Transformers Universe MUX

2022 (MMXXII) will be a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2022nd year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 22nd year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, and the 3rd year of the 2020s decade.

The United Nations has declared 2022 as the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture and the International Year of Glass.




Jan 21 - NASA Facility Destroyed


Good evening, this is LNN, here with breaking news out of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. There was a massive explosion there tonight, and it would appear that most of the center was destroyed. At this time, the cause of the explosion is unknown, but we almost have to speculate that Cobra was involved. Not long aftetr the explosion, our news Helicopter was in the area, and captured these amazing scenes.

>*In the Night Sky, at a distance, the appearance of three, double rotared Helicopters appear. They are the Desert Camo painted Tomahawks of G.I. Joe fame.*<

G.I. Joe helicopters were spotted in the area, and one EMT on the ground says he treated a member of the G.I. Joe team that was injured in the blast. He also claims that the female soldier had been shot, at least three times, and suffered massive blood loss from lacerations to the arms, legs, and head.

Soon after a Tomahawk left the facility, carrying the wounded G.I. Joe Team Member, the building collapsed. It had been cleared by a G.I. Joe search and Rescue team, and only dead bodies in Security Uniforms were found. The only other person at the facility tonight, was supposed to be Dr. Hector Garmin, a scientist, whose work we are told, is classified.

We will bring you more information on this story as it devolps.

Jan 23 - Surprise Concert Announcement

Breaking Entertainment News! We have learned that Cold Slither is returning for a series of Concerts. That Punk Bank from the 80's was a short lived, one hit wonder. But what a song..... >*Insert video and Audio clip of Cold Slither's music video*< No concert dates have been announced, but the members are in rehersals, from what we have learned, and we can not wait for the concerts to start!

In other news...

Jan 28 - Fire In the Sky

"This is Kryan B. Jelly still trying to get answers still on the fires we saw in the skyline on Wednesday. Flames and explosions were seen but so far, no official word has been given from military forces on what was witnessed globally.

In other breaking news, 'Man Balances 85 Spoons at Once for Guinness World Record.'


Feb 03 - Home Invasion

GERALDINE, MONTANA --- Two individuals were fatally shot during a home invasion on Thursday evening and were discovered in their residence by responding authorities.

According to the Chouteau County Prosecutors Office, members of the Geraldine Township Police Department responded to a block of Riverside Drive shortly after 8:15 p.m. on Feb. 3, on a report of a shooting..

Two victims, a senior male and a senior female, were found by officers in the residence of Riverside Drive. Authorities confirm that the two victims were the residents of the location and were Korean War veterans.

Authorities are seeking information about the incident that is being investigated as a double homicide.

Feb 05 - Strange Discovery in Nevada!

<< broadcast via multiple media outlets on Earth >>

...and in other news, scientists are baffled by a discovery recently made by a pair of spelunkers enjoying the Egan Range of Nevada in the United States. The spelunkers were exploring several caves in the region before one opened up to reveal the following:

<< grainy amateur footage appears, complete with whispers of excitement and awe coming from offscreen; what can be seen appears to be a large, segmented chamber, clearly Cybertronian in origin >>

Scientists agree that the chamber is Cybertronian, yet are baffled because of the time-frame involved. Dr. Wayne Hauser, one of the first scientists to examine the find, had this to say: "For years, we've always assumed that when the Autobots and Decepticons landed on Earth four million years ago, they were stasis-locked by the extensive damage. Yet, carbon-14 analysis indicates that this structure, which surprisingly resembles a honeycomb or bee hive, dates after their crash, and was apparently in use for a time before being suddenly abandoned."

An interesting note: the Egan Range of Nevada was where, back in 2009, scientists discovered the first specimen of a now-extinct species, apis nearctica, notable for being the only species of honeybee to have originated in North America. Honeybees as we know them now are predominantly the result of being transplanted from Europe to the Americas.

But what could this mean? Is there some other Cybertronian honeybee hive still undiscovered on Earth? How did they remain active when the rest of the Autobots and Decepticons did not? Why did they abandon their hive so suddenly? And where could they be now?

Feb 07 - Atlanta News Report

In local news, the home of Martial Arts Instructor Joseph O'Hara was broken into this afternoon. It is unknown if anything was taken, or if Mr. O'Hara was home at the time of the break in. Police have only said that, at this time, the investigation is still on going.

In other news, Atlanta Braves Free Agent Freddie Freeman has been linked to the New York Yankees...


