Transformers Universe MUX


COMMAND: @open[/<switches>] <direction list> [=<number>[,<direction list>]]

Creates an exit in the specified direction(s). If <number> is specified, it is linked to that room. Otherwise, it is created unlinked. You or anyone else may use the '@link' command to specify where the unlinked exit leads.

Opening an exit costs 1 coin. If you specify <number>, linking costs 1 more coin. You can specify a second direction list (after the comma), which is automatically opened in the room that the new exit goes TO and which is linked back to where you are. I.e. @open north;n=#1234,south;s would open exit 'north;n' from here to #1234, and an exit 'south;s' from #1234 to here, assuming you have rights to open exits and link to the rooms in question.

The following switches are available:
/location - Create the exit in your location (default).
/inventory - Create the exit on yourself.
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