2020 may or may not be the start of a new decade, depending on how pedantic you are.



promise is made.

  • 1/4 - "Cornered" - Goth gets a chance to talk to Glit regarding updates to his frame, only to have a panic attack.
  • 1/5 - "A Lucky Reunion" - Sometimes having the worst luck in the world, has its payoffs.
  • 1/7 - "Careful Sands" - The sands and ruins of the Drift Plains offer shelter and secrecy to a
pair of Conjunx Endura to speak freely.

Jan 25 - Mexican Cartel Unrest

CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO - In recent weeks residents of this Mexican state along with neighboring states Sonora and Coahuila have seen a troubling increase in violence between suspected members of drug cartels. One of the most well known in the area, dubbed El Chupacabra, has been reported to be the instigator of most of the violence. Rumors point to the cartel members having what appears to be US military issue hardware, but those rumors have yet to be confirmed.
Tensions among the various cartels have been strained in recent years leading to spats of territorial skirmishes and murders for hire. With this recent increase in armed conflicts, however, the threat is increasing to open warfare among the cartels which would lead to significant deaths among civilians likely to get caught in the crossfire. Local and federal police forces have been stretched thin trying to contain the current violence but with the threat of increases it is becoming clear their manpower is insufficient.
The Mexican President is rumored to be considering a deployment of the Mexican military into the area, but that is as of yet unconfirmed. Attempts to pull officers from other states to bolster the police forces of the border states is underway. We will report more on this story as it develops.

1/30 -" A Wayward Dawnfire"

Starlock meets an AWOL Autobot by the name of Dawnfire.


Feb 26 - Strength in Unity

With little fanfare and pomp, the image of Khamsin appears on the broadcasting stations and channels for Cybertron. As before, he is behind a small lectern, his datapad in front of him as he makes sure his notes for speaking are in proper order.

"People of Cybertron. I have spoken in depth with the leaders of the Autobot and Decepticon factions and several things have become clear. First, the war continues out of fear. Neither side can bring themselves to trust that Cybertron can stand without them in the forefront. Neither of them are willing to absolve themselves of the war and take those critical steps forward towards peace. Neither of them are willing to take that step back from their pulpits and see the truth of our state.

"The truth being that we, Cybertron, are ready to move on. Our planet is restoring itself and it is time for we, as a people, to restore ourselves. To leave the feud to the history books and memories of those who suffered under it." He nods. "To pave our own paths forward, together, as Cybertronians, for our own sake and prosperity."

He lets out a slow exhale. "Megatron seeks to conquer and hold Cybertron as his own. His stance is firm, his words are sharp and full of vitriol, however he does not understand that Cybertron's strength comes not from the barrel of a gun, but rather the minds, the souls, the hearts, and the will of it's people. All of us, united, are stronger than he could ever hope to be, and his fear of irrelevance and loss of control lead him to make rash, sweeping demands that care not about you the individual, but his own egotistical goals."

Khamsin frowns. "As for Optimus Prime. Noble intentions, perhaps, but he still sees the Autobots as the sole saviors of Cybertron, the stalwart wall between the Decepticons and the rest of the world. I admire the willingness to serve as Cybertron's knight, but we need more than guns to lead us forward."

He sighs. "Together, Optimus Prime and Megatron have fought a feud that has seen Cybertron die. Our best possible hope for allies on Earth suffer, and to date no resolution for this conflict has been found. Indeed, two worlds were left worse off for it. I applaud both of the faction leaders for believing what they do is for the best of all, but now it is time for them to step aside."

He exhales. "I will be seeking a role of leadership within one of Cybertron's city-states. There are a few with whom I am conversing with the local populations frequently, and I will gladly accept the offers afforded me at the behest of the people of those states to govern until such a time as I am incapable or someone more capable comes along. In that role, I will seek out the like-minded neutral states within Cybertron to forge trade agreements and to levy our combined industrial strength to build a new, prosperous Cybertron for all of us. Likewise, I will petition those same states to begin sanctions on the war efforts. We can prosper together while likewise making the continued conflict unsustainable. Cybertron can move beyond the war even if these two feuding factions cannot."

