Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Storm Comes

Characters: Banshee, Blast Off, Delusion, Dust Devil, Ghost, Goth, Swindle, Vortex, Whirl

Location: Altihex Desert

Date: May 26, 2020

TP: non-TP

Summary: A once an anocycle storm hits the Altihex Desert. All the craziest fliers run out to play in it.

As logged by  Delusion

Log session starting at 16:29:20 on Tuesday, 26 May 2020.

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Atchung - Sturmwarnung! Alert - Storm Warning. Altihex Desert. Zer annual Big Storm vill hit peak vithin zer hour. Wind speeds are estimated to be at least 440 kilometres per hour, with the possibility of gusts up to 550 or 600 kilometres per hour."

<<Broadband>> Delusion says, "It does look quite fierce."

<<Broadband>> Vortex says, "OH MY PRIMUS LOOK AT THAT STORM"

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "hmm is there rain involved?"

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "Ooh a storm? Maybe I need ta go visit..."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "It's zer region's entire annual rainfall, delivered in one storm."

<<Broadband>> Vortex says, "Dont care look at those winds"

<<Broadband>> Goth says, "Vortex do be careful."

<<Broadband>> Vortex says, "hahahahaha"

<<Broadband>> Vortex says, "no."

<<Broadband>> Goth says, ". . . Oh for the love of. -siiighs-"

Altihex Desert

The open expanse of desert around Altihex means there's nothing to keep a storm from growing to immense size. One has come, and a black jet teases at the edges, skipping up and down the gusts as it tests out the winds.

Goth, by Atlanta-hammy. Used with permission.

Goth on all fours, would come out of the oasis city nd would sit at the city's entrance to watch the encroaching storm, and those likely coming to play in it, the crazy flyers.. The real question now for Goth, was it water based rain or some of Cybertrons crazy acid rain?

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "It's so beautiful - storm dancing with this one is going to peel paint."

<<Broadband>> Delusion says, "A sacrifice worth making."

<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "Indeed"

Vortex comes into the area, chuckling. The rotary surely own't last too long against the winds but that doesnt stop him. "So where's that pretty pretty storm hmm?"

<> <Slim Pickens> Primus Im missing the weather.

Tetra-Interceptor is coming down from orbit, skimming through the exosphere before angling downwards, the white craft angling to aim herself at the leading edge of this behemoth. Such a thing as this may happen yearly, but the chance to hit it at peak is rare.

<<Broadband>> Dust Devil says, "is This gonna be acid rain?"

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "Afraid I can't tell from Trypticon."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "I just haff rain density, electrical activity unt vind speed. Zey are all very high."

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "It's a major cyclone system sitting over the altihex desert, it'll be peaking in about 30 minutes, but it'll be rumbing around the area for betweel 30 unt 42 hours."

The black, Russian model jet stops dancing about the edges and dives forward into the storm, disappearing into the clouds. Moments later, it emerges again much higher, thrown upwards by the fierce inner updrafts. The local radio carries the sound of laughter as Delusion wings over and pulls away from the storm to level out again.

Goth sits there watching, sometimes a storm rolling in could be one of the most soothing things.. Even though his frame could stand it, an acid storm was not exactly something he wanted to get into, at the same time though.. He watched those already there.. A want to join in but..Well, was it really safe for him? Even if his mate was working to repair the desters name-sake city. 

His mind would drift between the thoughts, and then to memories back on Eukrias where they had drills to teach one how to fly in such weather, nd the sound of the water hitting his caves rooftop. He'd huff out ans started looking out for a familiar pink and teal rotary.

The Tetra-Interceptor cuts out two of four engines, dropping into the faint start of the edge of the storm with a cackle of delight. The craft drops, spiraling into a downdraft, wings perpendicular to the ground, peeking out of the cloud-wall every few loops.

Vortex flies in, cackling. "Well well look at the party. Should I add more winds or see what the storm has to offer first."

GAME: Delusion PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Even through the storm, Delusion knows those rotor blades. She rolls back into the fringes, enough to blast past Vortex and provide him with lots of jet wash. << Welcome to the party, 'Tex. >> The black jet then wings over again to head back towards the clouds and the slick, staticy feel of impending lightning.

