Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Drink To Forget

Characters: Goth, Blast Off, Deathsaurus, Esmeral, Imager, Dizzy

Location: The Rollout Bar

Date: 11/14/2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Goth invites Blast Off and Deathsaurus to the roll out to get overcharged 
and forget what he and Blast Off fear.

As logged by Goth

Decagon - High Council Pavilions

(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, ' ....You have a moment?'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "That I do before I get myself plastered" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, ' I am... alright. Still myself. I think... I think we Combaticons will be okay, for now. Vortex is being attended to, I'm going for a walk. Are you in Altihex?'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "Sadly no.. Remember how i was freaking out about being near prowl?" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, ' ...Huh? I was a bit busy. What, are you fighting him right now?'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "No, I'm in Iacon, working on the Dweller issue... I'd need a escorte to get back in if I left" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, '*There's a looong silence, then:* ....You're in.... Iacon?'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "Yeeep, it is particularly why I was /grumpy/ yesterday" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, ' What are you... WHY are you working with AUTOBOTS?!?'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "Do you think Megatron or any other decepticon would just let me walk into kaon at the moment and let me use their spacebridge? No! They'ed shoot me on sight." to Blast Off.
(Radio) Goth transmits, "Gods above, Megatron kicked me out for taking KHAMSIN someone he was trying to KILL for being a neutral, to Iacon for medical help" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Goth transmits, "Not to mention whole attempted execution bullslag" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, '.....'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "sighs" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, ' I guess... maybe... that... makes some sense. But still.. frag, so I'm sending radio transmissions into IACON? This better be one slag of a secure radio channel... *grumbles*'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "I'm rather sure we're safe, besides, I did say last night I understood not being in a safe area with open radios" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Goth transmits, "...That and we've not stated anything incriminating" to Blast Off.
(Radio) Goth transmits, "...Uhg.. Frag this, i can't wait any longer to get drunk.. I'm headed to the rollout.." to Blast Off.
(Radio) Goth transmits, "I'm headed out to the rollout.." to Deathsaurus.
(Radio) Deathsaurus sends you a radio transmission, ' I'll meet you there'
(Radio) Blast Off sends Goth a radio transmission, ' That is... a mood.'
(Radio) Goth transmits, "Ahah isn't it?" to Blast Off.

The Rollout Bar - Toraxxis - Cybertron

Goth, by Atlanta-hammy. Used with permission.

Goth would drag himself into the bar, having left Iacon, and looks around, he was.. well, if anyone like Goth could look gloomy, it was him at the moment! He'd start making his way to the bar quietly.

Deathsaurus struts into the bar, like he owns the place. He heads to one of the few booths that can hold someone his size and settles in. "Yeah, yeah Im here. I know. Bask in my glory."

Blast Off SHOULD be already here and already settled into some dark corner away from any contact with people whatsoever, but.... he still can't fly well, so it takes awhile before the shuttleformer even makes it to the bar that Goth mentioned visiting. Primus, he's tired of walking and catching whatever transportation he can- it's HUMILIATING. He looks rather dusty, weary, and annoyed by the time he enters the door, glancing around sourly and trying to find Goth.

Goth would glance up at Des with a raised ridge, but, he was glad to see the large Kaiju, damnit, he was depressed and he was going to hand out with his friends tonight, no matter HOW overcharged he planned to get! His ear flicks as he heard familiar heavy steps, and looks back. "Ahh, there you are." he'd chuckle.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Whats up, Goth?" he motions. "Bring your friends over. I'll buy." He looks to Blast Off. "Come join us if you want. Unless I make ya too uncomfortable."

Blast Off glances over at the big space dragon... no, no, the OTHER space dragon, but doesn't offer a greeting. In fact, he looks a bit suspicious of *everyone* right now, scanning the area like he half-expects an ambush. It doesn't stop him from ordered a drink, though. "I'll take a fine enerwine, maybe a..." Pause, consdier. "Wait, no. Nevermind." he leans towards the bartender. "Make it a Nightmare Fuel." Hearing Goth and then Des, he glances their way, still not moving. "...." Waiting for his drink, he asks Des, "Why would you make me uncomfortable?" ...while looking a mite uncomfortable.

