Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Trade of Trust

Characters:  Khamsin, Deathsaurus, Goth, Knock Out, Blast Off Glit, 
Razorclaw, Flatline,  Encore (IRC),

Location: Goth's Lab - Polyhex Science Center

Date: 3/4/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Khamsin now knows, that Deathsaurus knows who he is, and meets with the Kaiju.

As logged by: Goth

On the Internet & Decepticon Communlink

<> <Highland Storm> I'm a'reet. And stepping up to the Silver Shouter's not... you go' be prepared for tha'.

<> <Gardener> Oh I could do it.

<> <Gardener> easy. question is

<> <Gardener> Do I want his empire.

<> <Highland Storm> Now tha's the sticky question of all of it. And if y'do, how d'ya want to run it.

<> <Gardener> The other question came up that..sometimes you have to do things you dont want. I see people dying if I dont.

<> <Gardener> what I really need right now is a drink.

<> <Highland Storm> Well, even if I'm nae there, the Rolloot is always open. I have a couple staff.

<> <Gardener> I think I will thanks

<> <Gardener> maybe in a bit I have to prepare

<> <<Underwood>> you know i will help you.

<> <Gardener> I know. Thank you.

<> <Gardener> Just a lot to think about.

<> <Gardener> <connects>

<> <Gardener> Hmm. Morning.

<> <Capt.Sparkles> HEYHEYHEY!

<> <Gardener> This situation.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "So."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "Yes, that is something the Earth humans do to make what they call clothing."

<<Decepticon>> Glit says, "Faaaa....a note to follow soooooo"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "There are several situations to address tonight. Where to begin. One. Engineers. Medics. I will be needing both for a project."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "...oh."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Volanteers will be needed of course. They will be paid adequately for their time. Two. Since he's not here and y eah Im sure Soundwave is watching."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "How do people feel about the situation with Megatron."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "That is a very open-ended question."

<<Decepticon>> Glit says, "Too busy focusing on fixing Nightshade to really worry about silly things like internal civil wars and such... I just want to keep the medbay empty."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Allright, lets narrow that down. How many loyalists we have."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "For some, that depends on whether or not Lord Megatron or someone else is listening in, don't you think?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Does. If people are too fed up though they'll answer here. Eh, dunno."

<<Decepticon>> Glit says, "The last time that happened...didn't someone get pnuched in the face?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Yes that happens."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "With all due respect, this is not a conversation I am going to participate in at this time."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "He is correct however. Regardless who they are loyal to they may avoid speaking to avoid drawing the attention of others."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Just makin' sure all are loyal and all. Hail Megatron and all that. End of topic."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "So. Peace accords. Thoughts?"

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off huffs

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Foolish flight of fancy"

<<Decepticon>> Glit says, "Nothing wrong with peace. See 'keep medbay empty' statement..."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw snorts softly. "A... noble gesture, but unlike to last for long even if they do succeed."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "Peace is better for my health and finish compared to fighting. Next?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "hmm hm. one for foolish. one for encouraged. One for noble."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "another for encouraged."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "I did rather prefer the lack of war where I am from."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "So tell an old war build why its preferable. How would it benefit us. iF this war ends. Others will start."

<<Decepticon>> Goth says, "I think this is not a smart place to discuess this... However, you know my stance."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "you know where to find me for further discussion. Deathsaurus, out."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'll be at my office."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "I am not here to convince others of one way or another. I will provide what services I can offer, but you all know my stance on battles."

<<Decepticon>> Flatline pipes up, "Oh, Deathsaurus? I looked up your Animaforce types."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Well, we *Combaticons* are never afraid of battle."

<<Decepticon>> Razorclaw says, "Nor the Predacons."

<<Decepticon>> Knock Out says, "Yes, yes, I know. Built for battle. Be happy you have others skilled at repair and upgrades."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Of course, war is a team effort."

Goth's Lab - Polyhex Science Center

Des has a visitor, it would seem. A fresh-faced, rather well-rested, and rather...composed Khamsin. He ventures through the halls from a certain lab and towards the command center proper, arms clasped behind his back as he looks the monstrous mech over. "You look...recovered. Bad time? Good time?"

