Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A New Year In A Bar

Characters: Goth, Blast Off, Soundwave, Ghost,

Location: The Rollout Bar

Date: 12/31/2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: A Depressed Goth and Blast Off find something to look forward too.

As logged by Goth

The Rollout Bar - Toraxxis - Cybertron

Blast Off sits at the Rollout Bar, staring at a datapad as he sips some enerwine. Around him, the celebrations of a new year gather- a crowd wearing "Happy New Cycle" hats and visors, plenty of engex, and an overall festive mood. Except in that one corner where the shuttle sits, still browsing through the datapad.

Goth comes into the rollout with his wings wrapped around him like a cape, he looks horribly exhausted, his normal prim-and-proper self looking rather unkempt and sleep deprived, he's been working none-stop to try and get Deathsarus home, but, he's been forced to get out of his lab by some of the other scientists there that are a bit worried for the Bat's mental and physicals health... So, Bar it was!

The bat did stand out among the festivities, being rather gloomy in color and appearance, but he does spot Blast Off, and quietly makes his way over. "Hola.. How are you this evening?" He asks in a tired tone.

With a few quick motions, Goth transforms into a large vampire bat.

Blast Off frowns down at his datapad until he senses someone approaching, waves a hand without looking and huffs, "No room, go away..." Then he happens to glance up at Goth and - "OH." The Combaticon blinks and his hand drops down. "Er.... Goth." Pause. He then gestures to the seat opposite him. "Have a seat?" The datapad is placed down and he leans back in his seat with a sigh. "People are annoying."

Goth quirked a ridge, not moving before Blast Off finely notices whom it is, and he smiles lightly and nods, loose strands of his main flipping over into his optics as he takes a seat and huffs out. "I can understand so, it can be annoying when its not.. well, one you are comfterble with." He'd chuff. "...Had to believe I've officially been awake now for a total year."

"Indeed," agrees the Combaticon, leaning forward and clasping hands for a moment. "Everyone else here is so loud and rowdy and obnoxious." Then he gestures to his datapad, "And people elsewhere, too." With a heavy sigh he shoves the datapad away. "I need a drink." Then Blast Off remembers he has one and downs the contents, then looks forlornly at the bottom of the glass before waving at a bartender. "More. I want..." He stops and looks at Goth, "What do you want?"

Goth raises a ridge, and yet, here Blast Off was in the bar, and not leaving. "...Bah, fraggit, I could use some wine." He'd huff and unfurl his wings, and folding his hands on the table. "...Missing someone as well?" He asks.

Blast Off nods, "Bartender, a wine for him and..." Pause. "Some Galaxy Fuel for me." He leans back, "Special night, special drink." He starts gathering up the datapad again when Goth asks if he's missing someone and the shuttle nearly flinches. "NO?!" His voice has a tinge of surprised defensive panic to it before he clamps down and asks, a bit more snooty sounding this time, "Why on Cybertron would I be?" He slides the datapad to the edge of the counter near his purple chest, then tilts his head. "...But I take it you are?" he glances around, indeed there is no Khamsin in sight.

Goth gives Blast Off a look, indicating he shouldn't try to hide it form him, but he nods. "Indeed...With Khamsin away, and Deathsaurus, Onyx knows where.." Goth would vent out somberly, he... well he looks a bit ready to cry, fact he is forcing himself push back the fluid welling in his optics, he sighs. "The loneliness of exile, and traitorisim becomes much more deafening."

Blast Off looks thoughtful at the mention of Deathsaurus, his manner drooping a bit. "...Yes, indeed." He gazes into the distance a moment before refocusing on Goth. Who... looks really depressed. The shuttle stares at him evenly for a moment before glancing back down to the datapad. "Ah. ....Yes. I... can certainly understand the ...consequences of such."

The bartender arrives to serve them their drinks, and Blast Off nods towards Goth's enerwine. "...My treat."

"Gracias amigo." Goth says with a slight smile as he gladly indulges in the wine, venting out after a moment of a long sip. He'd let out a light chuckle. "Ironically, this is nearly the /exact/ same place I was last new years eve." He snorts, before the bravo wears off and his body posture deflates. "Though, one could argue it is.. not as bad."

Blast Off nods again, then takes his drink and stirs it. The Galaxy Fuel sparkles as he does, looking almost like stars twinkling in a galaxy. The little hatch in his faceplate opens and he takes a sip, then places the drink down with a satisfied, "Ah!"

Now he focuses on Goth. There's a twitch in his optic ridges, something like concern, though soon his face returns to its normal flat neutral. "Khamsin still gone somewhere? Were you here with him before?"

