Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Titan's Anger

Characters: Starlock, Dawnfire, Calyhex, Hot Rod, Take Down, Scales, Lockup, Omen, 
and Soundwave

Location: Calyhex

Date: 8/31/2020

TP: Combaticons TP / Calyhex TP 

Summary: Starlock talks to Calyhex, but Soundwave says something that sets off a chain

of events, stressing Starlock out.

As logged by Starlock

Calyhex Psychiatric Hospital - Uraya


Starlock is moving around still helping repairing Calyhex's damaged walls, and doing rounds in the asylum, humming to herself as she does.. oddly quiet.

Calyhex 's hologram has manifested in the main area. She hums to herself checking out her newly repaired walls.

Starlock smiles at Calyhex. "They look okay?" She'd ask as she patted the new wall.

Calyhex smiles. "They look perfect and feel even better. You are good at the repairs. Thank you." she says. "The east wing is secure now. We just have to build that shuttle."

Starlock nods and looks at the wall thoughtfully. "..Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Starlock asks with a flick of her finials.

Calyhex pauses. "You saw some of them. We cant leave them here where they can get out. I'll drop off the east wing. ANd then come home."

Starlock nods slowly. "..Okay, do.. you know how long you'll be gone? and will it be here-here, or..?" Starlock asks with a raised ridge.

Calyhex pauses. "Not very long. Long enough to drop them off on an habitable world and come home. I'll need energon enough to lift off. If I cant find a shuttle. I'll be the shuttle."

Starlock nods slowly once more at that, blinking. "...I more ment would you be landing here or at new harmonex if that was the case?" Starlock asks.

Calyhex pauses. "Eitehr would be good. Here, theres already a hole. If ytou need me there. I can go there."

Starlock thinks. "You've already disconnected everything, by that point, may just be best to get the move done." Starlock says with a nod.

Calyhex nods "May as well. Now, we just need the energy. They keep breaking out its gonna be bad."

Starlock sighs. "Yeah, and this damage alone is bad.. can only imagine what kinda state that wing is in." Starlock says with a cringe.

Calyhex pauses. "It doesnt exist. You dont wanan go in there."

"I mean once its empty, it will need repair and cleaning." Starlock explains with a nod.

Calyhex pauses. "I was just going to drop off the whole wing."

Starlock raises a ridge. "You sure that? IT be a lot to rebuild" Starlock says.

Calyhex pauses. "Its probably all destroyed anyways."

Starlock hems. "Suppose thats fair, would require a rebuild anyway." Starlock knits her ridges. "Are you sure? What part of you is that anyway?"

Calyhex pauses. "Calyhex..does not know. She hasnt a long time and was frightened when she did."

Starlock nods slowly. "What can you remember the last time you did? Dont want you shunting out something very important."

Calyhex pauses. "You were there I think. Walked a few feet then went back."

Starlock closes her optics, attempting to think back, trying to match the parts to Caly's frame.

Calyhex pauses. "I could try again if you want. But I'd have to secure everyone."

Starlock nods. "It's.. worth a shot, want me to go to the brain room?" Starlock asks as she points down the hall.

Calyhex nods "If you want." doors start to lock around Calyhex. "I Just know there might be some jostling."

Starlock nods and quickly heads to the brain room to get buckled into a seat. "alright, ready!" Starlock calls.

Calyhex starts to shift. Old rusted wires and cogs move down and into place, and new ones reform. Before too long, buildings start to move into one another forming..a towering robot!

Buildings moved, that havent moved and she can be seen towering for miles"

Starlock hangs tight as Calyhex transforms, watching Caly's movement.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Alert from Uraya region. Titan transforming. Repeat, Titan transofrming."
<<Autobot>> Dawnfire says, "I didn't do it."

Calyhex looks around. It takes her a while to do so, her movements slow. "Um. Its high up here." oh man another psychosis.

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Yeah its Calyhex"

Hot Rod would look up.. Up.. Up.. And up. "What in the name of Primus is happening!?" He would glance over at Starlock.

"Deep vents Caly, deep vents, it's okay, this is just you standing up." Starlock chirps, patting the consoul. "Space will be a lot higher."