Breaking through the edge of the downdraft she'd been spiraling in, the Tetra-interceptor, flips wing-over-wing, aiming herself upwards once more and into a pocket where there's a higher abrasion risk, engines all kindling on with the sound masked by the storm itself.

Goth's ears swivel forward as he listens and watches, soon he looks around and scales one of the nearby walls quickly to get a better height off the ground.. The lighting makes him nervous,still he finds the urge there and just lets out a long drawn out dramatic groan to himself. It will be fine, right? 

He'd dive off the wall and open his wings, catching one of the updrafts and started flapping and gliding his way over. "<<Fancy seeing you out here Vortex>>" Goth says over the open radio as he approaches.

<<Broadband>> 39.6 FM Decepticon Propaganda Network DJ Banshee says, "The stsorm has hit peak. Vind speeds in Altihex are going to be sustained at around 450kph for the next two hours, with gusts estimated around 5-600kph or possibly higher close to the eye of the storm."

Vortex cackles madly, almost enough to be heard over the storms. He radios back <<Hi Goth, isntt it beautiful up here?" he tilts into the updrafts like part of the storm itself. << i hope theres some good acid rain. Maybe it will hail. Earth storms are so much better with the hail."

The black jet disappears into the clouds and cuts thrust, floating on the fierce winds. Tiny ripples of lightning crawl over the dark frame as the storm's static equalizes on the large metal object mysteriously held aloft in its midst. With engines quiet, Delusion listens to the storm, to the winds and the rumble of thunder, and the sound of other engines within even as the gusts pull her along the edge with the rest of the cloud band.

The Interceptor emerges from the pocket of abrasion, frame mostly scoured clear of the white and trio of colors she had been sporting and levels off, sliding tot he side then back again, seeking out that 'spot' to hang from.

 "<<Well, I hope for one there isn't any acid rain, or hail.. That's far to damaging to my wing fabric.>>" Goth responds to Vortex as he'd navigate his way over to the rotary... Who'll notice Goth looks brand new.. More than he ever has, even when he first arrived on Cybertron. He'd look out to the others there watching, he'd glance up at the clouds around them. 

 "<<Seems we're not the only ones out here.. Is this normal for flyers here?>>" Goth asks with a tilt of his helm, a flyer thing he wasn't aware of here on cybertron?

The winds have already dulled some of Delusion's normal gloss finish, the black jet fading even more into the dark clouds. Steering with ailerons and rudder, she slips sideways, skimming across updrafts as she approaches the other dark object half-hidden in water vapor. << Su cuy'gar, Ghost. >>

<> <Domina> Hm. Some strangely appropriate music has cropepd up on mein suggestions.

The now mostly dark base metal Interceptor noses up then hangs, catching a rising, forward rolling current of air. Wings shift and re-angle, engines dropping out one at a time while she balances with small pop-flashes here and there. <<Su cuy'gar, Delusion. Morutar jatnese be te jatnese redalur buurenaar!>> 

So you're still alive! Welcome to the best of the best storm dances!

<> <Slim Pickens> thats pretty badaft.

Vortex flies really close, trying to buzz Goth <<Shiny bat. Is that a new hair rinse?>> he radios in his own way of showing he notices the upgrades. <<Yeah I think it is. STorms draw seekers like cybermoths to a flame>>

<> <DaChoppa>

<> <Domina> Good choice

Goth's ears move to point towards Ghost and Delusion. "<<Hello to you tow as well>>" He radios, his fur fluffing upward at the electricity in the air, his ears twitch upwards and he quickly move out of the way to avoid Vortex, and raises a ridge at him. "<<Thank you, I'm still getting used to them..>>" He'd turn to the other two. 

 "<< interesting, first I've heard of this.>>" he muses as he looks around, no ones shooting at him, or snapping at him to leave, so.. Despite feeling awkward as ever, he couldn't let that show as studied the others to get an idea just what they were doing.

The Russian jet dips under the Interceptor, engines cutting in after to drive forward into an updraft so Delusion rises on Ghost's other side and hangs in a slightly higher band. << Care to tempt the lightning? >> She invites, giving a light dip in the direction of the darker clouds where the static gathers.

