A Gathering of Intelligence

Log Title: A Gathering of Intelligence

Characters: Counterpunch, Cyclonus, Floodlight, Ghost, Nightshade, Ravage, Soundwave

Location: Soundwave's Workshop

Date: September 22, 2020

TP: Combaticons TP, Space Cthulhu TP

Summary: Soundwave gathers his division to spread the bad news.

As logged by  Cyclonus

Log session starting at 20:02:32 on Tuesday, 22 September 2020.

Soundwave's Workshop - The Cradle - Kolkular

Before you is one of the more ancient places in Kaon, a laboratory owned by none other than the Decepticon intelligence commander Soundwave. Although it is ancient, it stands as a testament of Decepticon industry and science, appearing almost untouched by the eons of war around it. 

The cavernous warehouse is two stories tall, the walls of this facility are a stark black, with purple highlights. Large hangar doors lead to the outside, sealed shut with sensors unless its owner wants a visitor. Stark monitors line the walls like a great many optics, usually broadcasting events critical to the Decepticon empire. There are large metal conveyor belts lining the warehouse as if ready to produce whatever project Soundwave is working on. A second story catwalk is over the belts, giving access to the central workstation from a higher vantage point, the only light comes from the purple glowing back lights and glimpses of the outside world seen above a fan in the ceiling.

A foreman's office is kept in the shadows on the upper level, where Soundwave or his minions can watch over projects he's working on when they are in house.

The central workstation is the main focus point of the laboratory, usually equipped with a  movable workstation, workbench and metallic tables as well as monitors and equipment. Everything is in perfect order, not a part out of place the lab kept pristine.

Here is where Soundwave makes his cassettes and other projects he is working on for the Decepticon empire. 

Soundwave is at the central workstation,w ehre hes set up a meeting table. Buzzsaw and Laserbeak flank each of his shoulders like gargoyles. He nods to the others as they come in. "The meeting will begin shortly." He says by way of greetings, pulling up a holomap.

Floodlight slips in, clutching her tablet to her chest like a small shield. She looks around, wide-opticked, and takes a seat as far from the head of the table as possible. As soon as she's seated, she fires up her tablet, pulling up the latest reports along with her own analysis. She glances back up, trying to watch everyone while at the same time avoid making optic contact. She holds her tablet with a near death grip as she waits for the others at arrive.

Ravage would be skulking over then from the the shadows. Ravage would hop up and over towards the nearest console. IT puts him over about optic level wtih most of the others present and gives him a somewhat more dignified 'perch' than if he were about the ankles of everyone else.

Cyclonus enters and takes a seat without any fanfare, sitting down and folding his hands while he waits. He is the picture of patience.

Ghost strides into the workshop, wing panels flick-shifting behind her, settling in after a fast flight. She's murmuring something to herself before going quiet, blinking a moment before making her way to where apparently this meeting is going to occur. A polite inclination of her head to 

Soundwave and she selects a seat opposite of Cyclonus, leaning back and setting arms across front.

Soundwave nods "We shall begin." He states in his monotone. "What this is is a semi-regular meeting of the minds, so to say. Intel was recently left in the dark with the Combaticon situation and I do not want to see this happen again. Our last orders were simply to report anything of interest to the heads of intelligence." He pauses a moment. "What has been gathered between now and then?"

<<Decepticon>> Hand of Shockwave, Arachnae says, "."

Counterpunch enters the chambers, looking around for a moment. His optics note that Nightshade is also present, although she's lurking more in the rafters -- crazy femme's probably working out all the different ways she could kill everyone already here. With a shrug, he moves to take a seat and listen.

Nightshade, for her part, isn't doing what Counterpunch thinks she's doing -- she finished that exercise already.

Cyclonus waits for a moment to let others jump in, then goes ahead. "The prison break on Garrus-1 was of limited success. Skyjack is returned as an agent and had plenty to say about the other inmates, but little else to volunteer. The issues with the Combaticons may be properly summed up with someone who had more direct experience with it. We still need to obtain the Autobot Starlock for interrogation- she has been hiding within the Titan Calyhex, which complicates retrieval. I assume someone else has taken Ravage's place in watching her bolthole." He lets that hang for a moment before finishing his summary. "I have, more recently, been tracking the incursions from the Autobots on our borders. They've been growing more frequent."

Ravage would glance at Cyclonus, "I would appreciate direct orders for what is to be done to Starlock and if so what are the rules of engagement are. Is she a priority takedown in which assault assets should be directed if she can be located? Are operations allowed to be initiated to try and lure her away from the Titan?"

