Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A New Sign

Characters: Khamsin, Goth

Location: Altihex

Date: 5/25/2020

TP: Peace In Our Time TP 

Summary: Khamsin and Goth chat as they removed the 'Welcome to Hell' sign at 
Altihex's entrance. 

As logged by Goth

Altihex - Northern Hemisphere - Cybertron

Things are cleaning up, and swiftly. Well, relative to the overall state of things. Those who fled for sanctuary are back, the streets are packed with scavengers picking and pulling from the debris that had been used for hasty barricades and battlements, as well as the additional debris littered about from fighting... and Kham is busy amidst them, not directing or ordering about, but more just working himself, dismantling the sign at the city's entrance and leaving the pieces to those who care to pick them up

Goth would soon come flying over, landing carefully on the ground near as he looks up above at Khamsin's work. "How goes the clean up?" He calls to his mate as he shifts to standing on his back legs and starts lumbering his way over.

Khamsin smiles a bit. "As well as should be expected... most of the stuff we can reutilize is being set to the side, the stuff that...would require heavy processing or such is being scavenged by those who appreciate that sort of thing or can use it... the remainder will be piled up for disposal." He continues dismantling the sign. "The city will...come back. It is coming back."

Goth nods. "Indeed... Seems it already is." He'd smile as he flaps his wings to get himself up to the sign above with Khamsin.. He'd latch his pede claws onto the supports above, before hanging upside down, and moving his body to properly have his helm and body partly upright, and brings his hands forward to help in dismantling the sign. "Need a hand?" The bat asks with a smile.

Khamsin takes a moment to just finish up detaching one of the plates with the 'L' painted on it...and listens to it fall to the ground with a thump. "I won't say no." He chuckles softly and holds up a cutting torch. "We need Altihex to begin showcasing it's new identity, and Hell is most certainly not it."

"Only if it is in reference to the heat." Goth chuckles in reply. He takes the welding torch in thanks and starts getting to work there. "I do hope you're taking breaks, and not overworking yourself." Goth states as he works.

Khamsin tsks. "Even if it were, Altihex will be the oasis that breaks that heat." He looks back at his own task as Goth sets in to help. "I am...resting when I must, yes." How often that is? He doesn't say. "I'll rest proper wwhen the task is done, though."

Goth raises a ridge at Khamsin. "I do hope that is often." Goth states with a huff as he works before he chuckles. "...It is a nice thought, Though..." Goth pauses in thought. "Is there a propper lake around?" He questions, thinking.

Khamsin grins. "It is as often as is needed." He looks back at his work and then thinks. "I... you know? I'd have to think on that a moment. However, there's no saying one can't be made, either." He nods. "Mmm...the Rust Seas are not too far off...."

"This is true.. Would think it would partly help in the heat matter." Goth chuckles as he hems, working. "...Much as water has done me wrong, I can't help but enjoy finding myself living by it." Goth muses as he keeps working on his spot, before glancing over. "You're sounding like you're being cheeky.." He'd huff with a smile.

Khamsin flashes a grin as another chunk of the sign falls away. "That would all depend on what you think I'm being cheeky about." He winks before looking back at his work. "But the Rust Seas are close..." He chuckles softly. "How about yourself...rested up well? Recovering soundly?"

Goth huffs at Khamsin. "Don't make me pin you down to make you rest." Goth threatens... Is it a threat though? Goth shakes his helm. "I'm... feeling better then I have in millions of years, it's strange." He'd smile softly. "And you know I rest well when you're near." Goth would purr. "How about yourself? Are you still.." He'd look for the words. "..Waking up startled?" He asks trying to go a round about way of asking when they were both in the hospital.

Khamsin laughs at that. "Mmm...I'll rest, you've my word." He gives a nod and goes back in to work. "Hmm? Waking up startled?" He blinks, thinking a moment. "When did that happen?" He furrows his brow a bit.

Goth hems and clicks his jaw. "I noticed your body posture when you woke in the hospital, but I was unsure if that was just something due to what you.. We, had been through." Goth asks as he works, both trying, and trying not to hide the worry in his tone.

Khamsin blinks again. "Oh...right. Yes... that." He frowns. "The last thing I recall was the fight outside the labs. I was knocked offline, systems shut down, and then I woke up somewhere strange. It was jarring and abrupt, interrupted only by the haze of subtle processes creating a conversation with ... well... maybe it's a habit I picked up on earth...communing with ghosts and the sorts." He chuckles. "I think I was offering up my proclomations of truth for judgement."

Goth nods as Khamsin spoke, that made sense to him, until he mentions speaking with Ghosts, which get a ridge raise from the bat, but the more Goth thought about it and what Khamsin was doing on earth and been through.. Made sense he'd likely have to take up that sort of occult practice. "...Huh." Goth says, thinking about it, not put off, but more thoughtful.

"Those all do make sense, I've had my own fair share of... Interesting, instances after serious injury, and waking up from them."

Khamsin nods slightly and, indeed it would seem that way. Things picked up... just an odd touch of Earth carried with him, it would seem. He looks back at the sign and lets another big chunk fall before climbing his way along to the next. "You mean you don't have any old habits from the places you've lived in?"

