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Log Title: A Rotating Door of Visitors Characters: Goth, Khamsin, Discretion, Spike, Ghost Location: Altihex Date: 5/10/2020 TP: Peace In Our Time TP Summary: Khamsin preps to defend Altihex and as a result, they have many visitors... Goth also gives Ghost her new blades, while trying to come to grips with his despair about having to face Deathsaurus in the coming raid.. As logged by Goth'

Altihex Market

Khamsin is at his usual haunt, seated under the worn canopy of the stall while waiting. The table he's at is, as ever, set up for company, the drinks not yet poured but certainly ready and waiting as he, in turn, keeps an expectant eye on the main thoroughfare of the marketplace itself.

Goth isn't far from Khamsin, fact he's at the table as well.. He's not his normal self today, more somber then normal.. He's working away on some project, just trying to keep his mind and hands busy, he's rather quite as well..

The jet arrives quietly, insofar as the sound is behind it, but as it screams over the city and maes a wide, banking turn to bleed off speed all that noise rushes past the pair with a very loud, tearing boom. It circles the city a few times, continuing to slow and spiral inwards until it reaches a safe speed to transform and float down into the city. <<Where will I find you?>> She transmits to Khamsin.

Khamsin turns his gaze skyward at the sound of the jet flying by, watching the braking maneuver before pushing himself to his feet, arms clasped casually behind his back. <<Not too far... on the main drag, vendor selling some simple drinks and goods... look for the green and gold canopy on your left with a table set underneath.>> He exhales softly and glances over to Goth. "More guests, it would seem." He smiles faintly.

"Lovely.." Goth says with a roll of his optics and sighs, settling in and putting on his 'mask' as it where, to appear stoic and composed as normal. "Will have another eventually to pick up an order." He'd add with a nod over at Khamsin.

Discretion does what seems to be an almost cursory sweep with her optics and adjusts her terajectory torwards the aforementioned canopy. She alights gracefully on the ground just beyond the shade; nodding to Khamsin and then Goth. "I am Discretion, Communications Officer for the Dominicons. The Autobots informed us you wanted to speak with us about an upcoming incursion by the Decepticons."

"Hmm, voice is familiar, must of been the one I was speaking with over the radio, correct?" Goth asks with a tilt of his helm, and a slight ridge raise, an a point of his finger, before he gives a polite nod in greeting. "Pleasure." he says simply.

Khamsin gives Goth a slight smile and nods. "Indeed." He looks back to Discretion, though, as the flier approaches and offers a curt nod, motioning to the table. "Khamsin, and this is Goth. Well met. Please... feel free to join me. And...yes, there is certainly an impending incursion in the next few days, I imagine, led by Valour and supported by Deathsaurus." He frowns. "I've spoken to Dust Devil, and there is the possibility of having Cerebros provide support with Fortress Maximus, but I would prefer the large scale mechs to be a last resort. Altihex does not need titans stomping about it's streets if it can be avoided. Considering the intel that was provided also includes Valvolux and Tyger Pax as targets, I feel it wise to reach out and see if we can support one another in showing Megatron that his...overstepping of boundaries is not to be tolerated. That, and in it's current state, Altihex cannot fully defend itself, so we must ask for assistance." 

The femme inclines her head to both goth and Khamsin while stepping forward. "Yes, I was the one speaking to you previously about a meeting," she frowns, "which has now been forced as opposed to occuring more naturally." Stepping up to the table and settling into a chair and taking stock of what has been presented before her before looking to her hosts again. "We are certainly willing to offer what aid we can to your city. Immediately we can certainly offer some materiel and transport to some of your citizen to safety behind the walls of Valvolux; a temporary measure I assure you."

"Yes, well, the goddess of luck has never been a kind soul to me, so it comes as no surprise." Goth huffs, as he keeps his optics down, focusing on building the metal contraption he has in his claws... He's oddly distracted, not as zealful as he was on the radio.

Khamsin takes a moment to pour tea for the three of them before taking his own seat and sipping lightly, a brief glance given to Goth while he does so. "Mmm...I agree. I much would have preferred a more organic development of relations... as it was, I wished to initially approach for trade negotiations, not for defense counsel." He furrows his brow. "I'll gladly accept the efforts to keep the local residents safe and shall spread the word for any who wish to voluntarily relocate for their own safety to prepare for such... perhaps to even take some of their wares for trade with Valvolux's residents while they're at it." He pulls out his datapad to cycle through a few things. "As it is...the proposed target seems to be the sealed science district. I intend to keep it protected, not because of what may be in it, but more because if anyone *is* within it, I'd rather them be first approached by a friendly face than cannon fire. Though, if there is a future for Altihex, it will be in the revival of research and science coupled with the reclaimation of it's refinery for raw resources. Those labs are precious." He slides the pad over. It's just historical documents on the facilities themselves.

