Transformers Universe MUX


Log Title: A Path In The Aftermath

Characters: Khamsin, Deathsaurus, Goth, Ghost,

Location: Altihex 

Date: 4/17/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP

Summary: Following the events at the New Polyhex event, 
Khamsin, Goth, and Deathsaurus with the Beastforce, stop at 
Altihex for triage, and a moment to calm down.   

As logged by Goth

East Altihex - Northeastern Cybertron

Khamsin is...a bloody mess. Not that he got hit by much...but what did hit him was severe. There's the crumpled section of his chest from Lugnut's fists, the scorched fissures from Megatron's point-blank cannon, and then there's that spot on his back where he was struck by Nightshade's sniper rifle...and he's bleeding from all of that and more. Waving off assistance as he walks, he moves towards his preferred stall for tea keeping rather proudly upright until he's reached his destination. Slumping heavily in the seat, he reaches up to wipe the energon running from the corner of his mouth as the stall's owner sets out the usual cups and heated liquid in front of the silent mech, coughing softly.

Goth would soon come out of stealth not far behind Khamsin, nearly crashing as he makes his way over to his injured mate in a panic, Goth is unscathed, everyone is alive, injured, but for him and.. he hates it, he really hates it, he has that black icore welling at his optics as he starts quickly looking over Khamsin and Transforms too his root mode, starting to make repairs. "I am sorry.. I am so.. so.. soo sorry."

>> Goth finishes the repairs on Khamsin. <<

Deathsaurus is brought over by his forces, completely limp and smoldering down to his endoskeleton. He hasn't been beaten this badly injured since his rebuild. He turns his head in the direction of the sound of a welder, his optics unfocused. "He..lived you made it..that's good. Both..alive." he isn't making much sense, barely conscious and most likely in shock. He just hopes they'll all survive the aftermath now.

Khamsin remains mostly motionless as Goth comes in behind him and starts working, possibly to allow the other mech to work unhindered. His only real movement comes in the way of preparing the drink, pouring one for himself, another for Goth, and a third untouched to the side for now.... though, when the apologies start flowing, he narrows his eyes. "Why do you apologize for something you had no fault in?" He sets things down to take hold of Goth's hand and just stop him for a moment. "Megatron's endgame in all of this furthers his unravelling. We won. There's nothing to be sorry for." He looks at Des...and sets to filling that third cup.

Goth looks at Khamsin and Death and his mouth opens but nothing comes out but a whimper as he forces back a sob, he can't break down right now, he really can't, he has to force it down as he works to repair Both Des and Khamsin... He does pause momentarily, to place his forhelm against Khamsin's before placing a kiss at the top of his helm, and continues his repairs.

>> Goth finishes the repairs on Deathsaurus. <<

Khamsin closes his eyes as he smiles faintly at Goth. "See to Des... I'm fine for now." He pauses, taking a moment to wipe the corner of his mouth again before sipping his tea. That much done, he reaches into subspace and pulls out the case holding that leatherbound book and the writing tools to go with, opening to an empty page and starting to write again.

Goth knits his ridges and nods slowly, he'd then hug Khamsin tightly, before going over and started focusing his repairs on Des, trying to steady his voice box. "What.. What is that book?" he asks trying not to focus on the horrors of those he cares for around him.

Deathsaurus 's optics track Khamsin's hands, noting his reunion with Goth. He shuts his optics off, giving them so privacy for a moment. He tries to reach over for the tea but is finding his body quite unresponsive for the moment. He is very still for a long time, perhaps floating in and out of consciousness. He gives a violent cough a few moments later and starts to try to wrap his wings around himself. He knows Leozak will lead in his absence and trusts him to do so. Still the idea of being this damaged and exposed isn't a good thing for him. He stays still as his systems is worked upon, his optics flickering a bit. He looks over, curious about that himself.