"You're in a mood." Goth would state up at Des with a raised ridge. Goth then chuckles and joins Blast off. "Nightmare fuel as well, I am attempting to get quite plastered." He'd admit right out.

Deathsaurus grunts "Big nasty Destron killer rar." He says flatly. "You know the routine." He says. "Nightmare fuel eh? Eh. Im gonna get a round too." He says. "Whats the occasion?"

Blast Off gets his drink, pausing a moment to stare into it dubiously, then turns to look at Goth, lifting it in a toast. "Mood." He starts to take a sip before stopping and lifting it again, "To Vortex, I'll take this hit *for* him." Then he almost drinks again, but stops as Des speaks. "And I'm a big deadly Combaticon sniper," he sniffs, looking unimpressed. Ego and all. "Besides, have you MET my teammates? I hang out with a rough lot..." Ok, NOW time to sip- and he immediately nearly hacks and spits it out. Strong stuff. *Ahem* He looks up at Des, "....Life."

Deathsaurus chuckles "Fair point. Can I get you anything, Goth?" He asks while he goes to get the nightmare fuel. He comes back. "So what about life?"

Goth chuckles at Blast off. "Indeed, Life, and mood." He says, joining Blast Off in that toast and sighs, hunching over the bar as he looks down in his class and then downing his shot of nightmare fuel. "Too much Goth grunts."

GAME: Goth FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Deathsaurus comes back actually delivering Nightmare fuel to his big nasty booth. He flops back down. "I seem like the only person int he galaxy who'se life is going pretty good right now." he says. "So maybe I can help put out some of your fires."

Blast Off just glowers at them both, then gazes into that Nightmare Fuel again before attemtping another sip. *WHEEZE* ...Ok, it's been awhile. determined, he takes another, stronger swallow- this shall NOT defeat him! The shuttle manages to keep this down. "Ah." He lifts an optic ridge at Des. "You are one of the lucky ones, then."

Goth hacks on his drink, showing, just how long its been since he heavily drink at all, it takes him a few moments to clear his throat after his coughing fit. "Hmph, can say that again." Goth states, coughing, yep, that shot was already trying to take him out.

Deathsaurus nods "Guess Iam. So out with it. What has you guys all down in the mouth? YOu can tell me, I dont judge."

Blast Off stands for a moment, then seems to decide to maybe be *slightly* social... especially given that he came all this way to see Goth. Which is not as easy as it used to be for him. So he limps a bit over to the bat's booth, looking for a seat. Des' comment gets another optic ridge lift. He glances around to make sure he's not being eavesdropped on. When he responds, his cultured voice is low. "What do you THINK? You know what we've been going through."

Deathsaurus nods "I do. Haven't found a solution yet? Hrm." He rubs his chin. "Thought you guys woud have by now."

Goth takes a deep vent and goes to take another shot, but pauses. "No one tell Khamsin what I am doing tonight I am sure he has been attempting to curb my alcoholic ways." Goth states as he glances over and frowns, ears pinning against his helm. "....Si.." Goth says softly. "...They know Des.." he adds, before downing the shot.

GAME: Goth PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Imager strolls into the Rollout, and nonchalantly runs her hand up the bar as she enters. Her gaze turns to the side where she spots at least two people she either hates/fears/or hatefears, turns around, puts her other hand on the bar, and strolls back out at the same speed.

Deathsaurus nods "Or you blew exhaust. Goth. Did you fart people are runnin out?" yeah hes in a mood. He takes his own drink and sips it "Dont leave on my account I ain' gonna hit no one."

"If I had a *solution* by now do you think I would have WALKED here?" Blast Off huffs, then takes an extra-long drink, wheezes, and places the glass down. He looks over at Goth, "And YOU... you've been..." The Combaticon frowns under his faceplate before stiffening as - speak of the devil- an AUTOBOT walks in. "....Them." Then Des gets a mild glare for the crudity. Then... wait, the Bot walks out? "...'Friend' of yours, Goth?"

