Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Liokaiser Secret

Characters:  Deathsaurus, Goth, Leozak, Drillhorn, Killbison, Hellbat, 
Jallguar, Gaihawk

Location: Goth's Lab

Date: 3/21/2020

TP: Into the Nebula TP

Summary: Deathsaurus bursts in to Goth's lab to start a giant sized secret project 
from even Megatron, that involves the Beastforce.  

As logged by Goth

Goth's Lab - Polyhex Science Center

Deathsaurus comes in the lab, arms crossed behind him. "Goth. I believe now is the proper moment." He says. "I will assemble the Beastforce." He says. "We have a gift to offer them."

Goth, by Atlanta-hammy. Used with permission.

Goth looks up from his desk. "We're doing that /now/?!" Goth asks, he looks slightly disheveled from where he's been hiding in his lab, but he's still typical Goth, the bats ears flick.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Leozak, gather the beastforce and bring them to Goth's lab. We have things to discuss."

<<Decepticon>> Leozak says, "Of course my Lord, we are on our way."

Goth looks a bit panicked due to the rush, he wasn't expecting this now, but hey, he'll work with what he's got but because of this... he mutters in irritation, and transforms into his rare-to-see Robot mode! and starts getting a line up of work berths set up, as well as pulling up a dozen holoscreens. "Wish I had, had more time but I think i can do this.. You don't think Megatron will... be.. seeing such as Hostile given his orders?"

Deathsaurus pauses. "Exactly why this is the perfect time." he says. "Megatron has his Devastator. We'll have something stronger."

From beyond the doors can be heard dull thuds, which then become a jumble of them together, indicating the approach of a group of mechs. When they swing open, the first mech in is Leozak, pushing through with his scarlet optics piercing bright under his muzzle as usual, always at his most confident when side by side with his brothers in Beastforce. Behind him immediately are the rest of the team, the five other members walking together with their usual confidence that comes from being a tight group of highly trained operatives.

"My lord, we are here as you asked...nice to see you cleaned up for us, Goth..." Leozak announces as he enters through the doors first and walks to face Deathsaurus, bowing his head. "Your elite team are here as always, sir. How can we make things better today?"

Goth's optics settle into a half-lidded position at the comment, did Leozak really just make a comment about Goth's root-mode being better then his beast-alt? "It is very unwise to antagonize your medic." Goth says dryly, letting out a huff as he starts gathering his tools, to allow Des a moment to speak.

Deathsaurus nods "Beastforce. Time and time again, you have proven yourself the best the Destrons can offer the galaxy." he says. "I would like to present you with a gift from our science center." He says. "Megatron has many combiners. Gestalts as they call them. Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, Abominus, to name a few." He pulls up a screen, showing schematics of all six members of the Beastforce. "We have the technology to even the score." he shows several lethal looking combinations that could be made from the six of them. "I would like to offer you the honor of being the first Destron combiner."

As the team form a triangle around Leozak and listen to their supreme commander, the news obviously fascinates them and they view the screen at once, clearly impressed by the schematics.

"My Lord, that's great news! If anyone can hold such a being together it's us, and it will surely tip the scales in our favour when dealing with all opponents, both foreign and domestic." Leozak raises the corner of his mouth in a small smile towards Deathsaurus at that, not unaware perhaps of some of the angles where things could go, it isn't like they haven't discussed things.

"These mechs are ready to undergo whatever you see fit, sir. Isn't that right?" he turns to look at the mechs around him.

Gaihawk immediately answers, fist clenched. "That's right Leozak, we are ready. Beastforce are always ready, and the Destrons deserve to have our own combiner. If we can merge into a new robot any time, we'll become invincible!"

Hellbat glances at Gaihawk out of his triangular scarlet optics for a moment, before adding in agreement "Yess that's right - our technologiess should be put to use in this way to give us the strategic edge."

The others generally agree also, and then JauGar finally pipes up.

"...although sir, can't help noticing that I seem to be the groin on that diagram?"

Leozak chuckles with his arms now folded and turns his head to the black and white younger Destron sniper.

"It's an honour lad, you should accept it. Trust me, we can't do without you holding us together and that's why we're as effective as we are - we work as one."

