Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Prime Thank You

Characters: Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Springer, Hot Rod, First Aid,
Starlock, Dawnfire,

Location: Iacon Medical Center

Date: 11/11/2020

TP: A Crossroad of TPs.

Summary: Optimus pops into medical for a casual visit to thank those there, and 
talk gets underway for a celebration in light of everything that has happened.

As logged by Starlock

Iacon Medical Center - Iacon

Hot Rod is entering into the medbay. He's carefully pulling along a hovercart. That's filled with various spare and replacement parts that had just been fabricated in one of the workshops. Careful to not upset the cart, and watching where he was going, Hot Rod is going to maneuver it to a position where it could be unloaded.

Starlock is sat at her desk, working on paperwork, thats right, the unimpressive unexciting, paperwork...But hey, she's in medical for a change! and looking more at ease... Which was a surprise given her avoidance of it the past year, she'd glance over her monitor and several holo-screens. "just put 'em over there." Starlock says, directing Hot Rod.

Glancing over his shoulder at Starlock, Hot Rod would give a nod, going to slowly maneuver the cart over into position where Starlock had indicated. Then he's cocking his head to the side in the motion while reviewing posted reports and comm chatter. And then letting out a groan. Guess which bit he just downloaded..

Optimus Prime ducks his head into medical, just to take a look and see who is currently on shift. There has been much going on as of late, but there are far more imporant things, sometimes, than reports and the perils of leadership. A moment passes before he simply walks in.

First Aid is in medical, doing a check of supplies and checking on any of the injured. "Good evening, who needs a table?" he cuts off when he sees Prime and salutes.

"Dust Devil?" Starlock asks idly and dryly as she works, raising an optic ridge, being oddly.. amicable, if not calm, with her regards to Hot Rod, she'd looks back down at the screens and huffs. "There we go, paperwork filled, filed, and inventory done." starlock says, before standing up and streching, yet to realize Prime had entered the room. 

"Huh?" Starlock says looking over to aid and Raises a brow before looking over and flinching, and then Salutes.. smacking herself to almost knocking herself over.

About to say something over while he was skimming reports and channel chatter Hot Rod is interrupted before he can say anything, and shuts off his vocal emitter from whatever he was going to say next. As Prime enters, Hot Rod goes to an immediate 'at attention' position while giving out a salute.

Optimus Prime raises his hand, "No need for that." he notes, "As you were." smile in his voice, "Is everything well in his this cycle? I've seen several reports about skirmishes recently."

Starlock relaxes and nods and vents out. "Well, I've managed to get everyone back together from the last one where Blackwing and I pull thoseo n the field out, everyone's on bed-rest though." She'd smile softly as she reports. She pauses in thought though and glances over to Dawnfire's berth silently. 

"Scales then gave them a follow up after... Couldn't keep Slag in here much as I wanted." she'd chuff.

Hot Rod would go to frown over as he would no doubt be thinking of his own little shoot 'em up with Blast Off and Roadkill recenly. "Functioning like normal here." At least keeping his normal sense of bragaccido out of his tone.

Dawnfire waves lazily from where he's resting. He's got a datapad on and is reading what looks like comics from Earth.

Optimus Prime gives a nod, "It is good to see you in here, Starlock." he looks over at First Aid, then for a mech his size, moves around to stop at Dawnfire's med-table. "I've read the report. YOu've done well striving against bludgeon on multiple occasions." The slightest tip of his head, "Although I believe our Medics would appreciate remembering on occasion that doing what you need to do to live is oft a better part of valour. Retreating isn't the worst thing to happen. You never returning is."A pause before he heads towards that desk Starlock is at.

"Is it just you and First Aid on shift?"

Springer makes his way into the area, a bounce in his step.

Starlock pauses, and looks at the schedule. "For the moment... Pretty sure if you're looking for someone specific, could easily ask.. I think most have gone off to see Dust Devil get grilled by Jazz." She'd chuckle. She'd then glance back over to Dawnfire and hehs.

Standing at ease now, Hot Rod sees Optimus directing comments to Dawnfire and Starlock.. And goes to keep his tone quiet. At the mention of 'Dust Devil' and 'Jazz' he almost makes a look of sympathy. 

Emphasis on 'almost'.

First Aid heads over to Dawnfire's table to check on him, lowering his hand from the salute. "Well yeah, its just us right now. Its one of those eye-of the storm moments between the chaos. You know how it is."