The shot goes down smoother for the bat as he clears his throat once more, his optics a bit bright as that first Shot had already started effecting him. He'd smack Deathsarus's arm lightly. "Oh please, anyone did that, its /you/" Goth says to the Kaiju without fear. "Pffft, No, just because I'm using their facilities doesn't mean I know them or they like me." Goth snorts. "...Hmph, I've been trying to find a solution myself but.. but well.. I don't have all the data." he'd say as he downs another shot.

GAME: Goth FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Im freaking obnovious tonight. Im sorry." he says with a smirk. "Naa if you did you'd think Rumble's in town, it'd register.." he says "So Goth. Whats this I hear about you working with bots? You're not goin' red are you?" he looks to Blast Off. "What you guys need is a medic. A trusted one you can afford. Hrm."

Imager stops at the door, her hand actually ON the doorframe, compelling herself to stay. It takes about twenty astroseconds before she finally arrests her momentum and goes back inside, however she intentionally puts her back to the Decepticons, and chooses the table farthest from, take that enemy faction. Dizzy has the return from Earth after helping building and living in autobot city. He liked his time there but he was itching to build and what better place to build or rebuild then his homeworld cybertron but first he need to wet his whistle. He walks into the bar and looks around he does notice Death and then the cons but he just gives them a nod and walks over to the bar to get himself some enegon.

Imager raises two fingers to signal for an enerbeer. Her optics register the little yellow minibot. She shifts her head a little, looking back to the Cons, then gets up and approaches Dizzy. "Uh hey there." The enerbeer is placed on the bar next to her, "You look like you're in Operations too. I heard we got some new mechs in town. Name's Imager."

Deathsaurus shoulders Goth as hes closest to him "Hey thats a new little bot. You know her?" he asks. Blast Off eyes the Autobots, not returning any nods. Leaning closer to Goth and Des, he murmurs, "So what is going on, anyway?" Dizzy looks up at Imager and smiles. He starts to speak with a thick southren drawl, "Yep thets raht fresh frum Earth. Mah name iz Dizzy. it's uh pleasure tuh meet you" He offers a hand to the larger bot, "whuts chur role?"

That one also hits the bat hard, causing him to cough again, before clearing his throat as a laugh is mixed in, his proper tone starting to drop. "That and about everyone would be looking over and Blast Off would be trying to pretend he doesn't know us." He'd laugh.

He'd wave a hand in a dismissive manner. "Baah no, not doing that again, I am not to be a pawn again." He'd chuff. "I am quite happy not being tied to a faction." He then grumbles. "Which one is caring for you lot anyway?" Goth asks, before raising a ridge. "Hmph no.. I've only been around the medical bay, their diplomatic suits, and the space bridge." he says as he downs his fourth shot of Nightmare fuel.

GAME: Goth FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Blast Off FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Imager jerks a thumb to herself after managing whatever counts as a handshake between the big femme and the minibot, "Eh logistics stuff mostly. I got onea them tractor beams so I tow stuff. It sorta sucks but its needed, and I'm armored. Got holograms too so I'm pretty good help putting up visual blueprints." She considers Dizzy, and takes a drink from her enerbeer. "Earther huh? Weird, dangerous planet. They got entire oceans of deathliquid there. The inhabitants seem nice though." A thought hits her, "So were you one of the ones doing like post-fighting repair work back when we had a lotta engagements over there?"

Esmeral throws the door open to the Rollout, takes a sweeping look around with a big grin on her face, "What's up -glitches-?!"

Deathsaurus lifts his Nightmare fuel. "Theres the most beautiful femme that ever existed. Come on and join us." He says, grinning like the mecha feline that ate the turbo canary.