Discretion picks up the pad to look it over some before tucking it away. "Defense wise, we have adapted a tradtion from the humans of Japan to our prefabricated buildings. We believe we can produce outer walls for the labs that will provide additional protection for them." She stops to pick up her saucer and cup and take a sip of the tea before continuing. "This is not fool proof, but it should slow the Decepticonts down. It can also be used to create barricades and other strong points to defend from, but again, it will not stand up to sustained, direct fire."

Goth glances over to Khamsin, and hems. "Should mind there is the possibility they will attempt to come up form below, due to their supposedly 'secret' occupation of the refinery...So that may cause a possible tactical problem.' Goth muses as he looks back down at the part, mumbling math calculations.

Khamsin nods. "The three biggest threats, as far as I can tell, will be Deathsaurus, the Sweep swarm -if they show up, and the Combaticons...again if they show up. Primarily due to Blast Off's orbital cannon and Bruticus." He thinks again. "The best approach very well may to just create as arduous a delay as possible for their push. If the Decepticons feel Fortress Maximus will bear down upon them if they take too long then they will feel pressure to be done swiftly, and any slowdown in their advance will only apply additional perceived pressure." He looks over to Goth. "That is...also true. The undergrid may afford some form of risk, but considering Valour is most likely going to bring the Aerospace Division to bear, it may be a lower possibility..." He thinks a bit. "What do you require on our end to make this happen?"

After another sip Discretion sets the tea down and reaches down into a compartment to produce her own datapad; which gets placed on the table and pushed across. "It is mostly raw materials if we are supplying the finished walls. We don't normally make them in the strength to stand up to that sort of punishment which means adjustments are being made to the manufacturing procces to factor that in." She looks atound the street again and considers, "We can arrange for some kind of payment if that is not readily available, and it need not be now. More vitally is to get your citizens to safety. My team mates and I do often accompany trade caravans to ward off unwanted attention through the Neutral Territories, if we, or you, could get appropriate transport it would not be out of place for us to shepard it, or however many you can manage, to Valvolux."

Goth's optics narrow and his ears press against his helm as he works on the object, trying to keep himself focused, his lips pressing into a thin line. "Des will possibly be aiming to do superficial damage, should be treated as a threat nonetheless." Goth huffs, his voice edging on the line of his normal calm and angry, or what one would think is angry. "He is being foolish in his choices." Goth grumbles.

Khamsin gives a slight nod. "There are certainly resources to be reclaimed from the debris in the various spots around Altihex...and the upside is that it will provide motive and incentive for cleanup efforts to clear away those very same piles of rubble and debris." He thinks for a moment. "I'll work with the local populace to get working parties organized to facilitate this...we can refine what we can, but...some improvisation may be needed. As for convoys to move material, I'll speak with the Black Market traders. I'm more than certain they know how to get to Valvolux relatively undetected." He glances at Goth. "I hope that is true, Goth. But Des is also in a precarious situation. If he does not give it his all, he could lose Polyhex, and any hope of properly recovering his own family. I would not fault him if he did not hold back. I don't wish to harm him, but Altihex's safety must come first."

Discretion glances at Goth quiziccally, but returns, moost of, her attention to Khamsin.

"It may be faster to split your citizerny if the group becomes too large to travel undetected, and in that case an obvious, routine activity draws less suspicion. Just let us know if that is going to be the case." Her brow furrows at the metion of refining. "Bulwark is able to refine and smelt materials on his own and if he were here doing that it would also lend credence to a caravan returning to Valvolux with the readied materials. Again something your citizens could travel with and we could provide security for without arousing too many suspicions..."

"Been telling him for /months/ to get that damn thing through where he could ensure it could not be held over his helm...Even gave him access to some of the power supplies I use for drones and weaponry where he could temporarily open the rift to get them through, but he continues to dither.." Goth vents out angrily. "I do not fault him and I understand his circumstances, but I cannot say I am not /annoyed/ by his current stupid behavior." Goth chuffs out, looking to Khamsin, before looking back, scanning for some large nearby rubble. 

"Altihex's refinery is not its own." He states. "It is currently occupied and being used by Decepticons with slaves, we have no access." Goth states bluntly.

