Transformers Universe MUX

Battleforce 2000

Battleforce 2000 first deployed in 1988 as a testing and research unit assigned in the country of Frusenland. The team would continue to operate together and separately. [1]

GI Joe Tiger Force

Tiger Force was reformed as a subgroup within G.I. Joe. Uniforms were mainly yellow and green in color with tiger stripe design. Their vehicles were primarily yellow in coloring and had the same tiger stripe patterns. Tiger Force used G.I. Joe vehicles as well as captured Cobra vehicles.

New York

New York City's secret SDI facility came under attack by a large number of Cobra Vipers. The current G.I. Joe team sent a group to assist in the defense of the laser. Security head former General "G.I. Joe" Colton met Hawk, the Joe team's commander and together they fought off Cobra's attack. Hawk was so impressed by Colton's leadership in the situation, he made him an honorary member of the team. Joe was so amused by Hawk's offer that he revealed his and SDI science head G.I. Jane's true identities.