Ghost taps fingertips on a forearm folded across her front, optics dimming as she roams through her archives with a faint smile. There's a head-tilt as she listens to Cyclonus and she waits a beat listening to Ravage before noting, "Starlock was in Calyhex not an hour ago. However, her refuge there may come to an end. The Titan appears to have plans to depart that area and perform some task before.." a shake of her head, "before apparently she is going to settle in New Harmonex. I've need to return there once this is over." She raises brows, "I'd think were she to poke her nose out, we should grab her." She taps fingers again, "I know where Starscream's new lab is in Vos. Which is rather tidy and rebuild these cycles. And I don't recall seeing orders about that myself."

"Okay, this probably goes without saying," begins Counterpunch, "but seriously. There's been muttered rumblings at best about the Combaticons and little more. There's these sudden big-wig meetings Megatron's having with all the command types, and yet everyone has been noticeably tight-lipped. The orders we do get... I get it. We're Intelligence. But the orders lately, the right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hand is doing, and vice versa." He glances around. "I don't know about the rest of you, but context would be really nice about now."

"Swindle probably lived up to his namesake a little too well," Nightshade's voice drifts down from the rafters. "Just tell me I can finally give Blast Off a proper education on what a sniper is? I'm tired of routinely having to explain to him that orbital bombardment isn't remotely like sniping."

Cyclonus nods to Ghost. "You know more about the situation than I do," he admits. "The summary of the situation should probably come from someone well-informed, to avoid confusion and duplication."

Soundwave nods "As Ghost has the most knowledge of the situation, she will fill us in."

Ghost finds herself in the spotlight and both brows raise. First one at Cyclonus, to whom she nods politely to, then the other at Soundwave. She sits forward, wings shifting behind her as she interlaces fingers on the table. "As I reported to Megatron, the Combaticons as a whole have been compromised through no action of their own." She tilts head, finials shifting as she parses words carefully to be succinct, timbre a low alto, missing her old rasp. "The act was led by an Autobot medic, one Starlock of Harmonex, who has since been using the titan Calyhex as a bolthole."

Frown, "She, along with a washlist of others, last count 20 or so, engaged in medical maleficence, removing a security program they had without their permission." he frown darkens, "And apparently there have been some side effects from her work. She named many others who have possible degrees of involvement spread across the factional divide to include proclaimed neutrals as well. We do not know to what degree the others were involved that she named save for one that has been quietly questioned. And we need to retrieve them for their own safety lest whatever damage was done be permanent or grow worse I should think."

Now Ravage is paying full attention. A quiet glance is given over to Cyclonus, to Floodlight, and at Counterpunch. He is watching to see how the response is - how much of this the others know, how they react.. Moreso out of curiuosity than anything else of particular malice. Attempting to gauge what the consensus would be.

Floodlight keeps her optics on her padd unless called upon, listening but trying to remain as invisible as possible.

Soundwave pauses. "Twenty eight. This situation, obviously, is taking priority."

Cyclonus merely nods agreement. "Last I spoke with Onslaught, he assured me the team was able to conduct missions in spite of their side-effects, but that would be an expected answer. While I gave him opportunity to confide any additional information or concerns, he was not inclined to do so." Cyclonus frowns. "I haven't seen him since the Combaticons left Polyhex. Swindle was in Calyhex at  one point afterwards, where Starlock is also, but he hasn't stayed there."

Counterpunch just stares at Ghost. "You've gotta be... slag a maggot, you're not." He slumps back in his chair, thinking for a moment. "Okay... this is slaggin' insane. So, first question: where the frack did Starlock get this information?"

Nightshade, for her part, is silent, listening intently. Already imagining a potential kill order against Starlock, and running through just how she'd do it.

Ghost blinks, "Well.. If I knew, this might be an entirely different meeting. It was information that.. well.. should not have gone past those that knew."

Ghost adds softly, "And no, I'm not joking, I was there when she confessed to her glorious plan and all her vehemence on how she was -right-."

Ravage would glance over at NIghtshade, and then glance over at Ghost and Soundwave. Thento the analyst. "A tally of those that might be her sources -internally-.." Is needed.

"Much shorter list than twenty-eight, I'm betting," Counterpunch mutters.

Floodlight looks up, her optics bright and wide, but she remains silent.

Cyclonus nods, optics glinting. "One of those on her list has been cleared, at least. Glit was named, but he said he refused to cooperate with her and thought it the ramblings of insanity. Our division Commander," he nods to Soundwave. "Verified the information."

Floodlight looks back down at her datapadd.

Ghost taps fingertips together, "There were 3 named Decepticons that were listed as involved. Glit, as Cyclonus has stated, has been cleared. The other two have yet to be questioned." She considers then peers at Soundwave th4en Cyclonus, "We should have the master list available for questioning or retrieval of any of those originally named."

Soundwave nods "Affirmative. Glit has been checked and verified." he says. "As I said this is the largest breach we've had. It is unacceptable. The Combaticons must be brought back into the fold. They have been quiet, perhaps hiding in said asylum." he says. "I want their loyalty tested. With luck, they will remain loyal even removed from their control methods. I do not need to tell anyone here why the Combaticons were kept under control."