<> <Morrigan> Insiiide?!
<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "What's goin on THIS time. WE're kinda busy with some issues elsewhere."
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Uh.. Well, Calyhex is transforming to robot mode."
<> <Inside> Its..its high!
<> <Inside> Im not moving. Its high!

"Deep vent in, and slow ex-vent, let you feel your body and root mode again, don't focus on the height, this isn't high, this is normal for you, you wont get hurt if you fall." Starlock soothes... She'd snort back a laugh at the internet channel.

Calyhex stands perfectly still her optics bright. She looks a bit afraid. "Its high. Its very high. Ground is down there. Calyhex is up here.." she loooks at her hands "Ahh!" she stares at them a while horrified by them.

Not being inside, all Hot Rod can do is stare up, up, and up at the huge form of the Titan cresting the Cybertronian skylines. He's not bothered to draw a weapon - not like it would actually do something.

GAME: Hot Rod PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "And she seems terrified."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "SShe is, she's only been in her robot mode once in over 9 million years"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "she's forgotten that this standing height is normal for her"
<<Autobot>> Scales says, "We're on emergency power in the Medical Center. Could somebody check the power grid for Iacon?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Eh? whats going on in medical?"

"It is, but its okay! you can sit down, or kneel down to make the ground closer if you're not comfortable standing just yet, sparkling steps." Starlock says, raising an eye at the mention of Iacons power being out in some places, mainly medical.

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "Too much. The power flickered an' some stuff went down. We're handlin' the people side of things, but havin' power returned would be nice."

GAME: Calyhex PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Sounds like all the fun is going on."

Calyhex pauses and then kneels back in the hole she was at. "Starlock can leave now if she wants. Or come with." come....with what is she.. "If its going to happen. It needs to happen now. Before Calyhex is too afraid."

<<Autobot>> Firestar goes, "Is everything in Iacon out? ... Would that include the defense grid?"
<> <Inside> Should. Space. Now. before. too afraid to.

Hot Rod would stare up, and then go to take his hand to his commlink to send a burst message to Starlock <<What is going on? IF anyone would know you would. And I suggest therapy later, getting her back to base mode first.>>

<> <Morrigan> No.. No no. Please no. We haven't finished linking your self diagnostic code!

Starlock thinks about this long and hard, and looks at her radio. "..It will only be a few hours, yeah?" Starlock asks Calyhex.

Calyhex nods "Yes. Ghost doesnt want me to. I dont know..." she says. "Should I city again?"

Starlock frowns. "Then I'll come with you to ensure its a safe place, and you're safe." Starlock says, and takes a deep vent. "What do you want to do? I know your above 85%."

Calyhex pauses. "City." she says, transforming back. "Shouldn't space until everything is ready."

Hot Rod would go to send another message <<Starlock, what is going on? We have Calyhex transforming out of nowhere and she looks like she's freaked. Please report>> Hot Rod still looks up, up, and over at the skyline. Then he goes to take his finger to his commlink. And sends out a message. <<Calyhex? Can you receive this? My name is Hot Rod. I'm an Autobot>>

<> <Inside> confirmed. Calyhex. Is going to city.

Calyhex radios back "Calyhex listens. Hello Autobot Hot Rod." she says. "Stand back. Im going to city again."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod goes, "Calyhex just said she was going back to city mode. And.. No signs of the Cons dropping Trypticon."

Starlock nods and then huffs. "Keep in mind, ready is when you feel you are ready." Starlock adds, finally she radios Hot Rod back. "<<Practicing getting her used to her robot mode again, don't worry, everything's under control.>>" She reports.

<> <Morrigan> No.. nono please. Its. fraggit.. That is a bad.. idea.
<<Autobot>> Signal Flare reports, "Looks like the power outage is limted to Medical. Rerouting power their now. Should have you back up in an astrominute."
<<Autobot>> Scales says, "Thanks."

Hot Rod would go to take several steps back from the area - several hundred meters. <<Sergeant Starlock. Permission to speak freely requested.>>

<> <Inside> Bad idea to fly. bad idea to city.
<> <Inside> stand still.

Calyhex just stands..very very very still. She is confused more then scared now, just not sure where she should go.

Starlock pinches her nose bridge. "Just take a slow vent Calyhex." Starlock says as this attempts to be sorted, her optics settle into a flat position. "<<Are you going to yell at me?>>" Starlock asks bluntly.

