Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Gift from Shockwave

Characters: Delusion, Dust Devil

Location: Valvolux

Date: May 21, 2020

TP: Scraplets TP

Summary: Delusion passes along Shockwave's information to Dust Devil.

As logged by  Delusion

Log session starting at 15:11:03 on Thursday, 21 May 2020.



Delusion lingers near the Autobot Embassy, reading a datapad while she waits to see if any ambassadors will show up soon.

Dust Devil comes running to see what all is going on at the embassy. A sigh escaping him when he sees work is already waiting. "Hey Delusion.

Delusion nods to Dust Devil. "There was an unusual visitor in the city recently. Shall we step inside?"

Dust Devil nods and keys the door open before holding it open for Delusion.

The Autobot Embassy in Valvolux is a small, modest complex. It seems to have been designed to give the following message: we are allies, not occupiers. As a little patch of Autobot territory within Valvolux, it is guarded by Autobots. The staff is minimal, and consists mainly of diplomats and intelligence agents pretending to be diplomats. Autobots in Valvolux can seek refuge here as well as simply check in and recharge if necessary.

Delusion steps inside and finds a table and chairs so she can settle.

<> <Domina>

<> <Voidwalker> that song fits well

<> <Domina> More zan you know...

<> <Voidwalker> I think i have a slighti dea

<> <Morrigan> ...

<> <Voidwalker>

Dust Devil smiles and picks out his favorite seat and spins around once before focusing his attention on Delusion. "So what can I do fer you,:

Delusion takes out a datacube. "I have some information to pass along." She places the cube on the middle of the table. "Shockwave, of all mechs, stopped by recently to offer us some information to help us in our attempts to get the person controlling the scraplets. It seems they used one of his old labs and he wants to see them inconvenienced in turn."

Dust Devil's optics brighten and widen. If he could go pale, he would. "S-so you actually think you can trust him?:

Delusion shrugs. "Possibly. The recent video sent out as a taunt contained enough details that I could verify some information about our target. And one of those items is that the techniques she uses owe something to Shockwave. It could be she was a former student or perhaps she stole some of his work for herself. In any case, it makes it possible that he would want such a precedent cut off for his own security." Delusion nods to the cube. "He gave me two such datacubes. One with the details of the lab so we could safely invade it to rid it of its current occupants, and the other contained details of spark modification."

Dust Devil looks at Delusion with interest, "Like what might have been used on Springer?"

Delusion nods. "That's what he implied. I'd recommend having your experts look over the information with a skeptical optic rather than taking it all on faith, but he seemed, ah, irritated enough to wish to give an insult to the person who'd dared to claim one of his labs for themselves."

<> <Morrigan>

<> <Voidwalker> music sharing day~

<> <Morrigan> A bit.. restricted in movement.

Dust Devil nods, "So ya have a copy fer me ta take back or do we need ta make a copy here?"

Delusion waves at the datacube. "That's your copy there. It has just the medical information- we're still poring over the tactical." She pauses. "Also, Shockwave asked me to pass along a request to speak with you sometime, but I doubt it's related."

Dust Devil frowns, "Lovely....Least favorite mech EVER and he wants ta talk ta me. I'd say it would be just cause he wants to laugh at me but I heard he doesn't laugh."

Delusion smirks. "That would be true. Shockwave is a mech of few emotions."

Dust Devil makes a face, "Unfortunately that mech is skilled in bein able ta take me out. I don't handle his energies well."

Delusion nods sympathetically. "Well, he merely asked me to pass the request. What you do with it is up to you."

Log session ending at 19:29:07 on Thursday, 21 May 2020.