Transformers Universe MUX

2021 (MMXXI) will be a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2021st year of the Common Era (CE) and Anno Domini (AD) designations, the 21st year of the 3rd millennium, the 21st year of the 21st century, and the 2nd year of the 2020s decade.

The United Nations has declared 2021 as the International Year of Peace and Trust, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, and the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables.

2021 is scheduled to host most major events that were originally scheduled for 2020, including the Eurovision Song Contest, UEFA Euro 2020, 2020 Summer Olympics, and Expo 2020, but were postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's *gotta* be better than 2020, right?

SPOILER: It wasn't.



Jan 01 - Pirate Potato Attack!

The Beneteau Bonne Annee race was interrupted by a ghost pirate ship and a horde of mobile potatoes, some the size of cars. Chef Pommes D. Terrebouillies and many of his staff were seriously injured with multiple contusions and broken bones when the catering tents were overrun, and nearly seventy race attendees were treated for hypothermia after falling into the freezing ocean waters. Multiple sources of footage confirm that the crew of the 'ghost ship' looted most of the luxury yachts on site, with only the Extensive Enterprises (EE) superyacht holding them off by returning gunfire and repelling an attempt to board with grapples. The joint CEOs of EE were aboard their yacht and coordinated rescue efforts after the attack until authorities could arrive and arrange transport for the injured.

The potatoes did not attack any of the yachts but instead looted the food tents, removing several crates of inanimate potatoes and carrying them back out to sea. Witnesses claim two of the larger potatoes spoke of liberating their brethren as they attacked. Whether this was a coordinated attack with the pirates is unknown at this time.

Officials place the value of the stolen goods at several million Euros.



Feb 01 - Orders


Through a variety of shell companies a series of extremely unusual deliveries have been done. At least half a vat's worth of strong industrial acid, numerous laser cutters, several dozen buzzsaws of various sizes, at least one huge metal boulder with a diameter of three meters weighing at least two kilotons, a massive scythe, and sufficient fireworks to start a world war. All of said items have in turn been picked up by grungy, psychotic looking bikers often lead by a biker woman with pink hair arriving at each delivery site throughout the world lookinf -far- too chipper and smiling.

       ... No she's not one of the Misfits but she has been a Roadie.




Apr 02 - Dimensional Discourse

He was yucky. He was miserable. He was exhausted. So when everyone's (less than) favorite Cavalier signed off his last duty cycle, just wanting to sleep off his irritation and get things out of his system..

For once trying to do things the proper way has gone about as badly as could be expected.

So now one Hot Rod is missing for at least a cycle, his quarters are on fire..

And he's just had a repartee over with himself and the darkness that comes with it.

Because fate, destiny, and purpose are fickle things, even when you're not subject to their call.



Jun 16 - Attention Cybertron

Starscream appears in a throne room with a red cloth now draped over said throne where megatron once sat...
"Hello Cybertron, I am sure you've been awaiting the sound of my voice, as I'm sure you've heard of the other days on goings regarding Megatron being lost to the cosmos, leaving all of us unaware of if he lives or not.. so with that looming unknown, I, Starscream, have been given the roll in leading the Decepticon army~"
Starscream months his hands up smoothly to place his hands on his chassis, to emphasis is new role.
"Now, I, unlike our previous lord, am /willing/ to negotiate in the dealings of /peace/ that has been murmured about and pushed over the course of this last, and current year, of course which requires give form the other side, but such is the way of politics~"
"The true question and test will be this: Who's willing to try? Should maul this over during the coming days as you recover, and gather your thoughts."
--Lord Starscream.

finding they have more in common then once thought...

  • June 22 - "Helpful Backup" - Maxima "helps" with negotiations with Starscream.
  • 6/24 - "The Rules" - Banshee discusses the current situation with Trypticon.
  • June 29 - "New and Improved" - Hannibal returns.


Unreliable Narrator

Jul 06 - Kings Move

Oh, cease with the moral prattle and puffery Prime, we all know such a war through paper will not end this. /Actions/ will speak louder then words, and if you believe what you say, then I suggest its time to /act/ instead of talk, I've /already/ taken steps to start such, the question now is, what will you bring to the table and offer?
There are territories I am willing to relinquish, Already in the processes of having all the /slaves/ under Megatrons rule released, and seeing to the repair of city's.. Fact...~ I've appointed and elevated a new diplomat in in the form of Vizier...
Its your move on the chess table Prime, as I've already done mine~ Perhaps we can forge something not even Megatron can undo~

Jul 06 - Crystal City Rocked by Explosion

The late night of Cybertron was broken by a sudden explosion in Crystal City, where a pillar of a dark purple energy roughly a city block in radius shot into the sky, easily seen for many miles in all directions. Unconfirmed reports show Soundwave flying away from the city with something draped over his shoulder.

