...And ruin was brought to the Earth


  • "The Struggle Is Real" - The news about Spike is good... and bad.
  • "Repairing Relations" - A distressed Sparkplug continues to repair the perpetually injured Sunstreaker and finally vents his frustrations with a team that was once invincible in his eyes.
  • "This Isn't Working Out" - 3 months after Daniel was born, Spike's still in the hospital, but this time transferred to the rehab wing.
  • "Spike's Recovery" - Sparkplug visits Buster during Spike's recovery.


  • Buster Witwicky graduates high school


  • August 9 - "Graduation" - Buster's not-so-spectacular high school graduation party


  • Cobra and Megatron settled in Millville, but the Joes drove them out.

G.I. Joe


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