Transformers Universe MUX

2007 on the MUX was dominated by the Luminous TP, the Gold Rush TP, the Vanderpool TP, and the beginnings of the IMORTAL TP.



Jan 16 - "Robots Seeking Junk?"

"And on an unusual note, the quiet third faction of transforming alien robots, the Junkions, appear to be seeking business opportunities here on earth. Junkions are generally characterized by their patchwork appearance, astounding resilience and interest in terrestrial media. While it is unclear as of yet as to whether this interest is a group one reflecting the desires of their entire faction, or a few individuals looking to go into business, it has created something of a buzz in the business world. Several companies operating garbage dumps have been approached by the giant robots, and offered contracts that would allow the aliens to mine the dump site freely, for fuel and materials, while alloting a portion of resultant profits to the site owners. No official word yet on whether the offers will be accepted, though we've been told that it looks favourable for at least two sites. And now the weather, over to you, Michael."

January 29 - "Interview with Wisp about Doc"

Sergeant Shockwave questions Wisp about Doc's attack on General Hawk.

January 30 - "Circuit Breaker Comes to Brasilia"

Circuit Breaker battles first the Priests of Primus, and then Luminous herself


February 19 - News From Around The World

Just over a week ago, it was reported that an amazing light show happened over the city of Brasilia, late one night last week. After further investigatory work, it appears that the unknown entity with the golden robots holding parts of the city, was engaged by none other than the supposed madwoman known as Circuit Breaker. This caused several major power outages throughout Brasilia, as the power was drained off, and a wild lightshow of warfare erupted over the skies. Power companies report no damage from the drain, though some are upset due to the power losses. There is no report on the outcome of the battle, however it appears that the section of city is still unapproachable by local law enforcement officials, so it is assumed that Circuit Breaker was either injured, or unable to continue for other reasons.

February 19 - "Briefing Wisp"

Falcon sends Wisp to investigate unusual activity in Brazil.

February 19 - Brazil Flyover

Joes fly over Brazil.

February 19 - "Weaver Delta Comes To Talk Sense into Luminous"

Weaver Delta approaches Luminous in her Citadel of Primus.

February 19 - Snoop Intro


OOC: Snoop joins the MUX.

February 19 - Val Discusses Strategy with Illarion and Ingenue

Valour discusses strategy with other Decepticons.

February 27 - Cruise Liner Kidnapping!

<<A blurb on various news networks>>.
The Angel's Wing, a luxury cruise liner hosting a conference of high tech specialists and scientists from around the world was the scene of what is believed to have been a Cobra operation last night during an overnight stop in the harbor of Rio de Janeiro. Eyewitness accounts state that a transport bearing the markings of the militant terrorist organization dropped armed soldiers onto the deck of the ship, who then proceeded to herd passengers together and single out several individuals who were taken custody. An aerial battle was witnessed with several aircraft being quickly dispatched by Cobra military fighters. It is also believed that several teams of Techno Vipers raided the casino vault on board the ship, and attempted to set off charges to sink the vessel. The latter efforts were thwarted by the actions of an unknown benefactor, believed to have been cybertronian in origin.
While the sinking of the Angel's Wing was prevented, the as yet undisclosed contents of the vault were stolen, and as many as six unidentified passengers were also kidnapped by the terrorists. A last ditch effort by the unknown benefactor almost captured the Cobra team, if not for the interference of one of the other fighter jets and its pilot, engaging in incredibly reckless flight patterns to secure the other's retreat.
More on this story as it develops.



April 3 - Chilean mine Attacked!

The report makes prime-time viewing in Latin America and is syndicated in the sections of 'in other news...' on other networks.

In the mid hours of the morning workers at Chuquicamata, one of the world's largest open pit copper mines were driven from the eight thousand square meter site when it's central pit came under aerial assault from Decepticon forces.

Details remain scant, with first hand accounts of miners describing only panic as they came under fire. The Chilean Government, which directly controls the nationalised mine has refused to comment, but distant observers claim Chilaen F-16's responding to the initial mayday were shot down by laser-fire and a later dogfight ensued between ultimately victorious Autobots and Decepticons.

Estimates of damage to the site range into the millions and on-going plans to convert the mine to an underground facility have been set back several years, significant raising the figure of gross domestic loss.

The report moves on to economic impacts for Chile, the price of copper and a minor stock-market dip in electronics companies.

April 16 - Blaster and Spike discuss music


Blaster and Spike discuss music

April 16 - "I've heard good things"

Bludd checks on Microchip's progress


  • 18 May - Meeting with Nightgaunt - Nightgaunt and Major Bludd discuss their recent retrieval of Over Kill and a few of R&D's ongoing projects.
  • 23 May - "Clayton" - When Major Bludd gets a call about a fellow named Clayton who's looking to join Cobra, he brings his Viper squad to meet him.







Gabriel Savage was assigned to G.I. Joe Support at the end of November, 2007. Unfortunately, he was badly injured less than a month later and was brought back unconscious to the Pit infirmary. He died December 17, 2007.