Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Crystal Conspiracy


Characters: Bulwark, Delusion

Location: Titan Repair Bay - Valvolux

Date: March 21, 2020

TP: Harmony of Harmonex TP

Summary: Delusion talks to Bulwark about one of her contingency plans.

As logged by  Delusion

Log session starting at 18:17:32 on Saturday, 21 March 2020.

Titan Repair Bay - Level 2 - Valvolux

This room could easily be a mile long, with a ceiling about two thirds of that high and a large door at one end. In spite of the size of the place, it is well lit with warm light from multiple sconces. A large bed easily fills the majority of the room, surrounded by cabinets for parts and tools. Smaller slabs are stationed near the door, close to a set of terminals. A soft breeze cycles through the room carrying the scent of oil and the tang of electricity.

Safety lights on the ceiling outline what looks like bay doors overhead, large enough to let a shuttle enter or leave. Giant cables line the walls alongside bundles of smaller feeds, supplying power and a soft, soothing hum. The whole facility is clean and well-kept, ready to be put to use.

Delusion walks through the large door into the oversized repair bay, steps crisp on the metal floor. She pauses just within, and calls out, "Bulwark? Are you available?"

Bulwark is basically just doing some fine tuning around the repair bay and making sure everything is in working order. He turns towards the doorway and begins making his way to it and calls out. "Yes, I'm here. Did you need something, Delusion?"

Delusion smiles slightly as she resumes approaching the mech. "A favor, I'm afraid. Something I wanted to do for Illarion."

Bulwark stops and quirks an optic ridge. "And what would that be?"

Delusion stops next to Bulwark and produces a datapad. "You're aware, I'm sure, of the furor around Harmonex these days. With all that's going on, it'll be a miracle if the crystals survive the next vorn." She taps the datapad, calling up a file. "Illarion is from there. If it gets destroyed again, I wanted to make sure she had something of it left." She shows Bulwark the datapad, and on it is a short video with audio. A couple of crystals, tiny things compared to the giant spires at Harmonex, but to enhanced audials like hers, the faint chime as the crystals sang to each other could be heard. "They can be grown elsewhere, if conditions are exact. Tricky, but doable."

Bulwark looks over the datapad and listens carefully. He nods, "I see. It's certainly not difficult to recreate the conditions, but I assume you wouldn't want them out for everyone and Primus to see."

Delusion nods. "That would be why I'd like your assistance." She waves a hand to indicate the gigantic repair bay around them. "I know you can build to impressive size even underground. I suspect enough space for a garden of some kind would be doable."

Bulwark scratches his chinplate. "I could find the space to do something like that. I just would need the list of growing conditions to adjust for them, and how big you would want it."

Delusion nods and simply offers the datapad. "All of the conditions are listed here. As well as the studies that Discretion and I did to discover them, if those are of interest to you." She runs the fingers of her free hand over her chin and neck. "Hmm. It'll be a long time before they're big enough to outgrow even a modestly sized room, but there'd need to be enough space for people to sit and listen to them." She conjures up a holographic image of a tiered space, an image of Illarion standing amid the tiers for scale. "Perhaps something like this?"

Bulwark takes the datapad and slowly walks around the projection. He begins tapping away on a blank screen, making notes on various dimensions and material strengths. "Would you want them to grow at the normal rate, or at an accelerated rate; perhaps for only a little while?" He asks. "It would allow for earlier enjoyment of a larger set of crystals."

Delusion 's mouth tugs into a genuine smile. "Well, if it can be done while preserving the inherent strength that they gain, it would be well to have them large enough for most people to hear it. That was my concern about the usual methods to force growth."

Bulwark furrows his optic ridge and taps some more things into the datapad. "It is an unusual problem to tackle. It would need the correct catalyst to encourage accelerated growth as well as the correct material be available in the envoronment for the crystals to draw into their crsytal matrix, but I'm fairly certain it could be done." He taps the datapad against his palm. "I might have to collaberate with MAc to be sure I got the amounts right..."

Delusion nods. "Now -that- would be a conversation I'd like to listen to," she comments.

Bulwark looks back to Delusion. "I don't see why you couldn't. It is your project afterall."

Delusion hmms. "I suppose it is, at that." She considers the hologram in the air. "With larger crystals to start, it might be better to adjust the display, so-" and the image shifts slightly. "Would the arrangement be compatible with the methods you're thinking to boost the formation?"

Bulwark walks around the hologram again. "That would certainly work. I can adjust the potential growth of the crystals to whatever design you want for the site, or the particular harmonics you'd like to get from them."

Delusion tilts her head. "We should keep the original harmonics. That's the point of this- to give Illarion a bit of home for herself. But I'll keep that thought in mind if I ever get an urge to make one for myself." Her optics glint with amusement.

Bulwark chuckles, "Well, if that is the intention perhaps designing the site around the location, or locations, that Illarion speaks of most fondly would be wise. It would mean fewer adjustments to the crystals themselves to match the original's singing."

Delusion shakes her head. "She doesn't speak of it. I could pry, but that would give away the surprise."

Bulwark nods, "I could see if there are any records here, but it would be a slim chance at that. The best we can hope for is perhaps one of the more public areas she might have gone to that's still singing."

Delusion nods. "I'll review what I have, then. We can find a space first, then finalize the details in a few cycles.”

Bulwark smiles and nods, "I'll get in touch with Mac in the mean time, but we'll have to wait for the exact details on the crystal's growth once we have the design of the site mostly settled."

Delusion waves a hand, disappearing the hologram. "A workable plan. Thank you, Bulwark." She gives him a nod of respect.

Bulwark inclines his head to Delusion, "You're welcome, Delusion, and thank you for giving me a new challenge to explore."

Delusion smirks slightly. "You're welcome." She waves as she turns to head back up to Valvolux's city proper.

Bulwark goes back to working on the terminals and equipment to get it 'just so'.

Log session ending at 19:55:45 on Saturday, 21 March 2020.