Deathsaurus nods "You have the mental discipline to hold it up. This I know." He looks to Jaugar. "Someone has to hold the others up. It's a very important piece." He says. "Then prepare them for the upgrades. We'll do the same with the Dinoforce. This should give us an edge. Imagine.." he smiles darkly, all four of his optics glowing brightly. "Imagine Star Saber's response. Ha!"

Goth shakes his helm, he also starts getting out some parts as he gets their diagrams and schematics up mumbling as e looks them over, multitasking greatly... aaand he's on about Star Saber again, and face palms, but he's not saying anything! Des is happy, and scheming, so.. Goth can let the protoform have his fun.

The Beastforce chuckle in their own ways in response to that, each one probably imagining Star Saber's face just before they shave it off with a massive pike staff

Deathsaurus chuckles. "I'm also sure you'll enjoy some of the tricks. Choose its weapons wisely. What shall we call this beautiful weapon of destruction?" he says.

Drillhorn looks over the schematics. Less vocal than the rest, he's already calculating the long-term strategic value of such an advantage, especially while knowledge of the new combiner remains secret.

"When you're ready, I can begin work." Goth says as he moves to clean his hands, before going to stand beside the berths, folding his hands behind them. "The passcode lock to the door has been engaged, correct?" He also asks.

"Yeaah, it's all a bit dumb, dunno what to do to fix it." Starlock huffs. "I'm not good at talking, no one trusts the other, and don't want to compromise on /any/ idea because they don't trust the other, and just.." Her finials droop. "I just... want my home back, and for us all to be happy.."

On this, Leozak turns and thrust a finger directly under the nose of Hellbat, who was about to speak.

"Now don't you say anything to ruin this, Hellbat. Whilst gestalt technology is complex as I understand it, there is one mastermind in the hive, and as your captain that falls to me. And as we will be the sole rulers of any battlefield we caress with this weapon, this harmony of our powers brought forth..." he looks now to see Drillhorn is studying already and watches him for but a moment, leaving him to it as he is quite the expert, "We should name it after the central force." He points to the schematic that shows the helm of the massive gestalt as a simple one.

"Goth, if you mod that slightly, add the additional optics and the side design of my own helm, the mane...I think you will find that a faceplate will under complicate the oral build part. With a helm like mine, this being will be the king of the battlefield. So it should be a Leo, but different." he stops for a moment, and recalls an alternative term for ruler or king.

"Kaiser. Because that is who we will be. Liokaiser."

Hellbat meeps and touches either side of Leozak's pointing finger with his hands, in a slightly grovelly manner.

"No no Leozak, of course."

Deathsaurus nods "Then Liokaiser he will be." he says. "Goth. What do you need to create this?"

Goth's optics are still half-lidded, silently judging the blue Destron sic, but says nothing and looks to Des as he gets out a Stylus and starts working to change the design if there are honestly no objections. "Hmm Well I've been slowly accumulating parts since you inquired about such months back." Goth muses as he brings up another holoscreen with the part list, and flicks it over to Des. "Should find everything here listed, with marks indicating what I do and do not have."

Leozak, arms still folded across his thickly armoured chest due to the wearing of his triple changing pet Leonida, smiles fractionally again, breaking from his usual gruff expression.

"Let it be known that if supplies are required, we can acquire them if that is needed. It would be simplicity itself to remove items from those less worthy."

Deathsaurus is without his own pets and has been since he came to Cybertron. Maybe that's why hes been so on edge as of late. He folds his wings over himself. "Everything should be in supplies. Just tell me what I need to do and I will assist you."

Goth gives a nod to Des and Leozak. "Right then, everything with an X on that list? I need." The bat explains, his ears twitching even if now in root mode, their more affixed to his helm.

Leozak peers at the list, then turns to Drillhorn. "Drill, if you can improve on this or confirm if we have the parts, now is the time."

Hellbat wrings his hands together in front of him repeatedly. "Remember Leo-zak, that I am also a skilled technician. But it iss my belief that yess, our Lord iss right. We do have these partss."

Drillhorn takes a long moment to collect his thoughts before he speaks. "I wouldn't think to question the technical decisions of those with superior knowledge in that area, but I am pondering the strategic ramifications of this addition to our capabilities. As for parts - I would be happy to gather what you need from storage." Respected strategist or no, Drillhorn is down-to-Cybertron enough not to think he's too good to haul supplies.