Optimus Prime ahhs, a shake of his head, "Calm between the storms. Restock, clean, and what else was it that Ratchet always says." Pause as he considers, "Ah yes, party till the cows come home." tone dryly amused. 

"Maybe that wasn't Ratchet." A chuckle, "Perhaps Sideswipe or Jazz for that one. Is there anything else that the bay is lacking that could do with a gentle reminder through the requests?"

Hot Rod would cock his head, "I'm all down with the partying." Ratchet has all the best stuff after all. "Uh, how goes deploying the vaccination? Has the convoy set out for SimFur or not yet?" He would turn to Starlock to ask.

Starlock's lip twitches upward in amusement at that, but she thinks. "I don't think so.." She states, tapping a talon against her face as she looks around. "Just finished cleaning, I did the paperwork, filed the inventory.... Did you just finish rounds?" She'd ask First aid with a point over with that finger. 

She was clearly going through a checklist. "Hot Rod also just delivered the latest batch of fabricated parts." She'd add on as she'd move over to check them over.. She'd pause, waaait.. Scales wasn't in the room, she'd start inching over to the radio to turn it on, before her finial flicks over. "Uhh.. I dunno.. that's.. Scale's area.. I don't have access to that kind of information anymore." She'd admit, glancing away. 

On the Radio, this starts playing:

Optimus Prime chuckles, "Well there's nothing wrong with a bit of a party, Hot Rod. At appropriate times." he tracks Starlock's movements. "Ahh.. Yes we all have our moments and spaces we prefer others leave as it is." Settling back to lean against a counter, "Myself, I like how my datapads are arranged on my desk and do prefer them left as I set them up."

First Aid nods "Yeah I was just doing rounds and sterilizations myself." He says. "This place is a complete party. Never a dull moment, sir."

Hot Rod would grin and his lips would twitch, "Most times are good for a party. Good for morale and.. Someday we'll get Gears or maybe even Huffer to cut loose a bit."

Starlock glances back as the music plays... She'd nod to First Aid and smile. "Good to hear, Things should be... Slow, for the time being." She states, taking great care NOT to say the dreaded Q word, anyone in a hospital knows to avoid it like the plague or risk jinxing themselves. 

She'd make her way back over to her desk as she hummed along to the music, a slight spin as she took one step, yep, good mood. "PShh, sure if you let Encore let 'em get overcharged enough." She'd huff, taking her seat once more and bringing up a few holo-screens as she started going through multiple records...she'd give Prime a raised ridge though.

Optimus Prime studies First Aid a moment, "I'd think parties would have more balloons, First Aid. Decorations, glitter?" amused. "And no, Dust Devils glitter bombs do not count." A slow nod of his head, "Hmm. There has not been much to celebrate recently. And it has been some time since..." trailing off, "Something to bring up with Elita. Good idea Hot Rod, something to improve morale is needed. We've had a great many trials and tribulations one after the other and not all have been resolved in positive light."

A look at the cart of bits, bobs, and thingamawidgets, "Well, since I am in here, interrupting your shift, taking up time I know you had planned for tasks assigned." spreading his hands out, "While we talk, let me assist in putting up your inventory." Tone sliding chagrined, "You'll need to tell me where they go."

Hot Rod would nod at Optimus, "It would be nice. Things will be rough down the road.." Given the state of Cybertron's infrastrucure.. "But we figured out how to stop a resurgence of the Dweller virus. New Harmonex is.. Settling itself. Relations with Valvoulex are stable and the festival there went well."

He's making sure to put a positive comment over at that. And taking Optimus' comment as a 'you should help too' tone.

First Aid chuckles. "I was going to say we have glitter bombs but you beat me to it." he says, relaxing a bit. "Sounds like things are working out for once."

Starlock falls silent, optics dimming silightly and her smile shirking, but she doesn't loose the the relaxed or more up-beat composure as she works there at her desk, she'd flick over one of the holo-screens to Prime, Hot Rod, and First Aid to help in their putting-of-things-away. "Mmm.." Starlock replies in acknowledgment.

Ratchet comes out of his lab, audials perking up. "Did I hear someone say 'party'?" he asks, demonstrating Selective Enhanced-Hearing when he needs it. Just like he can 'accidentally' completely tune out Dust Devil when necessary. He looks at Optimus with raised optic ridges under his distinctive chevron. "What are you doing here, Op?" he asks with amusement. "Elita need you out of her helmet?"