<<Autobot>> Sideswipe |Firestar goes, "Having -just- the power go out to medical is.. Unlikely to the point of being a mathematical improbability. Suggest security team sweep for sabotage."

Hot Rod would go to tap over at his chin and let out a sigh <<Yes, yes I am unfortunately Ma'am But take into account I speak from the perspective of someone that has no particular knowledge of Calyhex' medical condition. But I will be yelling>>

"<<...PErmission granted.>>" Starlock sighs with a frowns and starts singing in ancient cybertronian softly, in a bid to help Calyhex calm down, her optics dimming as she sits back in the chair there.

Calyhex murmurs "Dont yell. Calyhex's idea. Not Starlocks. Starlock already in trouble. With Combaticons."

Hot Rod would take a moment to slow his fuel pump <<Given that the Autobots didn't get advance notice of this, I'm presuming that the Decepticons didn't either. So I'm guessing there is a moderate probability that Megatron might decide to drop Trypticon or send in a couple of combiner teams to the area. Or worse, Shockwave. I take it, Ma'am, that you didn't prepare for those contingencies?>>

Starlock keeps singing. "<<Trypticon wont hurt his sister.>>" Starlock says simply, at least she hopes! "<<As for Combiners, I think they have an issue with that at the moment.>>" Starlock reports, she'd pat Calyhex.

(Radio) Omen sends you a radio transmission, 'Please dont have her move yet.. Please. She doesn't have access to her own internal diagnostics.. I don't want to see-feell-hear her hurt again.'
(Radio) You transmit, "calm down, everythings okay... -she sounds a bit sad-" to Omen.
Hot Rod sends a radio transmission.

Starlock looks don at the consol. "Its okay for you to change back Caly." Starlock says.

Calyhex Starts to shift back to her city mode, her parts reforming and shifting slowly until she spreads out. "I'm sorry."

Calyhex begins a slow, energy consuming transformation into his battle station mode.

Hot Rod would twitch and then take his hand to his commlink again <<Ma'am, you can't possibly know that for sure. Can you guarantee that Shockwave wouldn't drop on by? Or Megatron wouldn't come? Or that Megatron might decide the situation is worth an orbital bombardment at having the unknown quantity of an unaffiliated Titan transforming and take it s grounds for an assault?>>

Starlock frowns at her radio and rolls her optics. "You did fine Calyhex, nothing to be sorry for." Starlock says with a smile at her. "Anything you did /really/ good, you didn't freak out like last time." She'd smile.

Calyhex pauses. "Or hurt the bird. It scared the bird." she says softly. "Calyhex thinks shes going to hide."

(Radio) Omen sends you a radio transmission, 'Everything is NOT OK. Things are not COOL nor FRUITY. WE are so far from OK we're in a parallel dimension. What. the.. everloving.. frag..'

At not getting a response, Hot Rod would close the channel.

Hot Rod sends a radio transmission.
(Radio) You transmit, "...Oh for Frags sake what did Brainstorm do now?" to Omen.

Calyhex starts to hum a tune to herself, almsot as if tuning out everything. She does that sometimes after stressful events.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Calyhex is returning to city mode."

Starlock tilts her helm. "Its okay, I think it's because she doesn't understand what you where doing." Starlock theorizes. "...People do that when they don't know whats going on, they get scared, they fear the unknown.. sometimes it makes them act rash or say things they don't mean." Starlock explains. "...If you want to let Hot Rod in, it's okay." She'd say as she'd take a deep vent... She starts singing again.

"A Evaar'la madior ganar olaror bal slanar, 
Bal Jii olar mhi motir, Shev'la bat ibic hettir bal hle'wayi mar,
A evaar'la ca'nara, a evaar'la pavarnr at jibr."

Hot Rod would force himself to be calm, looking over at the cityscape and shaking his head and letting out a sigh. Tired. Very tired before gazing up again at the area and trying to figure out what to do. And then a slow, slow smirk on his face.

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "... Think I win on the course of 'interesting events' tonight Dust."

Calyhex opens her front door. "Come on in if you want Hot rod." she says to the person outside. Shes a city again and calm. "Calyhex doesn't know whats going on either." she says.