Khamsin nods. "Certainly something that can be done." He looks at Goth at the remarks about getting things through and all... "Hind sight is always twenty-twenty... the best we can do is plan ahead for what is due to come." He looks back at Discretion. "But...yes. The Altihex Refinery is another struggle needing to be addressed in due time. Though, the immediate threat takes priority. One problem at a time..." He takes a long drink of his tea in thought. "Let's work on getting the convoys organized, then...the sooner, the better."

"Deathsaurus is... inexperienced with the way the Decepticons operate. He is learning the hard way and it sounds as if Megatron is resorting to old tactics to get him to fall into line. It is, unfortunately effective against those who have something precious that they believe can only be obtained with the aid of the Decepticons. I did try to warn him and suggest an alliance with Valvolux would be more profitable for all involved. He did not understand what was being said; to all our detriment," she explains and focuses on Khamsin again.

"I will speak with Bulwark about temporarily reolcating here with a crew to assist in clearing debris and getting what usable materials he can from them. As to your energon refinery, that will have to wait. We can most likely spare some of our own supply since ours is fully functional again. I will need to clear that through, Illarion first."

GAME: Goth PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.
GAME: Goth PASSES a STRENGTH roll of  Extreme difficulty.

GAME: Goth PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.

Goth takes a deep vent. "A moment, I need to alleviate some build up frustration that is.. causing friction and clouded thought, do not mind the noise." Goth states as he pushes himself up and stocks to nearby large bit of rubble. 

After ensuring there was no one around it that can be injured, he'd reel back his one of his winged arms, hand balled into a fist as he punches it as hard as he can, a loud crack echoing through out the area from it, somehow, not damaging himself in the processes, he soon comes back over after brushing some of the dust from his fur. "Right, sorry about that." He'd chuff, a bit more calm.

GAME: Discretion PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Khamsin nods. "Sounds as though we have, at the very least, an effort in the works to keep Altihex free. I do appreciate the assistance. It goes without saying, if there is anything needed on your end, just let me know. Once I've discussed with the residents here, I can follow up with what may be do-able on our end." He exhales. "This...promises to be an unpleasant confrontation. Though, I do believe that the injury Megatron will incur upon himself will be far more grievous than anything he can do here. Still...the people deserve better." He glances towards Goth and furrows his brow a bit...a mental note made for later. "It's...quite alright. We can undoubtedly discuss the matter a bit later, yes?"

Discretion turns her head enough to keep Goth in sight and watches the display. One of her mainframes sort through the systems and subsystems that would allow that kind of damage output without injury. The feeme turns to Face Khamsin again, "It is the best we can fo for now and, unless the situation changes between now and then I believe we will be maintaining vigil on the Neutral territories when he Decepticons attack. If this is a diversion, or an attempt to strike at Valvolux and Tyger Pax we will have advanced warning at least, and can interfere with and of the Decepticon forces that attempt to come through that way." She does pick up her tea and take another, long drink. "Once this current hurtle has been overcome I would welcome you both to visit Valvolux where we can discuss a beneficial agreement for all of us."

Slowly pushing away from the table to stand she nods to each mech again. "I do apologize for the sonic boom on arrival, but I thought it prudent to arrive with all the haste I could. I will return to Valvolux and present our plan to Illarion and have one of my team mates speak to Bulwark about his potential role in all of this."

Khamsin nods. "I do apologize as well. This was not how I had envisioned us establishing relations between polities." He stands as well and gives a curt nod. "Thank you again for your help... we'll get through this, I'm sure. Properly united." He flashes a grin.

Goth huffs, his frame is much more relaxed, and he nods to Khamsin, he even sounds much more relaxed. "I would.. appreciate it, mi amor.. for now, I am calm again and apologize for the behavior." He'd nods to Khamsin as he retakes a seat and sips on his tea. 

Goth's rather strong, despite being a scientist, likely to do with his frame type, or training, by all regards he /should/ of hurt himself, but whatever his frame was recently updated with held rather well.

Discretion steps up into the air just as eaily as walking up a set of stairs. "I will be be in touch when we have the new walls under production, and I will pass along your frequency to Bulwark; if that is agreeable, Khamsin?"

Khamsin nods. "BY all what you must." He grins. "I don't mind...the frequency is open anyway. I'd rather those who wish to know it know it than not. I can always...rotate them or something if the wrong ears are listening in. Travel safe." He looks over to Goth. "Are you feeling alright?"

Goth frowns as he looks into his tea. ".... I do not think so." He'd sigh. "...I've.. not felt betrayal like this in some years.." Goth admits to Khamsin.

Khamsin takes a sip of his tea... "I do not see betrayal. I see...someone who is immature stuck between a rock and a hard place. While his choices are not what I would have personally liked them to be, I can see his necessity. I'll speak with him on the matter once we've weathered the storm."