Khamsin pauses in thought. "And finally, I will reach out to those who wear a badge. Any badge. I care not which it is nor where you are from, nor even your history. It is just that, history. Come. Join the new Cybertronian unity. We can find a home for you where your skills will allow you to grow as Cybertron grows. And all of us, together, will ensure the plague of this war never harms our planet again."

He nods curtly. "Neither Decepticon nor Autobot can stand in the way of Cybertron's peace. It will not be easy, but we will succeed. Especially with all of us united towards that goal." He smiles. "We are Cybertronian. We are strong together, and we will flourish together. I will be available for questions at all times." He nods. "Thank you. Peace and prosperity be with you all."

Feb 28 - Decepticon Civil War

Rumors are flying in the wake of the Peace Summit. Footage has leaked showing a contest between Megatron and Deathsaurus, apparently over the nature of the current Decepticon stance. It's tough to say just from the raw footage alone, but it clearly looks like the Decepticon ranks are shattering into some form of civil infighting and what appears to be a power struggle.

Feb 28 - Unrest in the Ranks

News feeds surge to life across Cybertron with breaking news. Cameras focus on SoundCloud the news anchor who looks... surprised to even be getting breaking news at this hour, but she seems to handle it well.

"Breaking story out of New Polyhex, exclusive footage shows that Decepticon leader Megatron has begun openly being hostile to those who serve in his ranks, including the high-ranking Destron, Deathsaurus. The situation became heated when, spurred on by the current political climate, Deathsaurus accused Megatron of posturing and acting out of fear, which garnered a violent response."

Footage of the fight and Megatron throwing the apparent first punch play out. "We are being told that the Decepticons and Destrons on sight appear to be fractured at this point in time, with Megatron ordering that those who seek to step away from his governance are currently held against their will in Darkmount. We break to one witness, Khamsin."

Khamsin appears on screen. "It is predictable that Megatron would act out of fear in this manner. However, his actions are crossing a line that should never be crossed. Megatron, for the sake of Cybertron and peace, I urge you to allow those who no longer wish to participate in your war to walk away without retaliation. Rest assured, what you do in anger will assuredly be returned tenfold." He clears his throat. "To those within Darkmount, I say this: I stand with you. Freedom belongs to all of us as Cybertronians. Do not let anyone take it from you. I will welcome you all with open arms in the name of peace, and I assure you...those who seek the betterment of Cybertron as a whole will be welcomed by Cybertron. Megatron...all eyes are on you for what you will do next, and we will judge you accordingly."

The camera goes back to SoundCloud. "We will keep you posted as more developments come. And now, to Stormgrey for the weather... Stormy?"


but Blast Off has other priorities!

  • 3/11 - "Disgruntled" - A day after the explosion over the communlink, everything is oddly

moving forward as if it's a normal day, with Leozak reporting to Deathsaurus.

Starlock in negotiating its release.

Solusprime covenant profile

Solus Prime

from even Megatron, that involves the Beastforce.  

Mar 22 - Anonymous Report

A video and audio feed come from just outside Harmonex. Unnamed and untitled
Optimus Prime nods. "Very well, Starlock. We will build New Harmonex

without you. Without your permission, we will not use your sketches - merely scans of the original buildings." Optimus Prime looks up and within the city. "Wideload... begin harvesting the crystals."

Wideload looks in alarm between Optimus and Starlock. "Boss... are you sure?"
The Prime is unwavering. "Do so, Wideload, but carefully. Cause as

little damage to the city as possible."

"I don't want to be nameless again! I don't want to be treated like

I'm not a person again!" Starlock yells. She's cowering, shivering, tears running down her face... Though some words get through to her. "You're not getting my Sketches." Starlock says, putting her hand over her subspace where her book is. Her optics narrow and looks to Wideload. "DON'T! you're going to kill them!" She'd yell, this was Trypticon all over again.

Text below the feed

Neutrals. Who will protect you? Optimus Prime?