Feb 11 - Woe is the world!

Reports are coming in that the evening of the proposed 'Peace Accords', both the City-States of Helex and Stanix were bombed! Who is responsible for this new act of war? Was the meeting a trick of the Autobots to lure former Decepticons into a trap?

Other words from the underside seem to show that Helex was having troubles paying its own security staff, blaming Stanix on a sneak attack. What is the world coming too now!

More dirty little secrets are coming out now that the mockery of a peace meeting was broken up by someone called Primrose Pilotus. News recordings show a large winged mech shooting at Starscream - who shot back!

Feb 21 - Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

Trenton, New Jersey: Police responded to reports of something that sounded like a bizarre science fiction movie. 'Androids and an armored neon green warrior' were reported from multiple sources at the abandoned Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. EMS were unable to identify the individuals, though remains of a few damaged androids were found as well as what appears to be human blood. A vagrant from the location told police that it looked like 'Master Chief was in a no holds barred against the Terminators. Both did a number on each other!' Other eyewitnesses are said to have seen some of the robots blow up as they shot and stabbed the human. One witness said he saw two of the androids toss the injured John Doe down flight of stairs before leaving rather quickly. Police are seeking additional informational.


March 10 - Rumors - Once-A-Sweep: A Decade of Data - Anonymous

        There's plenty of clapping as the Junkion news program Once A Sweep starts up, with its host Sater-Kyl. 'Good Morning, Good Evening, and Good Night. Where would we be without friends like you? And now the news..."

        Sater-Kyl shifts his position slightly as an image pops up declaring 'Cybertron In Piece'. Yes the typo seems intentional. "Yes now, hah hah." Sater-Kyl adopts a low, almost drawling impression of Walter Cronkite. "And so the long awaited peace summit of the Autobots under Rookie of the Year sixteen years running Optimus Prime, and the reason for the creation of the 'back-half forcefield' Starscream met recently to paw at records together, and generally half-aft an attempt at a peace accord. We saw signs of a possible end to the war coming, after their fearless leader Megatron, was sucked into a warp zone."

        Doctored footage shows a Junkion reenactment showing a Megatron action figure partially in a warp gate, then falling into it with a Mario Bros pipe noise.

Sater-Kyl frowns at the footage, "      Not bold enough. Take two!"

        Doctored footage shows a Junkion reenactment showing a Megatron action figure partially in a warp gate, then falling into it with the sound of a flushing toilet.

        Sater-Kyl seems more pleased, "Now we're in flavor country. Everyone wondered if Starscream would chip or get off the pot. The Acting Decepticon Commander eventually catered towards peace. UNTIL SUDDENLY..."

        Footage shows an Optimus Prime action figure and an Emperor Starscream action figure attempting to sit at a table, when the sound of a toilet flush is reversed, and a hand shows the previously seen Megatron action figure floating above. Action Figure Starscream says "Megatron? Is that you?"

        "OR IS HE?" Sater-Kyl is wearing a Holmesian deerstalker hat that's far too small for him. "Rumors abound that this Primus Pileup is an impostor in disguise! Our crack reporters at Once a Sweep have cracked this crack-up's case."

        Footage shows the following scene. "We have reason to believe THAT....Straxus, back in 1985, following his decapitation was held as a trophy..." Sater-Kyl is now suddenly wearing a trenchcoat and sounds like Ultra Magnus for some reason, "We believe that during Polyhex's transformation, Straxus' processor was NOT destroyed by the events of that city's damage, In fact...his processor lit up for the first time in ages, no longer dealing with the remnants of Galvatron's corruption. His first act was to have his eyes glow red, which means he can now control computers. He then transfers his mind into the Polyhex system, and ships it the lost Underbase of Cybertron! Here..." Footage shows Junkion hands attempting to kitbash a Primus Pilus figure, there's also a cow there for some reason "Straxus reassembled himself using the Udderbase's sophisticated creation facilities to forge himself a new body, seeking revenge. From there, you can fill in the blanks, because we ran out of budget."

 Sater-Kyl leans back in his chair, "Stay tuned for more "news" after the break."

