Transformers Universe MUX

Command: +attack <target>=<attack name>

The most basic command of the combat code, make sure you've read News Combat
and have the target's permission before using it.

<target> must be in the same room as you, and must have the IC and Combat_OK 
flags set. Targets that are already unconscious are also invalid targets.
<attack name> can be any of the attacks listed for your current mode by the
+stats command. 

Most ranged attacks have variable power levels. When attacking they default
to the <medium> setting. Add the switch /high or /low to the end of the
attack name to fire at a different level.
e.g. +attack Optimus=Laser/low


+attack compares your DEX to the other person's AGI to hit, with a slight adjustment for size. STR determines melee damage, and FRP determines ranged damage. END gives you hit points, and COU determines what percentage of your END damage you can take before you have to retreat.

 See also: News Combat, +help combat, +help +areaattack