Khamsin pauses his writing. " me." He pauses, setting the pen to the side and flipping to the previous page. "The prior forty two statements of confession of truths...but they are no longer needed." He pauses, turning his head to cough a few times, once more reaching up to wipe the corner of his mouth clean. "So I am writing the annulment of my that if anything changes, they are not rendered untrue." He turns back to the most recent page to resume. "I've...collected my thoughts, my observations, my learnings, anecdotes... enough to fill libraries." He pauses, thinking a moment before reaching in to pull out an old box and opening it. Much like the most recent, it contains parchment, loose-bound, though, and yellowed. "I started on save energy. The datapad always required a charge and...I couldn't afford it." He opens the first few pages... "Thoughts, musings, ramblings and incoherent notes of someone operating on checklists and exhaustion..." He looks at his most recent. "How things change."

Deathsaurus just quietly listens. Changes. That's interesting. He wonders what changes were recorded tonight, but that's a conversation between Goth and Khamsin. He simply dims his optics and limpens, pretending to not be in the room for them.

Goth gives a weak chuckle. "I'm almost jealous of how well learned you've become, yet I love you even more for it..." Goth huffs as she works on Des, his optics dimming. "...Thank you.. for coming for me, I.. I am so sorry you were so badly injured as a result though."

Khamsin chuckles softly as he finishes his writing, signing the bottom of the page with that flowing signature. Leaving the ink to dry, he turns back to the older book. " charts, diagrams and schematics to salvage a ship and turn it into a long-lasting battery to keep me functional..." He chuckles softly and continues to flip through. "I should get these captured digitally. But part of me feels...something would be lost. Thoughts, memories...they should be passed along and left to change and develop as they grow apart from their source. Not...locked in time and hopelessly immortal..."

Deathsaurus tilts his head a bit curiously. Interesting indeed. A mostly immortal being concerned about mortality. These two have a lot more layers then hes used to in dealing with Decepticons. Goth hehs. "I think... Archiving them, would be a better way to put it.. Both are good.." Goth muses softly. "...We normally did both on Eukrias, we.. did our writing on paper or stone, but also archived most into our digital library to ensure they where not lost, despite having plenty of energy created around us from the sun, volcanoes, water currents.." Goth muses trying to calm down, his hands shaking as he keeps working on Death. "But the physical ones, being passed along and where often treated as a great honor.. and responsibility to guard."

Khamsin carefully replaces the books into their respective storage boxes, closing them and subspacing them again. "I it may not be as large an issue as if I'd kept them on Earth. Imagine...archaeologists finding star charts, notes, and mention of giant robots before they should have found us..." He chuckles softly, an action that just devolves into a few soft coughs and he, again, has to wipe the corner of his mouth clean. "Remind me...not to get shot in the face by Megatron again, or punched by Lugnut." He frowns. "How are you doing, Goth...they didn't hurt you, did they?"

"Heh, that would of been quite an amusing situation to see." Goth says with a weak smile, glancing back to Khamsin in worry, as he finishes what he can do on Des for the moment, ensuring his pain receptors where off.. he tries to clean all the energon from his hands but its not really working, there's a lot, he does his best though. Moving over he works to help ease Khamsin's pain. "I am.. unharmed, in large part, thanks too all of you.." Goth says softly, but does raise his wing to show where the break in his wing from Blast Off was repaired. "And I will gladly remind you.. who knew Lugnut had... such power."

Deathsaurus nods "No one has been able to do that before." he admits, his own voice sounding more tired and raspy then before. Maybe Lugnut hit him harder than he thought. He raises a nearly skeletal hand towards Khamsin. "Don't like that cough. Sounds like something internal is..." He lets that hand fall back down again, his systems reminding him that he shouldn't be moving at all.

Khamsin nods. "Something internal is clearly is not surprising, but it can be addressed." He sips his tea again before setting the cup aside so Goth can work without him getting in the way. "I've been giving thought... It is painfully clear that the Autobots seek to be the walls that hold the Decepticons at bay, and the Decepticons care nothing for ending this war... there is no ...hope for peace. Yet." He looks around Altihex. " efforts will be best served here, providing a haven and sanctuary for those who seek escape from the war. As such...unless it is requested specifically, I believe I shall not mediate any further summits between the two warring factions."

Goth nods softly, and glances back. "Don't get up." he says to Des. "You're just in bad of shape if not worse." he chuffs, his voice still shaky, before looks back to Khamsin and brings a hand up to Khamsin's cheek. "Alright... I think you did well, all things considered." He smiles, heavy bags under his optics from the stress, that black ichor falling from his optics, he takes a deep breath and keeps working, trying to ease Khamsin's pain. "...You are all alive.. and.. I'd rather you all stay that way." Goth says softly to them both. "I.." He looks to be struggling to find the words he wants.