The Interceptor gives a tipping of wings in additional greeting, drifting up and down on her band of air. << i think it would be criminal not to>> She angles flaps sliding upwards then hanging behind Delision to the left. <<You lead, I've always been best at the shadow in this one>>

<> <Slim Pickens> well got good news

<> <Domina> Oh?

<> <Slim Pickens> should be cleared for duty in the next cycle or so

<> <Morrigan> Congrats - I'm still pending

<> <Slim Pickens> why are you out there then?!

Delusion gives a little tip of the wings in answer, her engines cutting back in even as there's a ghost of laughter on the radio. The black jet rolls through the gusts and picks one of the wind bands, using that as the current to pull her into the dark heart of the storm where the lightning crackles.

<> <Morrigan> Not a mission, falls into a reg crack

<> <Domina> She's cleared to be out and about, it counts.

<> <Clarity> Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

 "<<They do appear to be enjoying themselves.>>" Goth muses as he takes a vent to calm himself. He then attempts to fly through one of the smaller clouds, trying to get a feel for how to do this, spinning to get the vapours to roll around his wings, again, simple, and mainly his attempt to get a feel for all of this like the newbie he is.

<> <Domina> Hey it vasn't me zat cleared her to be up unt about.

Ghost laughs over the radio in return, adjusting wing angles and panels to 'fall' under Delusion and behind, trailing the other aircraft, matching the path to the dark, crackly center of the storm. << This is going to be /fun/ >> The bare to base metal craft's engines flicker on, all 4 running but at lower intensity.

<> <Morrigan> Ranking officer on deck gave the ok (lol)

<> <Slim Pickens> Well, allright. I wont question officers.

<> <Slim Pickens> But if you need an extraction I'll ask if I can.

GAME: Delusion PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

<> <Domina> I'm still up on Trypticon feeding zem live weather data

Delusion slips through the clouds, feeling the winds abrade each other, the static build up. The black jet punches into a clear zone, not quite the eye, yet, then cuts engines and electrics just in time for a lightning strike to crawl over her frame, leaving branching scorch marks through the paint. Running lights flicker back on immediately after, a perfectly timed blink to protect her systems.

<<Broadband>> Delusion says, "Ah, bracing!"

<<Broadband>> Vortex says, "HAHAHAHA YES"

Vortex flies closer to Goth "Just be careful. I hear you're the big T word these days." he radios.

 "<<Yes, yes I'm quite aware.>>" Goth huffs with a roll of his optics as he watches the cloud roll around his wings as he pulls up into the air and looks to Vortex. "....It is fine though, I wanted to be with my love anyway, that and megatron loses more then I do, he loses a scientist and medic, so, he'll have to deal with the fact the medbay will be slower." Goth cackles as opens his wings wide as he starts to let himself drop.

Tetra-Interceptor pulls just ahead of Delusion as the other craft cuts systems as a strike crawls over. The operative banks sharply, opening a gap between the two craft before drifting back into position. Here, nearing the crackly center, she cuts her systems to minimum, archives parking, phase generator going offline. Engines flare on as she starts a roll, veering off then moving to roll-around and over Delusion.

The Russian jet, newly decorated by the lightning, tips sideways to roll after Ghost and match formation momentarily, settling in a sideways posture that lets her fall through the updrafts long enough to build speed before she powers forward and flattens to catch the winds upwards. The jet loops in the clouds, trailing another, smaller strike as she scrapes the edges between cloud bands.

 As Goth falls he wraps his wings around himself and goes into a nosedive with a light trail of the clouds behind him, that soon tapers off once he was close enough to the ground, he'd open his wings up and pull upward, picking up speed as he just barely touches the ground, before he starts climbing into the clouds once more, flying over Vortex, chuckling. "<<Suppose I can see the enjoyment in this.>>"

Vortex flies closer <<Lets get deeper in the storm. Allt he fun is closer to the winds.

At the periphery of the storm Dust Devil is trying to kinda ease himself into the fun. He loves going fast and almost pretending to fly by diving off of things, but this is different. This is one of the few times he can be pushed into the sky by the prevailing winds. From there it is up to his own skill to keep himself upright and not get slammed into the dunes below.

