Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Little Project

Characters:  Starlock, Ratchet

Location: Iacon

Date: 01/05/2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Starlock asks Ratchet for a bit of help in improving herself.

As logged by Starlock

Iacon Medical Center - Iacon


Starlock comes into medical, looking around, she had a specific person in mind, and that, was Ratchet! If he wasn't in here, maybe his office, or his lab? She'd make a noise and click her jaw as she looked around.

Ratchet comes in just behind Starlock, frost on his windshield-chest indicating he'd been outside. The dour, serious expression on his face brightens immediately upon seeing his staff at work. "Starlock," he says, focusing on the minibot first. "I saw your report on Solstice. Any further update since she's been cleared? I'd like to look at whatever scans you took of her - I'd be interested to see what technological differences we'll find between her universe and ours."

Starlock's finials flick up as she looks back and up at him and smiles. "Hey, and yeah, they odda be in her medical file that you can look in, now that its created." Starlock smiles, before pausing. "Everything okay?" She'd ask.

Ratchet shrugs. "Just thinking of those that we've lost. Have to shake myself out of my funk." Ratchet walks over to a terminal and jacks himself in, preferring to process the scans himself instead of just relying on a visual report. With a thought, he raises his windshield from his chest to in front of his face as a sort of HUD. He projects the scans Starlock made of Solstice. "Huh. A lot of reused parts. I'd expect fancier tech from someone visiting from an alternate future."

Starlock rubs at the back of her helm as she thinks about it, she knows the feeling. She then glances up. "Yeaah, she mentioned she was thrown through the space bridge in her world, soo.. I'm not sure whats going on." She'd smile weakly as she walked over.

"When you... have a moment, can I ask you to look at something?" She asks.

Ratchet frowns at the scans, but as Starlock speaks he lowers his chest HUD and focuses his attention back in her. "Yeah," he replies about Solstice. "But if we keep gettin' visitors like this, we're gonna have to organize a welcomin' committee." In response to her request to show him something, he says, "OK, sure, but if it's a case of rust rash I'm referring you to First Aid," he grouses. "Want to move to my office?" he offers, already turning to head there himself.

Starlock snorts. "Naah, I was wondering if there's anyway my armor can be reinforced, and sure." She'd smile.

Ratchet stops and looks over Starlock's small frame with a critical eye. "Well, anything's possible, of course, but your chassis isn't really designed to take on a lot of extra stress. Obviously, your layout folds out to handle weight in your shuttle mode, but that's a lot different than adding shielding in your root form - or are you talking about your other modes?" he asks. Visions of rebuilding dance in Ratchet's optics.

Starlock coughs into her fist as she glances away. "Just my root mode, most of my combat is in it, and I've noticed it gets.. pretty messed up quickly." She'd knit her ridges and cringe. "Mostly just been thinking what I can improve on, to be more helpful and useful on the field." She'd vent out a huff. "Main thought was maybe my armor could be improved in my root mode?"

"Well," Ratchet ponders, rubbing his silver chin. "You could go bigger, but then you'd lose your minibot fuel efficiency. Or you can try to better weaponize your other modes - a ram plate here, a few laser cannons there - and then you're not as limited to fighting only in your robot mode. Your other modes are bigger and have a little more room to work with. Mass shifting can only go so far." Ratchet tilts his head slightly. "Have you considered becoming a battle van? Considering the hippie connotations of your current altmode, I'd imagine it would be quite the surprise."

Starlock listens, she'd then snort and chuckle. "Yeaah, No I don't think that's in for me, I'm mostly just.. looking to improve in areas where I can without too much rebuilding in the most efficient way possible.. I doubt I'll be able to accept a larger frame, no matter how much I wish I could reach shelves." She'd sigh, and smile.

Starlock'd look down at her hands. "Thinking about maybe getting my Cannon working in my root mode too, maybe my arm is big enough to hold it, well, my right one, since my left one has more wiring then my right."

Ratchet nods while taking to Starlock about upgrades. "We might be able to build it into your arm, instead of having you carry it," he suggests. "Overall, though, I still suggest balancing out the combat effectiveness of all your modes, so you have some versatility no matter the situation." He smiles. "I mean, if you're going to be working with the Wreckers, you might need a bit of a powerup in any case."

Starlock nods and pauses in thought. "Yeah, that was my thinking, why I originally started with the start of armor." She'd explain as she walked over to the office. "Considering how... Rough, things in that area are." She'd explain with a spin of her wrist.

Ratchet follows Starlock towards his office. "If you don't mind, I'll start coming up with some design suggestions to run past you. Just don't tell Wheeljack," he grins. "Or before you know it your bus mode will be one massive missile delivery system, and you'll have no room for patients!" he chuckles, only half-joking.

Starlock groans. "Don't remind me, I rather keep my small frame, it makes it harder to hit." She'd pause. ".....I.. Wouldn't mind being faster, I'm always trying to be faster, in order to get to people on the field and.." She'd knit her ridges, an old insecurity coming up, as she walks into Ratchet's office. "I'd appreciate it." She'd add.

"Faster, huh?" Ratchet considers. "Making your small frame more efficient and giving it a speed boost might be easier than trying to weigh it down with more armor. That might be your better bet," he advises. "Let me pull up your current specs and see what I can some up with." He gives Starlock a grin, and then heads into his office, successfully distracted from his earlier melancholy.

Starlock smiles. "Alright, you'll find I've uhhh.. had a couple rebuilds already, armor and overall design has changed a bit." She'd say with some clear embarrassment. She was glad he was distracted.