holds up his hands. "Just to be clear - you may trust these new Decepticon friends of yours, but I'm still not going into New Polyhex based on the word of a giant space chicken." Chromedome glances at the recharging Banshee and lowers his voice. "I'm helping the Combaticons because it's the right thing to do, and because it weakens Megatron. Overall, though, the rest of the Decepticons can go right into the Pit if it was up to me.... except maybe Ghost, but she's different."

Starlock chuckles. "Hey Glint isn't half-bad himself again, dunno why he's a con, specially with his hippocratic oath." Starlock points out. "Banshee's nice too, specially when she doesn't have to follow orders." She says glancing back. "I don't think Imagers caught on just yet that Banshee is a big fan of her."

<PM to Sandman> Do you have pre-program scans of /all/ the combaticons

"Glint? I thought it was Glit." Chromedome shakes his head. "Either way, HIM I can understand, being a doctor and all. And, who understands cats? But her?" Chromedome lowers his voice. "Didn't she try to kill everyone on the Ark recently? And Autobot City? Apparently, the rest of you shuck off trauma faster than I do," he laments.

Starlock puffs her cheeks. "Shhh I have an accent." She says putting a finger to her lips, before she chuckles at her own misspeaking. Starlock rises a ridge then whispers. "I dunno? I didn't hear about it, I know she's not been on the field since the train delivery incident."

Chromedome nods. "Well, anyway, how about you try to get your hands on some recent scans, one way or another, and I'll get back to work untangling what Calyhex did to herself during her aborted trip to New Harmonex, OK?"

"Given how busy Khamsin is, i will also likely have the old scans in a few hours." Starlock notes with a nod, keeping an eye on her datapad, before she nods. "..And I'll help with that, this... partly my fault." Starlock sighs, rubbing her temples. "I'll help fix it." She'd nod.

Chromedome claps his hands together. "Great! You work on the body, and I'll work on the mind. Teamwork!" he laughs.

Starlock chuckles. "Teamwork indeed." Starlock would grin as she got right too it, flicking on her Chassis lights.