Goth snorts. "Ah, I had not been reunited with Khamsin till sometime in.. I believe January or February of this year, at least at the current time." He'd smirk. "And yes.. he is still away on his trip." Goth huffs, before he takes another sip of his wine. "...Was quite the hell to wake up and to realize I had been out for millions of years, and not know what may of happened to him."

"Hmm," Blast Off shakes his head once in sympathy. "Yes..." He stirs his drink again, gazing at the sparks. "That is a while, though of course sometimes people are away for years. It happens traveling through the cosmos." The shuttle's violet optics look up at the bat. He adds quietly, "I certainly know what it's like to wake up and realize everyone else has had millions of years of experience you...have not, and ..." His face shadows, "Everything you knew is long, long gone." Pause. "...As are many people."

Goth's optics dim as he looks down into his drink and nods. "..Indeed.. it is.. no pleasant feeling, or thought, all I can hope is that my longing is not for too much longer." Goth huffs. "Dramatic, I know." Goth huffs with a flick of his wrist. "Considering he lived thought those years without me, and here I am unable to go a few months without breaking into a blubbering sulking mess." He'd grumble, almost pouting.

Blast Off grows silent for a moment, giving a short nod. "....I hope he comes back." The shuttle lifts his glass for a toast, "Soon." He then chuckles at the rest. "Yes, well, we all... deal with things differently." He takes another drink.

Goth smiles lightly, glad to cheer Blast Off up, even a little and joins in that toast. "Indeed, too that." He'd say softly, pushing his mane back some to make himself look SOMEWHAT presentable, but the fact loose mane strands fall back in his face say it all, he'd not been caring for himself well enough, and he just huffs, taking a sip of his drink.

"...And too whom it is you are missing, here is hoping, you'll get to speak with them again." Goth adds with a smile at Blast Off.

Blast Off just gazes at Goth for a while, almost looking like he *wants* to say something but he ultimately does not. Instead, he takes another drink, listening, then again stops and stiffens at the comment about 'missing someone'. The shuttleformer's face pinches and he looks down at his datapad uncomfortably, finally muttering, "Yes, well, even if there *was* someone, I'm sure I will."

He clears his throat, waving down the bartender again. "Rust sticks, please. White silica if you have them." The bartender produces just that, and Blast Off offers some to Goth. "At least you're better company than I find *online*."

"We can hope." Goth says softly to Blast off reassuringly, before he lets out a weak chuckle. "I saw that debacle on the chat room, cant say I am too surprised." he states, accepting said rust-sticks with a thankful nod, nibbling on one.

"Euugh..." Blast Off sinks back into his seat, thwacking the datapad with the tips of his fingers. "So you did? It was indeed a debacle. And *functionist*?" He suddenly jerks upright in the seat, placing his hands on the table's edge. "How DARE them, that's what we fight *against!"

Goth snorts. "your rhetoric was similar, but yes, indeed that is what /we/ fight against, even if Megatron has gone quite off the deep end." Goth smirks as he sips on the wine and munches on the rust sticks, not very startled by Blast Off's dramatics.

Blast Off's face pinches further, "What do you mean my rhetoric was *similar*?" He HUFFs and takes another drink. Staring into it, he turns thoughtful and adds, "Well, you're right on that end. Surprised he allowed us to continue functioning to be honest, but... he does like Bruticus."

"Similar, not exact, but it was walking a line of extremism that made others uncomfterble." Goth explains with a few gestures of his hands as he does.

"Indeed.. as Vortex says, you lot have Bruticus insurance." Goth nods. "You lot are one of his strongest weapons, long as you follow orders, you'll be safe..." Goth looks down in his drink. "...Hopefully there will come a time where that will not be all he sees you as."

Blast Off hurrumphs, "It was NOT!" The Combaticon looks offened now, staring at Goth. "I just stated facts. I start showing *pride* in my self and I'm immediately pounced on by the unwashed hordes." He sniffs, "Who are likely just jealous." HUFF. He grabs another gulp, eying the bat over the brim. "Yes, we do, and we are." Placing the drink down, he adds, "...That would be nice but.... seems unlikely anytime soon."

Goth smiles at Blast off as he listens, before nodding. "...Well, I am glad you have... friends, again, to get through that until then." Goth smiles softly. "...I admit, I am quite glad to have you to speak with in this time."

Blast Off gives Goth a flat look. "...But you think I sound like a functionist."

"I never said you where one." Goth points out. "I think you where a bit to brash with your words, as there is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself, believe me, I am /quite/ proud of my self and appreance even if no one /else/ sees how much work I put into it." Goth states, reminded of all the times people called him ugly, or ignored his geninus, placing a hand on his chest fluff... Given his current state, it was clear that Goth did put a fair bit into his looks.

