Transformers Universe MUX


Shattered Glass

There's no panel borders! This isn't a battle in a box at all!

  • Hound and Ultra Magnus bring Optimus Prime to the desert world of Paradron, ostentatiously to track a group of fleeing non-combatants. Once there, Prime executes the hiding pacifists, Aided by the traitor Sandstorm. However, before Prime can leave, Magnus launches a coup attempt, and only failed to kill Prime in a surprise attack due to the timely intervention of new-recruit Jetfire. Prime defeats and exiles Magnus, turning Paradron into a prison planet to hold him. Prime tortures Blurr and Hound on the way back to Cybertron, discovering that the Old One was ultimately behind the crew. In anger, Prime throws the Old One into his own unfinished Stellar spanner, banishing him to another universe.



On September 21, 1986, a monstrous creature encased in an amber monolith was found buried in Big Sur national park. It was recovered by the government-funded Earth Corps, a geological sciences research team. The finding spurred honest industrialist Blackthorne Shore to clandestinely uncover a second monster buried elsewhere — a giant vine-like creature called Tendril, who attacked the amber block's public unveiling in San Francisco on December 14 to release the macabre colossus trapped within, D'Compose. They rampaged through city streets before fleeing into the watery darkness of the bay.

The US government called it an "unwarranted attack by underground monsters" and promised the public it would never happen again.

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