Discretion offers a faint smile, "The tea was, interesting. Not an overly complex set of flavors, but combined rather well. Perhaps bring something a bit more delicate and complex when you visit Valvolux for the first time." With that she floats into the sky far enough to be clear of the buildings of Altihex before transforming and roaring off towards the horizon.

Spike returns to the market after walking out on his own, with certain rules in place - not to stray too far from the area.

Khamsin glances at Discretion as the jet flies off and takes a moment to make a few notes in his datapad, the stall's owner retrieving the Dominicon's setting to clean it. "Mmm...I'm hoping we can outlast whatever onslaught the Decepticons throw our way and use that to show the Altihex residents that we're here to help...that very well may open up the labs. Again, assuming anyone is inside..." he looks over to Goth and offers a slight smile.

"You are not wrong.." Goth sigh in agreement. "I just.. I don't know what to do about it all... " Goth says, placing two of his fingers against his for help, rubbing at it. "...Thank you love.. I... haven't had to deal with such a relationship spat like this in millions and millions of years.."

Spike sees Khamsin. He extends a hand in greeting, but he's far enough away to make sure he's not hearing anything that he shouldn't be hearing.

Khamsin glances over at the motion and offers a return wave to Spike, motioning lightly to the table he's at and the empty seat recently vacated by Discretion, just an unspoken invitation before his attention returns to Goth. "It's a delicate situation...and a complex one. It has more layers than it seems..." He sighs. "But we'll get through it."

Spike did see Discretion leave. He doesn't say anything about that departure. He looks well rested. The first water bottle from his bag gone, he has 3 more for the trip. " I interrupting?"

Goth smiles slightly at Khamsin, rubbing his optics on his arm to attempt to hide the leaking black ichor coming from them, he takes a vent and relaxes there. "I hope so... I very much hope so..." He murmurs softly, before glancing to Spike, nodding in greeting. "No, no just... Dealing with a situation.."

Khamsin there's a faint chuckle given to Spike... "Things are *always* busy when it comes to political affairs, it seems. I wouldn't worry about it... if there were something that could not be interrupted, I wouldn't be in the marketplace to discuss it. Is Altihex treating you well?"

Spike nods eagerly. "Yes, thank you!" He adds "I just spent a lot of the day looking at some of the historical sites that I've read about. It's finally good to experience it up close."

Goth nods to Spike as he listens. "Glad to hear.. It's a pleasure to know you're enjoying the city." Goth says with a chuff.

Khamsin gives Spike a nod. "Indeed, glad to hear it. Let me know if there's something you need you can't find..." He settles himself in. "Have you, by chance, heard word from Dust Devil or Cerebros over the potential idea Dust Devil had to assist in protecting Altihex?

GAME: Spike FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Spike raises a brow, thinking maybe he may get this HALF right. "Is that the suggestion about the force field?" 

Khamsin shakes his head. "Having Cerebros reposition Fortress Maximus to serve as a quick-response-force in the event the Decepticon incursion is a bit too heavy-handed for us to handle. An insurance policy, if you will."

GAME: Spike PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Spike nods, not revealing what his role in the whole Fort Max thing is. "Absolutely..." He adds "I'm in contact with Cerebros...regularly. I can coordinate. I can set up a meeting as soon as possible." He gives a thankful nod to Khamsin. "Thank you...for accepting this offer of protection. We'll be sure he's distanced enough way from here not to alarm the inhabitants."

Khamsin nods. "It will be...hopefully a swift action. I would imagine the days available before the attack are few. Time is not on our side in this matter." He lets out a slow exhale.

Goth sighs. "It is not.. we.. do need to hurry in this matter.." Goth grunts. "Much as I don't like it, but it is better then nothing." Goth nods.

Spike nods. "Well...hopefully Fortress Maximus can serve as a deterrant...if the Decepticons have intel that he's nearby, but he's not necessairly close to the city, they may put off an attack, but ... and I know this may be naive, but not put two and two together that the Autobots are actively working with you."

Khamsin nods. "And I'm also actively working with Valvolux, and if I can secure an audience with Incognito? Tyger Pax. I may tout myself as a neutral, but that doesn't mean I will not pull together whatever help may be available to secure the city and keep the residents safe. After all, I want a united Cybertron, not one where we hide behind walls and live in isolation."

Spike nods. He looks at Khamsin. "About that...united Cybertron... may I ask a question?"

Goth's ears twitched up, tilting his helm in wonder why Spike could possibly want to ask about that.

Khamsin nods. "You may, yes." He reaches for his tea, taking a light sip while waiting.