Starlock perks up hearing Ratchet and that smile grows again. "Looks like the Ratchet summoning spell worked." She'd snrk with a grin. "Don't need to use the other one involving booze now." She'd add with a tone of teasing as she leans back in her seat.

Optimus Prime is, obviously, helping to carefully put away inventory under the watchful optics of Starlock and First Aid of course. With Hot Rod lending an additional pair of hands. "Hello Ratchet." staring at a box, "Putting away actuators since I'm taking up some of your staffs time with questions and conversation." A rumbled chuckle, "And yes, Party. Was it you or Jazz that used the term party till the cows came home whenever we had a brief peaceful period?"

"I did have other reasons for interrupting the shift." he notes as he looks at another box then slides it onto a shelf.

Hot Rod would move over to start putting things away, "Hey Ratchet. You made a full recovery?" His tone is more relaxed now. The situation seems well, there are no signs that something catastrophic is going to happen in the medbay -or- Ratchet's lab.

As Hot Rod hears 'other reasons' he gets thoughtful, but doesn't speak out.

Ratchet glances at Starlock. "If you want to bait the trap with booze, I can go and come back," he laughs. He looks back at Prime. "Sounds like a Jazz expression to me," he ponders. "Mine would probably involve more good-natured swearing," he chuckles. To Hot Rod he smiles. "Full recovery, and almost have my lab back to normal. If I can get some help from Skyfire or Goth, I might be able to get my GroundBridge going and maybe get the Dweller out of it and into Trypticon instead," he jokes.

Starlock chuckles. "Naah that's too much work, just check the wreck-room fridge, should be a flask in there." She'd hem as she worked on the computer. "I'd hope so! Else I'd magnetize /you/ to the medical berth next." She'd huff at Ratchet, remembering their little Styx incident. 

She'd glance at Prime and tilt her helm.

Springer is heard before he arrives, "Yeah yeah... Should of ducked instead of weaved.." Springer walks into the Medial Center, the Wrecker sporting a shiney new coat of what looks like mud, grass of some kind, with tactfully place rended armor with claws.. and comes to a screeching halt as he sees the array of beings in the medbay. After a moment he raises his hand in a mock-salute to Optimus, "Evening, Bossman."

Optimus Prime chuckles, "I'll remember that for later Ratchet, when we have a command meeting. Bait it with booze." amused for certain now. Another part is studied then carefully stacked onto a shelf. "I can sense a great disturbance, like multiple optics staring at me. Is there a problem?" He knows.. But even big red has a moment of amusement.

"Evening Spirnger." A look over and then a nod. One last box is tucked away before he dusts his hands off and turns, looking at everyone present. "Well, quite a number of you in here. I had hoped that Scales would also be present."

Hot Rod would glance over at Springer, "Hey." He would offer to the Wrecker commander, a bit more of a nonchalant look on his face, remembering things over in the past as Hot Rod would just sit down over to watch as his attention is back at Optimus curiously on the 'wanted to bring up'. At the mention of 'Scales' it confirms to Hot Rod i's something for medical to deal with, so he goes to keep on putting things away.

The next song on the radio starts playing: 

Starlock hems. "Something up?" She'd ask Prime as she leaned back in her seat as she then gave Springer a look and sighed, pinching her nose bridge.

Ratchet chuckles. "Nah. If I want any, I'll get the good stuff from my office," he grins. He looks up as Springer enters the room. "What happened to you?" he asks, nodding his head to a free medical berth. Glancing back at Prime, he says, "If you start bringing booze to the staff meeting, you KNOW my attendance will improve. By the Pit, I'll start hosting them!" Shaking his head in amusement, he turns back to Springer.

First Aid looks to Springer "Here we go grab a berth and I'll take a look at you." He heads over to start work "What happened?"

Hot Rod would take a look over at Springer, see (at least to him) what seems more like the non critical nature of the damage and moreso the light coverage and mutter something under his audial reciver

Hot Rod mutters to Dawnfire, "... he was probably... bit rough with..."

Springer follows Ratchet's nod towards a free berth, having learned a long time ago not to argue with him, "Was preparing a surprise for a...uh.." He stops talking as he looks around again at the others before settling down onto it, "Was clearing a site for a... field meeting." The last part comes out a little deadpan after he briefly glances at Prime again, "The local wildlife had a bit of a issue with me setting up."