Deathsaurus is at his office. By office, he means a supply closet with a folding table, several disarranged boxes and a foldable recharge rack. He hears the knock. "Ah, Khamsin. I saw that you visited Goth last night. Please, come in." he sounds a bit tired but opens the door. "Good to see you visiting Polyhex."

Goth was in a /very/ good mood, how could he not be? Though he was walking around as he noticed Khamsin headed for Des's... Closet, and he'd clean over, ears twitched upward as he'd listened to what perhaps maybe chatted about.

Khamsin nods curtly. "I wouldn't be sincere in my efforts if I avoided places simply due to...disagreements." He steps in proper and leans against the wall just inside the door. "How are you doing. It looked to be quite the...scuffle. I won't lie...I thought you could have come out on top. You held back, though."

Deathsaurus turns away "There was nothing to be gained by victory." he admits. "Besides. It was obvious Megatron was the superior combatant wasn't it?" Khamsin shakes his head. "He is not. He simply has strength to drive the fear that makes him superior to most. I won't lie, very few could probably stand toe to toe with Megatron, but just because he has the reputation from his days in the pits does not make him, by default, superior." He sighs. "But...that's also not why you lost. I think we...both held back for fear of something. But that's not why I'm here, either... I was hoping to speak with you about Cybertron's future proper. Beyond the...internal struggles of the Decepticons."

Deathsaurus pauses. "What sort of future can I help you with? The struggles do keep my attentions."

Khamsin nods curtly. "I am...working towards a position of leadership within Altihex, however...a city cannot rebuild itself if it cannot protect itself, and Altihex currently does not have that capability natively available to it." He thinks a bit. "I...have...the hunch that you are not yet...ready to leave the Decepticon forces, however, I also know that you have family, friends, and the sort who are...probably better served as remaining independent of Megatron's rule... I believe there is the opportunity for us both to help one another in that regard."

Deathsaurus pauses. "My family, my Destrons will be..expected in New Polyhex." He says. "Megatron knows they are there, he knows about the fortress. If it landed in Alithex and helped protect it, it would be seen as an intent for war, don't you think?"

"Not if it appears to be their choice to do such. Think carefully. What is your end goal for them. To be a weapon under Megatron to fulfill his goals? To conquer the Decepticons from within as the military arm that supports your efforts? To...assist in the destruction of this world?" Khamsin frowns. "How...would they feel coming to a new beginning, only to assist in it's inevitable demise when instead they could be instrumental in the growth and prosperity of their new home? I know you don't want them to be another pawn for Megatron... I'm trying to offer you a way out of that."

Deathsaurus pauses. "At point point it would have been one of those things, but now..." he pauses, frowning, his hands move into fists so tight the claws draw energon. His wings move close around him. "I want them to be safe, Khamsin. To grow as a society. I want them to know a world where they don't have to scavenge, a galaxy beyond space piracy."

"Then let them know the option exists... it can outwardly appear as though they have gone against your orders, but internally, we know it would be in accordance with your wishes. I will not seek to rule them, but rather assist them as they assist Altihex, and in turn Cybertron. A chance, Des..." Khamsin exhales softly. "Though...I would much prefer you be within those city walls as well...or leading a free Polyhex, but while it may not be time for that just yet, we can start paving that road."

Deathsaurus pauses. "All the more reason Polyhex needs them here. If the time comes where we...part ways, that fortress will provide new polyhex with its own protection."

Deathsaurus then adds. "I don't want to have to challenge him, Khamsin. I don't want to lead the Decepticons. But I will if I see. I don't want to see them all dying because of his pride. They're good soldiers you know. They look to me. Not just my people but the Decepticons. They look to me for advice, for orders for my opinions."

"Then keep the fortress and those who are willing to stay, and allow those who seek to assist in other ways to come to Altihex," Khamsin offers. "It does not have to be an all or nothing affair...and if Megatron asks, you can claim that they are working to subvert these processes covertly from within."

