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Log Title: A Planned Capture Characters: Blast Off, Megatron, Goth, Nightlash, Soundwave, Deathsaurus, Ghost Location: Altihex - Kaon Date: 4/16/2020 TP: Peace In Our Time TP Summary: Things come a head in preparation for Megatron to make a statement to those attempting peace, and punish a dissenter. As logged by Goth

Altihex - Northern Hemisphere - Cybertron

Come at me, bro.

Goth was flying over head, (Uncloaked) over to Altihex, on his way to meet his mate and to inform him of the on coming 'event' in polyhex that was going to be happening tomorrow... He was scanning the ground below for signs of his mate.

Goth will suddenly hear the roar of a rocket engine coming up at him fast. A brown and purple shuttle roars up from some perch down below... seems Blast Off has spotted him- and as far as Blast Off knows, that order from Megatron to capture the bat still stands. "<< Surrender now, Goth, before I start shooting... >>" His lasers are already primed and ready as he veers by, *just* missing the bat and coming around again.

Goth's energon runs cold as he hears that, did MEgatron NOT call off that order on him despite the agreeance to participate tomorrow?! Slag, he should of Know Goth stops and quickly looks around, attempting to get sights on the shuttle. "<< I believe this is a misunderstanding, hasn't this already been sorted??>>" He'd ask, least he can try, right?

The shuttle chuckles... or at least seems to, it's maybe a bit hard to tell among the shuttle engine rumbles and roar. "<< Nice try... my orders have not changed. I am a *professional*, do you take me for a fool? Land *now* or I *shoot* you down. >>" Blast Off circles.

Goth knits his ridges as he watches the shuttle, thiiis was bad, ether he gives up, or gets shot, and he can't really risk getting hurt before that fight... He scans the ground below once more looking for Khamsin in a panic, not awnsering Blast Off just yet.

"<<Time's up. >>" grumbles the shuttle, lasers taking aim at Goth. "<< Most unfortunate you choose to do it this way, you were a good medic. >>" Blast Off isn't fooling around and he lets the bat know with a blast towards one of Goth's wings.

>> Blast Off succeeds with his generic combat roll on Goth. <<

Unfortunately for Goth, that strike hits home, why wouldn't? Blast Off is one of the Decepticon's best snipers! There's a loud cracking and shattering as Blast Off his his mark on Goth's wing, the main frame of it for that matter, just Goth's luck.. Goth lets out a cry of pain as he starts to fumble, and starts losing altitude, starting to go into a tumbling fall!

Meanwhile, on the ground, there are spectators. Because of course there are... Various mechs pointing, watching, recording... but no interventions. Not directly. There's good reason, they're not combatants, and Blast Off has guns. But the Combaticon should smile, he's on camera.

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "In process of capturing Goth... I should be bringing him in soon."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Blast Off. We do not need him captured. We need him alive and unharmed for tomorrow."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "I have my orders."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "You have new orders."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "What are you planning, Deathsaurus."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "I shall bring him alive... but unharmed is up to him. Seems he's chosen to fight me."

<<Decepticon>> Nightshade says, "If this pertains to the 'hunt', Lord Megatron called it off several weeks ago."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "He has agreed to perform in the arena without being brought in. That hunt has been called off becsaue of it, if Im not mistaken."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Yes, I called off the hunt."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "....And you didn't notify the Combaticons?"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I believe there have been recent reports."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "I... apologize then. Uh..."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Must I give engraved invitations? The most recent on hold as well."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "If you two want to fight it out anyways, be my guest. You owe him for Bruticus's defeat don't you?"

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "...."

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "Burrrrrrnnnnn"

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "...whoops. Forgot this was even on. Uh... ... burrrnnnnn"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "He does NOT. you have a city to run."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Blast Off? Get your revenge as you will. Goth? I hope this teaches a lesson."

Blast Off radios that he's capturing Goth and gets an unexpected reply. Wait, what? The message got called off?! Well what the frag NOW??? He circles as Goth tumbles down, down, down.... oh frag. With a loud *GRUMBLE* of engines, the shuttle swoops down to meet the bat, easing below him and allowing him to use Blast Off to soften his fall as they both head down to the ground, the Combaticon breaking the fall, but unceremoniously just rolling once they are just above ground to ditch the bat before transforming. "FRAG."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Goth if you can get to New Polyhex, you will be under my protection."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Hmm. Today, new polyhex is a safe place to run to. But Perhaps tomorrow, New Polyhex wont be as safe as you think. Goth /will/ make his appointment tomorrow regardless. Blast Off, if you will bring him in to ensure it."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "wait...I thought you just said.... ???"

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "I have changed my mind. He will need to be secure for tomorrow."

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "My lord... he will be there. But if he is damaged, it is hardly proper."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "and you will be able to have your payback. Bring him in with as little damages as possible. He will be repaired before the fight."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "....."

<<Decepticon>> Blast Off says, "Understood"

Thankfully Blast off is bigger then Goth! Goth lands roughly on Blast off and nearly tumbles off and grunts in pain as he lands back first on the ground and mutters in pain as he starts to push himself off, energon leaking from the wound. "Damn.. idiot can't make up his mind." he grunts.

Blast Off winces too, but his pain seems to come from his head... he rubs at his helmet as if trying to clear some fogginess away. "Frag it all... he does." He agrees, then shakes his head before looking back up at the bat. Then he lifts his ionic blaster and takes aim. "But his orders... *now* are that you need to come in."