<> <Watcher> Primus.

<<Decepticon>> Ghost says, "Trypticon, please prepare the mainframe. I am coming /home/."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Safe...travels, Ghost."

(Radio) Goth transmits, "Be safe.. Thank you." to Ghost.

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission.

Khamsin settles himself down comfortably to sip his tea. "Mmm...indeed, indeed. Family." He smiles faintly before slumping down again. "But...I need rest. I need to collect my thoughts...and I need to...figure out next steps." He looks at Goth, then Des, "and I both need to do the same as well."

Deathsaurus sends a radio transmission. He does seem to be hanging in there, hes just tense about something. "Of course we are." He says "Thank you. I'll watch over you while I.." he tilts his head at the radios. "Somethings amiss."

Goth nods once more to KHamsin, moving over to his mate, making sure he is comfortable before kissing him once more... He has a lot to think about tonight... He moves back over to Des, slowly working to repair the two. "..What.. do you mean?" Goth asks with a tilted helm.

Deathsaurus nods "Ghost heading so quickly into trypticon.." he says, lowering his voice so Khamsin can rest.

Khamsin says, "Ghost...will need a fair bit of support." He pushes himself up and glances about briefly. " going to find a spot to rest." He gives Goth a drawn out hug before following it up with a kiss. Then, to Des, he gives the large mech a pat on the shoulder. "Don't push yourself. Doctor's orders."

Goth frowns. "..Hm I wonder why." Goth says softly, then again he can likely guess, Ghost.. was pretty angry at Megatron, Megatron even seemed scared of her, which was... interesting. He is more then welcoming of the hug, wanting it to last longer, but knows Khamsin needs to recover, he nods. "I'll join you soon mi amor." he says with a smile. "Yes.. Ghost has... Done something I did not expect."

Deathsaurus nods "They all are. All of his loyalists are crumbling. The whole empire..." he shivers at the idea, almost afraid. He puts his head under a wing. "I won't. I will be resting soon enough."

(Radio) Ghost sends you a radio transmission, 'As safe as houses.'

Khamsin says, "And send Ghost my regards as well, hmm?" He flicks his ear before turning to depart. "I will see you both tomorrow. Rest well."

(Radio) You transmit, "I am.. not the best, in expressing my self, but.. Mmm.. Without you my husband would be... Mmm.. Khamsin also sends his regards." to Ghost.

Goth smiles at Khamsin, and pats Des as he works, sending off that transmission. "Done, and done."

(Radio) Ghost sends you a radio transmission, 'I did nothing but distract. You took action and were able to deliver him to freedom once more. Good luck and walk with the winds.'

Deathsaurus tilts his head "What was that about?" he asks quietly.

"Ah, you've not noticed?" Goth asks pointing to his ear. "Khamsin is.. always listening." he chuckles. "I was speaking with Ghost, thanking her for what she did, seems to think all she did was offer a distraction, but.. that alone, still is a massive thing to have done, she put herself at such a risk..."

>> Goth finishes the repairs on Khamsin. <<

>> Goth finishes the repairs on Deathsaurus. <<

Deathsaurus tilts his head. "Well somethings up. Im not sure what but tell her ...she still has my support."

(Radio) You transmit, "I'd say stop being so humble, you put yourself at a great risk there... But I also do not know all the details, so I will merely say, I understand and.. that should you need it, Khamsin, I, and Des are still at your support." to Ghost.

Goth nods as he does a few more repairs on Des, getting him out of a critical state and stabilized, letting out a vent of relief.

Deathsaurus mutters " I might be deaf but I'm not an idiot." Deathsaurus mutters something softly. He nods a bit, his venting starting to sound smoother. "Feels better already." he says, as he attempts to sit up. "You do good work."

Goth's ears twitch. "Is she radioing you as well?" He chuckles as he works. "Indeed.. Khamsin taught me how to apply my skill well.." Goth pauses in thought. "You know, while I do enjoy building weapons and the like.. I possibly wouldn't mind a job as some sort of medical professional if this war does end.."