Deathsaurus nods "There are no innocents on that fortress. All are destrons, my loyal Destrons. And if I don't go neither will they. They will follow me or my Empress to the end." he says. "At least in theory. I can talk to her, see what they want. But I know they won't leave without me. They won't want a neutral party holding them against me."

Goth remains silent as he listens, silently wondering how this will all play, and the dangerous game Des is playing with Megatron, he crosses his arms, in thought.

Khamsin quirks his brow slightly. " realize that I cannot allow Megatron to gain that much power over Cybertron. It is a threat to us all that will be Cybertron's undoing... I would rather us be in a veiled alliance with loyalties intact than us all regret the day that Megatron used them, through you, to end everything we are trying to do... I want what's best for us all. Not what's best for just Megatron."

Deathsaurus nods "I understand." He says. "And I am not naive enough to think that Esmeral hasn't been out conquering without me. Perhaps I am wrong with their loyalty. But the animaforce, the Dinoforce are with me. I know this." he says "I cannot order them to stay in the nebula forever."

Khamsin shakes his head. "Then order them to subvert Megatron. To help you keep him in check. It will not be me standing in the way of them and you, it will be you undermining Megatron in a way that will hurt him where it counts while allowing everything we are working towards to have a chance at success. I don't care if their pasts are checkered.... you know mine is just as much as anyone's. What matters is the legacy we leave behind. This is a chance at a fine legacy, Des... and I cannot think of anyone else to come to with it right now."

Deathsaurus nods "That might help. Esmeral is much better at the social things. Im just..Im just a soldier. I don't know why they are all looking to me to pull them out." He says. "And yeah. I know about you. So he told you I know?"

Khamsin grins. "I may have overheard a few things, yes...and may have suspected as much. I know Goth confides a great deal in you, so it was natural to assume as much." He brushes off some dust from his shoulder. "Well, you claim to be a soldier, but you're in a position to lead. It's not easy, but sometimes we don't get to chose these things. All we can do is take them and do our best to serve those who look to us for leadership. After all, the hallmark of a leader isn't their ability to instil fear or dictate grandiose plans... it is to listen, to use judgement, and serve their people in a way that best benefits them."

Deathsaurus nods "Goth and I are..." he pauses. "I consider him one of mine. He has earned the title of brother. I hope I have done the same." he sighs. "Its all I've been doing since my creation. Seeing mechs die around me and being the one to step up and make sure they aren't. This isn't any different is it. Should I challenge him again. Should I make him stand down?" oh dear.

Khamsin thinks a good moment. "I don't think Megatron will change. Not without internal influences. I also don't believe those who wear the Decepticon badge should be left unprotected and without someone to safeguard their health and well-being... I believe you are in a very advantageous spot to change the Decepticons from within. I, for one, feel better about Goth's situation if you are there to help keep check. If you do challenge him again, you cannot hold back, because if you lose, it won't be just you that dies. So...I don't think you're ready yet. I think you are still...maturing, still growing, but all the same, you are right where you should be. For now."

Deathsaurus nods "If I do, I won't hold back. I would not lose. I could not lose. Not just for the Empire, but for my Destrons. For Cybertron. For Earth for the Galaxy. Megatron is damaged. He is vengeful, but he is still wily. This sort of thing needs planned. However, if I give myself time to plan I might also back down. I should rip off the repair plate and do it right now shouldn't I."

Khamsin says, "But you can't just be ready to win, you need to be ready to lead. There will be those who are loyal to Megatron thoroughly, there will be others who seek alternate routes, and if you topple him, every last one of them will be asking you to mediate those differences and guide them... so don't be ready to Be ready to lead."

Deathsaurus pauses. "Maybe I shouldn't aim to destroy him. Maybe I should aim to exile him. He can take his loyalists and drive another planet into the ground. This one has a chance to grow." Deathsaurus then adds. "They ask me to mediate now whats the difference?" Deathsaurus grunts "And then Optimus Prime will challenge me like he does Megatron. And Star Saber will be watching."

