2016 was a busy year on the MUX. =)

The most important that happened on the MUX in 2016 was nothing less than the fate of Cybertron itself, as the cult of Silent Grill tried to finish the planet off permanently. The Autobots entered into a truce with the rulers of Helex to investigate, but the larger Decepticon leadership was unaware of the danger of the situation. Ultimately Dal Matia was stopped, but Cybertron still seems to be dying... and none quite knows who may hold the Key to saving it.

At the same time something haunted the dreams of the Transformers, killing them in their rest cycles. Eventually the creature Nemro was trapped by Starscream and Ratbat and destroyed.

Back on Earth, America is at war with Cobra Unity. With Cobra under attack, the forces of VENOM started to jump ship, hatching schemes of their own with the help of Major Bludd in Australia. However, VENOM was stopped by the combined forces of MASK and G.I. Joe. VENOM slumped back to Cobra and Bludd disappeared entirely, only to turn up in LA after cementing a surprise relationship with Kimber following both of them getting kidnapped by aliens.

After the near-destruction of the Pit in Omaha, the Joes stayed in Autobot City while a new Pit neared completion. The Joes’ prisoners were kept there as well, with Arkeville, Darklon, and Mock Mock all occupying the Autobot City brig – a dangerous trio to put together for any length of time. During a prisoner transport, Darklon escaped, but Arkeville was successfully rendered to an "off-site detention center." Mock Mock entered counseling to examine what was done to her.

Megatron mined death crystals on the planet of Dread, and was only stopped by the combined forces of Arcee, Elita One, Kup, Optimus Prime, and Swish. Megatron was severely injured by Arcee during the encounter, leaving Starscream to take control of the Decepticons until Shockwave could build Megatron a new body.

The Seacons broke off from the Quintessons and made themselves known on Cybertron as a force of their own, attacking Hydrax, Ibex, and Iacon, and stealing a Junkion ship to serve as their new mobile base. They briefly made an alliance with Dal Matia, but after her defeat have moved onto other deals, both large and small, that put the fate of Cybertron in jeopardy.

The Baroness recovered from her Borovian "vacation" with the assistance of Destro, and the two of them began to rekindle their friendship and perhaps something more -- until Destro was apparently assassinated by Satan and Artemis. Destro has recently come back from the dead, but seems different somehow, and dark rumours swirl around his return.

The Van Mark Corporation was revealed to be working on anti-Transformer weaponry based on recovered Quintesson technology, perhaps under the very nose of its CEO, Bree Van Mark. Board member Shawn Berger, Jr. began exerting influence in the company, expanding his power in the run-up to being named National Security Advisor by President-Elect John MacLeod.

The Autobots attempted an alliance with Praxus, which was scuttled by Starscream -- a black eye to the diplomatic team of Crosscut and Witwicky.

G.I. Joe rescued a ship taken over by pirates, and their surprise hostage, Dr. Adele Burkhart. The Decepticons have prevented neutral citizens from leaving Cybertron while they vie with the Autobots on the best way to save and restore Cybertron. Cobra launched a surprise attack, taking over 15 US cities and threatening to take over more. In LA, Major Bludd defends Kimber and the Starlight Mansion, rescuing Synergy.

The Joes have moved back into a refurbished Pit III, and have reopened Pit I to try to take back New York.

In the Shattered Glass universe, the evil Autobots launched an attack on Decepticon City. In the Quintesson World universe, the combined Autobot/Decepticon forces prepare to rise up against their Quintesson masters...



Jan 19 - Ship Parts Being Stolen!

Despite, or perhaps because of, the emergency state Cybertron is in, it appears someone is stealing ship parts from various bases. So far, only minor things have gone missing, but both sides, Autobot and Decepticon, are being hit by the raids. Thus far, no one has seen the culprit, and no clues have been left at the sites, almost as if the thief were a professional at covert infiltration.

January 21 - "Benzheeni Protestors Oust Emir"

KHASAB, BENZHEEN – In a stunning turn of events, an unlikely coalition of student protestors and military leaders have overthrown the Emir of Benzheen, replacing him with an interim government composed of the cabal of military generals who engineered the coup. On 20 January, the Emir ceded all authority and transferred power to the Armed Forces of Benzheen. The military immediately dissolved the Benzheeni Parliament and promised to lift the Emir's "emergency laws". Neighboring Trucial Abysmia praised the move, calling it a victory for the Benzheeni people.

January 22 - Belated Christmas Presents arrive

Now that their logistics has mostly been sorted out, the GI Joes currently residing across the nation and at Autobot City have finally gotten their anonymous Christmas presents.

Each and every single one got a military-green shirt with a single word printed on it: INFIDEL.

January 26 - "Bludd and Mayhem"

Major Bludd

Major Bludd

Major Bludd and Miles Mayhem meet to discuss an upcoming operation at Pine Gap.

January 27 - "Seawing's Report"

Seawing reports on possible targets across Cybertron.

