Year 1938 (MCMXXXVIII) was a common year starting on Saturday of the Gregorian calendar.


  • Dr. Archibald "Venom" Monev - genius researcher - born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa


  • 13 August - Archibald Witwicky dies in an insane asylum.
Archibald Witwicky

Archibald Witwicky


  • Kelley Barracks built in the outer Stuttgart district of Möhringen, Germany
  • Statue of Liberty closed for renovation
  • Android development continues as designers try to mimic more human-like features including designs such the Elektro from Westinghouse Electric Corporation.


  • Under the First Vienna Award — which was a result of the Munich Agreement — Czechoslovakia, and later Slovakia, were forced by Germany and Italy to cede the southern third of Slovakia and southern Carpathian Rus to Hungary. The remainder of Carpathian Rus received autonomy.

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