Blast Off lifts his glass, responding to Goth. "You're not wrong." Then another drink, *wheeze*, though a smaller wheeze this time, and a thump on his chest. He shakes his head as if trying to clear it. The mention of not being tied to a faction gets a dull look from the shuttle before he drinks AGAIN. *cough* "We're looking at various... places," he answers Goth evasively, though he does then admit, "...Right now Arachnae is seeing to Vortex." Not that HE will likely ever be allowed in there again, whoops. That thought leads to another long drink. When Esmeral suddenly bursts into the scene like THAT.... welp, there's *another* long drink. Whheze.

Goth hack violently on the drink again, his optics burning brightly, he snorts. "I see why she's your wife." Goth states in amusement at Esmeral. Goth chuffs. "Maybe I can talk to Ara...R...Araña!" He states forgetting his words, coughing, but nope, 5th shot of Nightmare fuel is a go!

GAME: Goth FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.

Imager perks up with her back turned when Deathsaurus calls out to her. A pleased look crosses her face, as she turns around, her enerbeer in hand. She's just about to say something witty and slamming to the Destron, when she sees this Esmerel character that she's never really dealt with, and continues her turn wordlessly, then coughs as she puts both elbows back on the bar.

Esmeral flashes a crooked smile, wink of a fang as she strides towards where Deathsaurus is. Optics are all algow, wing panels perched at a jaunty-flirty angle as she stops and eyes the table, the inhabitants then the empty glasses. "Awww, you shouldn't have." A wink and a bit of a leer, "How'd you know I was in the mood for a bit of fluff and a nice chunky shuttle? All liquired up too."

Dizzy nods, "Yep Ah wuz yawl guys use tuh mess everythin' up an then bots lahk may had tuh fix it up. but it wuz honest work an Ah enjoyed it. Though uh late not much tuh do but busy work so Ah though Ah came back tuh Cybertron tuh rebuild it. Ahm in construction. Yawl knock them down Ah build them up. As fahwar Earth it's not uh bayud place. Sum butiful buildin' thayure an fully intact cities. Thuh warder nevur bother may though it did nuthin' fahwar may it left may alone an Ah leave it alone. Ah did git stuck by lahtnin' once durin' uh rain storm learn not thuh bay on top uh uh metal tower durin' wunna them thet day."

Blast Off leans forward again, and this time his usual grace seems to be slipping, just like the elbow he tries ot prop himself up with- and fails. Oop. Reorienting himself, and drinking more Fuel, he asides to Goth, "You alright?" Then he gets called a *chunky shuttle* and he turns to stare up at Esmeral, not sure whether to be affronted or intrigued, given the mushy state his mind is turning to. "I... beg your pardon?"

Imager squints at Dizzy, "Hey, I just realized. You talk like Encore. Nigh incomprehensible. Yer gonna have to pull that back a bit so most of us can understand ya better." She shakes her head, "Those storms they have there. I mean I got nothin but respect for anyone that can work in that sort of environment, but its a damn cruel thing to do."

Goth hacks again, Nightmare fuel is strong, and its hitting him hard, but Goth just turns to Blast Off and grins a fang filled smile. "Nope~" Goth sniffs, and then raises a brow at Esme. "Please only KHamsin's aloud to touch the fluff in that manner."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Thought you might like em. Careful the fluffy one bites." He says with a chuckle. "So, whatcha up to?" he keeps an optic on the bots.

Dizzy blinks at the whole pull it back, "I-O-no thus Encore but hif hay tawks lahk may Ah bet hay alright. Not many good ode boys among Autobots. Pull it back? Ahm shore Ah can it's not lahk Ah speakin' thus way on purpose it gist how Ah spake. Yeah them storms is wild Ah wuz down an out fahwar week after bein' struck an while Ah don't remember it thay sayud thuh whole tahm Ah wuz tawkin' backwards."