March 10 - Report - AAR: Broca Beach  - General Hawk

TO: All Joes

FROM: General Hawk

Last night we dealt with some uninvited guests courtesy of Cobra at Broca Beach. I am glad to say that we suffered no casualties, and only a few injuries. The town, however, is a complete loss, due to Cobra having rigged nearly the entire area to blow with sabotage explosives. Last night was also a successful deployment of another weapon in the Joe arsenal, that being a modification to our BEC satellites to allow precision orbital strikes. Cobra's armor was dealt with swiftly, and some of their infrastructure destroyed, before the rest went up with their rigged explosives. It is not a weapon intended to be used lightly, but we've already had a taste of long-term snake infestations and I do not want to deal with round 2. If Cobra sets up a nest, we smoke it, period. On the whole, we got the job done. I am proud of all who fought, and that's another feather in your caps. Well done, Joes. YO JOE!

March 11 - Weekly Wind Down - Duke

TO:     All Members

From:   Duke

Yo Joe! This is just a weekly update of what's happened to keep everyone in the loop for what we are doing and what is happening.

MAR 07  Reports of Cobra activities in Russia were made. It appears that Cobra has delivered something in cargo containers to the Russian military. We are not yet sure of who or what was involved and how it will be involved. Please keep an eye out for what we can get on this information.

MAR 08  Training events were run by myself. The first part was a Lock down testing our ability for how fast we can respond and secure to a threat such as an active shooter inside the Pit. We had reasonable success with this. This was inspired by the Pit breach that happened about less than a month ago. Please review proper lock down procedures and understand that once we go into 'Lock down,' that means you hide and barricade yourself, remain on radio silence, and wait for the next stage of instructions.

Additionally, we did have a small set of questions for you to answer to get to the food that was provided as well as for the actual training exercise. You, as Joes, need to have a better understanding of who the persons to your right and left are. Why? They might have a talent or skill or ability that you are unaware of that can be useful when you least expect it. For example, did your know that Wyvern can do something with fire? I'll leave it as that. You'll all be tasked to tell me soon something you learned about your teammates. Don't worry, we all will be tasked with this as well. Myself, Hawk, and even Flint. I'm assigning Flint to attend one of Concealer's 'DnD Tea Parties' to show that we all are not above this. I'll spend an evening helping Sinatra with giving the Rat Pack a bath or something.

MAR 09  Amazing effort from General Hawk, Snapdragon, Sinatra, Scarlett, Concealer, the Rat Pack, and company. You have taken down Broca Beach. Intel had given us that no one other than Cobra was on site and we were authorized to use extreme lethal force to remove those snakes from that location. I understand that the Rat Pack deserve a Purple Heart. Sinatra, see Battleaxe for getting them a block of the finest cheese possible for a treat. We also were not able to take any prisoners even though Copperhead and Mindbender were on scene. It appears that Major Bludd was in his modified HISS tank giving some issues. General Hawk made use of the orbital weapons system to deliver a crucial blow to the HISS as well as a few strongholds. It turns out that Cobra had also rigged the area to explode and that made things more difficult. I am proud of all of you for this. Though, I do need to understand the mushroom clouds of glitter. Or perhaps, I do not need to.

MAR 10  This update is so far the one I am concerned with. Greenshirts with Ozone and a few other members have visited the site of what was once Broca Beach after Cobra leveled that beach front. A squad of Greenshirts went missing when they were entering the labs. Ozone and his squad went to locate the missing party. We recovered them and they were injured and slashed up. It does not match any of the previous weapons or slashes left by Cobra and their weapons. Reports of a humanoid 'Cloverfield' creature are all we can get as a description. Apparently, our conventional weapons are making only dents in whatever this threat is. We will need to get more details on this.

MAR 11  I want all of us to report in and check in with Flint, myself, or Hawk. I'd like to know what your current projects are, what your intentions are, and your strengths and weaknesses are so we can improve on BOTH of them.

Additionally, Sci-Fi, Mainframe, and Hawk have cleared Spike Witwicky from being a Cobra agent. Spike is within our custody still because he is getting help from Doc about a medical situation.

Keep up the great work, all of you. You are not just an agent of G.I. Joe... you are an agent of change.



March 13: Breaking News: Broca Beach         Sun Mar 13    Associated Press

"... And I was headin' there to give them a piece of my mind! Sending me one of those electronic mails telling me th' park was closed. Non-refundable tickets my derrière, I spent my hard earned money on these tickets and took the day off so me an' Pauline, Pauly, Gregor, Nick, Junior, Lacey, Rracii, Georgie, and Nessie could have family time. Yeah I know th' parks a bit run down but for the price it can't be beat. Was pulling off of US 9 when the sky lit up like th' hand of gawd. Beams of somethin' just shot out of the sky! I'm tellin' ya, there's a plot against us hard workin' Americans, using space guns and takin' our money, ruinin' our vacations. What's this country coming too when beams of somethin' come crashin down and take out one of th' only amusement parks we can afford..."

