Transformers Universe MUX

1985 was the beginning of World War III.


    • To punish Starscream for his refusal to join the Autobots, Emperor Prime makes Starscream watch as he destroys Crystal City. After rescuing the Constructions from Prime's Robo-Smasher, Starscream helps Megatron rebuild them into the first gestalt.
  • To combat rampant Autobot aggression, the Decepticons attempt to engineer a new squadron of aerial fighters. Jetfire was the prototype, built by Shockwave to be a protective air guardian. Within a few months of being brought online, Jetfire learned enough about the Autobots to know that's where his true allegiance belonged. Jetfire turned against Shockwave and defected to the Autobots a mere five months after creation.
  • The Old One, deciding the Autobots need more air power as well, sacrifice five Autobot "volunteers" and use their bodies and reformatted cores to create the Aerialbots, using technology brought to the Autobots by Jetfire.