Goth lets out a noise of offense at the mention of improving! Fact his faux fur ruffles a bit, but he doesn't protest, but he does flick an ear in irritation as they fall against his helm sightly. "Thank you Drillhorn, It would be of great appreciation." he says in his typical refined tone.

Deathsaurus doesn't ask twice or think twice about lowering himself to finding parts. He's already half out the door ready to look for the parts.

Drillhorn nods and heads to storage, following behind Deathsaurus if necessary. Drill may not be the fastest of Beastforce, but he can be trusted to get the job done --- even if that job is just retrieving supplies for the construction of a new combiner.

Leozak gives a quick nod to JauGar. "Go with them, Jag. That should suffice. We will prep here with the good doctor."

JauGar nods at once to his captain. "Consider it done, boss." With that he turns and leaves Hellbat, Gaihawk and Killbison with Leozak.

The bat crosses his arms, normally he'd be feeling pretty vulnerable right now but... He has sort of been accepted as a Destron, so they wouldn't capture him just cause Megatron ordered it.. right?.. Goth chuffs his lip twitching upward to show one of his retracted fangs. "So, do say, do you have any questions?"

Killbison wacks a table surface nearby in sheer enthusiasm, sending a loud bang throughout. "I do! What's a get-talk and where do I go into it?"

Leozak closes his scarlet optics briefly, ventilating warm air from his mouth corners.

"Dark spires...Killbison. Leave the thinking to the experts."

Deathsaurus comes back from his hunt with some parts. He heads back over. "Well I suppose the others must be out now." he seems practically gleeful for him about this. "Its finally happening."

Goth glances over as he works. "Indeed, I've gotten right to work." He'd huff as he sits there, working on the first and murmurs. "You sure this.. will not end poorly?" He asks Des once more with knitted ridges.

Deathsaurus nods "I knew you would. What? Have any of my plans failed you yet?" um...

Drillhorn comes in behind Deathsaurus, driving a cart full of parts. "All except me," he rumbles. "I'm fine to join them in sleep, however," he offers. He pushes the trolley over to where it would be convenient to Goth, and then goes to lay down in the last empty berth. He ponders Goth's question to Deathsaurus, about the wisdom of this venture, but if he has an opinion, he keeps it to himself. He may respectfully question Leozak's orders, but seldom Deathsaurus's.

Deathsaurus nods "Stay awake if you wish." he says. "Might need some help with the counting. When we are ready for the surgery, you will join the others."

Drillhorn sits back up immediately. "Yessir," he says obediently, moving to Goth's side (although leaving a respectable distance). "My technical ability is weak, but I'm not opposed to carrying parts and doing manual labor," he says modestly.

Goth nods. "Getting items is still useful, specially when some are larger than my own body." Goth chuckles and sighs. "And no.. no they have no Des." Goth muses as he works. "I assume we wish to do Leozak first?" he questions back before looking back. "I'm merely just.. worried, considering my mates..."

Deathsaurus pauses "This isn't my expertise but I have free hands, You're the best medic we have, so I think you can do this."

Drillhorn stands by and follows directions, happy to move things for Goth. He's apparently as strong as he is quiet.

Goth chuckles. "Well considering I'm the /only/ medic currently, suppose I do have to accept that." he muses as he works, Goth's very precise about his work and hems. "...So, the both of you, any plans when this is all up and running?"

Deathsaurus pauses. "Well. I was thinking of paying an old friend a visit. Its been a long time since we've reminded Star Saber we hate him don't you think?"

Drillhorn is making plans always. But as usual, he keeps his own counsel unless asked directly by a superior. He glances over as Deathsaurus makes everything about Star Saber again. Yes, already factored into his plans. How to best use Deathsaurus's obsessions to work best for the Destrons overall? That is the question. Oh, and for the Decepticons as well. Can't forget the Decepticons. They're Decepticons now... right?

Goth smirks. "I thought you would go to get your fortress first, but I do think i should of realized." He chuckles as he works, his arms and faux fur starting to become covered in energon and other fluids as he works.

Deathsaurus will tell people hes a Destron but Megatron doesn't seem to think theres a separation. "Yes. The fortress. And keeping you and Khamsin safe from Megatron's orders of course. Maybe Star Saber.. will....wait."