The Interceptor completes the roll, laughing across the radio even before the other craft falls through an updraft. Breaking off, she starts a looping upwards climb to break into an updraft of her own, tilting to circle the column of air, letting it haul her upwards. Tilting nose upwards, wing panels adjusting for a wider glide surface, she cuts engines and rides the rise of air.

In one of those way-cool tracking shots you see in all the best action-movies, the 'camera' zooms rapidly towards the storm - a high-pitched whirr of turbofans and a blasting rumble crash into the audio as an Earth-sky-blue Cybertronian VTOL blasts overhead, racing towards the massive funnel cloud in the center of the storm. The turbofans are pitched almost straight horizontal and the massive engine cowling in the back shines with blue exhaust-fire as the Autobot known as Whirl comes in low and fast.

As he nears the storm proper, his fans pan down, his engines still firing, lifting him in a mostly flat orientation as he arcs upwards...he caught the whisper of an Autobot signal out here and just -had- to come take a look...there are others up here too...<<Looks like a party!>> he broadcasts across an unshielded frequency, unacring who reads him. One of his fans angles hard starboard, dragging him sideways, 'sliding' through the sky towards where Dust Devil ambles.

 "<<Are you sure it's safe for me to approach there?>>" Goth asks Vortex as he rights himself beside Vortex, before his ears perk up hearing... Whirl. "<<...Oh no.>>" Goth says, Vortex and Whirl, in the same area? There goes the neighborhood!

The black jet finds a strong updraft and spins on it for a moment like a leaf caught in an eddy, but this eddy also pushes her upwards. When she's high enough, she drops off the updraft to catch a wind band and circle around Ghost, coasting with mere whispers of thrust, letting the winds do the work. << There's a voice I haven't heard in some time, >> she comments lazily upon hearing Whirl.

Vortex chuckles. "Nos safe at all but thats half the fun" He notices Whirl. "Enemy rotor. Enemy Rotor." oh dear.

Dust Devil is struggling to maintain a semblence of level flight. He's still finding this to be exhilarating. <<Whoa.....this is bigger than any of the earth storms I've played with...>>

The aircraft adorned in naught but bare metal continues to ride that updraft upwards, looking lazy while doing so. She rolls and flat spins, playing with gravity now as well: Leaf on the wind. << Hmmm? >> Re-orienting herself with flash-flares of thrusters, she drifts out of the updraft, rocking through a squall, left, right, over, then up again. << Sounds loud. And not someone I'd invite to a cocktail event >>

The Autobot flier, banks hard to port, fans blasting against the prevailing winds to brake against the moving air, maintaining a more-or-less relative position to Dust Devil. As he picks up the radio chatter he can't help but pipe up, << i see my reputation precedes me - as always. How they spinning, Vortex?>>> there' a bit of an edge to his voice, not -quite- a challenge, but not friendly either, but then 'not friendly' is kind of a default for Whirl.

He lets his fans ease off, the air carrying him in an arc, he lets himself be blown into Dust Devil's line-of-sight and his thrusters lessen their...well...their thrust, <<Now -this- is the sort of total disregard for one's safety I heartily approve of!>> He takes a moment to scan the hovercar's output and orientation, <<Pan forward, the air's in a cycle, directional, not -entirely- predictable, but the outer edge is less stable. The -storm- will lift you, the funnel fans out as it contacts the ground below, that's the gust-front, harder to fly in because it's pushing you out with a wall of other words - Higher!>>

That was...surprisingly technical and specific for the notably unstable Wrecker...

The Russian jet rolls a few times, finally catching a new updraft while upside-down and balancing on it with careful tilts. << It sounds like the rotaries will entertain each other. >>

 "<<Vorteex, no, calm down, things are fine.>>" Goth warns, trying to keep Vortex from being.. Vortex.. He knows this is fruitless though, he'd known Vortex for so long, why does he try? So he can at least say he did!

Vortex chuckles. "I hink and they should be chaotic. Lets go in and see whats going on?"

The interceptor laughs over the radio line, << Good for them. >> She levels out, cresting a band of wind, reading the meteorological information that is being fed from above.. << Ooh shiny.. Thread the needle time. >> Banking sharply off, all engines kicking in as she dives for a mass of conflicting currents with a laugh.