Starlock chuckles. "Incentive." She'd smirk, letting Ratchet tend to Springer, much as she joked about Ratchet's drinking habits, she was still glad they where improving and he was happier. 

She then raises a brow at Springer and Hot Rod. "I hope you didn't go outta ya' way to poke it." She'd huff, yes, Hound has had his way with this one.

Hot Rod would glance over at Springer and hear 'field meeting' and then go to cut off his vocalizer right -before- the light bit at the end of a chortle that the smirk would rpelace would come out. Don't snark in front of someone who can beat you like a pinata..

Optimus Prime deadpans, "If you bring the good stuff Ratchet, I'll limit Red Alert to five minutes and Prowl to ten." He watches Springer, "It is nice to see that we have local wildlife to have issues with us. It has been some time since that was an issue." 

"I won't take up more of you and your teams time, Ratchet. I simply wanted to tender my thanks in person to everyone here. In between the uptick in patrol run-ins, the Dweller, a randomized Decepticon coming out of.. well I do want to talk to you about this groundbridge experiment, our medical and science division has been somewhat strained without much pause between fires and emergencies." 

He pauses, looking around at everyone present one at a time, blue optics thoughtful, "It -is- good to know that the Autobots have an active and varied division with as many specialized skillsets as have now. In times past.. well." trailing off, "Those times are past us now. And things -are- looking brighter with each cycle. So.. again, I am offering my personal grastitude to you, Ratchet, You, Starlock.. and Scales for all of the recent work under pressure that you've borne with.. well as little complaint as you can, old friend."

Ratchet glances up with a smile as First Aid moves to assist him. "Doctor," Ratchet greets him respectfully. Turning back to Springer, he raises his optic ridge again in amused anticipation of the rest of the story. He laughs to himself at Prime's promise to limit other speakers. Without turning around, he says, "I'll hold you to that! What about Ultra Magnus? Can I negotiate some PowerPoint slide limitations?" 

Ratchet does stop as Prime offers his sincere thanks. Letting First Aid check over Springer a moment, Ratchet turns back to Autobot leader. "Thanks, Optimus," he says sincerely. "My team and I really appreciate the support. Any time you want to discuss the GroundBridge project, let me know and I'll make the time to explain it." A small smirk returns. "I'll use small words in the executive summary," he teases.

Hot Rod would look back and forth between the rest of the group. "So, tossup. What's going to have Red in a tizzy more? The groundbridge or the comms?" He would note letting his normal smugness rotate back in. "And let's make sure to not have it drop us into a black hole or something this time when it's tested, Ratchet?"

The words from Optimus have him going quiet, and standing firm over and in a little more formal of a position as he drops his tone, beaming a bit.

Starlock pauses and tilts her helm at that, blinking, one part of her mind wants to think she's just being thanked since she was there, and she's been nothing but trouble! But another points out Scales isn't there, so it couldn't be it, that and.. she's happy.. and some sort of weight feels like it melts off her shoulders.. She'd nod simply in thanks. 

"All three." Starlock says simply to Hot Rod. "Probably can add the fact I design the aesthetics to it, probably equate that to something like enabling brainstorm." She'd chuckle.

Springer raises his hands up, "They were nice and cuddly... I did not harm any of them, just a bit of a jolt to keep 'em away." And he somewhat mutters in a very low voice, "She'd kill me if I hurt one." He tilts his head at Prime's words and nods in agreement, "So far they've done a kickaft job of keeping my Wreckers top condition, though haven't had a mission yet where I needed to bring Starlock along yet as part of her 'punishment.'" He lifts his hands up and does the finger thingie to show he is teasing a bit, "Though did somewhat annoy Glpyh on that scraplet incident... think she wanted one to study. Not that I had alot of choice." He does his best to look utterly innocet and utterly fails.

Aaand there goes Starlock's mood, it plummets and practically shatters on the ground as her face twists into a scowl as she starts working on the holo-screens again, in silance, trying to ignore the situation... Direct hit to the sore spot.

GAME: Hot Rod FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Optimus Prime ahems, "Bring some of the /very/ good stuff and I might be persuaded to have Ultra Magnus limit his slides to 4 and no more than 50 percent text coverage in a font EVERYONE can see from the back of the table." good natured chuckle. "Ahh yes, Small words are always appreciated, Ratchet." A shake of his head, another chuckle. He again peers about, "I'd rather not place bets on our Security Chief. Some teasing is expected but there is a line between that and perhaps poking at his operational awareness capacities with a perceived malice on his side."