Khamsin shakes his head. "Leading means deciding a path. It doesn't have to end in a challenge for supremacy. It can be sitting at a table to determine what is the best path for those you represent. War is a difficult cycle to break." He rummages about in subspace and pulls out what is a very worn, battered, and aged Decepticon badge, tossing it onto Des' desk. Or whatever serves for one. "But it can be done...given time."

Deathsaurus grunts. "You ever seen two Decepticon leaders sit at a table and discuss anything? We discuss with fists not.." he sees the symbol. "Oh." he says softly, knowing what it means. "Well then." he takes off a section of his own armor where a Decepticon symbol has been branded and puts it on the table. "Makes two of us."

<> <Gardener> Sweet Solus Prime.

Deathsaurus pauses. "You know. I wonder.." he says. "Should I..." he says. "This goes against everything I stand for. The weakness, the dishonor the humility of it all.." he says. "Should I as the.. Autobots for assis..." Khamsin nods. "I've seen it. It's rare, but I've seen it. Given time, you may have to take that table from Megatron by force. Until then, and until you're ready to take responsibility and leadership for everything that badge stands for, and guide it to change, I believe all you can do is act as a counterbalance from within. Keep those we care in the way only you can." He exhales. "I will...always be glad to listen, to offer my thoughts if asked, but I need to bring us back to what best serves Cybertron...and your Destrons. Help me help them not wind up a servant to the psychopath. In exchange, I will serve them as best I can from Altihex, and you from the shadows." He picks up the old badge and eyes it carefully. "Hmph...piece of junk." He tosses it back into subspace. "Can we come to an agreement? And...if it better suits you, I can approach the Autobots so you can remain anonymous and maintain plausible deniability."

Deathsaurus pauses. "Why remain anonymous? If I'm going to go to them on my knees and ask for assistance. I'm going to go as myself not hiding behind a neutral face. No offense." he says. "I Know you will. I thought I could protect my Destrons from them by keeping them in the nebula. But its not...going to work that way is it. He knows it's there now. He'll want the fortress. If I don't retrieve it, he'll send Starscream. Shockwave."

Goth smiles listening to them and lets out a soft huff, he'd push up off the wall, and entered with his wings folded around him like a cape as he entered the room and gave them both a nod in greeting. "Well.. Good thing we have communications with them, no?" Speak of a traitor and he shall appear.

Khamsin says, "So that you don't compromise your current position with Megatron. The risk is that Megatron does as Megatron will do, and goes after you through those loyal to you." He glances at Goth and grins a bit. "And I know Starscream is...scheming. He's approached me to discuss as much. His end-goal is for both Prime and Megatron to be exiled, if I gathered his words correctly. So be wary of him. We're not playing brawler, here, Des, we're playing chess. Carefully calculated chess, and that means hiding your moves as best you can, not brazenly charging forth. That and...if the way is paved for you by someone like myself, the Autobots may be more willing to listen, and ready to help."

Deathsaurus pauses. "We're all in this together aren't we?" he says, nodding to Goth's presence. "The moment he came to challenge me we were. No. The moment I didn't give him a heartfelt hail. Maybe even before this. This has always been my destiny. To bring it down from within." he nods "If he continues he won't threaten me next. He'll threaten my wife and children. He'll hit me where it hurts surely. Not can I.. but how. How will I protect them." He says, sounding determined. Can I protect changed to how will I quickly.

Khamsin says, "Protect them by trusting that we are all here to help. As I said, I can offer a home in Altihex...where they can stand firm against Megatron's tyranny." He exhales softly. "It is something we can develop in more detail. I don't want them to believe it is betrayal or division, merely strategic moves. I don't doubt their loyalties will be to you first and foremost, but we need to shield them from Megatron abusing them through you...and in turn, shield them from being the unwilling participants in Megatron's control over you. If they are not in Megatron's grand army...then he cannot leverage their well-being to bend your will, and that will give you a position of strength."