An eyewitness report of the attack on Broca Beach, New Jersey. The area has been quarantined and cordoned off, with no visitors or news agencies allowed within the area.

March 14 - Bombings in Helix and Stanix!      - Associated Press

"... And during the so-called 'Peace Accords' held in Triax, the cities of Stanix and Helix reported consecutive explosions in line with a bombardment. Widespread destruction in both polities has been indicated and a flush of new refugees seeing safety in other polities has increased world-wide. Rumors of these 'former' Decepticons being turned even chased away from neighboring cities are a display of planetary discord that continues to rise. The dissolving of the Peace Accords with the intrusion of a mechanism calling himself Primus Pilus, who then claimed to be a returning Megatron (See Emperor of the Decepticons, Tyrant).

Furthermore, an assault on the Decepticon-held Fort Syck prior to the accord meetings was attributed to City-state Helix, and the Decepticons there were only just able to defend their holding. Tensions continue to increase in both polities with additional reports of Helix's city-staff working without recompense due to a financial disaster.

Interviewing one survivor of the attack in Stanix, we were told that there had been no rumors at all of an pending attack and no alerts for the civilians to get under cover. The explosions detonated throughout the main city, taking down communication hubs as well as several fuel depots. Our source, who chose to remain nameless, stated that he and neighbors packed up and started walking, looking for protection in another polity. Being a civilian worker, he stated, meant that there was little to no protection available. And that he had seen an influx of marked mercenaries throughout his residential area which did not make him feel any more secure.

As a former 'Decepticon', and our interviewee provided actual air quotes, he knew that finding a new place to simply live and work was going to be difficult. His talents in the areas of metal-weaving and design were not useful, he stated, to the Empire as a whole and he believed his best chances were in the wilds, seeking a new home.

In other news..."

  • March 15 - "Loyalties and Challenges" - Skald rises to the challenge of this Primus Pilus, calling him out in the arena of Kaon. Multiple optics watch and someone takes advantage of the situation. What had happened was...

Mar 17 - A Second Gala at Stadttheatre Trypticon

After the DPN test-card, Banshee appears, standing on-stage at die Stadttheatre Trypticon.

"Guten tag. As you are no doubt aware, shortly after our last gala, Trypticon and Ultrix were fired upon, leading to the destruction of Ultrix. We feel this was an assault on Decepticon culture itself, in its infancy. To those behind this cowardly attack, this attempt to murder our culture before it could be reborn, I haff only one word to say:

"NEIN!" Banshee bellows, in a mixture of defiance, rage, and sorrow.

She takes a breath to calm herself, and continues. "Decepticon culture is not theirs - whoever they are - to erase. Nor mine, Megatron's, Starscream's, or Optimus Prime's. It belongs to ALL of Cybertron. Therefore, both as a gesture of defiance, and a memorial to those who were lost at Ultrix, as soon as we find a suitable location that is easy to reach for all, yet remote enough not to endanger another city should a second attack occur, we will be putting on a second concert. Please, if you are hearing zis, consider yourself invited to zer second Gala performance at Die Stadttheatre Trypticon: Musik ist Unsterblich, which translates to 'Music is Immortal'. I hope to see you there. The DPN test-card reappears.


Apr 09 - Refugee Migration Patterns

Several news outlets are now reporting that there has been a significant increase in the numbers of Cybertronians requesting asylum or citizenship in the more neutral aligned polities. An uptick in both those that could be considered refugee and are requesting aid and those that are petitioning for citizenship, offering their skills and abilities to bolster the local economies.

Ground traffic in the Neutral territories has increased by a record uptick of 15 percent and air traffic has increased, causing local polities to go on guard repeatedly, concerned that this is some Decepticon maneuver to overtake another city. Such was the fate that befell the city Calyhex, once renowned for their medical facilities. Once their titan had departed, the Decepticons moved in and now the polis is a graveyard of desolation.

The word from New Harmonex is that they welcome the influx of both refugees, asylum seekers, and those looking to re-establish themselves within their streets, offering energon, shelter, medical aid, and citizenship.

"We are all refugees here. We know what it is like to lose our home, more than once we've seen and lived through the destruction and loss of our city. The loss is still fresh with us and with open arms, we welcome those that are unfortunately suffering the very same depredation that Harmonex suffered. First by Trypticon. Then by others. We know. Together we can work to unify agains-"

And with that, the local weather report is showing bright skies and impressive headwinds coming down the slopes of the eastern Manganese mountains this time of year.