Dust Devil struggles to gain height. His hovercar mode is really NOT supposed to be up this high. He uses the windtunnel to surf the edge. He wobbles a little, trying to maintain the curve and not be taken under by the storm. "Wow...yer good at this...where'd ya learn that?"

<> <Slim Pickens> nope not my problem.

Whirl pans his targeting systems across the edge of the funnel cloud, playing across Vortex's position, totally on purpose, he doesn't even -try- to hide it as he lights him up for a few astroseconds before the system sweeps onward, << i was a flight instructor...a long, looong time ago. I was good at it, good enough certain someones didn't want me to -stop-.>> His fans angle down again and increase their speed, raising him higher into the edge of the funnel, his engines fire intermittantly, keeping him somewhat stable, but it's a constant balancing act, active stabilization, he drifts in the direction of the prevailing winds, <<Let's see whatcha got there, sporty. Even a ground pounder could get lifted up into -this-, should be a...breeze.>>

The black jet chuckles over the radio and tips off the updraft to follow Ghost into the crosswinds. << Not much farther to the center... >> Delusion falls silent and feels the currents shift, the high and low pressures. Once again, the running lights blink off just long enough for lightning to crawl over the frame, but it's only a moment- she'll need her engines to go where Ghost is leading.

Goth just gives Vortex a none verbal reply in a look that maybe awfully familiar to Vortex, before he lets out a long drawn out sigh. "Fiiine." He says, maybe too easily, perhaps he just missed Vortex's presence.

Vortex chuckles. "I can handle any windstorm this planet has and add some to it." He radios, diving down towards the fire. "Come on, Whirlybird. Lets see what its got shall we?"

<> <Slim Pickens> Its...kind of nice.

<> <Slim Pickens> not being in charge of anyone or anything.

<> <Slim Pickens> not being responsible for anyone or anything.

The Tetra-Interceptor pushes a climb upwards, fighting the winds now instead of letting them buffet her out of her path.A curving bank to the south before posing upwards again, side-sliding from one chaotic air pocket to another, rolling cockpit to the planet, engines all ablaze as she pushes the curve into a straight line upwards.

<> <Slim Pickens> not having anyone or anything expect too much from me.

<> <Slim Pickens> Its great.

<> <Where Wolf> says, "But did you ride that bomb to hell?"

<> <Slim Pickens> still straddling it its on its way Im sure.

<> <Slim Pickens> so I find myself able to be mobile.

Dust Devil is shaped alot like a surfboard. And he uses that shape to help him cut across the winds. Though a stray updraft makes him spiral and hit the wall of air with an OOMPH! Tumbling down a bit, he struggles to get back into the draft he was riding. "Slaggit!"

<> <Slim Pickens> I could go anywhere. do anything. And im pretty sure command wont care.

<> <Slim Pickens> so why is it I want to pull people out of a situation I see them in. I could be drunk or something. Slaggit.

<> <Where Wolf> says, "Some people are just better at caring about others more than themselves."

<,Nose up, Sporty.>> Whirl broadcasts, but his attention is higher up...he speeds up his fans and his engine cowling changes configuration, firing upward a bit more to tilt his nose up. Once he's at about a 60 degree angle his engines roar to life, sending him up along the cloud wall, his hull shaking with the wind, he wobbles a bit, side-to-side, taking his fans manual, a little more starboard, a little more looks unstable, but he's staying the course...shaking a lot, of course, <<Anything you can do...I can openly laugh at!>> he taunts, heading towards the top of the funnel, it seems.

The black jet chases the Interceptor, skidding at slightly different angles with her Terran-inspired frame, only two vectored engine nozzles rather than four. But the Sukhoi line was made to dance and there's no squishy organic pilot with human limitations to worry about. Delusion twirls in the crosswinds, shedding the gusts to drive through the wake before her and nevermind the wear on the paint.

Vortex moves in and out of that funnel cackling like a maniac. He seems to be having a great time. <<Want me to add a second?>> he radios. << it would be fun to have a second funnel.>> this is the kind of stuff Vortex lives for.

<> <Slim Pickens> Take that back. :>

<> <Slim Pickens> Besides. My commander specificially told me to stay out of trouble and Im obeying.