It's a good thing Blast Off can't hear the Autobots because that country twang would near drive him up the wall. It's not PROPER and snooty! He can hear Goth, though, and the bat's response gets a rare, brief chuckle from the shuttle. He lifts the glass Goth's way. "I hear ya!" ...wait, that wasn't proper language either, Blast Off. He takes a swallow. "How did everything get so fragged up, anyway?" The sniper rubs at his face, then eyes the others as they speak of fluff and whatnot. "Been that long, Goth, hmm? That's rough..." He glares over at Des. "I bite too, you know." Blink. Wait, did that come out the way he meant it to?

Esmeral slides into the booth, into Des lap and simply settles down to quietly watch, half slit optics and a grin. Imager gives sort of a blank stare for a moment as she picks out a few parts of that response that she can understand. "....erm yeah! Yeah I hear you." She obviously does not, "So you're a...well Encore says he's a 'Highlander'. I'm not exactly sure whereall that is, but it might be a miner-bot thing."

Goth smirks. "That I do, I'd like to think my love enjoys it, be surprised how skilled one must be with fangs that can pierce our armor." And now Blast Off likely knows more about Goth and Khamsin then he had in years. Goth then smiles at Blast Off. "Because Megatron is a bastard." he says proudly.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Do you now? Well its a good thing you have a mask on you feral beast of a shuttle." he chuckles. "Lets not start with politics. Its a good ngiht isnt it?" he asks.

Dizzy been on Earth for a while and smiles at the highlander part, "Does he now? Like from the movie or like from Ireland? My accent is more a Southern Drawl then a from Europe. At lease that's what I been told." He sips his beer and smiles.

Now Goth is gonna get a LIFTED OPTIC RIDGE with that extra biting info he totally never asked to hear but tell me more, bat.... *ahem* Blast Off takes a quick gulp of the Nightmare Fuel. The comment on Megatron gets a side-eye sort of glance, both optic ridges lifted up... but he doesn't exactly protest. Nope, he takes another drink. Then nearly spits it out at Des' response, wheeeeze. *ahem again* He wipes his faceplate, looking a bit embarrassed now. "Yeah... politics...." Ugh. He falls silent, just nursing his drink and looking rather... flushed already.

Imager drains her enerbeer, then retorts "I don't know where those places are. Is that like galactic rimward from here?" She sets down the drink, "Hey, so anyway so you do construction proper, how about like crafting stuff? I've got command uh..." She looks over her pauldron back at Team Purple over there, then replies, "questing-rey...ade-tray. They could probably use a hand."

Goth cackles at Blast Off's reaction, before he downs a sixth shot. "I will--will never understand, why Vortex th-thought me so innocent, I just know that such.. makes people in public u-uncomfterble." He'd snort and purr, ears twitching, before he leans on Blast off.

Dizzy nods, "yeah I tinker not a medic or anything but I can do it." He tilts his head a little, "what is Reyadetray?"

Deathsaurus tilts his head. "You know I have to watch my tone with my contracts and all. You know how it gets." he says almost apologetically.

Blast Off chuckles again, is twice in one night? The shuttle is getting sauced. He eyes Goth. "He did? Heh, yes... Just because some of us have DIGNITY and CLASS, doesn't mean we don't know how to, you know... do..." He starts waving a hand. "...You know~." Then Goth leans on him. He flinches slightly, surprised, staring down at the bat.... then just seems to shrug and takes another drink, not attempting to brush Goth off at all. He may even start to lean slightly on the bat himself. The Combaticon waves at Des, "Nah, it's fiine..." That cultured accent definitely is getting a slur to it..."

Imager shifts a bit, looking uncomfortable, and again back over to the Cons. "I'll fill you in away from earshot." She explains, as Earshot comes out from the back room, "Its faction stuff, you know. Gotta ensure you don't get the old rumor mill going."

Earshot takes a table over with Rumor Mill, in the background.

Eavesdrop pokes his head out of the back room, looks around, then goes back into the back room.

How long has it been since Blast Off touched the soft Faux Fur? Whom knows, but Goth's heavily overcharged and purring... He may also let out a few quite squeaks as he hiccups. "Sii~" He'd chuckle. "I miss.. I miss... those days.. in the medbay." He'd huff.