Jul 29 - Ultrix

There's been an uptick in activity in Ultrix. Ya know, that old seaside town off th' Mithral Sea? Used t' be a beautiful cultural center till th' cons ran over it. But they didn't flatten it all. Something's going on there though, more activity.

Jul 30 - Aliens Invade Earth... Again!

A haggard looking, field camera reporter comes onscreen, "This is Joaquim Reynolds, live from upstate New York. I've on scene at what can only be described as another alien invasion!" Footage shows some sort of weird spaceship that looks pretty...well, it doesn't look like it should be able to fly. "Quick, over there, Look!" Several large menacing shapes appear, in a beam, then set foot on the planet as the camera keeps shifting about, zooming in. "There's...there's seven or eight of them, all standing about. God help us, we've got another war on our hands, and channel 63 has the exclusive." All of the large figures seem focused on one particular spot, and then one withdraws something, "Oh no! he's...he's got a weapon! Ladies and Gentlemen, I...I don't know what these creatures are but they don't appear to be....LOOK OUT!" The camera falls to the ground, picking up a lot of orange as something large passes by. Joaquim helps get the cameraman up and directs him to keep shooting.

The enormous figure gestures to the others and says in a bright tone. "To the stars, Bowen, to the stars." The camera pans out further to reveal...Junkions. "Again, we do not know why these monsters from outer space are here, nor do we know why they chose the estate of the late Ron Popeil to make their entrance..." One of them says solemnly, "It slices, it dices." the rest chime in in with the same gravitas, "It even makes Julienne fries." The large weapon object turns out to be a large bouquet of flowers made out of scrap, which the Junkions respectfully lay at the resting place of the infomercial giant. "I...I don't know what they're doing. Some sort of bomb perhaps? We don't know! Stay tuned as I,Joaquim Reynolds, bring you the live updates, and maybe win a Pulitzer!"


Aug 03 - Death in Mexico City

Sometime during the evening of August 3rd, in Mexico City a man was shot. The bullet appears to be that of a high powered Rifle. Found next to the body was a Playing Card, with a Joker of Spades on it. This card was the calling card of a Sniper many years ago. A High paid, and slightly insane assassin, whose Identity was never confirmed. More on this developing story, as we get more information.

Aug 04 - Fire Outside Waco

A Fire broke out at the old Branch Davidian Compound, outside Waco, Texas last night. The compound had been taken over by a branch of the Church of the Coiled Serpent, a chuch that is fully recognized by the United States government, but one that many feel have ties to the Cobra Organization. At this time, no cause for the fire has been determined, and noe one knows if anyone was inside of the building when it burned. All that remains is a shell of the building, but the 10 foot walls around the 5 acre complex still stand. The gates are not open. Nearby residents do report that a helicopter landed last night, and than took off, just before they saw the glow of the flames. No member of the Church has been reachable for comment, at this time, but we are waiting to hear back from the Church's main office near Brocha Beach, New Jersey.

In other news, the DOW was.....

Aug 10 - Another death in Mexico

Another Joker of Spades card was found, this time in a villa of a known cartel leader, Pablo Chavez. Pablo Chavez was shot, from some distance, it appears, sometime on the night of August 9th. The killer is again believed to be none other than the same Assassin who helped topple the Frusenland Government back in 2014, and before that, a string of murders from 2001 to 2009, in the United States and through out the Middle East. The killer always left a Joker of Spades card with the victim, but this time, there was a small change. Found with the card was a note that read: I did not kill the man in Mexico City. Pablo did. I killed him for using my name.

More on this story as it develops.


  • 9-8 - "Introductions" - The GI Joe force expands their footprint as they move to an alien world to save a single soul... or a whole planet.
  • September 14 - "He Has Reasons" - Beneath the Decepticon-controlled city-state of Kalis lies an underground facility, home of the Salvation team. And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 1 of 2
  • 9-15 - "Go Away!" - Wisp explores a nearby village.
  • September 15 - "Getting Affairs in Order" - Aegis prepares to travel back into the past.