Goth glares down the barrel of the gun, cringing, he doesn't want to hurt Blast Off, after all, he /knows/ the Shuttle can't resist Megatron's orders at the moment.. but at the same time... He lets out a low growl and chuffs. "...Fine.." he says simply, not wanting to hurt his friend, or get further harmed.

There's a moment where Blast Off just seems to study him, somewhere beyond any loyalty programing, and he sighs softly. "...Sorry. But orders are orders. So. I'm going to call for backup. You plan on cooperating, or should I plan on using this?" He lifts his gun, already radioing backup.

"I know." Goth says simply to Blast Off with his own huff. "..I'll cooperate fully." He says simply, keeping a hand over his wound. "Not your fault our leader is a moron." Goth says dryly.

There's a hesitation there, again almost as if Blast Off is struggling with some inner conflict. He *should* resent that remark.... right? Except... he knows Goth is right! Fragging scrapiles, why can't Megatron make up his own mind? He *knows* the Decepticons would do better without that megalanical maniac in charge but....Ow. now he's back to shaking his head, frowning under the faceplate. "...Uh, yeah." He sounds a little disoriented, then shakes again before straightening. "They'll be here shortly and then we shall be off ...seems you have an appointment to make."

The Cradle - Kolkular

Goth is brought into the throne room, cuffed by the back up Blast Off had called, his wing still injured, given not bleeding energon as much now, but it still is, the bat looks none too happy as the guards step away to present their 'hostage' to their lord.

Megatron nods "Ah yes." he rises from his throne, looking over Blast off's capture. "Excellent work, Blast Off. I take it you had your fun with him?" he chuckles. "Goth, this is all part of a learning process you know. If you had never interfered with your master or questioned my authority we wouldn't be in this position would we?"

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "how goes the battle?"

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "Depends on how much you know."

<<Decepticon>> Nightlash says, "Because that'll make up approximately half of it."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "alright then."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "It is not your concern."

"If by learning process, you mean the process of understanding how /inept/ you are with giving orders of late, yes." Goth huffs. "I'm quite aware of the orders Blast Off was talking about, it was when Khamsin made a fool of you over broadband, I take /that/ was the orders that were never recindid?" He questions rather calmly, trying to save face, to show he wasn't scared.. When really, he was.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "It is ABSOLUTELY my concern, he is MY destron."

<<Decepticon>> Emperor Megatron says, "Calm yourself, Destron. Your teammate is safe and will be prepared for the arena. Apparently he has not learned his lesson. Yet."

Megatron shakes his head. "I see you have learned nothing." He says. "You are fortunate you are useful to me." he motions to Blast Off. "Get yourself repaired, and take him with you to repair bay. He will be prepared for the fights tomorrow night." Megatron looks to Goth. "You have my permission to contact your conjunx. Let him know about your tournament." oh dear.

"House arrest, how lovely." Goth says tartly, optics narrowed at Megatron knowingly. "All I have learned, is how far you've fallen." Goth quips "Shouldn't set your troops up to take the fall for your idiotic actions." Goth snarls, trying /very/ hard not to add to that sentence of how it was even more so, given Megatron was using someone who really, couldn't disobey. Goth is then taken away once more by the guards. <> <Gardener> I work. with idiots.

Megatron watches Goth get taken off , shaking his head. Everyone caves sooner or later. Surely Goth will. <<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "I don't want to know do I."

<> <Ladybird> Yeah...that's...par for the course.

<> <Gardener> This is normal behavior. This isn't unusual then.

<> <Ladybird> Working with incompetent idiots is all I've ever known, yeah.

<> <Watcher> If Gardner's troops had discipline and wouldn't cause problems they wouldn't be in this situation.

<> <Ladybird> Let's be fair, acts of severe idiocy are rampant throughout the ranks. It's just a matter of whoever's on the receiving end that changes.

<> <Gardener> Yeah yeah, we're all idiots I get it. Thanks Ladybird.

<> <Gardener> I don't even know if my brother is alive or dead right now. Sorry if I'm terse.

(Radio) Goth transmits, "I'm alive, injured, but alive.. I'm worried about what he's planning." to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, "thank primus. are you permitted to be repaired? Should we hide you?"

(Radio) Goth transmits, "I'm being repaired yes, I believe, however.. I am under house arrest, to ensure /i make it/" to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Khamsin?" to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'Yes?'

(Radio) Goth transmits, "..We have a problem.." to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I'm listening... what kind of problem?'

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, "How bad are your injuries. Do you need me to break you out?"

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'That explains the footage being shared with me here in Altihex... Unknown combatant, you say?'

(Radio) Goth transmits, "My wing strut was snapped by Blast Off, bled some energon but.. that's it." to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Yes.. We're.. unsure, who'll be fighting I." to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I see. Don't do anything foolish... it will be fine.'

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, "is this fight still something that you want."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "...He told me to tell you, I do not /know/ why, but.. don't do anything rash yourself." to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I will be calculative and precise...and I know exactly why he told me.'

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'Tell him...what follows will be of his doing.'

(Radio) Goth transmits, "...I don't have much a choice." to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, "I'm giving you one now. I can get you out. hide you. face the consequences."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "I shall, and.. I love you." to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'Love you to. Just remain calm. It will be fine.'

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Alright..Be safe" to Khamsin.

(Radio) Khamsin sends Goth a radio transmission, 'I'll see you soon.'

(Radio) Goth transmits, "...You shouldn't suffer for my actions, thank you though... Khamsin is also coming I suspect." to Deathsaurus.

(Radio) Deathsaurus sends Goth a radio transmission, "I should call him. You should call him if you can. Someone should tell him."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "I told him" to Deathsaurus.