Drillhorn's white-helmetted head snaps around at Deathsaurus's comment. Star Saber... wait? What? Has his ultimate commander had a change in priorities? Drillhorn's crimson optics widen. He says nothing, of course, but internally wheels turn. Strategies change. This is... unprecedented. Privately, Leozak will have to be consulted after this immediate upgrade is over.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Getting the fortress and keeping what Destrons we have here takes..priority, I've learned. Over killing Star Saber."

Goth nods. "The sooner you have the rest of your troops with you, the better." Goth pauses as he works and glances up. "...Thank you, and I shall do my best to continue to provide you." Goth says with a soft smile as he continues working.

Deathsaurus nods "We need to get you back in Lord Megatron's good graces. Maybe having a new gestalt on contract may do a lot to make amends. If we want to make amends."

Drillhorn keeps his audials open and his vocalizer powered down as he helps with the manual labor part and otherwise tries to remain as unobtrusive as a massive lavender drill tank can be.

Goth bahs. "Maybe, or make things worse as he'll maybe view it as stealing." Goth rolls his optics. "looking for any reason to hit me at this point." he gruses as he works, giving Drillhorn nod in thanks, before chuckling. "..I suspect you also startled Drillhorn, des."

Deathsaurus blinks "I ..I did?" he asks. "How so?" he asks, a bit startled himself.

Drillhorn glances down at Goth with narrowed optics, apparently not appreciating being called out.

Goth smiles, an ear twitching. "Your pump pressure elevated." he points out.

Deathsaurus looks at his own claws thoughtfully. "Maybe unrelated. We'll all be better off with five hundred of our closest friends and a battle planet here."

Drillhorn nods, both in acknowledgement of Goth, and at the wisdom of Des's words.

"Indeed, that would be a tactical approach, he'll be less likely to attack you or the city when you have others around you... Perhaps." Goth muses as he laces new wiring through out Leozak's frame. Goth chuckles.

Deathsaurus murmurs. "And as much as I hate to admit it. Megatron is the bigger threat of the two right now."

Drillhorn nods slowly to himself. So the boss's boss is maturing. Wonders never cease. Naturally, he keeps his opinion to himself, and continues doing brute-strength assistance for Goth.

"An Irony, isn't it?" Goth asks the two as he works.

Deathsaurus nods "It.. I always knew it would come down to one or the other , didn't you?"

Drillhorn mutters to himself, "There can only be one Emperor of Destruction."

Deathsaurus looks to Drillhorn "Thoughts?" he asks. Wow. hes listening to others too.

Drillhorn looks directly at Deathsaurus. In his deep, rumbling voice, he says, "Megatron is clearly the greater and more direct threat. He sees you as his most dangerous competition to leadership of the Decepticons. His ego can't accept the fact that you'd rather lead the Destrons in peace - to him everything is a competition for dominance, and you are one who will never fully submit. Star Saber, at least, has honor. Megatron you cannot ever trust."

Deathsaurus nods "Well that.. is true. As much as I hate to admit it. Honor is something Star Saber has." He says. "Megatron demands dominance and I wont give it to him. I hope that its not at the cost of my Destrons." He syas. "The alliance gave us protection when we needed it but with the fortress. We wont need it anymore. We'll have to chose our own place in this war."

Goth nods at them both. "It will not be easy mind you.. Nothing is rarely ever easy." he huffs indignantly as he finishes of Lezak, letting the bot rest as he cleans himself up quickly to move to the next. "Hmph.. not the decepticon leader I remember him to be.. it is strange.."

Deathsaurus tilts his head "How do you remember him?" he asks.

Drillhorn simply listens. As Deathsaurus's secret forward agent, he's seen a lot more of Megatron than the others. Still, best to get Goth's opinion before revealing his own.

"Before I was sent into stasis for Chela knows he as... calmer, much more ah... strategic in his planning and political attacks, if it's believable, not as wild.. Almost like night and day." Goth muses.

Deathsaurus pauses. "What do you think changed this? Is he malfunctioning?"

Drillhorn has his own opinions, of course, but remains silent, simply listening for now - gathering data.