The Tetra-Interceptor's drive upward is almost perfectly perpendicular as she rolls along her long axis, side to side. It could be an arbitrary height or altitude, but just before she'd crest over the clouds, lift capacity verses engine power meets and the operative stalls, before tipping backwards into the heart of the storm. <<HAH!!>>

The black jet breaks off at the last moment, dipping down to break through the slightly ragged top of the cloud wall and find the eye of the cyclone that way, trusting in the strength of her frame against the contrasting winds. Delusion shoots into the clear space, the one dry area in all this rain, then abruptly throws herself upward and transforms, setting herself spinning into acrobatic twists in the empty air, arcing like a figure skater.

The fighter jet nose folds down and wings flip up, revealing Delusion's robot form.

The gunmetal ship falls into the eye of the storm, dropping nose to the ground before wings narrow back and engines kick in to flip her nose over aft, transforming in the center as well wings notched out behind her, hovering dead center as the winds rage around the two. Optics closed, head back, laughing while sensory systems listen.

<<Bring 'em on!>> the Wrecker broadcasts to the Combaticon as he roars skyward, the whine of his turbofans all but lost in the roaring winds. He climbs the exterior of the funnel, just reaching where it emerges from the massive cloud formation above. His engines subside and his fans tilt and spin up, pushing him into the funnel's edge itself...he lets himself be dragged by the rushing air for a moment, flat-spinning...he is quiet, only the vast roar of the air filling his sensors, the world blessedly shut a strange sort of peace...but only for a he is turned into the direction of the airflow he titls, rolling his ventral surface towards the inner cloud wall, his engines firing up again, outpacing the winds as he rides the interior, like a human surfer on a massive wave...his twin pairs of control surfaces fold back, and his hull shakes again from the fury of his exhaust.

Goth had lowered himself to the ground below to take a break, after all, unlike the others, to stay airborne, he needed to actually /move/ his wings, no nice hovering for him, he's sat up on one of the flatter top rocks as he watches everyone, somewhat at peace with everyone getting a long out here to just enjoy the weather.

Delusion throws out her limbs to slow her spin and fires her heel thrusters, sending her back towards the center. She pulls in her arms for several quick pirouettes, then maneuvers to hang in the eye, lying back in the winds like Ghost.

She finds that she wishes there was someone else here. Isn't that odd?

Ghost lets her mind roam free, winds, screaming about, here in the center there is one thing alone to focus on and that's remaining centered. She leans back and lets the winds support her, looking up at the window to the stars above, a faint, crooked smile on her face.

There are those who fly into the storm- and those who fly far above it. Blast Off soars high above the weather system, because of course he does. He's just that superior and all. However, he gets a radio message from far below that concerns him... sounds like Vortex might just be doing something stupid. ...Which is not that unusual if you ask him, but it's apparently around an Autobot, too, and since Blast Off is in the area.... he decides to descend slightly and deign to make sure his teammate isn't doing anything TOO foolhardy. The brown and purple shuttle starts making his way down, eying the huge storm swirling below but not caught up in it. "<< Vortex... where are you? I'm gracing you with my presence, respond. >>"

Swindle flew into the area, though he dropped to the ground once he got close to the storm. Eagles and space shuttles may soar, but weasels and Jeepsnever get sucked into cybercanes.

Vortex is flying at the edge of the funnel, cackling and having the time of his life disrupting anyone who comes near him. "So who wants to see a second funnel?" he radiods out above the winds.

Delusion hangs in silence, tasting her emotions. Hmm. Yes, there's the burn from the wind that rubbed away her topcoat, the tingling numbness of lightning strikes. But the thrill of flight and danger is lost. There are both too many people here and not enough, and so she curls in on herself and lets herself drop, down through the column of the eye, tumbling just enough to give motion as she transforms back into a jet. The black jet flies out from the center of the storm below the clouds, the rain thrumming loud against her wings and canopy.

Ghost looks over at Delusion, "Ready to fly the gauntlet back out?" She shifts, looking at the storm wall surrounding the two.

Vortex answers. << im in the storm, blast off. Come play cause Im not leaving>> He cackles madly, diving in the funnel.

Log session ending at 22:16:41 on Tuesday, 26 May 2020.