<<Autobot>> Scales says, "A little more boredom would be nice. Tryin' to work stuff out."
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' unit starlock may I have a word ?'
"Bic cuyir ca'nara at juha na,
Tuur be mies munit ruyot bal ruug'la,
Ca'nara at hibirar teh hiibir va ibac ganar cuyir a'yaonira Bic cuyir ca'nara par goten na,
Bic cuyir ca'nara at narir bic staabi,"

Starlock continues to sing, before pausing at her radio, and lifts a ridge.

(Radio) You transmit, "sure...?" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Take Down sends you a radio transmission, 'What is happening at Calyhex?'
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' we...need the names of the others that know.'


(Radio) You transmit, "Calyhex and I where seeing what part of her body the east wing made up since she doesn't remember it." to Take Down.
(Radio) You transmit, "Eh? Two which where not really involved, pretty sure one those two wasn't even aware of what we where doing" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Take Down sends you a radio transmission, 'Alright. Could you please give us a heads up if you know that Calyhex is going to change forms? A Titan rising is something that can upset the balance of global power.'
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' is there more than those two? I need those two as well. its a matter of....'
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' hes given her 24 hours. before he sends the justice division.'
(Radio) You transmit, "excues me?" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' to find the names.'
(Radio) You transmit, "Why in the /hells/ is he threating her with that??" to Soundwave.
(Radio) You transmit, "Do I need to publicly /smear/ someone?" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' no. you need to give me the names.'
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' becasue she kept information from him. because hes our Lord. Because. He can.'
(Radio) You transmit, "Thats a load of /shit/ and you know it!" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' you dont think he would?'
(Radio) You transmit, "No, i know he would, what I am saying is, what he is doing is shit, over the line, and /stupid/ and ya'll shouldn't be putting up with this bullcrap anymore!" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' it is for the empire. Our opinions and our lives are secondary. The names?'
(Radio) You transmit, "it was a thing she decied on her own, i didn't have much warning myself" to Take Down.
(Radio) You transmit, "Grrrr....They shouldn't be.. your lives matter.. everyones does.." to Soundwave.
(Radio) Take Down sends you a radio transmission, 'I understand. Still, do what you can to keep us informed if you realize she's going to make any sudden movements. We don't want Megatron to misunderstand and think her stretching her legs is an act of war.'

Starlock rubs her temples. "Why is it so hard for anyone to trust me?" She'd sigh and lean over the consol. So much for getting into space for a few hours for peace and quiet, huh? is all she could think to herself.

(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' the empire is paramount. And so is the information I require.'
(Radio) You transmit, "...Just.. want to protect Omen, right?" to Soundwave.
(Radio) You transmit, "you understand /one/ of these names will highly endanger someoen as well as.. indicate something of /you./" to Soundwave.

Outside, HOt Rod finally goes, "Thank you for the invite, Calyhex, but I'll have to decline. Another time if the invite stands when it's more appropriate. I wish you luck and Primus be with you."

(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' all of us. yourself included.'
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' I am prepared.'

Calyhex sighs "Calyhex made a mess."

(Radio) You transmit, "...Glit, Twidget, and Scales." to Soundwave.

Hot Rod nods in the general direction of the city, "But with help from your.. Friends you're getting better and in time hopefully you'll make a full recovery."

Starlock frowns. "You did fine Calyhex, everyone's.. just quick to blame me." She'd sigh, laying her helm down in her forearm.

Calyhex sighs "You ok? What happened?" (Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' ah. is that all?'

Starlock closes her optics. "PEople are blowing up my radio asking whats going on... Kinda thinking I told you to do this." Or least that's how it sounds. "Megatron is threatening to kill Omen if they don't have /all the names of those that helped with the combaticons.."

(Radio) You transmit, "Yeah.. all three of them didn't really have a hand in it" to Soundwave.
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' th...'
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' thank you.'
(Radio) You transmit, "..just.. also protect glit." to Soundwave.
(Radio) Soundwave sends you a radio transmission, ' he is mine. he will be protected.'

Calyhex blinks "Oh no!" she says. "Give him the names give him the names. If he comes after. Calyhex will stomp." its the first time shes threatened violence.

Calyhex sends a radio transmission.
<> <Inside> Calyhex. Angers.
<> <Inside> No more.