"Speaking of.. Springer. If you do not take her with you, then the intention of the lesson and exposure is lost. You're in command of an expert team of mechanisms with a wide range of skills and resources. I do expect to see action from this assignment on all parties accounts." Perhaps shading less amused at the end. "And this particular matter shouldn't be made light of. That does not foster a sense of camaraderie. I know you meant it in jest.. but not all have the same humor."

"As for Medical and Science operations, Ratchet, Between the lab explosions, strange decepticons falling out of nebulous energy fields, and lets not forget the dweller, schedule a block of time where your teams can rotate in for a divisional.. well.. party. I'll see if Encore will help cater, perhaps get someone to see what snacks Valvolux can offer after their festival's success, and perhaps a movie night. What say you?"

Hot Rod would glance at Optimus, "Sorry, Sir, I was out of bounds there.." Then as Optimus goes to speak out about Starlock and her assignment to the Wreckers, Hot Rod goes very, very quiet while shooting a sympathetic glance over to Springer and almost moves to speak up. Then he goes quiet. The quiet of Starlock is for now missed by Hot Rod - particularly what it was in reference to. So even as things go to switch over to talk of 'celebratoins' he goes to put up a cheerful front once more and quirks his grin upwards, glancing over at Ratchet, "Yeah, let's have some less things go Wheeljack on us." As far as Hot Rod was concerned, 'Wheeljack 'could be used as an adjective.

First Aid checks over Springer "Looks like some minor repairs. Don't worry. We'll get you working in no time, Wrecker. You guys always take a licking and keep on ticking. Its good."

>> First Aid finishes the repairs on Springer. <<

Ratchet looks at Hot Rod with a frown, seriously considering his joke. "Demon in the GroundBridge is bad, and the communication and travel problems with Earth make it that much worse. As it is, I'm glad Scales has her garden up as a place people can go and relax a bit, or he may have already popped his cork. To use the medical terminology." 

Ratchet flashes a smile at Starlock's moment of happiness and then turns back as Springer speaks. "We're simply happy to have you back in few enough pieces that we could put you back together," he says quietly. He looks back at Prime, a sad smile acknowledging the emotional dangers of tormenting the already high-strung Red Alert. His smile brightens again, however, at another mention of a party. 

"My team could definitely use some R&R," Ratchet says, glancing again at Starlock. "Let me get this Dweller situation figgered out and then we'll talk," he grins. "WithOUT it going 'Wheeljack'," he adds, knowing exactly what Hot Rod means. He nods appreciatively as First Aid works on Springer while Ratchet gabs.

Springer leans back as he lets the medics do their jobs with his mostly superficial injuries, his expression shifting to a blank, "By your command, Prime." And simply stays quiet.

Starlock takes a slow intake, trying to calm herself down, she did NOT want to spoil the mood for everyone else, repeating in her helm to calm down and relax, specially since Prime corrected him, it was nothing, she was being overly sensitive, she'd rub at her optics as she keeps her helm low to hide the emotion on her face, her finials droop. 

"That sounds nice." Starlock says, keeping her tone upbeat and steady, in response to Ratchet.

And Hot Rod notices that blank shift in Springer's faceplate. He would glance at Springer with a very tight frown. Hot Rod has at least a couple of.. He would shake his head. Those things aren't his place to go into. But his lips would be pursed, and his tone would be much more somber now as he would just glance at Ratchet.

"Hey, I'd like to note that I'm still far in the lead of things here."

Optimus Prime give Hot Rod a nod, "I understand how easy it is to fall into lines of thinking that all of those around you seem to share. But it takes a bit more character of self stand outside and see things from another's point of view. You don't have to agree with it, bi6t some understanding can come from stepping outside what 'everyone else knows'. Even Red Alert appreciates some of the jokes himself, but it is a reminder that not all of us are as..." Pausing, looking off a moment before, "Hardened as others. And I am glad that we are not all as such." Tracking to First Aid working on Springer, smiling to himself, optics crinkling a bit at the juxtaposition of the two before looking at Ratchet.

