Transformers Universe MUX

New Cobra Allies and Divisions

Major Bludd

G.I. Joe

The following Joes joined up in 1983:

Vehicle Drivers

Sierra Gordo

In 1983, Breaker, Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Gung-Ho were send to Sierra Gordo to investigate a missile guidance chip smuggle operation run by Cobra. They were captured by Dr. Venom and Kwinn. While Breaker, Stalker and Gung-Ho were rescued by G.I. Joe later, Snake-Eyes was trapped in the country. After losing contact with both G.I. Joe and Cobra, he, Dr. Venom and Kwinn worked together for a short time and managed to steal an Avro Lancester Bomber from Rio Lindo airfield to escape. During these events both Naja Hanna warehouse in Rio Lindo and the island bunker were destroyed. G.I. Joe found the fake intelligence in the destroyed research station. Richter and his mercenaries were killed by Cobra troopers acting as mercenaries. Rio Lindo airfield was attacked twice; first by G.I. Joe to allow a C-130 transport to land and later by Snake-Eyes, Dr. Venom and Kwinn to escape.