Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Mothball

Characters:  Goth, Deathsaurus, Mothra

Location: Altihex

Date: 02/23/2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Deathsaurus visits Altihex with his daughter. 

As logged by Goth

Central Altihex - Northeast Sector of Cybertron

Deathsaurus is wandering around doing his duties with a tarp fashioned like a sling over one shoulder, ending in a bundle at his hip. Two antennae stick out of the bundle sniffing around but the rest seems to be a ball of sparkling.

<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> when shes 5 stories tall we'll remember this and laugh.

Goth is around the center of the city at his normal spot, waiting for Des to appear, a grin on his face and he seems to be in a decent mood!

Deathsaurus waves to Goth as he approaches. "Hello, Goth. How is your city doing?" Something shifts in the tarp "Hi, uncle Goff."

"Well, been keeping in maintained as I await my loves return." Goth nods as he looks down at the little antenna. "Hello to you as well little one."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Same here, taking care of the little ones." He says. Mothra sticks her head out and looks around. "Keeping out of dumpsterfires for their sake." the little moth starts to chew on a stuffed submarine.

"Good, and a goods reason too." He'd teach up and pat the little fluffy moths helm. "So, the garden." He'd nod. Deathsaurus chuckles. "Sounds good." He scoops the moth up on his shoulder so she can cling and see better. She rubs her eyes a bit and sneezes, antennae fluff going everywhere.

Goth chuckles and leads the way to the gardens with the crystalized plants.

Deathsaurus looks around "They're growing well. Remind me of Harmonex in a way. Its good to see the planet healing." Mothra looks around in wide opticed fascination. "Look at all the plants."

Goth smiles. "Yes, their speices that bloomed in the desert after the typhoon last year, we preserved what we could, so will find many of them.. Speaking of, should be coming again soon." Goth muses.

<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> you know for someone who has spent a good majority of her life around death, its weird that mothra likes living things so much. She clings to me, and Im sure the dead universe still follows me around. She has battled dire wraiths. But still Mothra is most fascinated with life."

Deathsaurus nods "We'll have to find more. What do you say, Moth? We rescue some more plants for Altihex this year?" Mothra nods "Yes. I would like to do this. Im big enough. I can help."

<> <SeeSlugRun> Life... is good. Home have lots of life.
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> thats a new name
<> <SeeSlugRun> Not talk often.
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> Good to meet ya. Im the local babysitter. Heeh.
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> I never realized how awesome it is to watch something grow until I had sparklings.
<> <Cybertronian Babysitter> and Death, well. Im all too familiar with that.

Goth chuckles. "It sounds like a plan, I'll let you know when the rains start." he smiles. Deathsaurus chuckles. "Thanks for putting up with me. I know this looks like a weakness." he says.

Goth hems. "I don't see it as a weakness at all, anything it is a strength that one shouldn't trifle with, should they find out what happens when they do." Deathsaurus chuckles. "Thanks. Do you want to hold her or does she still scare you?"

Goth pauses looking to think. "Sure.. I can make an attempt." He says as he move closer. Deathsaurus chuckles. "She wont bite." Mothra wiggles her tiny arms out and holds them to Goth. "Its ok if you dont want to." she says.

"Baah.. its fine now, i've learned more about you, so, i'm not as... Fearful." He admits as he takes the small moth with a smile, and she gets to feel all that fluff of his.

Mothra snuggles down into the fur, her antennae sniffing around "You're so soft." she is holding a stuffed submarine close to her.

Goth chuckles. "Indeed, take its not often you meet another with fur, yes?" He asks.

Mothra smiles. "Nope. You are the only one I know like that. Its very special." she says as two ridges above her eyes start to move with her antennae. Shes also getting stubs of a second pair of arms by her wings.

"Indeed, its one of the tell tale signs of a eukrian, scales, skin, chitin, and fur we're able to synthetically mimic." Goth explains. He'd tilt his helm. "Hm, two sets of arms, should of expected that."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Shes got little bumps where quadoptics will be too." he says. "That might be why shes not feeling so good. That. Weird. Growth thing."

"Ahh, growing pains." Goth muses.