"Lets do this. As if we wait until the current fire is out, there will be two more already light. And this time with flaming dumpsters. Stabilize it, lets block off a few hours of rotation for something to let me show my appreciation to my team. Even if its filling up one of the fountains with oil for a spa day." Tone deadpan, but a trickle of amusement leaking in. "You will know best when we can do this but, I do want it sooner rather than later."

Ratchet looks from Springer to Starlock. He keeps his own counsel for now, however. Instead, he turns and smiles at Hot Rod. "Are you sure? With you, I think sometimes you're so behind you THINK you're ahead," he teases. Here's hoping Hot Rod is one of the hardened ones. (Are we not doing phrasing anymore?) At Prime's request, however, he turns back to the Autobot leader and smiles. "How about this Cyberweekend? Give us a few days to get a handle on this Dweller thing, and then we can all take a break?"

No, we stopped doing phrasing back in 1998.

Starlock croaks' out a chuckle at that. "Yeahh.. that. .that sounds about right... Sounds like my whole year." She'd chuckle tiredly, the exhaustion showing on her face for but a minute before the masking continues. "Break sounds nice." she adds, leaning back and rubbing at the wire locks under her helmet. "Could sleep for a whole year." she'd smirk.

First Aid nods "Breaks are always appreciated." He says. "I can cover for the party, in case something happens. Sounds like everyone needs a little rest." he says as he continues workng on Springer.

Springer simply sits there quietly and lets the work get done.

Hot Rod would glance at Springer and go, "Hey, you all right Green Machine?" Trying to make a bit of a joke, before glancing over at the medics as the situation seems to be relaxed. "And might as well just go ahead and plan it. Something else will always come up, so just go ahead and putit on the schedule and go through with it no matter what's going on."

Optimus Prime peers at Ratchet, "Rotate the team in and out to cover for an hour or two, have a 6 hour block so everyone has a chance for 4 hours of party time? And if someone does get tapped for emergency surgery, well, we can arrange additional R&R for anyone pulled into an emergency." Affixing a stern -look- at Ratchet. "This includes you, Ratchet. NO one should be left on the shift the entire time. If they don't want to party, well, the garden is nice and I'm sure we can find something for those that need more solace."

"Sounds like everyone's year," Ratchet says sympathetically. "I hear it's even worse on Earth. Cyberdate 47634, man," he laughs. He glances at First Aid while he works on Springer, before turning to Hot Rod. "That's the spirit! Party in the face of whatever happens!"

Ratchet turns back to Prime. "As you wish, Commander!" he grins. "Who am I to resist an order to relax?" he laughs.
Ratchet mutters to First Aid, "... worry,... sober so... can... fun..."

Starlock snorts. "This years sucked all a crossed the galaxy, I feel a little less bad." She'd grin. "Still.... Harmonex, Calyhex, Combaticons, New Harmonex...." She'd list off in order, as she frowns, thinking about just how many of those she had to handle alone.

First Aid chuckles. "Oh, I just like to watch others have a good time. Its good for the spark. I don't noramlly drink a lot but I can provide some healthy engex snacks."

Springer seems relaxed, Optimus Prime is talking about partying, and Ratchet seems in as good a mood as he can get. So Hot Rod would go to ever, ever so quietly and covertly return to putting things back away. A good mood is something you don't want to put at risk.

Springer is still quiet and waiting for the repairs to finish, staying quiet.

Optimus Prime ahhs, then sighs a weighty sort of sigh. "It has been a.. difficult year yes. Not as bad as some but with it's own special challenges for us all. And just watching others indulge is fine, First Aid. I'll be doing the same myself." Settling to lean against a counter again, watching the team relaxed, working, puttering about with a smile to himself. 

"But we have had many successes in between it all. Lights, darkest hours. Something like that. And an official reason to throw a party, I think, should give some moment to remind us all of what we are here for, not just supporting one another through life's harsher adventures but also in lighter moments, enjoyment of company and what we have all earned together as Autobots."

Hot Rod would glance at Optimus, giving a very ,very quiet glance to Springer and, "Talk with you later Green Screen?" Glancing at Optimus, "Well, you could try and change your deco sometime. I mean, they had this real weird thing out in Japan around the time you guys woke up on Earth.. You could have Elita give you a paint job and go as Pepsi PRime."