Deathsaurus nods "I sent a radio to her and she returned one to me. I simply wished her well." He says softly. "If this war ends, and I survive it. I will move on to the next. Its a big galaxy out here. Fighting to keep the empire alive is what I do."

Goth chuckles. "We shall see, still though.." Goth huffs. "....You know I never once imagined myself with a future of any sort other then meeting my death, after I was exiled from my planet, but then Khamsin came into my life.. and then you.. I never thought what I would do if it ended though....Always figured I would die somehow." Goth hems. "...But now I oddly find myself looking to that possibility.. "

Deathsaurus nods "If this particular war ended, there will be others." he says. "I was created to live and die in battle. As I told Khamsin. It is what I was designed for in this life. I will die before I grow old, I know this. My plan is to prepare my soldiers, and then my children when they are old enough to care for an empire. To learn from Megatrons how even the oldest empires can fall. And make sure theirs does not fall to the same fate. My life never has and never will belong to me. My life belongs to the Destrons, to the Destron empire and all that it stands for. If I make it stronger in my time in this galaxy than I have done my duty well. If I see my wife and children can carry on without me. If my legacy burns for another four million years or longer then.." he says. "Then I have done what my spark came online to do. My family is the greatest hope for my empire. I am honored that you and your mate have joined it somehow."

Goth huffs and shakes his helm at Des, he doesn't say much, but instead, just offers the silly Kaiju a hug. "...And thank you for welcoming us into it.."

Deathsaurus chuckles and hugs Goth with all the strength he has. "I should hang out on rooftops and talk to brooders more often."

Goth laughs, a smile on his face. "Lets be honest my friend, I was sobbing." He admits with a chuff. "I ironically met Khamsin after being dragged into the medical bay." Goth explains, letting out a quite purr.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Love at first sight eh?" he says. "We all come into this world the same way we go out. Kicking, screaming, sobbing, and covered in energon. You just didn't know it was a rebirth at the time." Deathsaurus just shows the world once again he cannot picture a world without pain, misery and war. Its so much a part of him that the idea of a peaceful existence is alien to him.

Goth coughs and glances away. "..Well I will not lie, his personality did charm me a fair bit." Goth clears his throat, not really wanting to admit just yet, that, yes, he maay have had a crush on Dustoff like that. "It took about mmm 2? 3? months before we started dating." he muses. "Didn't even tell anyone for the first month."

Deathsaurus nods 'Some might think a relationship a weakness. I certainly do not." he says. "If his original body is anything like that one I can see what drew you to him. He's an easy mech on the optics."

"Mmm No, relationships are quite the opposite of such, and why I think Megatron's reign is going to quickly fall apart, he does not account for relationships or just how willing people are willing to go to provide for those we care for, we cybertronians, while made of metal, are not cold, we are quite social beings." Goth muses before optics brighten and his face lights up pink, his fur also ruffles, and he huffs rather indignantly! "Waatch yourself there." he'd chuff. "I'm biased, but I've always thought he was handsome, though it was his personality and intelligence that lured me in...." Goth then coughs glancing away. "Hmm his accent as well, its quite odd hearing him without it, but I can still tell it is him." Goth then pauses. "..He was, more a sandy color though."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "I'm not looking don't worry. My optics are only for one other and we will be together again soon. Have you considered a family? A legacy? I could see the two of you with many sparklings."

Goth coughs almost as if choking on his own tongue and pits a hand over Des's face, clearly embarrassed his ears fall back. "I think you're delirious at the moment and need to go into recharge to recover."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Sorry I went too far didnt I...there's always time for that later." he says. "I just know my wife and I are much happier surrounded by tiny kaiju."

Goth isn't sure how to answer that, other then huff. "We've also established you are quite strange, but... That is part of what makes you tolortable, and endearing to be around." Goth says with a nod, his ears coming up, he then yawns. "Mph... We both should recharge honestly.. I wish to join Khamsin and do more repairs on him... That and.. one of the few I can recharge around and not suffer night terrors."

Deathsaurus nods "Rest well and have good dreams. I'll be here to make you uncomfortable when you wake up." He jokes. He tucks his head under his wing. "Thank you. Saved my life yet again."