Blast Off crosses his arms, and leans back, but he listens. "...." The shuttle eventually lifts a hand to take another drink, then sighs. "Brash. Tsk." He shakes his head. "When you've been stored away for four million years, you might not be on the same 'page' as everyone else, it seems." He *bahs*. "People are *annoying*."

The shuttleformer then glances up at Goth, tilting his head slightly. "Hmm. Well, for what it's worth, I can tell. I *know* these things," he leans in, pointing to his head, "Even if that's not the 'right' thing for me to say. But I *do*. I'm a shuttle, I know good grooming when I see it." He gives Goth an approving nod.

"That is fair." Goth states with a nod. "Quite reasonable really, to expect you to just adapt right away is.. well, unrealistic." He'd chuff and chuckle. "Yes, they can be, not often I make friends." he'd smile.

Goth smirks. "that I do know.. urph, i've not had a nice soak for a few days.. been working to.. well you know, quite none-stop, others made me go out, stating they are worried about me over working myself." He'd chuff.

<<Broadband>> Swindle does the audible equivalent of a blink. "...what the hell?"
<<Broadband>> Ghost says, "What.. now.."
<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "Do we need to change the calendar?"
<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "it has been ___many days since our last "Dumpsterfire?""
<<Broadband>> Goth snorts. "Oh here we go, are we to have our new years explosion?"
<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "I mean east coast united states it's what. 26 minutes into it....its a little late by our standards for chaos."
<<Broadband>> Swindle says, "Just a...personal discussion. Nothing to worry about."

"IT IS!," Blast Off agrees loudly, shaking his head. "Unrealistic. What do they *expect* me to do, be ashamed of myself?" Tsk. Blast Off does not get people. Except maybe people that care about their appearances, for THAT gets another nod. "Ah... sounds delightful. It's important that we take care of ourselves. Appearances matter. *I* know that better than anyone, being a space shuttle, but it's important for *anyone* who cares to make a good impression, to do their best."

<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, "Oh, Swindle. You really are naive. There are no personal discussions."
<<Broadband>> Soundwave says, ""

Goth smiles, listening and grinning, nodding in agreement. "I may not be a shuttle, but I do know how... finicky, my systems can be, water can do /quite/ the damage to my vents if I am not careful, rust much too quickly, and lets not even /start/ with the fire, and how it matts and melts my fur and I have to replace it and aaauhg." Goth groans. "its takes quite the time to clean as well, attracts so much dirt in a day."

"Exactly," Blast Off nods knowingly. "You may not have thrusters and heat shields, but you still have a reputation you care about, and..." He seems to frown under the faceplate. "...It seems like anything remotely like ...organics would be quite difficult."

Goth nods. "I don't think many realize just /how/ rigorous it is to keep myself clean, smelling nice, and not like wet canine." Goth sticks his tounge out and cringe. "Keep my fur soft and not.. greasy as well." He'd shudder.

Blast Off winces at the thought. "Ew. Yes, indeed." He shudders. "I have to say I am *glad* not to have to worry about such things." The shuttle takes another drink, then tilts his head slightly. "You know... we should hit some hot springs or something, sometime. I know a few nice spas and oasises... it can be a wonderful way to treat oneself."

"I'd enjoy such~" Goth says, leaning on the table, letting out a purr at the thought. "While my frame has been totally rebuild, I'm still quite an old mech, and such would feel quiet nice on these old aches." He'd chuckle.

<> <Morrigan> Oh Myrddin?
<> <Myrddin> Morrigan?
<> <Morrigan>

"Indeed," Blast Off nods, then scrutinizes his own frame. "And this..." He lifts his arms and looks at them. "...." He's silent a moment, for this is not a topic he enjoys but... "Well, you know this isn't even my original frame at all. Just some... *thing*, some empty vehicle Starscream stuck me in." There's a sigh and he sinks back into his seat. "I have to be extra vigilant on this frame or it will fall apart like the piece of Earth junk it i...." He bites his lip behind the faceplate, halting and correcting, "....Like this. I... don't do explosions well anymore."

There's another pause, and he adds, "But... yes. We should schedule that sometime. And for an 'old' mech, you certainly hold your own in a battle."

<> <Myrddin> I've got a dance. Let me get up the right song.
<> <Morrigan> First point of the new year. Morrigan:1 Myrddin: 0

Goth smiles. "I have to defend myself, and Khamsin, so, I need to keep my battle skills in check." He'd nod. "...Well I can look you over at some point and see if I can't adjust some things." He'd offer with a nod. "and Yes, we ought too~"

<> <Myrddin>

Blast Off seems to smile under his faceplate. "Sounds good." He lifts his drink and states, "To a better new cycle, Goth." Around him, cheers start to erupt as the brand new cycle begins.

Goth smiles and joins the toast. "To a better Cycle, a new year, and a much happier time." he says, drinking and enjoying the atmosphere of the bar.