Spike breathes out. "Well...for a united Cyb'tron, what role do you see Optimus Prime as having in that united front? As its leader, or on a council, you just want him in a supporting role?" He adds "He seems like the perfect candidate for such an ambitious venture."

Goth looks to Khamsin "¿Quieres que saque el alcohol por esta pregunta?"

Khamsin exhales. "Leading those who share his ideals and beliefs, however not in a wartime manner." He nods ever so faintly. "Cybertron is comprised of individuals, each of whom will have different ideals and beliefs, and we cannot expect one leader to be able to speak for all... as such, we need voices for those groups which exist. I will never be an Autobot, just as you may never be neutral, but that doesn't mean we should shoot one another. Rather, we should speak our piece, find the commonality, and work towards resolutions which may compromise some of what our polities want in the hopes of gaining something which allows us to progress forward mutually. The Autobot-Decepticon conflict has...far too long been a matter of absolutes. A 'one side must triumph over the other'...when instead, there could be compromise to be had. Admittedly...Megatron may not be one to compromise, but there are others who can if given the chance."

Spike looks up at Goth and says "Solo si hay suficiente para un humano" without batting an eye.

GAME: Spike PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Khamsin looks between Goth and Spike and just chuckles... "And, no, it's fine, Goth..."

Spike says, "So...I'm reading it as a 'you'd welcome his assistance,' correct?"

Goth looks at Spike and chuckles. "No sé si es seguro, de lo contrario compartiría con gusto." He'd chuff with a smile, and nods to Khamsin.

Khamsin nods. "So long as it is assistance in rebuilding, and not assistance in war, yes. I would welcome it." He gives a smile. "Naseaa nahw alsalam balrghm min khilafatina. Aihtafal bima yajealuna faridayn." He chuckles.

Spike smiles back at Goth. "No sé si es seguro, de lo contrario compartiría con gusto."

Goth grins and nods at Khamsin. "That we are.." he'd huff and lean over against his mate. "And Yes, I suspect Cybertronian and organic based consumable substances are.. different, if not toxic to another, I know that energon was quite harmful to the wild life back on my birth planet."

Spike waves a hand. "I'm fine with water, seriously. I could ask the Autobots to bring in a care package, but I'd rather just get to know everyone alone without the Autobots.

Khamsin gives a slight nod. "It's amazing how much common ground can be found when one takes time to look, rather than assuming it will always have to be settled with guns and fighting..." He sighs... "In spite of these roadblocks."

Spike nods. He adds "Can I ask another question?"

Khamsin nods. "Yes, you may... Ask all the questions you wish. I will always make every effort to answer."

Spike gives an appreciative smile. "Thank you. So...Earth...when did you first come to Earth? I'm guessing it was to look for the crashed spacecraft, or am I mistaken?"

Khamsin takes a moment to think. "It was... a while into Earth's history, yes. I'd broken from the Decepticons to hunt down a certain someone," he nods to Goth, "for...personal reasons. When I did coax that wreck of a shuttle down onto was," he thinks, "probably around...what would have been around 3200 BC. Near what is commonly called Egypt."

Goth smiles at Khamsin, letting out a low purr at that, settling down to listen, clearly fairly interested in the story.

Spike leans in eagerly "That must have been...strange, for both of you." He adds "What was your impression on the humans you saw there?"

Khamsin says, "It was not the race I'd encountered, but as always I was cautious. I worked covertly, keeping a relatively low profile as best I could to build something serviceable out of the shuttle to simply keep from dying, and...well, when it became apparent that the humans were naturally inquisitive and encounters would be inevitable, I used the shuttle's onboard scanners to adjust my mode to one of their local deities. I figured...if they did see me, they would simply dismiss it as a sign of their beliefs being true." He grins. "It might have worked a bit too well."

Goth chuckles. "I crashed onto the planet not long after some time that meteor crashed into the planet, my databanks are very.. scattered still, but I ended up somewhere where the Mesoamerica cultures developed, I have.. some memories, of humanity before waking up in a panic in a cenote." Goth explains. "I wasn't found till.. Mmm 6 months ago?" Goth muses, before he glances over and chuckles at Khamsin, settling in.

Spike grins. "Yeah, human history has proved that." He shakes his head. "It must have been difficult those few few hundreds of years, given that energy was abundant, but humans were not really at that point of development to harness it like electricity." He adds "When did you leave Earth?"

Khamsin points at Goth. "When I heard rumors he was here on Cybertron." He nods. "It was...bittersweet, but by then, I'd watched a fair number of civilizations rise and fall, and I think I was long past my time on Earth anyway." He looks himself over. "The old ways I grew accustomed to in Egypt were long dead, unfortunately."