"He's been awake this whole time, has he not? Perhaps time is catching up to him... Exhaustion can also factor into such, PTSD, many things, fear changes us." Goth muses as he keeps working on his next patient. "I've heard musing of Dark energon but I do not see the tell-tale coloration signs."

Deathsaurus pauses. "I dont know. I hear a bunch of the higher ups spent four million years in stasis on Earth." he says. "Whats this dark energon thing?"

"Its a type of dark purple colored energon that is said to be the blood of unicorn." Goth muses, there was a pause, and debates the political correctness of what he was about to say.

Deathsaurus pauses. "You think hes been in the purple drink?" he asks.

Goth pauses. "...I didn't say it."

Deathsaurus grunts. "Well I did. If so. Is there a cure?"

"I would have to do some looking, but I do not think that is it.." Goth muses with a hem. "He'd look... different, I suspect." He thinks as he finishes another, and moves to the next, wash, rinse, repeat. "I believe legends tell that we'd be able to tell such a thing by the feeling of unease, that and he's not raising the dead."

You hear Drillhorn mutter to Drillhorn, "There is that..."

Deathsaurus murmurs. "So long as he doenst kill any of us before we find that out." he says. "Oh I am positive we'd likely of found out looong by now, I can imagine how many corpses are buried in the metal of this planet, given the war." Goth nods.

Deathsaurus nods "Or in that smelting pool." he says. "Primus." He sounds exhausted, wings drooping. "Ho wlong do you think we can keep this up?"

Goth is silent for a long time. "I...Don't know.." Goth sighs.

Deathsaurus sighs. "I'll keep all of you alive as long as possible." he says

Goth nods. "...hopefully with Liokaiser and the fortress.. we'll have a lot better chances.." He says moving now to the fifth, getting ready to work on Drillhorn after.

Drillhorn lays down to allow himself to be upgraded, keeping his churning thoughts to himself.

Deathsaurus nods "If Liokaiser works for us, there's a secombiner I have in mind. But we'll see how that works."

Goth nods once more, he nulls Drillhorn's receptors, gets him comfortable and ensure he's out fully before starting work. "Dinoforce you mentioned, si?" he asks. "Should be alright, it is megatron's own combiner tech, given a few improvements of my own."

Deathsaurus nods "They work well togehter. And hopefully could be directed as a team towards a goal." He says, watching Goth work. "Then it should work well."

Goth mutters. "....There where a few errors I was able to work out.. was rather surprised how.. .they were overlooked. "Goth muses as he works. THere was an odd long pause of silence though. "....Hm... You'll need to pardon my sudden silence.. thoughts.. have just resurfaced in my mind."

Deathsaurus nods "What errors were those? Hmm. So long as they are worked through.." He shakes his head. "I should let you work in peace."

"Quite alright, I enjoy having the company." Goth nods somewhat.. somberly. "...And yes, I sorted them, should notice they'll be a bit different compared to the others." he says. "...I was.. mostly thinking of my old team."

Deathsaurus nods "What did you have in mind?" he asks. "And how are they like your old team?" he seems curious.

"Mostly if they would still be living if we had, had something like this before." Goth says a bit sadly. "And perhaps more stable, nothing like the enigma mind you, but it will be noticable.."

Deathsaurus nods "I would have..been glad to have had a third team." He says softly. "I m sorry for your loss."

"Mmm.." He replies, ears falling back. "...It's quite alright it's.... been millions of years." He'd sigh. "...I'm happy I have made new friends, and found a new love in Khamsin." he says, his optics lowering softly.

Deathsaurus nods "And hopefully at least a new team." He says.

Goth chuckles. "I don't think there are many of us that would make up a working team like this lot and the combaticons." He'd chuff. "...I do however enjoy working with everyone here." Goth would finish the work and would look it over, going to clean his hands off once more, and start cleaning up his tools and parts. "There, merely need for them to wake, and then too test."

Deathsaurus shakes his head. "No. I Wouldn't offer it to any just any team. The Beastforce here..." he says. "They have what it takes. Not sure about the Dinos but we can try." he says. "Thank you. Again I owe you for your services, Goth."

Goth gives a light salut. "Of course, you've been kind enough to me, and offered me refuge when I had none.. and do so still" Goth nods with a smile.

Deathsaurus nods "If it weren't for you I wouldn't be alive." He returns the salute and bows. "You are one of us now you know."