Camera pans to broken crystals outside Harmonex

Mar 26 - Bedlam

This is a sound-only recording. In place of any visuals, there's just a static picture of the main stage at the Harmonex opera house, with Solus singing on stage. Music begins playing, some kind of harp-like instrument. The singers are not Solus; it's hard to tell who is singing at first, but the slight Germanic inflection on some of the Cybertronian words gives it away as Banshee. There are two primary 'voices' - a narrator figure sung with her natural contralto, and a deeper, baritone Warden.

The Narrator explains how an asylum was built near a crossroads of two cities, before the war. Those sent there were monsters, some of them thought incurable. At first the song is hopeful and light… the Warden proudly boasting how the first patients will be released soon. But over time he grows pessimistic, and as the narrator grows more mournful, she tells how the warden starts to worry about the Asylum destroying cybertron. At this point, Banshee adds three more voices whose entire job seems to be a faint wail of lament, adding even more to the mournful turn of the song.

The Warden never clarifies as to whether it's the patients or the asylum itself, but he is ignored. He grows louder and ever more desperate. He even becomes violent, until suddenly…

...The Asylum falls silent, goes dark. There are rumours of disappearances around the area - nothing ever concrete, of course. But even the Turbofauna avoid the place - the old, haunted Asylum.

After several seconds of silence, Banshee's soft voice jolts one back to the present. "Zis is a fragment of an unknown opera, written around the time the Var broke out. Ve do not know zer name of zer opera, only the name of this one piece. 'Bedlam'. Be careful around old asylums, ja?"

The Decepticon Propaganda Network jingle plays, and the recording ends.

Mar 31 - Altihex Stands Strong

It's a rather somber setting, really, as Khamsin appears on camera looking like he was run over by a rather large vehicle. He clears his throat, momentarily pausing to wipe what looks to be energon from the corner of his mouth.

"Following a rather...boisterous set of remarks over the Cybertronian broadband communications network, Megatron dispatched Bruticus on Altihex. I am pleased to say that Altihex stands strong, unharmed, and safe from the threat thanks to a united effort from those who would wish to give proper peace a chance to flourish and not allow Cybertron to fall to tyranny."

He exhales and thinks a moment. "The combaticons which form Bruticus are safe, being tended to, and will be prepared for transport back to Kaon once they have properly stabilized. I welcome any medical staff from Kaon who wishes to confirm as much and ensure they are treated with proper dignity and care. They were following orders, after all, and I cannot fault them for such. It is the one who issued such a misguided command that bears the fault here."

He straightens up. "I mirror the remarks made by Incognito. Tyranny and absolutism are not welcome here, however all who come in peace will be greeted with open arms, open minds, and open hearts. We are all Cybertronian at the end of the day, no matter what our past or colors may dictate to us. To those who seek to take Cybertron for themselves and deny those who do not conform, or who are uncompromising in their stance that Cybertron belongs to one and not all...remember well when I say that the Will of Cybertron is far stronger than you could ever hope to be."

He nods. "Again, to those who stood for Cybertron's future of peace, I thank you. To those who seek to give Cybertron prosperity in the times to come, I welcome you. Thank you."

The feed ends.


Apr 14 - New Polyhex Gladiatorial Event

>>Posters are plastered around neutral and decepticon cities, sometimes even rarely appearing in Autobot cities. They seem to be advertising an event in New Polyhex.<<
On Friday, April 17th (4/17/2020) at 3 PM CST/4 PM MST/5 PM EST A Gladiatorial show event will be taking place in New Polyhex's battle arena, suspended over the open smelting pits below! Decepticons, Neutrals, Autobots and factions of any walk are welcome to join and sign up to be pitted against a opponent! Latecomers are also welcome! As the event will be widely telecast over Decepticon and Neutral channels and broadband, so now's a chances to make your name and possibly earn the recognition of this events special guest and patron!
Who is this special guest you ask?! Well, you'll just have to show up or turn in to find out! and just why they are putting a medic as the main event?!
To Sign up, just get in contact with local event holder, and governor of Polyhex, Deathsaurus! furthermore on the topic of fame as a prize, there will be shanix award!
Notice: By signing up you understand they we are in no way responsible for the injuries that may be received as a result form this event, all weapons permitted but death is strictly prohibited.