Spike nods and rubs his chin. "So...when did you leave...abouts? I thought it was when the Ark came back online..."

Goth nods. "I believe that was.. 4 months? After I was recovered from the conte." Goth says in thought, still he leans against KHamsin, nuzzling against him. "We've been reunited for about... 4 months? 3 months?" Goth asks.

Khamsin shakes his head again. "I was...not a part of that. I walked away from the war during the peak on Cybertron. Stole a Decepticon shuttle and supplies and hit a few of the off-world colonies I knew about to find this guy," he gives Goth a light nudge with his elbow. "There's a reason I've got some components cobbled together and rigged up ...I used to be some kind of doctor. Came in handy. Well before the Ark, the war was not my war."

Spike grins and says "So...I'm sorry to keep bringing it up, but just curious, what year abouts did you leave Earth?"

Khamsin chuckles. "That would have been...early this year? Late last year? Maybe? And it's fine... I quite enjoyed my time there. When I say my disguise as a god worked too well, I mean it. They started talking to me. Seeking me out. Expecting me to learn and understand them...and I did. Fairly, I became quite invested in their culture. Though, as those...ages faded and the war showed up on Earth, I allowed myself to fade into obscurity. I did not want to be dragged back into it again."

Spike nods slowly. "Understood..." He looks at Khamsin, "So...did you make any efforts to seek out the Ark while you were here? Did you know it very well could have crashed on Earth, or did you assume it was lost forever?" He adds " you said, it wasn't your fight, so you didn't bother to look for it at all?"

Goth nods at that. "Hmm last month of 2019, start of 2020.... No it was the start of 2020, as I recall being quite.. depressed, about the holidays." Goth says with a nod in regards to Khamsin.

Khamsin nods. "It wasn't my fight. I played the role of the Jackal...I scavenged wrecks, debris, battlefields...anything to keep myself running without getting drawn in. After all, my mission was to find Goth, not fight one side or the other. That and, by the time the war kicked off on Earth proper, I'd lost a great deal of my own weaponry. I was in no fit state to take on Cybertronian warriors." He huffs. "That and...I think I...learned to loathe warfare. I knew many humans who would go to great efforts to seek peace, and it allowed them to prosper. It was a great insight into something that Cybertron had never really experienced properly."

Spike nods and smiles warmly "I admire your efforts, Khamsin."

Khamsin nods a bit. "They're the efforts of an idealist...and while I feel, at times, my idealism has no place on Cybertron *yet*...the other question I have to ask myself is 'if not now, when?' Cybertron may...never be ready for peace if no one is willing to actively live it." He looks at his tea, taking a slow sip. "Perhaps in time...but, first things first, Altihex must be protected."

Spike nods. "Agreed..." He adds "Well, given you were on Earth enough, you realize that our most noted peace activists weren't exactly pragmatists - they saw something they wanted to change, and they would not wait around for the next generation or two to pass."

Goth listens to Khamsin, watching him, and gives a warm smile, and huffs out, proud of his partner.

Khamsin nods. "Indeed. I have the luxury of knowing I'm a bit longer-lived than you humans are, but...yes. It's not something to just hope others will do. That's part of why I've pushed as hard as I have. Though even now, I realize that there might have been too firm a push. It caused turmoil. So...I've drawn the focus in to Altihex." He looks around. "We will get this... Hopefully sooner rather than later."

"Ghost shall be joining us soon to pick up her blades sibling." Goth says to Khamsin and Spike, warning them both of the femmes arrival.

GAME: Spike FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Spike nods, feeling a twinge of fear at that remark. He can't tell why this fear is so present, is it something he's feeling or his binary partner is feeling now. "I should probably go."

Khamsin blinks and then nods. "Of be well, Spike. And, if ever you wish to talk again, you know where to find me." He gives a smile before looking to Goth. "Ah...well, the rotating door of visitors continues, it seems." He chuckles softly.

"I as well." Goth huffs as he digs into his subspace, getting out the blades hilt, and frowning. "..."

Spike seeths as he sees Ghost approach. It's too late. "Shit..." he mumbles. He looks at Khamsin. "I thought Ghost was going to arrive at least before I got a chance to duck out!" He says before (please humor me with this) Ghost can pick up that conversation.

Ghost finds herself once more padding quietly through the market to a point that she's oft met with someones here. Wings are canted low, entire frame looking like she got caught in some sort of fire, sooty, blackened in areas, blistered paint. But she's moving ok so either she's on the real good inhibitors or she's seen a medic and what's left is simply her having not re-lined her schema.

