• Hector J. "Dynamite" Garrido dies of heart failure.




The newly resurrected Arx



  • March 18 - "B-Boys": While Spike recovers from his injuries, the sight of a basketball hoop brings back memories to an ugly one-on-one game with his brother.
  • March 22 - "Choices": Another flashback where Sparkplug offers Buster the chance to move in with the Autobots.
  • March 24 - "Pee Brain" - darkSpike tries to piss off (literally) Edwin and try his interrogation skills.
  • March 25 - "Interrogation" - Spike Witwicky tries to interrogate Lifeline. Lifeline tries to use his training to lure Spike into his cell. However, Lifeline quickly learns his darkUniverse counterpart is a worthy adversary. Once again, it's darkSpike, so consider it a PG-13 log.
  • March 26 - "Visiting Hours" - Buster visits Spike at Seattle Memorial Hospital, triggering memories of another hospital experience almost 15 years earler at near the low point of their relationship. A "back on better terms" Buster and Spike mull over the risks of meeting one of their brothers from the SG-Universe.



  • May 20 - "Red in El Paso" - Scarlett has heard of Cobra Operatives operating in Mexico and El Paso. She goes to investigate, and finds proof...
  • May 26 - "One Last Chance" - Scarlett tracks Snake-Eyes... And Finds more than she bargained for.
  • May 27 - "Late Night Talk" - Scarlett has Plans to Catch a Ninja... And one comes to visit first.
  • May 31 - "Memorial Day" - Spike and Buster tag along as their father attends a Korean War Memorial ceremony on Memorial day.


  • June 7 - "Graduation Day " - While visiting his father, Buster relives a not-so memorable high school graduation where his father and Spike try to dissuade him from joining the military.
  • June 8 - "A Parting Gift" - Scarlett has been off the Grid for a Week, using Snake-Eyes' Cabin as a place to get her mind straight.
  • June 8 - "A Parting Gift Part II" - The conclusion.
  • June 21 - Fin - Nightfall teaches Cliff, the bartender at 1308, how to make a mixed drink and later tags along with Deadline to pay failSpike a visit.
  • June 21 - Spike Witwicky (SG) dies from a close-ranged gunshot wound to the head by an unknown assailant. Now you know how the above scene ends.







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