4/15 - "IRC LOG: Creeper"

Sometimes the internet gets weird.

4/15 - "Cultural Exchange"

Incognito and Starlock explain to Spike some of Cybertron's city states differing cultures.

4/16 - "Tonight, Tomorrow, or in the Afterlife"

Deathsaurus meets up with Khamsin to discuss a strategy plan to save a friend and lover.

4/17 - "The Mad King's Indiscretion"

After the chaos in the New Polyhex Arena, some additional words are spoken.

Apr 18 - Chaos In New Polyhex!

Reports and video footage from last nights event in New Polyhex have been pouring in from the hours since everything when up in smoke. That's right smoke, as apparently the whole event broke into complete and total chaos when Megatron announced that the whole event was basically a cover for him to give a rather public punishment to an unruly soldier of his, with a free for all, where the winner got the honor of firing the Deceptive gun-former at said soldier! Reports also indicate that Polyhex Governor, Deathsaurus, was none to happy to find out just what the over sized mop-bucket had done.
>>A rather badly taken picture of a shackled Goth appears on screen<<
Reports and eye-witness testimony say this soldier is named Goth, a scientist and medical officer and, get this, Conjunx Endura to Khamsin!
>>A rather badly taken picture of Khamsin in the battle, damaged, appears on screen<<
That's right, the guy who's been trying to bring peace to Cybertron, and running to be the Leader of Altihex. They save love is blind, but I think in this case, they both have their optics wide open, as Khamsin was spotted attempting to free his lover from this mess and was gravely injured, even taking a shot from Megatron himself, but was still standing!
And that's not where the drama ends folks, seems the rumors of a Decepticon civil war are true as a number of decepticons where seen joining Khamsin and Deathsaurus in an attempt to save the beast-former, a few of whom even attacked Megatron himself, before reports say a Decepticon by the name of Lugnut, nearly killed Deathsaurus in a single blow, whooph, harsh.
>>The videos and pictures fade to reveal a black colored mech with bright lavender optics and a number of rainbow patterns on various parts of his frame.<<
The heavily injured rag-tag rescuers where spotted fleeing the arena, their whereabouts and statuses unknown, but what's clear is that it seems Megatron's starting to loose his grip on reality~ This has been Prism Spark, with the news~

Apr 29 - Trade Alliances

New Polyhex is looking to form trade alliances with Tyger Pax, Altihex and Valvolux to create a strong trade route between the territories. Governor Deathsaurus of New Polyhex has put out a request that any leaders from these cities that wish to discuss a trade route would contact him or any of his generals at New Polyhex to discuss negotiations.


May 11 - Potatoes Missing!

SUN VALLEY, Idaho Farmers in Idaho were surprised this morning by the sudden disappearance of potatoes from their fields. With the sudden drop in demand from restaurants, thousands of potatoes have gone unsold and left in enormous piles at the edges of fields. Some of the farmers have even gone so far as to post signs advertising free potatoes to anyone who will travel there and get their own. It seems somebody has. All over the state, stockpiles of unused potatoes disappeared overnight.

"I heard some clanking and banging about last night, but since it wasn't by the tractors I decided to check on it in the morning," said Stanley Chenault, who owns a large farm near Sun Valley. "Came out, and all the potatoes I've harvested this season were gone. Not a one left. It makes me mighty nervous after what happened last year, but so far, nothing's broken either." Last year, there were reports of property damage and even deaths in many areas of rural Idaho. If the only trouble the farmers have this year is some missing potatoes, they'll be relieved.

5/12 - "IRC LOG: Dates"

Ghost ends up having a VERY strange conversation after bringing up she has a date.

May 15 - "Missing Wrecker"

A creepy video is broadcast across Cybertron.

May 17 - "Returning Deathsaurus to Darkmount"

Deathsaurus is returned to Polyhex; Leozak and Ghost talk.

May 17 - "Evening Flight"

A quiet and short evening flight to end a long day.

May 22 - "Space Chase"

Cosmos and Blast Off meet up close for the first time. The Combaticon takes an interest in this small minibot spacer.

May 23 - "Dominicon Meeting"

Illarion coordinates her Dominicons in their efforts.



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