Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: A Bat Among Cobra's

Characters: Goth, Interrogator, Major Bludd

Location: Volcano - Cobra Island

Date: October 10th, 2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Goth meets up with Interrogator again, after their last failed meeting...
This time getting their time to talk, along with Bludd.
As logged by Goth

Volcano -- Cobra Island

Goth has come out of his lab-cave to earth, alone, and cloaked and... Well, she place he's flying too is... Uh.. Well.

" . . . You could of warned me it was a VALCAINO!" he radios with a slight shirk, the poor bat's optic twitch's just imagining the heat, possibly having a few flash backs to his... worse days.

Interrogator jumps and says, "Ah CRAP, I forgot about you and fire! I figured nobody would bother us here. Don't worry, it's inactive! It has been ever since it spawned this island!"

"I hope you don't mind that I invited a collogue."

Goth squints. "It better be, I swear to chela." Goth says in a bit of a dramatic tone, but he's still coming down. "I do not mind, is there a set spot you wish for me to land? I do warn I am cloaked."

Interrogator says, "Just follow my signal, friend. And thank you for the warning. I have already told Security I was meeting such an individual, and they knew better than to ask questions."

interrupting my morning cartoons to tell me to go fetch my parents, because it was important"

Goth huffs out. "Alright then." He radios back, soaring over head as he optics over the area, before descending down... Careful not to kick up to much dust and dirt with his wings.

When he drops his cloak, it appears as a twisting of shadows and pixels with a red glow to them, revealing the large Bat-beast-former.

He hefts himself up to be on his hind legs and brushes out some dirt from his fur. "Well, hopefully this goes well." He'd muse aloud.

Major Bludd climbs the last few feet to the flat area Interrogator is standing on just as the large bat-creature reveals itself. He takes a half-step back, shielding his face from the dust with his arm, and gazes up at Goth with a surprised expression. "Er... g'day," he finally manages to say.

Interrogator says, "I'm glad you could make it, both of you. Major Bludd, this is Goth. He's a neutral Cybertronian, so he isn't caught up in their war. He is also a scientist who assisted us on the Scorpion Shaped ship that was in Earth's orbit."

Goth's ears flick upward and then swivel over to Bludd, before the rest of his helm follows, green optics staring down at the human. "...Hola." He states simply, and huffs.

He then pauses, and thinks back to that time. "Ah, I think I recall you being there, but... Well, before that... Moron of a women, threw everything into chaos." he says in a rather dry tone. His accident is definitely Spanish, fast, yet smooth, quite, but deep... There is something else mixed in but its hard to make out, definitely from the fact he's a giant alien vampire robot.

...Even if he does look like a giant black fruit bat with vampiric fangs.

"Nice to meet you," Bludd says carefully, trying not to stare at what looks like a furry giant alien robot bat. "Glad to know you're not involved in that bloody war."

Goth's waves his hand dismissively. "Bah, Was, but they where dumb enough to remove me once I'd proven I was more loyal to my mate... Their loss, nothing of value was lost on my end, thankfully." He'd agree before looking back over to Interrogator, one ear raising as he raises a brow.

"Right then, if you're sure." Goth says as he makes his way over, folding his wings around himself like a cape and smiles. "I hope you are doing well amigo... I must admit I've not been out quite a bit since."

Bludd stands there somewhat stiffly, offering Interrogator a brief smile at the mention of the past and a nod to Goth's description of his involvement in the war. He glancese to Interrogator. "You learn anything interesting on this... ship?"

Interrogator says, "We have a speciman, one of the mechcannibals from that ship, in a containment field in Cobra Unity. I have been spending a lot of time there studying it."

"I gave it the designation "Mu" after the Greek number for 40 and somehow "NaM" got added on, "NaM" an abbreviation of "Not a Munchie". We do have a sense of humor in R&D," he chuckles.

Goth eyes Bludd before shaking his helm. "Relax, I'm not going to eat you, That and I only siphon energon." He adds, promptly pointing out, yes, he's a vampire, but a cybertronian vampire... So any and all vampire tropes would be converted.

He looks back to Interrogator, and hms, tapping his elongated index claw to his goatee covered chin. "...I'd ask to see it but.. Well, besides Sparkeaters, I rather not get near a mechcanaible."

Bludd may have read the term 'mechannibal' in a report summary sometime over the past year. "Hope it doesn't get loose," he comments to Interrogator. "You seem to have gotten some good research from the Quintesson tech." He scowls briefly as he utters the name of the tentacled aliens. His gaze snaps back to Goth at the sound of the robot's voice. "No, of course not," he says of the reference to not eating humans. "I don't spend much time with your people," he offers, "but I mean no offense. I'm just ... not used to you, is all."