Sep 17 - Live Uploads on Social Media

There are a flurry of Live Feeds being sent to multiple Social Media platforms. >*Obviously from a Cellphone, the live shots show various angles of a woman, dressed much like Scarlett from G.I. Joe, running through a Mall in San Diego, California. She is carrying a Crossbow, and making many dangerous shots at things. One of the one with the most views, shows her shooting hats off of people's heads. The woman is a red head, and after each shot, seems to be yelling something. One video was close enough for the words to be heard clearly. 'Yo Joe'. This video is shortly stopped, but if one scrolls back the live feed, they can see the woman do a spinning kick, and the phone falls, and the video ends*<

Sep 19 - Stanix secedes from the Decepticons

A pre-recorded message and print news file came from the region and city of Stanix this cycle:

"The leadership of Stanix after much internal deliberation and discussion have determin4ed that it is our city-state's best interest to withdraw from the Decepticon Empire. We have opened overtures of trade with our neighbors in Yuss as well as Helex for a more stable groundwork for those that live and work here. Envoys sent to Fort Scyk have not returned or they have been returned in less than nominal states of being. Moving forward, any hostilities seen from Fort Scyk will be met with equal hostilities."

The Triumverate issued a statement in response: "We of Helex welcome our fellow city-state into a new time of peace and prosperity and look forward to growing relationships with those that reside to our south."

And in other news, independent researches are all in agreement that this is the year that we will see the return of the atmospheric polar lights now that our atmosphere has settled more due to the proximity of our own star. While in years past there has been increase in visibility and intensity, this is the year to go and once more see the magnetosphere of our planet interacting with the solar winds from our star. Cybertron continues to recover and this reporter hopes to see more and more signs that Primus is indeed smiling upon us.




and what possible could be afoot, only to be joined by Ratchet and Cerebros.

Nov 08 - Holograms Reunion Tour Sells Out

Fans have been frothing at the bit for more Jem and the Holograms since their last live performances in 2008. Within minutes of tickets being put up on sale, all announced shows have sold out at all venues. Many frustrated fans report setting alarms to get up hours on the Ticketmaster website, then being lagged out and unable to purchase tickets. A Ticketmaster media representative had this to say when asked 'It's amazing to see Jem and the Holograms coming back together after so long, and the entire world seems to share the anticipation for something that will be Outrageous.'

Numerous online sales sites such as Match-Hub and Ticket-X-Change have been noted as reselling tickets for many times the going rate of initial purchase. Researchers from the University of Groening noted a large number of 'Bots' active during sales. A 'Bot' is an automated purchasing unit that is designed to exploit websites to rapidly purchase lotted items faster than anyone can check them out. Those of you who have been unable to get Powerstation Fives this holiday season can understand..
Ticketmaster has 'no comment' on the matter, merely that 'they work with the consumer, any consumer that wishes to engage in the purchase of tickets for events'.

Nov 15 - Live Nation Attack

Associated Press::
Live Nation, a corporate subsidiary of Ticketmaster Incorporated was purportedly attacked by a group of terrorists that inflicted moderate damage to the building, extensive damage to electronics present, who then fled with an unknown quantity of material. Ticketmaster shares in turn plummeted by more than forty percent in the next day's trading after purported links among Ticketmaster and groups that engaged in 'enhanced resale' via bot-ware were posted to Anonymous. The San Francisco District Attorney's Office has called for an investigation to the matter. Losses to Ticketmaster are in the tens of millions and members of the executive board are going to ground as they're hounded by crowds and purportedly snipers.


Dec 13 - Charity Event Ends In Fire

Associated Press:

New York City: Monday, December 13, 2021

Lux Night Club hosted a charity event for the Paul David Hewson's War Orphange with sponsors from Amigone Funeral Home, Stubbs Prosthetics & Orthotics, MARS, with beverages from Tequila Mockingbird and food from Sam and Ella's Delicious Edibles. Donors were lead to believe there was a special guest of actor Hugh Jackman attending, however sources are suggesting the Hugh Jackman was enjoying time in Sydney with his family. Investigations are currently looking into this. Additionally, other celebrities such as The Misfits performed without Pizzazz.