Ratchet smirks at First Aid's offer to bring healthy snacks. "If I want something to clean out my engine, I'll definitely come to you, Aid." He shakes his head. "You guys are going to kill me," he laments with a chuckle. Looking at Prime, he nods more seriously. "We have a lot to mourn, but also some wins, too," he agrees. He shakes his head at the Pepsi Prime suggestion, though. "He wouldn't listen to me, or else I'd have told him to go to the Valvolux celebration as Amazon Prime."

Starlock can't help but chuckle at the suggestions as she sat there, she did glance away and back. "...w..." She'd start but soon enough clamp her jaws down trying to keep the question at bay, but after a breath she starts again "w..Would, I really be welcomed...there?" She'd ask hesitantly.

Optimus Prime raises ridges, "Which Amazon Prime, Ratchet. Your written suggestion was more of a hint of letters with a lot of guess-work. It was either Amazon Prime or Amazing Prime and I didn't think I'd done anything recently to deserve such praise. Or warranted you writing me a sonnet". Crinkle of optics in amusement even if the delivery is again deadpan.

He tracks his gaze to Hot Rod, "Lets not give Elita an excuse to exact any paint revenge shall we?" chuckle that fades as he slightly tilts his head, demeanor shading curious and with a thread of puzzlement leaking into his tone, "Yes you are welcome, Starlock. You are part of our medical and science team. It is a divisional event. I don't see why anyone would be excluded."

Hot Rod would shrug over at Optimus, "I thought it might bring out her competitive side, Sir. I don't presume to know her that well but it might help keep you on your toes some and we all could use some reminders sometime." Hot Rod would just have that smile on his face that would be on the level of 'oooh, I'm with Dust Devil on this one' levels of 'this is not a good idea'.

Starlock shifts in her seat. "W..Well its.. because.. I've.. been told a lot of.. people don't like me so I.." She'd shift not looking directly at anyone. "And.. I don't.. want to ruin the atmosphere.." Starlock admits clearly uncomfterble.

First Aid goes over to Starlock. "Starlock come here. You need this." with that he throws his arms around her and gives her a big protectobot hug. "You are valued and appreciated."

Ratchet looks at Starlock and chuckles. "I'm not sure how welcome we were last time we went, but they do seem to be trying to boost their tourist trade, so... maybe?" he asks, misinterpreting Starlock's question to mean would she be welcome in Valvolux. "We should have gone together as Mulder and Scully, searching for alien life among the robots," he laughs. 

Belatedly realizing she means at Ratchet's party, he emphasizes seriously, "You're still an Autobot, Starlock, and as welcome as anyone else." He glances over. "I mean besides, we put up with Hot Rod, so how strict could our standards be?" he asks teasingly. 

Seeing First Aid approach Starlock for a hug, Ratchet walks over and finishes Springer's repairs. "There ya go, Big Green," he says, unconsciously picking up on Hot Rod's nicknaming style. "You're all set to get back out there and face the fuzzy wuzzies or whatever got you down," he grins.

Springer simply nods to Ratchet, his voice rather blank, far from his usual jovial tones, "Thanks, hopefully she'll appreciate the efforts I put into it." He gets up and pats Ratchet on the door before he heads for the exit.

Optimus Prime chuckles, "I'm kept well enough on my toes as it is right now, Hot Rod. But I do appreciate that you wer ethinking of my well being." A shake of his head as he pushes off of the counter, "I've interrupted your shift time enough. Gentlemechs, madame. " A tip of his head as he moves towards the door, "Ratchet, let me know when we can meet about the groundbridge and the Dweller issue. And what you need from me for the divisional party. I've got to go reorganizse my datapads before magnus questions my organizational skills.. again.. " several steps, "Today."

And there is that frown from Hot Rod. At Springer. Then at Starlock. Hot Rod goes to say nothing. Then he finally goes, "I'll finish picking things up here and then head on out. Probably have another assignment on the duty roster to do. Take care Sir." He would give a nod to Prime, then to Ratchet while taking a breath through his intakes.

Starlock freezes there for a moment like a deer in headlights (All puns intended) blinking and oh does that break a wall First Aid likely didn't intend to, or did he? as she tries to hide the fact her optics have welled up to the point her vision is blurred, she'd let out a shaky huff, and hug First Aid back tightly, sniffling. "...Thanks.." she'd add quietly.

Ratchet says, "Any time, Prime. I'll be here, and if I'm not, I'll let you know."

Optimus Prime chuckles, "I'll see about making one of our command meetings less.. well. You know." And he steps out.