That catches Hot Rod by surprise as he would take a low shake and stumble around as the booming voice over of Calyhex would make him rock << i'm guessing you're getting a few dozen radio pings now Starlock, so add mine to the list>>

"I did." Starlock sighs, she'd then pause, blinking. Whoa, Caly's mad! "Uhhh.. are you sure? Not just.. saying that cause you are angry?" Starlock asks. "I know you didn't want to hurt anyone yesterday."

Hot Rod sends a radio transmission.

Calyhex snarls. "NO MORE."

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "NO MORE"
Hot Rod sends a radio transmission.
Calyhex sends a radio transmission.

Starlock blinks, looking surprised. "<<Uhhh... Calyhex is mad.>>" Noooo shit.

(Radio) Take Down sends you a radio transmission, 'Starlock, what's going on now? Do I need to come down there? I'm still getting reports of chaos and threats.'
(Radio) You transmit, "I don't-- Threats??" to Take Down.

Hot Rod would look over at the angered city - was it his imagination or was it rumbling <<Noted for future reference. I'm going to call for backup and a medical team>>

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Calyhex is angry. If someone from medical is available for backup I wouldn't mind it. And.. I have no idea of what to do."

Calyhex murmurs. "First. The Inmates. Left to die." this is loud enough it can be heard for miles around her. "By a leader who thought of them as be left. Then, his people destroy the ruins at crystal city. Now he threatens. Those who are loyal. NO MORE MEGATRONUS." oh slag.

<<Autobot>> Take Down says, "On my way, Hot Rod."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "uhhh"
<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "First. The Inmates. Left to die." this is loud enough it can be heard for miles around her. "By a leader who thought of them as be left. Then, his people destroy the ruins at crystal city. Now he threatens. Those who are loyal. NO MORE MEGATRONUS."
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "..guys I think alyhex's finelly had it"
<<Autobot>> Take Down says, "Had what? What's the situation, Starlock?"
<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "She uhh.. maay just learned Megatron's threating to kill and or harm one her friends"
<<Autobot>> Operations XO Take Down says, "Angry Titan. Got it. On my way."
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Calyhex is getting angry and angry Titan threatening Megatron is.. We need to deescalate because if Calyhex goes marching on Megatron it will be a couple of steps down from the Fallen. The planet would die"

Take Down has arrived.

Starlock knits her ridges, trying to sooth Calyhex, though she's pretty sure, /that/ isn't going to happen. "What.. what are you going to do?" Starlock asks Caly.

GAME: Calyhex FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Calyhex pauses. "Calyhex does not know. Calming down. Need to calm down. Am hurting her." the buildings shake.

<<Broadband>> Omen says, "Stop,,,, stop stopstopstop you're hurting stop calyhex. Gev! Gev! Gev! Gar bikadinir mirshe!"

Starlock pats the consol. "Its okay to be mad.. it's.. how you react to that anger that will define you." Starlock says to Calyhex, trying to comfort her. "...I hate what Megatron is doing too... I..consider Omen and Soundwave friends as well...." She'd glance down at her seat.

Hot Rod would stumble at the buildings shaking, even as he would have sent out a call for backup in the area. Looking up to the heavens and trying to see if there were those things flashing in the skies aboe that would be capital ships moving overhead.

A red Valvoluxian cement mixer with a white drum roars in from the north, travelling probably a lot faster than a heavy truck should over broken roads. It skids a little as the buildings shake and the roads buckle. As soon as it's in visual range, it transforms, shrinking down to Micromaster size. << This is Take Down, from Operations, >> the Micromaster radios Hot Rod and Starlock. << What's the situation? >>

Hot Rod would take a few momenst to try and summarize things from his end, sending a radio signal to Take Down and Starlock <<Calyhex transformed to robot mode, then transformed back. NOw I presumet hat someone is threatening Starlock. And that's made the Titan angry.>>

"<<Calyhex's upset because she found out Megtron is threatening to /hurt/ one of her con friends.. She's trying to calm down.>>" Starlock radios to the two, can't really fix that. "..Its okay Caly.. its okay.."

Calyhex hears the radios, the madness around her the anger. Suddenly, all the lights go dark "Shutting down. Wont hurt anymore." the titan disconnects her thought processes and is just...still.

<<Broadband>> Calyhex says, "<signal stops>"
<> < inside> <disconnects>

Starlock's optics widden. "Calyhex no! please.." her finials droop. "you're not hurting.. anyone.."