May 08 - To the Murderers of Ultrix

Banshee appears on screen, standing in front of the mural on the Luftwaffecon HQ in Tarn.

"To zer murderers of Ultrix. I know you can hear zis. I know you can see zis. I haff a message for you. "Your attempts to kill Decepticon culture before it could be reborn haff failed. Whoever you are, vherever you may hide, I vill find who you are. I vill find where you are. And when I do, I will guide Trypticon to your location, along with anyone else who wants to avenge this attack on Decepticon... no... Cybertronian culture, regardless of their allegiance. And then I will ask Trypticon to show you what he does to those who wish harm upon him."

She clenches a fist. "You haff one chance for mercy - identify yourself now. Surrender yourself. And I give you my word, your death will be quick and painless. Otherwise - I promise, I will ask Trypticon to plumb the very depths of his rage and deliver it to you personally in the way that best draws out your suffering for as long as possible. If you are unlucky, you will live a very, very long time.

"Zat is all."

May 16 - The End of The Prime!

A series of short video-clips. The quality is abysmal, as if pulled from glitching security cameras interspersed with internal recorders. The audio quality is even worse, rising and falling with static filled moments that sounds a great deal like someone sneaking through rubble while terrified.

Clip one: Primus Pilus Megatron slamming an energy mace into Optimus Prime's shoulder and side. ".. waited too long to do this..." 
Clip two: Optimus' own energy axe slicing into Pilus, "Your own damnable ego!" as he pushes back into the fray, optics a brilliant blue. 
Clip three: "We end this now Pax!" Pilus raising that mace of his, striking out again, sending Optimus backwards as plating shatters, the 'glass' over his chest fragmenting and falling to the ground in glittering rainbows. 
Clip four: Optimus Prime, plating a wreck, one arm hanging limply at his side, chest glass shattered from some blow that cleaved his heavy plating from shoulder to hip, bringing his rifle up to pump a high-intensity beam outwards, striking Pilus. 
Clip five: Pilus' weapon lancing outwards with an intensity that causes whatever is recording to bright flare, staticing before it settles to see Optimus struck down, falling to his knees, hands covering the gaping wounds in his chest. 
Clip six: A flurry of movements, Autobots, in Stanix, surrounding a fallen Prime. The glint of energon can be seen around him as he's pulled into an awaiting shuttle with optics darkened, chest open, exposed spark housing flickering bright then dim, bright then dim.


Jun 10 - Updates on Events: TF-Autobots

Some Info for folks, an adminly TLDR; for you all

AUTOBOTS: These are things ICLy Reported 
-- Optimus Prime is now Orion Pax. 
-- Spike and folks are rebuilding a new Optimus Body. 
-- Science/Medical players: Coordinate with Spike to help with building. 
-- Poke Veritas/Esmeral to schedule some 'Orion' time for RP. 
-- The Matrix is no longer in Autobot control. 
-- Ghost, a Decepticon, took it from the Optimus verses Pilus fight. 
-- Elita One has stepped into leadership, giving orders: See 4/61 by Elita One 
-- The hot spots are warming more and more. 
-- There's a viral music series going around that is causing ennui in many. 
-- Autobots have split off, denouncing the Primacy. See 4/68 by Sideways 
-- A trip into Helex was bad*tm, everything looked dead 
-- A cult was reported in Helex. Silent Grill has returned. 
-- There's also a 'sleeping sickness' going around. 
-- There is no official ceasefire. 
Things not reported widely yet (CoC limited, or no report) 
-- Ghost, now Veritas Prime, is working icly as a bartender at The RollOut. 
-- Spitze, the dinobot found/created in Alyon, also had Imager's spark inside. 
-- Upcoming RP event Tues June 14th, 7 pm et. See +tplist

Jun 10 - Updates on Events: TF-Decepticons

Some Info for folks, an adminly TLDR; for you all

DECEPTICONS: These are things ICLy reported 
-- Shockwave, Nightshade, Cyclonus reported back from the Hub. 
-- Snare, a Predator, reported on the Toraxxis Mega-Refinery (Recon info) 
-- A trip into Helex was bad*tm, everything looked dead 
-- A cult was reported in Helex. Silent Grill has returned. 
-- Pilus destroyed Stanix after beating Optimus Prime. 
-- Ghost was reported as having possession of the Matrix 
-- Pilus went after Starscream in Vos and lost. 
-- Pilus went after Deathsaurus and won. 
-- Destrons are being folded in as full Decepticons. 
-- Primus Pilus is Megatron in a new body. 
-- Starscream has declared he retains leadership of all Decepticons. 
-- Trypticon remains parked outside of Polyhex. 
Things not reported on (CoC or subgroup limited) 
--I got nothin'. Con general activity has been quiet.