Deathsaurus 's radio goes off. "And that's m' city again. Sometime, I can stay longer with you guys but for now. Your drinks are on my tabl." he slides out of the booth, ready to go back to whatever hole the giant crawled out from.

That fur is soft and warm, and Blast Off is getting drunk. He leans further into it. Mmm, nice. He's got some warmth himself, with those thick heat shields of his, offering ceramic tiles for fur to glide against. He lets out a soft sigh, still gazing at his drink. "...Yeah," he admits quietly, then looks up at Des. "Ah. Oh." he looks around, then back to Des. "...Thank you."

Goth is quite for sometime, before he le3ts out a huff. "...I don't.. I don't want you all to-to forget.. me again." he says a bit somber as he looks at his 7th shot of nightmare fuel.

Blast Off's face pinches slightly, for he's still not entirely sure what Goth is referencing... but he has begun to have some inkling. A little. Still unsure entirely, though, he stares into his drink, then at the bat. "I have no plans to... forget you, you know." Of course, sometimes things aren't up to him, but fraggit they *should* be. "As you know, I do not like anyone telling me what to do. Or think. And..." His mind seems slushy and he has to pause a moment. "You know. I'm.. I AM going" Frag, concentrate, Blast Off. "...You know."

Goth lets out a confused churr as he looks up at Goth, one ear flopped over, another pointed straight up, he tilts his helm, wondering what the shuttle has to say.

"Just..." Frag, thinking is hard right now. Blast Off uses his free hand to rub at his forehead. "Um..." Blink. "I'll remember in an astrosec..." Mumble. "Uh, just... you know." His hand comes down to grasp his drink with the other. ""Not gonna let 'em mess with my head again." He shakes his head. "Never again." He looks down at Goth, "And as long as you don't get too *chummy* with those... those *Autobrats*," he directs a chiding huff at the bat, "Then... we'll... then...well, I'll make sure Vortex, when he gets better, when we all get... better, we'll... well, we'll stay in touch. Like..." Hmm. He stares, then reaches out and gently boops the bat on the nose. "Like..that." Then he immediately guzzles down more of his drink.

Goth blinks and chuckles. "I-Id like that." He'd grin as he downs that 7th shot. "Its lonely.. too quite, without you i-idiots." He purrs, Blast off could likely feel the rumbling coming from the bat leaned on him.

Blast Off OUGHT to be huffing and pushing Goth away and making a big show of how gosh-darned ALOOF and Proud of It he is but.... eh. Not tonight. The bat's warmth is nice. Maybe it's ok to admit how lonely he is, too... at least inside his head, for this one night. He finishes his drink, then places the glass down. "You mean 'without me AND those idiots, for I am... you know, uh," What were words again? "I'm the *soph*...soph....CLASSY one." He gingerly siiips a little more, then grins beneath his faceplate, returning Goth's purr with a soft rumble of his own internal engines.

Goth chuckles. "Yes" He'd grin as he downs his 7th drink. "hmph Family.. friend.. don't care.. I.. I wont be letting him" he'd seem to be starting to fall asleep. "Him.. take you away.. from me again.." Dizzy has disconnected.

The grin fades at the mention of *him*, Blast Off staring ahead a bit morosely now. "Yeah..." He mutters, also getting rather sleepy himself. The shuttle blinks and looks down at the bat, suddenly feeling... is this... gratitude? "...Good." It's... nice to know that maybe, just maybe, the Combaticons have some friends, some allies... somehow. Friends who will watch their backs. Maybe they're not... completely alone against the universe, after all. He finishes the drink entirely, and places the glass down before raising a hand to try and order more...but that hand feels so heavy, and it sort of just.... plops down on the bat's shoulder instead. "Yeah, family is... good." Blast Off's optics flicker and fade as he slips towards recharge.

Goth's ear flicks and huffs. "Wi-Will raise hell.. if he does." He'd smile, closing his optics there as he also falls into recharge as well. At least he achieved his goal, drank till he was a highly overcharged, no alcohol poising this time though! (Hopefully)