Starlock's quickly kicks herself from her chair and rushes to Calyhex's brain module, trying to think fast. "Caly please! Everything will be okay! I know its scary, but it /will/ be okay, we can get through this." she'd call as her optics well.

Take Down approaches the now-quiet asylum, moving slowly because of his small size. He climbs over broken foundations and wrecked roadway until he reaches the gates of Calyhex.

Take Down sends a radio transmission.
(Radio) Take Down sends you a radio transmission, 'Update?'

Hot Rod would look up to the horizon, "Is her shutting down a good thing or a bad one?" Mused more to himself than anything else. As Take Down would go forwards, Hot Rod would look up to the horizon. Looking for Seekers.

(Radio) You transmit, "she's... she's trying t knock herself out.." to Take Down.

Starlock frowns and presses her helm against the brain Module. "...I know it hurts Caly.. it always hurts.." She'd feel her optics welling, as well as dimming. "You're not hurting anyone.." She'd think. 

"..If you want a quite few hours to think.. maybe.. we should go to space, that way you can let yourself feel and not hurt anyone.. say hi to trypticon?" She'd smile a little. "..Hurting yourself isn't going to solve any of want to.. help fix this all, right?" Starlock asks.

GAME: Calyhex PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

<<Autobot>> Operations XO Take Down says, "Slingshot, patrol for aerial threats. Hot Rod, keep an optic out for land-based attacks. I'm going to search the surrounding buildings and make sure no civilians are hurt."
Take Down sends a radio transmission.
(Radio) Take Down sends you a radio transmission, 'Do what you can for her, but after this I want a full report.'

Calyhex 's lights light slightly. She speaks through her walls, booming instead of through her hologram. Her voice is distant and seems semiconscious. "Dont want to hurt her anymore."

<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Aye Aye Sir. Ah.. Starlock, I hate to have to ask a different thing but are those who are at Calyhex for.. Treatment secured?"

Take Down leaves Calyhex to Starlock for now, and goes to make sure no one was hurt in the transformation.

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "Yes."
<<Autobot>> Hot Rod says, "Thank you."

At the orders from Take Down, Hot Rod is going to transform to vehiclde mode and zooming along in a wide, wide sweep of the area while scanning for anything oncoming.

Calyhex luckily is on the outskirts of town and theres not much civilization around the titan. Inside she had secured as many rooms as she could before the incident.

"Shhh.. sh.. i know.. you care a lot about Omen, to know you're causing her pain isn't fun.. Knocking yourself out isn't going to help though.. may knock her out with you.." Starlock explains as she gently pats her. "..You two really need to figure out how.. to work with this.." She'd tap her knee. 

"...I don't like what Megatron is doing ether.. its why.. I'm trying to make a city for everyone to come, show them Megatron can't stand up to us when we all stand together.." She'd explain.

Calyhex pauses. "If Im not here she wont hurt. Speakers wont hurt." she says softly. "Everyone okay? Sorry I had the anger..." she seems calm now at least.
And Hot Rod is zooming along in a patrol. Muttering to himself. What he is muttering.. Well, none of it is good. None of it at all. But at least he's muttering -only- to himself.

"She'll miss you.. I'll miss you." Starlock says as she sits there with her. "Yeah.. I'm okay." She'd say.

Calyhex pauses. "Calyhex does nto know what to do. Does not want to hurt people. But does not want the Megatronus that is not Megatronus. Hurting others."

Calyhex sends a radio transmission.

"I know.. its hard.." Starlock sighs. "ll we can do is keep moving, and working forward to end this war, and make a safe place for everyone to live without fear.." Sh'ed glance to the side. "I want to stop him too, but I have to keep playing my cards right.."

Calyhex pauses. "Lockup. He will know what to do." she says. "Maybe?" she says. "I dont know."

Starlock thinks and nods. "Lockup is smart.. Yeah, lets ask him." She'd smile.

Starlock clicks on her tight beam to Lockup. "<<Hey Lockup.. can you give Clayhex some help? She doesn't know what to do.>>"

Lockup radios back "Cal? You ok? I gotcha. Dont worry abotu Megatron. They can handle it. Lets just focus on getting you calm ok?"

Starlock nods in agreement with Lockup and vents out.