Jun 27 - Med-Aid Convoy Assaulted!

A Convoy composed of medical aid and supplies from several neutral polities including Praxus, Tetrahex, and Triax en route to Simfur to deliver materials and provide assistance after the weather disaster was assaulted by a Decepticon ambush in the Uraya region! This area had been long known for its overall neutral standing in the 'Great War' but with the takeover of Calyhex City in 2021, the area has begun to report an increase in Decepticon patrols.

Several of the hauler vehicles were damaged during the assault but the vast majority were able to escape thanks to their hired guard team and the direction of their Caravan-Master. Additionally, the damaged cargo was defended and returned to the convoy at their next fueling stop in Protihex, overall a minimal loss of supplies but a larger loss in transport vehicles.

One of the drivers reported that Primus Pilus Megatron himself made an appearance but was more involved with firing upon Decepticon Leader Starscream than the convoy itself.


Jul 01 - Stanix... Rebuilding?!?

<< the CBC logo spins in place briefly before being replaced by grainy aerial footage of the ruins of the former city-state of Stanix, where the image of what looks to be organic 'buildings' seem to be growing >>

"This footage," begins a masculine narrator's voice as the footage pans over the structures, "has only recently been gathered within the last hour or so. It looks like the Insecticons -- or one Insecticon, anyway -- has taken advantage of Stanix's demise to make what appear to be renovations of some kind. But this isn't your typical Insecticon warren; this looks more like a beehive of some sort.

"It's interesting to note that, nearly five months ago on Earth, a very similar series of structures were discovered buried within the caverns of a mountain range in the western United States. Those structures dated back to shortly following the crash of the Autobot Ark and Decepticon flagship Nemesis, some four million years previous. And if that wasn't enough, we only recently received this in the last few minutes."

<< the footage of the hive structures in the ruins of Stanix cuts out, replaced by a recording from within a darkened chamber, focused on a feminine silhouette that, when the ambient light reflects just right, shows hints of metallic royal purple, matte black and chrome silver; the highlight is the multifaceted honey-golden optics that glow brightly >>

"Hello, Cybertron," comes a silky-smooth contralto voice. "I know that most of you probably don't remember me -- that's perfectly fine, because that's how I wanted it in those times. But now, well... it was inevitable that I'd have to come out of the shadows and come back into the light."

The figure rises from a darkened throne, moving forward into the light. "The name, in case you all forgot, is Honeytrap. Now, don't worry your pretty little heads: the Stanixian energon wine isn't lost forever. I took the liberty of getting a few last bottles before it was brought low, and I've actually been making some refinements to it. The new batch promises to be better... as for the price, we'll discuss that another time. For now, just be happy that the wine will, indeed, flow once again."

A brief pause, then a smile appears. "Oh, and brothers? Yes, I'm talking to all of you specifically: Barrage, Bombshell, Chop Shop, Kickback, Ransack, Shrapnel, and Venom." The smile disappears as suddenly as it appeared, and her voice goes flat. "Stay out of my hive."

<< the recording of Honeytrap winks out, and the CBC logo spins in place once again >>

Jul 01 - Updates on Events/TPs: June 2022

TF-Decepticon: TLDR IC Reports

TF-Autobots: TLDR IC Reports

  • Spitze had Imager's spark removed in an emergency procedure.
  • Imager's Spark is in medical stasis
  • Swiftpaw ran into Ravage under Retoris and chased him off, in theory.
  • Patrol ran into Deathsaurus in the Refinery area, things are still on fire
  • A group of Autobots battled a deadly storm in Simfur, aiding the inhabitants
  • Sideswipe ran into a Sweep in the Metal plains and sent her packing
  • A team aided a Medical Convoy headed to Simfur and routed the 'cons
  • The City of Calyhex was remanded from the clutches of the Decepticons!
  • Elita One is the Autobot leader at this time
  • Orion Pax can be found out and about (page Veritas about him)

Currently running TP List: TFs

Ta ta for now!

Predicted and scheduled events


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