Khamsin ahhs... "Ghost isn't too bad... the few interactions I've had with her have been pleasant enough.'s like I said," he motions, "Altihex...a neutrality. Common ground is to be found in place of the aversion and avoidance that tends to happen. Rest assured, you here. Relatively speaking." He glances towards Ghost and furrows his brow, standing to pull over another chair to the table while working on getting tea set out for the phantasmal seeker.

Spike picks up and heads out. He's not too sure how things stand, but he guesses being here to close to Khamsin would find its way back to Decepticon channels. He sees Ghost and tries his best to make it to the other side of the market and out of sight before Ghost spots the human.

GAME: Spike PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Very High difficulty.

Goth's ears twitch up as he hears Ghost incoming and waves a hand to help signal where he was, his ears did pin back against his helm though as he glances away.

GAME: Ghost PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Spike does NOT look at Khamsin. He continues to walk through the market. He knows Ghost is coming. He doesn't flee, because right now, he'd look like a scurrying insect. Just keep walking. And he's without his exo-suit.

Khamsin watches Spike wander off and indeed keeps his attention on Ghost...after all, safety was promised, but he also seems to trust Ghost to keep that part up as well.

Its the patterning of movement, how beings shift, walk, swirl and dance as they move through areas, avoiding or seeking interactions. The smallest change in the status quo disrupts the usual patterns, things that an operative is fairly well trained, even designed to pick up on. So as Spike walks through the market, the mish-mosh of beings' patterns change through no fault of their own. And as they do, the white-clad femme's wings perk up, alerting her subconsciously that something is..

Different. Silvere'd lavender optics narrow and Ghost looks about, all at once wary and tense. A blink, a sidestep to get a building to her back and she starts to actively /look/ to see what set her senses off. "Huh..." A mech sidestepping there, another looking down several times and then.. She catches something small, very small compared to those that dwell here, moving. On one hand, she has a meeting, on the other.. Well she's no stranger to knives aimed at her from the dark so she moves towards the oddity causing the eddying of the crowds.

GAME: Spike PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Spike 's back is toward Ghost. He's not psychic. But he has that good ol'fashioned human instinct to know he COULD be followed. He picks up the pace...just a bit, but not enough to make him flee. After a few strides, he's getting into a lesser populated area - still populated, but not a crowd. He so wants to look over his shoulder, but he keeps going forward. Don't. look. back.

Khamsin glances over to Goth and just sort of quirks his brow a bit while watching the interchange between Spike and Ghost...a hint of amusement showing, but what else would one expect? While the situation itself is...probably evident, it's still something that's quite amusing to watch.

Goth chuckles and shakes his helm. "Should we stop them?" He asks Khamsin clearly a bit amused.

Khamsin shakes his head. "No...they should learn to co-exist when within the walls of Altihex..." He exhales. "Though, if one or the other seems to be taking a threatening stance...get Ghost's attention and pull her away." He takes a sip of his tea. "Otherwise, let's see if they figure it out."

Ghost slows in only the sense that she's moving through the last parts of the thicker crowd, wings aggressive pointing lowering as she's now more curious than stepped-up. She sidesteps, noting how the area is changing slightly, considering. Quick syscheck to her internals, returning a sluggish response that has her frowning but pressing forward, active-active scaling up her sensory equipment now. Well, thats.. different.

GAME: Ghost PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Thats not a cybertronian heat signature. The operative slows, turning to redirect herself towards whom she came to meet.

GAME: Spike PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of High difficulty.

Spike gulps and continues to walk quickly. It's not bad. It's not bad. It's not bad. But he is kinda breaking a sweat.

Ghost heads back to where she usually meets with Goth these cycles, the return from infrared indicating a non-cybertronian. She tags that scan for a later deeper data review, unable to do so at this time.

Khamsin sips his tea again, a setting already waiting for Ghost when she does chance to make it to the table proper. "Mmm, welcome back to Altihex..." He nods to Goth and pushes himself up. "I'll leave you two to discuss your business...I've some things I need to work on."

GAME: Spike PASSES a COURAGE roll of Very High difficulty.

Spike turns around finaly and sees Ghost with her back turned. He then picks up the pace and hightails it out of there!

"Alright Love." Goth says to KHamsin with a smile as he looks back to Ghost, trying to cover up a mild.. somberness that was returning to his mood. "Hola, Ghost." He says with a nod, the blade's hilt on the tablet, his hands folded.. busted up ruble nearby form being punched.

Ghost slows her stalk, shifting back into her more usual lighter walk, almost a silent padding. A polite inclination of her head to Khamsin, "Walk with the winds, then, Khamsin." she rasps, voice papery and whispery. "Goth, Su'cuy." A look at the table, the settings, then back at Goth. She folds herself into the empty seat, Wings perked behind her.