Interrogator says in an understanding tone, "We need Cybertronian allies, especially after the Quintesson Invasion and now the Scorpion Ship awakening in our orbit. We've been lucky this far, but we better prepare for next time, whether there is such or not."

"I have made progress on my personal project. I've been gathering some hard data, mostly using Biofeedback and Astrology."

"Ah yes, lovely, aren't they?" Goth asks sarcastically in agreence regarding the Quintessons.

He pauses and nods. "Quite alright, I am a bit... Strange, even among those on Cybertron, so, non-taken." Goth says with a polite nod. Goth raises a ridge and tilts his helm. "Ah what is that?" grateful none of them pressed on what a Sparkeater was.

"Astrology?" Bludd raises an eyebrow, glancing aside at Interrogator. He smiles and nods to Goth. "They'd be much more pleasant to deal with if they'd keep their faces out of everybody else's business... though that's still not saying a lot, is it?"

Interrogator says quietly, "I am trying to give our operatives psychic abilities that will allow us to unify this planet and be in a better position to protect it, not to mention expand Humanity's knowledge and reach!"

Goth snorts. "Indeed, to bad most of their body is also their face." he sighs, shaking his helm. "I'm grateful I've never had the 'pleasure' of meeting one... Fact I am quite sure I'd react violently first on meeting one, so, possibly for the best." Goth muses with a nod.

Goth then stops and knits his ridges.

"...I do not know if that is a wise idea." he says, crossing his arms, and scratches at his cheek, unsure how to feel about that. "as in on a individual level? or connected in some way?" He asks tilting his helm.

Major Bludd holds up his hands defensively toward Interrogator. "Okay, mate, sorry." He adopts a curious expression. "Y'know, time was when a lot of things we take for granted now around here were just science fiction." He digs in his pocket and takes out a USB thumb drive. "These things. Multiple encyclopedias' worth of info on this tiny little thing." He drops the drive back into his pocket. "Doors with electronic eyes. Hell, even space travel was a myth at one time." He shrugs, bestowing a smile on Interrogator. "Reckon if anybody can surprise me on that score it'd be you."

Interrogator says in a disgruntled tone, "I am not Dr. Mindbender. He wants to take free will from everybody. I believe that we should have it, at least those who can handle it. Let's face it, we were not all created equal, despite what the Americans and others think."

Goth relaxes at that and lets out a relived breath. "Ah, good, I was worried about the possibility of a hive mind, which, I feel would be far to dangerous." Goth nods, then looking deep in thought.

"I mean it could be possible, though may need to study other humanoid races out there in the galaxy to understand how they can do such, else risk possibly causing ruptures in your brains."

Bludd suppresses a sigh, shifting to a somewhat lazy parade rest stance. "Hive mind?" He glances up to Goth. "I wouldn't want anybody else's thoughts in my head, that's for sure."

Interrogator says with a chuckle, "We have seen what has happened with the BATnet and BATs in general. A hive mind would not work. As I said, I am just gathering data at this point, and hoping certain Humans and other Beings don't discover what I am doing."

"Si, most Psionic races I've met tend to be hive-minds, seems to be a common evolutinary trait, but I have also met others that have it, but retain individualism." Goth nods to Interrogator. "Hmm I can understand why, It would cause a bit of.. startle, to say the least." He'd chuckle. "That and I can only imagine what they would think you are doing experiment wise." He'd smirk, bringing his claw to his lip.

"I tried on Over Kill's BATNet helmet one time," Bludd says with a smirk. "I can't live at that speed." He rubs at his chin with a thumb, unconsciously mirroring Goth's gesture. "I wonder how the Vectors are doing these days," he muses quietly.

Interrogator says informatively, "Over Kill was doing well the last time we spoke. I instructed him to keep away from Mu NaM and make sure the other BATs did too."

Goth nods. "If they are living mechnoid of some type, then si, that thing will attempt to eat them." Goth says with a cringe, and coming to rest beside Interrogator in a sitting position before his ears flick as he looks to remember something.

"Ah.. you.. had expressed interest in my regenetive and cloaking abilities?" Goth asked, wondering what that all was about.

Bludd frowns up at Goth. "The BATS are androids, yes, entirely mechanical. The Vectors are vehicular but also entirely mechanical." He frowns. "I'd have to be decidedly unhappy if the mecannibal were to make a snack out of Vector Six. Suppose I'll have to check on where they're all stationed these days."