Goth chuckles. "Hmm I would say so, though I imagine most wouldn't count them as such, but I seem to hide them well." He'd think as the thunk of falling metal signals he's completed his own amount of work before moving to the next. "Eukrias was the first place i'd ever settled, given it was my birth place, so I have many strange things I don't think most notice as odd... Such as not having a squeamish approach to anything organic." Goth muses in thought.

"After that I was stuck in a ship for many years.. Scavenging up what I could and moving place to place." He'd tilt his helm side to side as he thought there. "Y tomé esto de la Tierra. Hablando de eso, mis bancos de datos están volviendo a conectarse lentamente sobre mi tiempo allí."

Khamsin points. "Mmm, language, that's a big one..." He nods. "And...alone on a ship." He exhales. "I know that feeling." He frowns. "Had my share of it, actually." He thinks a bit. "Hmm...suppose I'm probably the only silly soul that picked up some odd semblence of religion there, aren't I." He smirks a bit and looks back at the sign. "I wonder, though...what does that make me?"

Goth grunts. "It is.. not pleasant, the silence of space, no one to commune with, almost madding." Goth vents out, knitting his ridges, he shakes the thought off. "Me and Religion have a... strained, relationship." Goth admits. "Was once the rather religious sort before everything fell down around me on Eukrias, given, I was still the odd one out, devoted more to scientific theories and the sort." Goth hems.

Before his tone goes flat. "..Much as I don't want to acknowledge it, I think that when I disavowed it, that may have played a hand in the terrible luck I experienced and you witnessed." He states with a cringe. "Mmmm I would say, you are Khamsin." He nods.

Khamsin thinks on that a bit more before he uses the plasma torch to cut another section off. " makes me...peculiar, if I think too hard about it." He does, though, chuckle at the thought of the bad luck... "I don't know. Luck tends to be what we make it. I don't put much stock in it. It's competitions of opposing skill." He muses.

Goth smirks. "Well, I like peculiar, makes things much less boring...Honestly what got me into trouble in the first place" Goth smiles with a chuckle as he finishes another part of the sign. "...Still one must admit, the sort of experiences that happened were... Beyond the norm and far too frequent." Goth chuckles shaking his helm. "Still convinced it was a curse.. Though it's.. tapered, since I woken up and it is strange."

Khamsin gives a slight nod. "Maybe while you rested you recharged your store of good luck." He smirks before looking back at his work chopping up the sign. "That reminds me... luck. With the labs being well as they me a favor. Start taking stock, see what is needed to get them up and running for various types of research. We want to expand knowledge, not just of interstellar cartography, but all forms."

Goth chuckles. "Perhaps.. Whatever it was, I'm grateful for it." Goth pauses in thought and glances away, a thought running through his mind before he looks back over and nods. "Simple enough to do, I'll likely have a list of things by the end of the week, can only imagine a number of things need repaired and updated." He'd chuff.

Khamsin watches the other mech a moment. " me a favor. Build a screening process for those wishing to utilize the facilities. I don't want...any...experimentation that would put us in danger of violating any neutral stance. I do not want Shockwave's labs churning out abominations here."

Goth shutters. "Agreed... Uhg, don't wish anything of that sort happening here." Goth cringes but pauses and coughs. "On that note.. I should likely.. Divulge, that I have ah...gotten my claws on some of Shockwaves older research and did my own tinkering with it." He'd glance away.

Khamsin arches his brow slightly. "Is that right? What did you chance to pick up?" He grins. "And...I should say, I see nothing wrong with...studying someone's works for purposes of developing countermeasures... just not building a new weapon for purposes of ...well, everything Shockwave did."

Goth coughs into his first. "Let us just say that.. Deathsaurus, has a combiner under Megatron's nose." Goth admits, an awkward smile growing on his face.

Khamsin thinks on that for a moment. "Well, let us hope Megatron never finds a way to control Des the way he does the Combaticons." He shakes his head slowly. "Still, that is good to know." He thinks for a bit before carrying on with his work.

"Agreed, I installed everything into their frames, so they should be cleaned... There where a few other things I had access to that i stored away for later study.. Still, should Megatron realize..." Goth cringes. "Maybe in for trouble more then before." He'd chuckle.

Khamsin mmhms. "Everything with Megatron is trouble, though." He gives a slow exhale and cuts away the last chunk of the sign to send it down to the ground, watching it fall from the signpost. "Let's hope, then, that the combine is capable of dealing with any trouble that may come its way."

"Point." Goth says with a cringe watching as the last of the sign falls and he nods, making his way back over to Khamsin. "Here is hoping." Goth states as he hangs there upside down. "Now then, with that done, how how about we go and enjoy our night, hmm?~"

Khamsin starts to climb his way down and offers a nod. "Let's..." He looks at the sign post. "We can work on building a new one tomorrow, yes?" He chuckles softly before stretching, venturing towards the marketplace. " in the mood for tea. Care to join?"

"Yes~" Goth chuckles, before letting go of the support above and spinning himself around into a glid, before he circles back around and lands, walking beside Khamsin. "Much more healthy than my urge to get plastered in regards to the past weeks stress." He'd smile.