Outside the Lux Night Club, there was a limousine registered DeCobray Laboratoire Scientifique that happened to be on fire. Local security cameras show a woman setting fire to the limousine. Authorities are currently looking for additional details on her whereabouts as the suspect is wanted by the CIA, FBI, NATO, and the Springfield Police. Springield Police Chief Wiggums has offered a statement that "...this woman is armed and dangerous. Citiziens should be aware that she is mad as she eats at Arby's." Other official statements are incoming to help disclose the identity of her.

Additionally, Lux has reported that the charity money as well as the beverages are missing.

Dec 21 - GI Joe Set to Retire in 2022?

Hi, I am May O’Neal. This is breaking news from the WOLF NEWS NETWORK. Sources say that the special forces agency known as G.I. Joe is under scrutiny as the military group has failed to make a presence recently. Reports and allegations are flooding in that Cobra operatives are behind the stolen ticket heist as well as a charity heist recently. For both events and many others, there have been no signs of the Joes responding to stop or punish Cobra for being so blatantly public with these actions.

Global tensions are rising as nations are questioning the whereabouts of these so-called protectors. US Director Theodore Galloway is lobbying for a new agency to take place as these events unfold. He states that he has been working with some US Senators and other officials in forming a new branch that can answer faster in the North America territories while NATO and the UN are assessing the value of keeping G.I. Joe on ice. Galloway is spearheading a committee to most likely audit the group after the holiday and during the early parts of January.

Social Media such as Reddit and Facebook are hosting heated debates. One user, ‘ColdSlither4Life’ states that ‘I know the Joes are too busy off in space to care about the rest of us.’ Another user, ‘DADNOKFan’ states, ‘Why pay taxes if this is how the government uses them?’ Others, however, are defending the actions of the Joes such as, ‘YouAreWatchingSyFy’ said on Reddit, ‘Perhaps they are on a top secret mission? Like maybe in space?’ The online community is definitely heating up on this topic.

Additionally, a war veteran, the honorably discharged and retired Colonel Leland Bishop has stated, on Twitter, “I believe the service and dedication from the GI Joe faction has been appreciated by all for many years. They have done a valiant effort to help with everything. However, with the growing new enemies and concerns, I fear it might be high time for them to finally stand at ease and let a new military power emerge in their place." Colonel Bishop is a heavily decorated war hero and is currently getting financial support for this. It also appears that Director Galloway is in favor of helping get a bill to put America’s security in the hands of a private, third party entity.

From what we do have knowledge about Bishop and Galloway’s ideal contracted group is that it will be made of veterans and wounded soldiers. Right now, Bishop has previously been working with creating a security company that hires strictly veterans to give them a new life while adjusting to not being in the war.

Fortunately for the G.I. Joes, a decision has not been made as counsel has agreed to assess and determine the actions required after the new year. We are waiting for our own response that was sent directly to G.I. Joe to get their official word but no spokesperson has responded as of this broadcast. Perhaps 2022 will bring the end of G.I. Joe and the start of a new military force? This is May O’Neal of Wolf News Network signing off.

Dec 28 - Party of the Year!

It has been announced by the Trans-Carpathian Government, that the Silent Castle will be hosting a New Years Eve party, thrown by Baroness Anasastia DeCobray. The Baroness has announced her intention to host this party, and that her invitation is to anyone, human or Cybertronian. She has said that M.A.R.S. will ensure security at the party, and that this party is considered to be nuetral ground in all conflicts. The only other caveat she added, was that all humans should arrive in formal attire, black tie, and that all weapons will be removed from anyone carrying them, and likely, not returned at the end of the night.


Associated Press:

THE POTUS has released a statement that after a meeting with US Director Theodore Galloway, the President has agreed to pardon some war criminals who will be given a second chance with a new work initiative program with Colonel Leland Bishop. Some of these former inmates were terrorists, war criminals, associates of Cobra, and other agencies. No word has been given on where or how they will be given this last minute gift of 2021. This 'work release' iniative is followed after several nations are calling for an audit of the military group of GI Joe's assets to examine the usage and productivity. A growing number of questions are on the rise as the military group has been quiet to answer or make a statement about their lack of action during recent events.
In other news, in third world countries, the group known as Cobra has donated several caches of medical supplies, food, and clean water to countries in need. Despite their past actions, it authorities have cleared and deemed that these donations have no potential health risks or concerns. It appears as if Cobra has been shedding its skin and is looking to potentially be a global asset. Cobra has also been reluctant to comment.

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