Interrogator says thoughtfully, "Yes, namely what frequencies you generated when you used them. I've been scanning the Quintesson technology, but I'm not sure if sentience would make a difference."

"Mmm, indeed, it will eat them if they get close." Goth confirms with a huff.

He looks back to Interrogator, shifting in minor discomfort and hems. "Well, my cloaking is due to a internal-organ, or, well, device, that I activate that creates a field to make my frame blend into the area, much like that of a..ahh.." He'd spin his wrist in thought. "Green screen?" He says, hoping that made sense.

"As for my regeneration, being a cybertronain, their natural nanites that my body creates and replicates to heal wounds at a rapid rate, much quicker then others."

Major Bludd nods absently, his expression thoughtful. "I think I'm going to head back to HQ," he says. "I have a few things I want to look into." He smiles up at Goth and says, "Nice meeting you," then offers Interrogator a wave. "See you around."

Interrogator thoughtfully, "Goodnight. We'll have to have a 'welcome back' party for you."

"A pleasure as well, Señor Bludd." Goth nods, watching him off.

He'd glance back. "You'll have to excuses my discomfort in explaining such." Goth sighs out. "I've... had parts forcefully removed before and it was.. not quite the best lasting experience I've had." He'd add, clicking his jaw.

Interrogator says sadly, "Ah, once again I have been a bad host. First forgetting your difficulty with fire and now bringing up something as bad as forced surgery. I had a procedure forced on me as well, a near mind-rape.

Goth lets out a chuckle, and gives a gentle nudge with his snout. "Quite alright, you'd have to learn of such eventually." Goth chuffs settling down there. "...We are.. mm people, of storied pasts, dark and bloody, and filled with trauma, it is bound to happen." he says, a bit more relaxed. Interrogator nods and says darkly, "You probably have worse stories than I. Then again, as I said on irc, everything is relative."

Goth tilts his helm in thought. "Perhaps, cybertronians are... 'hardy' so to speak and can survive quite the horrors.." Goth admits with knitted ridges. "Having lived on a planet with organics before, I also know how gruesome it can be for those like you as well." Goth adds with a nod.

He'd snort. "I didn't used to fear fire, used to be lighting, now, thanks to that war? I've realized, Fire is by far /worse/." he'd laugh.

Interrogator says knowingly, "Electricity can help the body if used right. I've done it with electro-shock therapy. That could also be useful to my studies."

Goth nods. "Both can be, I used to fear lighting due to my light frame for flight, i'd be quite the lighting rod, however.." he looks down at his fur. "..The other has frequently been used as a weapon, melting my mesh, frame and internals so quick you would think i was made of paper." Goth cringes. "Nor does it help my spark hertz are so low they don't register." He'd huff.

"Ah, spark hertz?" Yes, I imagine they would vary more amongst Cybertronians that Humans. Interesting..."Interrogator drifts off, lost in thought.

"Si, its... the equivalent of a heart beat, mine is simply so low I register as dead." Goth snorts. "But I more attribute that to my outlier state then anything." He'd muse. "The whole vampirism thing."

Interrogator says, "We've had a Ninja slow his heart rate and such to the point we thought he was dead. It's how he escaped."

Goth raises a ridge. "Huh, smart, foolish, but smart, any of us did that we'd been thrown in a smelter." he muses, mildly impressed. Interrogator says with a snort, "Well, my fellow operatives learned from that and when I tried it, they caught me easily." He says sheepishly, "I was grasping at straws, seriously."

Goth chuckles, shaking his helm. "Well, long as lessons where learned...Can't tell you the number of times I've had to yell at my ex-team mates not to do stupid things, or not to aim fire at me." He'd smile. "This has been pleasant."

Interrogator says with a nod, "Sounds like something some members of Cobra would do to others."

Goth snorts. "Vortex was the worst, constantly had to keep him from mutalating himself, or put locks on the medication cabinets." His ears fall back against his helm as he explains, before letting out a quite sigh and settles down there. "Hmph.. would it be an issue if I spent the night?" He asks.

Interrogator says with a smile, "No, it shouldn't be. I'll let security know."

Interrogator says "...Actually, let me get Peklabog and sleep here, just in case...Like I said, some of my fellow operatives resemble yours, unfortunately."

"I'd appreciate such... I find myself to tired and unwilling to go back at the moment." Goth explains, also omitting a bit of information. Goth then snorts. "IF they are, I highly expect air-horns, and other pranks." Goth says dryly and yet amused, pushing himself up and looking around for a strong, solid beam, before flying up, and then hanging upside down from it.