Transformers Universe MUX





  • Buster Witwicky enrolls at the University of Oregon in hopes of completing an accelerated three-and-a-half year plan to obtain his bachelor's degree, becoming the first Witwicky in known memory to graduate college.


October or November


Nov 12 - Objective Complete

The screen returns to Sarah Townsend, News 7's top anchor. Reading from her teleprompter, she states confidently, "Tonight's top story: The Autobot fugitive Dust Devil was apprehended by CORE this weekend. After assessing the danger this robot posed, CORE terminated the construct, claiming that it was in humanity's best interest. Civil rights spokespeople met with mixed feelings about the incident. Humanitarians were concerned by the methods used to permanently deactivate the unit known as Dust Devil. CORE officials assured the public that the robot did not feel any pain, as "these are robots and not feeling organic beings." When asked why the unit was damaged as much as it was before being terminated, CORE spokesman Alan Quartermain reported that the dangerous robot injured 10 humans in the capture attempt. Quartermain explained, "CORE only did what was necessary to protect human life." When a relative of one of the victims of the Robot War was questioned about whether they felt the being's rights were violated, the man replied, "He was given his rights... the right to remain silent. Permanently." As of yet there has been no comment from the supposed Autobot faction In an inset, the video cuts to Dust Devil lying on the ground, his badly injured frame making him almost unrecognizable. A uniformed CORE agent walks over to Dust Devil with a strange weapon. There is a flash of light and energy crackles over Dust Devil's frame. His mouth opens soundlessly in pain as he reflexively jerks from the blast. Quickly the Autobot stills and its optics blacken. Immediately following, CORE members move in and after scanning, begin to dismantling the robot. The screen fades back to the reporter. "And now, Sports!"


  • December 14 - Scourge sent to Earth byCyclonus to stalk and capture Alpha Trion.
  • December 31 - World didn't end. Partied like it was 1999. Because it was.