Deathsaurus nods "I could offer them that in Polyhex. However, by going would mean Megatron could never take it away from us." He nods. "I will talk to Esmeral and Leozak about this. I will seek their counsel. We will decide between the three of us if we go to Altihex or stay. Perhaps you could talk to them as well."

Khamsin nods. "I would be glad to do so when the time avails itself." He smiles. "I'm glad we could have this talk." He looks over to Goth... "So, how much did you chance to hear of that?"

Deathsaurus adds "I have recently obtained combiner technology. With luck, the Destrons will soon have two ombiners to protect us from anything Megatron will throw at us. We can fight, do not mistake that."

Goth chuckles, and smiles at Khamsin, giving him a nod. "Indeed, you'll be needing to put those covert skills I've been teaching too use." He chuckles and hems. "Most of it, I've also been keeping watch to ensure no one barges in." He says with a wide gesture of his arm, before moving over to smoosh Khamsin in passing, very much taking the chance to reveal in the fact he can be /open/ with his relationship with Khamsin at the moment. "Do remember Des, I am quite willing to help and teach what skills you need."

Khamsin nods. "We're all in this. One team." He smiles. "Just...let me know if you want me to speak to the Autobots, and what your end goals are from them so I can best communicate and arbitrate, yes?" He grins at Goth and chuckles some. "Mmm...eyes and ears are everywhere, aren't they."

Deathsaurus grunts "Leader, covert operator, reformer and unifier of cybertron. When did I become a slagging Prime."

Khamsin grins. "When fate decided it needed someone." He chuckles softly and glances at Goth...then Des. "I should...get back to Altihex before others miss my presence, though." He gives Gotha quick hug. "Don't be a stranger...yes? And that goes for you as well, Des. We've still got...plenty to talk over." He gives a low exhale.

Goth hugged Khamsin back, tightly, and nuzzled lightly against him. "Of course... It's hard to keep me away from you after all, my love." Goth chuckles as he looks at his mate longingly, before smiling to Des. "...Thank you."

Deathsaurus nods "My door is always open, Khamsin. Thank you." he says, giving a deep bow. He looks at the symbol in his hand and shakes his head thoughtfully. "Thank you as well for backing this insanity."

Khamsin chuckles. "Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I'm backing something that hasn't been done before." He smirks. "Craziness, yes, insanity, no." He looks back at Goth and returns the hug once more before nodding... "Right, do be well..." And, with that, he's turning to head out the door.

Goth smiles watching Khamsin go, before glancing back to Des. "...Thoughts?" Goth asks, hoping to help Des sort his thoughts.

Deathsaurus waits until Khamsin goes and murmurs softly, almost distantly. He seems to be barely holding it together tonight. "Sweet. Solous. Prime. Its moving fast isnt it?"

Goth nods. "It is... Things.. tend to be that way once the ball is rolling, don't worry though.. I am here, and I will help you.. I am sure your wife will as well, and.. ehh, Leozak, as you said he /is/ competent in his own ways.."

Deathsaurus nods "He is. You will see him in action soon enough." he says, rubbing his head.

Goth would nod and looked around before walking over and put his wing around Des to hug the Kaiju. "We will get through this my brother."

Deathsaurus smiles. "Yes, my brother. We will." he says. Hes extremely tense but seems to be holding it together for the time being. "You should..check on him."

"Whom? KHamsin? He's fine... " Goth frowns as he looks over Des. "...You look haggard.." Goth says softly. "Come now.. speak with me.. 'll try my best to help."

Deathsaurus looks to Goth. "Well you saw what happened. Why am I the one who fate chose for all this. Again."

Goth hems. "I don't know..." He glances down. "Though, I do intend to help, and support you through it." Goth reaffirms. "It is..Terrifying." Goth says with a spin of his claw and frowns. "...I am scared as well.. as I have.. more than one thing to lose.."

Deathsaurus nods "Don't we all. Back out if you want. I'll handle the fires as always." with that he turns. "Go on. I'll be in here tonight for a while." he says from his 'office' aka the closet he works out of.