January 27 - "The Baroness's Recovery"

The Baroness recovers from her captivity in Borovia.

January 28 - Goo

Kup, Wheelie, Arcee, Sit-Com, and Phase-Ar travelled to Goo, where they discovered the tracking station had been destroyed by death crystals. The Autobots and Junkions were attacked by Astrotrain, revealing the Decepticons had the crystals now. Kup revealed foreknowledge of the crystals, and explained he’d encountered them before, and had been held prisoner on the source world, Dread.


February 20 - "Valour Gets Chewed Out"

Valour gets taken to task for his poor performance at the Three Gorges Dam.

February 21 - "Search Begins for Missing Singer"

Starr and the Holograms Keytar player Kimber Benton disappears.

February 22 - New Head Cheese?

Rumors have it that Megatron is on the lamb. He's no where to be found. Some say he's really hurt. Other more credible sources say he's left on a mission of grave importance to Decepticon Ultimate Victory. In the mean time, word on the street says Starscream is running the show. More as it comes or if I get paid more --Vinny the Snitch.

24 February - Dinner Is Served

The unidentified alien presents its captives with a meal.

February 24 - "New Ship"

Snaptrap decides what to do with the Seacons' new ship, the Millennium Falcon.

The Hatemaker

The Millennium Falcon

February 24 - "The Tables Turned"

Spike is attacked by Arkeville in the brig.

February 24 - "Metalhawk Found"

Wheeljack discovers the lost Metalhawk living alone on Tyxlara.

February 24 - "Freeque Introduction Part III"

Freeque finds a puppy!

February 29 - Sign Modifications Outside of Metroplex

Someone put a steel magnesign on the "Highway To: Autobot City" sign on the perimeter of their designated territory.

It now reads 'Highway to DANGER ZONE'






The Seacons


May 3 - Autobot/Praxus Alliance Scuttled

"A stinging setback to Autobot efforts to forge an alliance with the citizens of Praxus was dealt this week when Starscream and other Decepticons abruptly interrupted negotiations between Sky High and a band of Autobot Delegates.

"Acting Decepticon leader Starscream soon interjected himself in the talks. Starscream proposed a non-aggression pact between the Decepitcons and the citizens of Praxus, but threatened to dissolve the agreement if Praxus continued to forge an alliance with the Autobots. An angry Sky High relented, accepting Starscream's offer, which results neither Autobot nor Decepticon in forming an alliance with Praxus.

"While citizens of Praxus were assured that no aggression would be leveled upon them by the Decepticons, current Decepticon leader Starscream is widely seen to have claimed a major victory as this deals an embarrassing blow to both Optimus Prime as well as Autobot efforts to recruit more supporters to their faction. The Autobots were given permission to set up a nearby outpost, but any long-term alliance between the two are now on hold indefinitely. Cynthia Pojoli... NPR News."

May 5 - "Pirates!"

G.I. Joe attempts to rescue an oil survey ship taken over by pirates!

May 5 - "Pirates! - Stalker's POV"

G.I. Joe attempts to rescue an oil survey ship taken over by pirates!

May 5 - "Pirates! - Torpedo's POV"

G.I. Joe attempts to rescue the crew of the Aden Explorer.

May 10 - "US Storms Kalingi Pirates to Rescue Ship Crew"

G.I. Joe rescues a ship off the coast of Africa.

May 15 - "Out in the Desert"

Just-Hiss encounters a little black raincloud in the desert.

May 15 - "Last Day in Australia"

Kimber's last day with Major Bludd.

May 31 - "Southern Hospitality Comes To Frusenland"

A chance meeting leads to potential contact.




Aug 27 - Though nobody saw it...

The view is of a large access tunnel deep within Cybertron, a river of Dead Energon flows, no doubt on its way to Cybertron's core. Stench fills the air, a noxious, decayed smell. A low hum fills the room as the liquid current sweeps along.

A heavy mechanical grind is heard, but muffled. After several moments, the liquid swells, pouring off of an enormous hand. The hand reaches up towards the bank and latches on tight.
A figure crawls from the stream moments afterwards. Clad in darkness, she sprawls out on the shoreline after vomiting up Dead Energon. She manages to struggle to a crawling position as her optics flicker, then come on finally.
She collapses again moments later, her pleased tone denotes, " it ends...finally."

August 29 - "Against the Centurions"

Benin-Jeri and Dust Devil travel to the center of Cybertron.

August 30 - "Seeking Answers"

Dust Devil seeks out the wisdom of Vector Sigma.


Sep 19 - Mail Bomb?

Good thing that Cobra Commander has Vipers who open all his mail for him. SOMEone sent the Commander a glitterbomb!

The mail room at Cobra Island is now decorated in purple glitter.

September 20 - "On the Table"

Sgt. Sideswipe assists as Captain Gears removes Dr. Arkeville's cybernetics.




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