Goth smiles. "Glad you can make it, I know I said it would be faster but, well some things came up." He'd sigh and shook his helm before letting her see the sibling of her other blade, its the same.. though there is different etched ruins in it, these ones reading 'Guardian'. "Didn't want to repeat the runes on the other one here, figured it would help in making them tellable from the other."

Ghost offers a smile, absently rubbing at a panel that seems more blackened than the others, "I have been.. involved in some interesting things on my end as well. This was the first I could escape.. eh.. open time up for." She looks at the blades, brows lifting, expression flicking to one of amazement, then exitement, a glipmse of a much less world weary femme peeking through. "Oh.. Oh these are.." she breaks off into ancient in her exictement filtering elder with modern without apparent realization , "<<These are beautiful! >> This is.. I'm..Such craftmanship. Goth, these <<look like master-crafts...>> She looks over at the mech, optics alight with delight.

Goth chuckles. "I'm glad you like them." he smiles, opticing over the burns. "I can also tell, you're quite.. crispy, are you alright?." He asks before chuckles and vents out a huff. "As long as they are too your satisfaction, they are complete."

Ghost reaches out slowly to pick one of them up, ever so carefully moving it between hands, pausing to inspect a section here, an engraving there, a join, a mark. "May have been connected to a mainframe, " settling her grip on this one, fingers flexing before she gives a nod.. "It feels so.. right.." picking up the second to inspect, fingertips brushing the wording. "when it had a cascade failure." half in the conversation, have just amazed. Fingers settle on the second before she flicks wrist, spinning it to a backhanded grip, expression absolutly delighted. "Got the full backlash effect."

Goth cringes. "Lovely, I am glad you are well now though, I imagine what that may of done too your systems." Goth grunts, he does smile though watching her. "Do let me know if there are any adjustments you'd like for I to make."

Ghost mmhmms absently, really justlike a kid at christmas. "I'm on light duty detail until Glit clears me and removes the bypasses. No trying to download a titans archives he said." She laughs softly, a light, merry tone. "Have another day or two before I'm cleared again And need to repaint.. again.." She sets the blades down on the tabletop. "It was much easier to upkeep primer gray."

Goth chuckles. "I believe that, I'm partly grateful for my natural black scheme, as it helps hides the burns." Goth smiles. "That sounds like Glit.. He is.. interesting." He nods, his ridges knitting as he glances away to the busted rubble and back. "Do be careful, yes? Would be a shame if something happened too you."

Ghost absently rubs fingers along one of the blades, attention shifting to focus on Goth himself. "Gray did cut down on a lot of.. ahh. prior burnout moments." She voices in amusement before expression shades serious, "I. may.. There may be a change coming." She looks off, "A paradigm shift. As long as I live through that... I should be.. better."

Goth raises a slow ridge, and ear in interest, wondering if it had anything to do with what they knew that was coming.. but at the same time.. He didn't want to put Ghost in that position. "Well, good thing I finished your blades in time, hopefully they'll help in protecting you." He'd chuckle.

Ghost looks back, smile shading grim, "I've dodged a cannon blast before, I know I can do it again." She picks one blade up, moving to secure it to her frame between back and wing panels, hilt down. She repeats the movement witht he other before testing wing positioning "Little adjusting too but good fit.

Goth chuckles. "That is a feat i've yet to pull off, and hope I will never /have/ to pull off, knowing my luck i'd fly right into Blast off's stun whip again." He'd laugh and sigh, shaking his helm. "Perfect, I'm glad it causes no discomfort."

Ghost offers a smile, "I don't suggest it as a regular past-time." she notes, wings giving another fick-swish adjusting patterns with each movement to compensate for the now hidden additions.

Goth chuckles. "I've seen what happens when one is cannoned and even repaired such damage on others, I'm /quite/ familiar with such." He'd grin, resting there at the table. "Today has been quite productive." He'd nod. "Do let me know if you need anything else."

Ghost gives a flash of a crooked smile as she slowly stands, "I've survived at least two that I remember." A shrug, "It's the getting up after that /really/ pisses him off. Or maybe thats just me because I shoot back." A wink and then, "Thank you. These." wings shift, "Fill something I didn't realize was empty." She settles herself, "Until we meet again, Goth. Walk with the winds."

"I suspect its both, that and not fearing him." Goth says with a raised finger and a chuckle as he looks up. "Dark cycles, Ghost." He'd nod.

Ghost inclines head once more then turns, blending into the crowds much easier than whatever had triggerd her alert earlier.