Ravage would slowly take up a hand, "What I /have/ observed in Starlock so far is beyond her self righteousness is that she is -extremely- quick to action. Her general lack of intelligence experience also make sit possible to setup a scenario where she can be lured with proper.. Information, given to her by a source she has already used."

"So, next questionL who all else is supposedly involved?" Nightshade, this time, from her perch in the rafters.

Ghost gives a shake of her head, tone sliding crisp, "Well for the Autobots, Starlock kindly threw under the shuttle quite a few of her counterparts. Chromedome, Dawnfire, Twidget, Hot Rod, Scales and the entirety of the Protectobots. Which covers the first 11." She ticks fingers off as she counds, coming back around. "And then we have the others she listed, Goth, Khamsin, the titan Calyhex and one Incognito. bringing us to 15." She peers at figners and contiues, "Glit, Deathsaurus, and Banshee were named for those within the Decepticons that have some level of involvement, bringing us to 18 originally named." A not smile crosses her face, tone cold, "And now we're adding ineach and everyone that has either been informed directly or found out through other means to our watch-list." Raising a brow, "This does include everyone present."

Soundwave nods "I believe that is it, unless there is more." he says.

Ghost raises a finger, "Ravage did report new names going into the titan not soon after, Take Down and Encore. So these were new names. "

Ravage would let out a hiss, "And likely it has been reported to others or gossipped on." He would not be happy on this - but he's being realistic. "I would presume at some level that Autobot command is aware to some degree. Take Down is an officer. I will -defer- on how to handle Banshee and Deathsaurus as I have no input. I can make a few tactical suggestions depending on how high a priority targeting Starlock is."

Cyclonus frowns. "Banshee is particularly a difficult problem. While I have been assured that cityspeakers do not control the Titans they associate with, it remains that Trypticon can be possessive. Even if presented with incontrovertible proof of her malfeasance, he will probably react badly to whatever may be done to prevent her actions from further compromising the Empire." He taps the fingers of one hand a couple of times. "The Destrons are still something a wild card, but the addition of more forces seems to have settled them rather than inflamed that issue."

Soundwave nods "They both can be." he says. "With Banshee's control of Trypticon and Deathsaurus being a contractor, dealing with them will require some delicate operations."

Counterpunch straightens up in his chair. "The fact that she doesn't mention anyone in the Autobot command structure is... interesting," he notes. "Either a) they know and are maintaining some sort of plausible deniability -- which doesn't seem in character for Optimus, at least; b) they know and she just isn't telling, which seems at odds given some of the scuttlebutt I've picked up on; c) they don't know, in which case that's just rich, since it means Jazz and Punch and all the rest are fallible, after all; or d) she's spouting off a bunch of names to make an already murky situation all the murkier."

"This whole mess makes Blot look like the definition of cleanliness by comparison," Nightshade murmurs from up above.

Soundwave nods "I accept full responsibility for letting it go this far. The problem is while we clean this up..." He says. "There are countless other things that could go wrong." he says. "Thus the meetings will happen more frequently."

Ghost's optics flicker, glinting more gold than violet a moment and she peers off at a wall so it seems, voice lowering a moment "Oh.. He -IS- posesssive, very, very, much so. But she does not control him, she belongs to Trypticon." A shake of her head attention back to here and now, "No... I do believe she stated that this was all done without any command involvement." Leaning back in her seat again, It's a fragging mess."

Cyclonus nods. "Our enemies won't stop attacking just to let us deal with our own problems," he agrees. "And, those of you who've had more contact with Starlock may have further thoughts on the matter, but she seems to operate extremely independently of other Autobots, making a point of not always wearing her badge. It is in fact likely that she has done this without the approval of Autobot Command." His optics glint. "But they still have the ultimate responsibility. They should, after all, know what is done in their name."

Ravage nods at Cyclonus, "IT is. We can at least hopefully retrieve her. I would recommend that she be kept under continuous observation, and if her location is not known then it is probable she would be at New Harmonex or Calyhex, and we can catch her at either location. Assignment of continuous monitoring will let us isolate her when she is without aid and send in a strike team to disable and retrieve her. She is not particularly fast so she can be run down. Laserbeak or Buzzsaw can be rotated in to both locations and report in, and we can have Seeker unit on standby to disable her and retreat before rienforcements arrive."

Ghost peers around the table a moment, optics alighting on those present, including a glace up at the rafters, "If you're wondering why I haven't made a move against her inside the titan herself - the matter has additional complexities because of what she has done with the titan. I warned everyone that we needed to aid yet here we are. that is also pending a report to Megatron. Some intel.. well, we all report things directly when there is need." She ex-vents a sigh, "So, we need to maintain recon patrols, watch the Destrons, and determine whom to collect and question. All the while also keeping observations on Starlock to get a hold of her. Ah.. and return our errant gestalt to the fold. Do we draw straws now?"

