Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: A Little Bit of News

Characters: Delusion, Dust Devil

Location: Valvolux - Administration District

Date: January 1, 2021

TP: non-TP

Summary: Dust Devil visits Valvolux and chats with Delusion

As logged by Delusion

Log session starting at 20:38:15 on Friday, 1 January 2021.

Delusion leans against the walls of the city office building, studying a datapad.

Dust Devil is heading toward the autobot embassy, a slight smile on his face. Tracker is close to his side so as not to get stepped on.

Delusion looks up as Dust Devil passes by and raises a hand in greeting. "Good to see you back in town, ambassador."

Dust Devil bows politely to Delusion. A grin appears, "It is pleasant to see you also Representative Delusion. I hope you and your beautiful city have been functioning well."

Delusion nods. "Naturally." She smirks. "It seems you may have company soon. The Decepticons have finally designated an ambassador to Valvolux."

Dust Devil smiles, "Really?

Dust Devil says, "What do you think of them?"

Delusion chuckles. "Oh, he's eager to make himself an active partner around here if we'll let him. Very helpful."

Dust Devil grins at Delusion. "I'm exciting to have someone to chat with if nothing else. I know as an ambassador we're not exactly going to work together. But it's a chance fer learnin right?"

Delusion nods. "A good chance to be social and gracious. At least in public."

Dust Devil rolls his optics, "yes ma'am....will he/she/they be at the meetings in the arena too?" Or is that a special treat just fer me.

Delusion hmms, placing a finger under her chin. "I shall have to ask Illarion. Certainly we can extend an invitation. He's a small mech, though. He might find the prospect intimidating."

Dust Devil grins a bit, "I'm not the biggest mech either. But I understand."

Delusion chuckles. "Oh, he's much smaller. And a quadruped, to boot."

Dust Devil says, "Oh cool....well I guess we'll see what happens won't we. I want ta show Illarion and the bots that I can still be useful and all.""

Delusion nods. "And there is some work to be done when you have a chance- we received word from Elita One about shipments through Retoris. That needs some negotiation and finalizing."

Dust Devil nods, "Gotcha...get a hold of Elita and work on negotiation so that we can see about finalizing....gotcha. I look forward ta helpin out."

Delusion nods. "I don't suppose you've heard of any new hazards along the trading routes? I do patrol from time to time, but I don't necessarily catch everything."

Dust Devil says, "Do ya know about the new radiated road thanks ta the bombs left by the cons?"

Delusion mms? "I had heard some rumor. What do you know?"

Dust Devil frowns, "Was moving supplies and the road was mined with dirty exlosives. You could feel the rads off that stuff. Was pretty unpleasant."

Delusion hmms, folding her arms. "Which routes are compromised?"

Dust Devil pulls out a data pad and downloads the relevent data. He highlights where the danger is. "We've got increased activity in these areas and increased attacks on us in these areas. I don't want innocent people ta get hurt."

Delusion nods, studying the relevant maps. "That's close to Altihex. It could be simply hemming in Iacon, or it could be meant to cut off the neutrals that are closest, so they can't be reinforced in case of an attack. Or, depending on the commander, it could b meant to do both. Some of them are quite clever." She takes out her own datapad to make some notes. "We'll have to keep an optic on the traders headed to that region, run a few more overflights."

Dust Devil grins at Delusion. "I better see if I have any mail or stuff ta go through."

Delusion chuckles. "Think your counterpart might be sending threats and presents already?"

Dust Devil grins, "that's the nice thing about forcefields."

Delusion smirks. "Ah, yes. Your own little bomb disposal."

Dust Devil bows to Delusion again, "It was wonderful seeing you again. I can't wait until the next meeting.

Delusion straightens out to give a slight bow back. "Certainly. Formal or informal, the arena is open."

Log session ending at 23:24:55 on Friday, 1 January 2021.