Cyclonus nods. "Don't forget the recent account of rogue elements stealing energon- three seekers were caught. And there's word from the Autobots that something is wrong with the space bridge technology. That would require independent verification."

"I can get that verification," Counterpunch mutters. "It sounds like I need to slip into Iacon as unobtrusively as I can, anyway."

Ghost ahhhs, optics narrowing, "It may actually be worse than just a space bridge malfunction. I'd thought that command would have filtered down the missive I'd recieved from Prime by now."

Ravage would let out a sigh, "We have many things to do and many priorities. We must be more formal in taskings and assignments.. And most of all analysis."

Soundwave pauses. "Any way we can keep the titan from moving with the Autobots would be good. If we cannot. Perhaps its time we take it out."

Ghost considers, "Apparently the Autobot twins have a nanovirus. The Autobots are also having space bridge issues with fluctua-.." she trails off and stares at Soundwave. A blink then a slow nod, "I'll -see- what I can.. do about that, but we're well behind in working on or with her. And imperial matters have had priority. I'd rather not contemplate.. taking down a titan." quietly spoken as she folds arms across her front.

Cyclonus folds his hands again, contemplating the question. "Fully destroying or disabling a target of that size is no small matter. Fortunately, we do have a wealth of agents capable of infiltrating buildings, and the mad titan is not fully secure. She houses her own distractions and impediments." He nods to Ghost. "It would be a less desirable option if it can be avoided. Such an attempt would consume resources that would be useful elsewhere."

Ravage nods, "Pursuing a Titan has.. Too many complicating factors. While theoretically possible.. There is a high chance of failure even under the best operation." He allows this in annoyance. "We also need a plan of engagement for Calyhex. At least to ensure that she does not go over to the Autobots. And on another matter.." He waits for permission to continue

Soundwave nods "If another option is available, surely we will take it. I agree with cyclonus. Tkaing it down may take mroe resources then actually removing it from Autobot control."

Ghost shakes her head slowly, "She's not under any control but her -own-. She is not-sane and thinks, feeels.. so. so.. so much differently than Trypticon does. Or even what I remember from Metroplex's systems. The only thing she gains by moving underneath their protection is protection and resources. And even that, were they to tell her those 'of the purple' could not visit, she'd revolt. She thinks we are ALL broken and need to be fixed, all of us." Words thoughtful, optics narrowed slits, "And if we tried to take her down.. Well we'd incur Trypticon's reaction as well... I advise that we do not even think about taking her out unless she activly acts against us verses passivly."

Soundwave nods "Agreed. If we can convince it to either stay where it is or keep out of Autobot control, that would be helpful. What of the Decepticons interred in there?"

Cyclonus hmms. "Do we have a list? Establishing contact with any still loyal may assist in maintaining relations with the Titan, but not if they're dangerously unstable themselves."

Ghost raises brows, "Well I was 2 meters and a datalinkup from retrieving east wing data before I was reminded of this meeting. " A shake of her head, "A list had been sent to us. Not many remain as most have been shipped to Delphi. And most of those were Decepticons at one point. The ones remaning... I don't know. I can focus on that?"

Soundwave nods to Ravage "Go ahead and continue." he says.

Ravage would go along, "We also have more matters as well. Ratbat brought a.. Number of.. Concerns." He would glance at Soundwave to see if said concerns wee material or not. "And we have minimal information on the operations of many of the so-called neutral city states. These must be remedied as well."

"I can try to gather information on the rebel polities," Floodlight squeaks quietly, speaking for the first time while looking at the table in front of her.

Cyclonus sits back, listening as more new concerns are brought forward.

Soundwave nods to Ravage "Continue. What are these concerns?"

Ravage would ahem, "Ratbat has brought up point of.. POssible morale issues from co-mingling along neutral areas. There is also the point that these are areas for established inter-mingling and the loose passing of intelligence along the way. We must at least maintain /some/ observation and enforcement.."

Ghost stands, "I think Ratbats concerns need additional review and investigation before we add it to an already full agenda. Yes he voiced concerns but..." wings flick, "They need further investigation and distillation before we ramble about on it making up theories." A sideways look at Floodlight, "can you analyze an overall morale report and include touchpoints concerning what our members are seeking externally that apparently is like a ure to a lunarmoth?"

Floodlight keeps looking down at the table, but nods quickly.

Cyclonus also stands. "So. The border, Calyhex, the Combaticons, the neutral polities, the space bridge and its associated virus. And internal monitoring. A full agenda." He looks over at Soundwave.

Soundwave nods "Indeed it is. We will have another meeting again soon. By then, I will be expecting results."

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